Friday, May 30, 2014

Respect Yourself

By Pastor Stephen Piersall
God's Preservation Ministry Soul Care

Did you ever say to yourself, "I respect that person, but I don't like them?" The dictionary says respect is: "to consider worthwhile of high regard." Respect is more valued by many people than being liked. "I don't care if he likes me, as long as he respects me."

Respect is important to us. Mutual respect forms the basis of, to some extent, a good relationship. If someone always does whatever you want you would think the person to be a buffoon, and they are not worthy of respect. Why do you respect one person but not another and can you get someone to respect you? What is it about them that attracts you and what do these people have in common?

In order to get my respect, people have to have some guidelines they follow in a legitimately consistent manner. They have to be sensitive to the needs of other people and not take advantage of others. Besides, they have to be concerned with their spiritual growth and development and the same for others. I will admit I’m a slow learner when you look at my past. Praying for forgiveness, wisdom and discernment are always on my daily prayer journal.

Respect can only be earned and is easily broken and difficult for us to let that individual back in our private life once it is lost. I remember my 21 years in the USAF and in spite of being a Master Sergeant, I was required to salute officers in spite of many that were junior to my age and experience. The salute showed respect to the rank and uniform not necessarily the person in it.

Self-respect is the most important kind of respect and without it; we can become sick in one way or another.

We really should not wonder if we have it or not since we can feel it inside of us. If we have very little self-respect, we probably believe we are not living up to our expectations of ourselves. Sometimes we really deserve self-respect, but we don't have it because we let someone else (parents, spouses, close friends, bosses) convince us we are not worthy of it. When we deserve self-respect but don't have it, we have to change the way we view ourselves. We have to realize that we have accepted someone else's view of ourselves and that their view is wrong. We have to take charge of our own way of looking at ourselves.

It is most likely that your respect for people and for the world in general will increase as you grow and develop spiritually. You will tend more and more to appreciate the universe for what it is and see that beauty, and perfections are more common than you thought. Spiritual growth and development come from the realization that we are not alone in this world and what we think and do affect our lives.

I am sure you have heard “walk the talk, not talk the walk.” What we think within our minds is private, but as soon as we start to “do” something with these thoughts, it becomes our walk. Consider thinking things through before acting. As a Christian, we are held to a higher standard of living. Speaking to a stranger about Jesus is a great talk and walk, but as soon as you leave, get in your car and someone cuts you off…What is your reaction then?

I want to close and leave some thoughts and prayers I have had for quite a long time now, and you know who you are. First, I forgive each of you, which has hurt me, disowned me, gossiped and lied about me. I may have ended the relationship, whether family, friends, co-workers, etc., or they may have ended a relationship with me. Either way I still forgive, and if you look at my personal prayer journal, you will find every single name of those that I know of. I seek peace and harmony in my life, and I want the same for you. God wants it for us both. How can we expect God to Bless us, yet we still carry a grudge?

Is there someone out there that owes me an apology? More importantly to me and God, is there someone out there that I have not apologized to and forgiven them? Be sure to write me.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Unholy Trinity: Ghosts, UFO's & Cryptids

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Okey dokey, that is it. I am fed up with the cryptid craze. As far as I can tell, it is as demonic as ghosts and UFO's.

Let me explain.

Do I believe it is possible for unknown species to be walking and swimming. in the world today? Absolutely! They are being discovered all the time! Especially in unexplored places.

When I speak of cryptids let me focus on two--mermaids and Bigfoot, especially the latter.

There is simply too much evidence to dismiss them as figments of people's imagination. I am neither a scientist nor the son of a scientist, but I can tell when a phenomenon is real.But to posit the reality of somethings appearance, is not the same as affirming that it is AS IT APPEARS.

The Angel of Light principle tells us that demons can appear as anything--ANYTHING. If that is the case, then in principle, demons can appear as Bigfoot (or mermaid, etc)

The issue is not whether demons CAN appear as Bigfoot, but whether the evidence shows that they do. I want to mention some reasons why it is plausible to see that demons have motive for doing so.

MISSING LINK....this is not mentioned much in Bigfoot discussion, but it is at times, when folks are being open and honest. I will say this with force--THERE IS NO MISSING LINK, because of the doctrine of creation. There should be millions of transitional fossils if macro-evolution took place. They do not exist...only a few big streeeethces by injudicius scientists.To use a Polar Bear as evidence (which is common) misses the point, because the bible allows for variation WITHIN THE SPECIES. However, what Christians forget at times is that Bigfoot is the biggest evidence of alleged macro-evolution....and it is alive!!!!!  THAT is a powerful motive for Satan to milk this Bigfoot crap for all its worth.

Others have studied this in more detail, but there is an unmistakable supernatural connection with Bigfoot sightings....cold spots, red eyes, movement of alleged mammal that is IMPOSSIBLE. Once second they are due North...2 seconds later it is due South.

They have that "smell".

The hair stands on end......they feel they are being "watched".


Last week I saw several episodes of "Mountain Monsters" located in West VA.Laugh if wish, but they could never catch "IT"....even though they had impressive evidence.

What do ufologists, ghost hunters, and Bigfoot hunters have in common? fact, it becomes an idol--that which drives them.

I am not an expert but I do know what the bible says. You cannot affirm the existence of giants of any kind (humanoid) from the bible.

I will say again--there are many species we have not discovered yet, but Bigfoot exhibits too many traits that I have come familiar with....pointing to demons. To me, Bigfoot is just another ploy to take our eyes off of Jesus.

Please send any comments or questions and I we can discuss this further.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

The Supernatural and Time

By Lisa Grace

The Scriptures make it clear God is the great “I Am.” He was, is, and will be. Unchanging.
God exists outside of time, and created it for the purpose of our universe. The evening and the morning were the first day. (First mention of time Genesis 1:5).

Most theories surrounding God put Him inside our universe, which is why they don‘t work.
He spoke and the universe was. He is outside of time, and the other rules that govern our universe. The thing is—time is relative, based on the concept of numbers. We can’t control numbers (destroy or make them) the same with time (can’t destroy it or make it.) Time really exists as a matter of thought. Same as numbers.

Books, writings, start as thought. When a reader reads a story, or words that have been written like this article, it doesn’t matter if it was written five minutes ago or five years ago. My words and you, are both in the now.

Thought is more powerful than we realize, even on just a lowly human scale. God created us to think, which leads to us creating, which is no surprise, as we are made in our Creator’s image. Genesis 1: 26
Thoughts are powerful, literally. With the age of brain scans, scientists can now map out pictures of what you are thinking just from your thoughts. If man can already do this, how much more can God do?

Scientists talk a lot about the speed of light; however, they really can’t measure the speed of light. What they can measure is when it bounces off one thing and arrives back where it started, and then they divide that by two. Therefore, we really don’t know what the speed of light is, just that the bounce back rate is measurable. It’s bounce back rate could be comparable to that of a car hitting a wall for all we know. In other words, what we call the speed of light (the bounce back rate) could be the same ratio as that of a car coming to a dead stop after it hit’s a cement wall.

Supernatural creatures were created. Their concept of time and living within time is not the same as ours, as they are not bound to the rules of our universe. They existed and were created before our universe (they shouted for joy as the foundations of our universe were laid. Job 35: 6-7). 

Since time as we know and understand it, exists for the purpose of our universe asking “when” supernatural creatures were created may not be answerable in a way we can comprehend. They were created before “time” as we know it, existed. They are not bound by time, thus comes our concept of immortality.

We do know in our universe, on our earth, they can only be in one place at one time, but it can appear as if they are instantaneously there. This could be because of what they are made of which I describe in my four part series:

The whole point being is: since God created time, and He and His supernatural creatures exist outside the constraints of time, we can not possibly understand existing without time anymore than a fish can understand living outside of water.

Lisa Grace is the author of the Angel Series which has been optioned for a major motion picture. You can download the first book Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 FREE here: or here in any format:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Issue 156 – The Eye is Under Attack/Bishop James Long Ripped Off

By Kirby Robinson

The Eye is under attack. Bishop James Long gets ripped off by the Ripoff Report and the Truth is Exposed on May 31

It's been a very busy past few days but GOD is great. When we see no way out of a situation, when all is stormy and unsettled, He places his protective hand over us.


The forces of darkness and untruth have been working 24/7 to try to shut us down and silence our voice. As I've said before, that won't happen. In 2008 when I started this blog I had no idea what it would grow to be or to mean to our readers. To date, we have almost 900 blog posts and there will be more--no matter what.

We've been offered by folks who run servers overseas in nations that take the idea of freedom of the press and speech a little more seriously than here in America, space to place our blogs in case of removal. That means they will always be available online.

Additionally, it might be time for me to move from the great state of California, and the lovely city of Los Angeles that I get to see so little of due to being on the road so much, and head to the great nation of Canada.

Last weekend I received an invitation from a Canadian-based Deliverance ministry seeking help on cases throughout Canada. They also work with a group of exorcists based out of northern United States. I've been told that it's possible for a person to gain Canadian Citizenship [it might take a while, but it can be done] so soon we can say that the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is truly an international operation.

Saturday, May 31 the Darkside of the Paranormal Will be Exposed

From [3:30 PST] 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST


We've invited the major players in this debacle: John Zaffis,  George Lopez,  and Andrea Perron  to attend this event to present their side of the story.

You're Invited to Share YOUR Side of the Story!
Call in on May 31, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM EST. The name of the program: THE DARK SIDE, DARK SECRETS--PARANORMAL AMBUSH SMACKDOWN. It's hosted by Evan Johnson and features Kirby Robinson as a guest.

Call-in number: 215-383-5840
We want to present a far and balanced  program. We wish all sides will be heard on this very important topic. 

The only one not invited yet is Chip Coffey. This is because he reads every word I post anyway, so Chip consider yourself invited!

Bishop James Long Ripped Off by the Ripoff report

Sad but true, even good men get dragged down into the gutter of internet stalkers. It seems that there is a person who calls himself or herself Truther that has led some to think that TRUTHER is me. Let me clearly say this: I've never heard of a more stupid name than Truther. 

Below is a link to the report and the overwhelming condemnation of the report. Sadly, Bishop Long has become a victim to a false report just like thousands of others including Chip Coffey and even me. You see the only way to get it removed is to pay them.

Email from Ripoff report

Ripoff Report has always had a uniform policy to not remove Reports. Ripoff Report is a permanent record.
People have tried to sue Ripoff Report over 80 times, .. we’ve never lost. We did not create the content. We only mention this because most people have this in their minds – so, don’t be insulted we did..

 We will all get complaints – how you handle them is what separates good businesses from the rest. You can always file a Rebuttal – it’s free. explain your side, you can even attach photos, documents and any evidence to your rebuttal to back up your claims. This is completely FREE! if done correctly, this can make you look better and work as permanent postive advertising for you – there is no business that can go without complaints – no matter what you do for a customer, sometimes they will still complain.
if that is not good enough …
If the complaints are personal in nature … You can also try and look at our VIP Arbitration program .. This program is mostly for personal comments. If you are business, keep reading. BUT…
The above VIP Arbitration program does not include monitoring for new complaints like the program below. The above VIP Arbitration program does not include creating NEW positive titles reflecting your commitment to customer service like the program below. The above VIP Arbitration program does not include Ripoff Report sending out a photographer / writer to your business to verify your business and Ripoff Report writing a feature REVIEW about your business like the program below.. Everything above is inlcuded in the program below.
do more for your business like many other businesses have been doing for over the past 13 years of our 16 plus years in business… read below.. VIP Arbitration best works if the comments about you are personal in nature..
Watch these 3 short YouTube Videos that will explain it all.. The 3 short videos will automatically play. just ask any of our members if their business is better now than it was before they had NO complaints. See this video Let the 3 short videos play – they will play automatically.

Sounds like a scam to me.

Keep current and follow us on Twitter:!/eyeonparanormal

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Dalai Lama on Self-Awareness & Compassion

Frankfurt, Germany, 14 May 2014 - In the early part of his second day in Frankfurt, His Holiness the Dalai Lama held a meeting with the media, following which he met the Board of Tibet House. Addressing a crowded press room he first outlined his three commitments as one among the 7 billion human beings to promoting human values, inter-religious harmony and the preservation of Tibet’s Buddhist culture. He also commended the role of the media and their responsibility for keeping the public informed. He said that on the one hand they need to have a long nose like an elephant to sniff out what is going on, but also to be guided by truth and honesty in their communication of it to the public.

Among the questions put to him, he was asked if he experiences anger. He replied:

“Yes, of course, I’m a human being. But my anger comes and goes and when it’s gone I don’t hang on to it.”

Elisabetta Schadt, a young girl reporting for a children’s channel asked what he likes and dislikes about being Dalai Lama. He told her that when he was in Tibet there was too much ceremony and formality, whereas he prefers things to be practical and straightforward. He said that if he were to think of himself as someone important it would create a distance between himself and others, ultimately leaving him lonely.

“Ultimately, although you’re young and I’m old, you’re a girl and I’m a man, we are the same as human beings.”

Asked whether he could resolve controversy regarding Shugden he briefly summarized the history of the issue, saying that his responsibility is to make clear that the practice involves worshipping an evil spirit. He reiterated that whether people choose to heed what he says is entirely up to them. He drew attention to a book ‘The Dalai Lama and the King Demon’ written by Italian journalist Raimondo Bultrini that gives a thorough account of the affair, which anyone wanting to know more could read.

To a final enquiry about a rumour that he had been invited to celebrate his 80th birthday in Wiesbaden next year, he said that his life-style as a Buddhist monk who gets up at 3 am and goes to bed at 6.30 pm doesn’t leave much room for parties.

In his meeting with the Tibet House board his emphasis was on the role Tibet House can play, not only in spreading understanding and awareness of Tibet’s Buddhist culture, but also as a centre of learning focused on the mind and emotions.

“To help develop compassion we need to have better knowledge of the mind,” he said. “I’d like to see the science of the mind as an academic subject made available here.”

After lunch he drove to the Farport Arena where he spoke to an audience of 4800 about the importance of cultivating inner values in the pursuit of a happy life. He said:

“The purpose of our life is to be happy. Our life is based on hope, the prospect of something good. Once you lose hope it can shorten your life; therefore our purpose is to be happy.”

He said that learning about the mind and emotions is something all human beings can do. It should be part of our education. He conceded that while we are all motivated to some extent by self-interest, it needs to be wise rather than foolish self-interest. The more we are concerned for the well-being of others, the closer we will feel to each other. This fosters trust, which is the basis of friendship, which is important because we all need friends.

“When you are motivated by compassion, your mind is relaxed and at ease. Fear and suspicion make us anxious so that even if we’re well-off we’re unhappy. Having a sense that other human beings are our brothers and sisters sets the mind at ease. In our materialistic way of life we put our emphasis on material things to be happy. What we need to do is to introduce a sense of inner values, compassion and affection, into our education system based on secular ethics.”

Many questions were put to His Holiness. In answering them he stressed the need for inner peace in creating peace in the world and engaging in dialogue to resolve conflict. When a couple who had lost their son in a traffic accident asked how to deal with grief and loss he said:

“That’s very sad, I’m sorry to hear that. But, it’s happened and such things happen to millions of other people. Worrying about it now won’t help.”

He suggested  engaging in compassionate activities, helping other people in trouble, and consoling those who have suffered similar loss would be an effective way to deal with their grief. He mentioned that he felt bereft when his Senior Tutor, the rock on whom he used to lean, passed away. But then he realised that what he had to do was to make greater efforts to fulfill his tutor’s wishes.

Answering a question about rebirth, His Holiness said that if we lead a compassionate life without doing others harm, it is almost a guarantee of finding a good life next time. When a member of the audience stepped forward to ask what makes the Dalai Lama happy. He thought for a moment and said:

“At the moment, I’m happy to be here with all of you,” and everyone cheered.

Original article & pictures:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Demonic Strongholds

What is a stronghold?

Hello my parabeauties. I hope you have had a fantastic weekend and free from bad weather. Many across the world are suffering so let's be sure to keep them all in prayer. I'd like to add that my blogs are simply my humble opinion and in no way am I claiming fact. I thought this goes without saying but apparently not. It's all based on biblical laws and scripture.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through god to the pulling down of strongholds;" -2 Corinthians 10:4

A Legal Right is how the devil gets in, and a stronghold is how the devil stays in .  A Stronghold is something that you have to attack and go after and remove or "pull down".  In Most cases, A Legal Right- you renounce through some declarative process - you say, "this is something I want to be free from.

A Legal Right, for example, being involved in the occult, or committing a willful and deliberate sin, is something that gives the devil a Legal Right to attack your life.  So, If you've done this (involvement in the occult or willful sin), you have to repent, you have to renounce, and that is how you get free of the Legal Right.

But, what the devil does with the Stronghold is much more subtle.  For The Record, what the devil actually does is three-fold :
(1) he gets a Legal Right
(2) he establishes a stronghold
(3) he declares dominion in every area of your life

A Legal Right is how the devil gets in, but A Stronghold is how he stays in.  Once the devil gets access to our life legally, he tries to build an "infrastructure of evil" by enmeshing himself into every aspect of who you are, and that's how a stronghold is established.  Many people think that it is "themselves",-they think that these very behaviors that are really a stronghold - they believe are themselves. They don't know how to distinguish between "the real them" and the devil's stronghold in their life.  How do we distinguish what is a Stronghold and what is just "ourselves ?"  Well, sometimes we believe that some of the things that the devil does through us is "us", but the devil has so mimicked his behavior and activity in our lives that we act out that behavior, and in doing that, we are doing what he wants us to do, and yet, it's really the devil motivating it.

The Strongholds And Principalities

The principalities waging war on earth have gained footholds by pagan worship. The sons of light have battled these principality's by overcoming the peoples that worship these entity. That's why God commanded the Israelite's to:-

(Numbers 33:52 KJV) Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places:

Depending on the obedience of the sons of light the stronghold is held or lost. Islam and its demonic principalities are fighting back and in fact will win for a while and triumph temporarily over the sons of light.

(Revelations 11:7 KJV) And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Iran and Iraq have been the major strongholds of the principalities of demons. And guess where that hatred is directed..Israel and the "Christianised".

(Ephesians 6:12 KJV) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Identifying Strongholds And How They Enter

Our thoughts influence our emotions and our physical reactions. A thought may seem harmless, but it can become physically, emotionally or spiritually dangerous. Satan will bring evil thoughts into our minds. We cannot entertain these thoughts. Doing so will give way to the enemy. We need to rebuke the evil thoughts from our minds immediately. For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. (Romans 8:5 NKJV) Our way of thinking determines the way we feel. As we entertain our thoughts, our emotions become involved. Negative thoughts will bring about negative emotions. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. (Matthew 15:18-19 NKJV)

Giving in to our emotions eventually leads to taking some sort of action. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death. (James 1:14-15 NKJV) This is very evident in the life of Amnon and his lustful desires for Tamar (2 Samuel 13). His lustful desires for his sister led him to rape her. Absalom was so angry at Amnon for raping their sister that he plotted to kill his brother Amnon in revenge. Anger, unforgiveness, pride, etc. If there is sin in your life that you are unable to break away from, you need to be set free from the demonic stronghold that keeps you bound. The demons controlling the stronghold need to be rebuked from your life, old habits need to be broken, and your thoughts and emotions need to come under the control of the Holy Spirit. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2NKJV)

This subject can go on and on and on. Feel free to research this yourself and compare it to what the Bible says. It's hard to really have a proper ending to this. This was a request so I hope I am ble to answer a few questions and clear up what the Bible says regarding this subject.

Written By Jennifer L. Auld

Greedy Preachers, Paranormal Sex Offenders & Lying Ryan Buell

By Kirby Robinson

Saturday Blue Plate Special – After you read it you'll feel blue. Here are the three courses:

Greedy Preachers
Paranormal Sex Offenders
Lying Ryan D. Buell

Failure at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Isn't an Option – It's Very Profitable!

As some of our readers know, we have a birdy on the inside of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries who has kept my mailbox filled with tidbits. The most recent one made me think of the misconduct that takes place within the paranormal field.

May 20 was the final day of the monthly share-a-thon. Their goal was to raise 3.7 million dollars to pay for airtime, but they failed by $285,000. Don't worry -- in Swaggart land failure is very profitable.

They actually reached the amount they needed very early on May 20, so they didn't fall short of the goal. But the viewer doesn't know that.

Between now and the next share-a-thon, they'll raise the $285,000 many times over. Of course, the public won't know the difference.

Additionally, my birdy tells me that Donnie "Napoleon" Swaggart was in rare form. He let everyone on his staff know who raised the most money during the latest drive. If you wish to keep in the family's good graces you better listen to him. The phrase 'king-in-waiting' and just hope the old man lives long enough so that you can retire before he takes over. During the share-a-thon, most people's shift is three hours long, while Napoleon's shift goes way beyond three hours and well into the early hours of the morning.

Should a Sex Offender Be Allowed in the Paranormal Field?

Does a person that has been convicted, not accused, of a sex crime have a place in the paranormal?

The field of the paranormal requires great trust between the client and that can be a single person, a family with children, or a single parent. These people open their homes and businesses for the paranormal professional to enter, investigate, and try to offer solutions to any paranormal issues. They shouldn't have to worry whether the stranger entering their home is a sex offender. It's the same way with those who teach, a pastor, or a health care professional. People in those fields should never have such a conviction on their record.

Even more troublesome is finding a person who operates in the field and has kept quiet about a sex charge conviction. They should do the proper thing and be willing to inform the public that such a charge is in their past.

So it has come to the attention that Johnny Demaury is the founder of Butte Paranormal Investigative Team has such a felony He and his group have been on NBC Montana, newspapers across the country, Coast to Coast with Art Bell and the New York Times. The group consists of: John Demuary (CEO and Founder/Lead Investigator), Brandy Church (Tech-manager/Researcher), Vonnie Williams (Lead Photographer), Holly Jordan Carpenter (Investigator), Meredith Ludford (Researcher/ Lead Investigator), Amanda Rorhen (E.V.P. Specialist/Investigator), Regina Lepeir (Investigator).

John Baptist Demaury, also known as Johnny Demaury, John Demaury, or John Baptist is the founder of Butte Paranormal Investigative Team, located in Butte, MT. John is considered a sexual offender and through Facebook rules, cannot have a profile. His current profile ( was removed after numerous people reported his record to Facebook. 
When confronted about his charges and going into peoples homes, Demaury replied with the following, "You got a problem, little do you know that my charge was 18 years ago, enough is enough, you got something to say here is my address..*address withheld*...big deal if I have charges on my record, at least Im doing great things for my community". 
The victim was 14 years old. 

In a more recent event in 2005, he was sentenced to 5 years for Burglary:
John B. Demuary, 26, of Missoula, was sentenced to five years under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections, with all but three years suspended, for burglary. Click source to see record:

We are not judging the man. He served his time and we can only hope his life has been lived for the better. Yet we have to ask this question--does one with such a record have a place in the paranormal community?

Ryan Buell Has a New Personal Demon -- PayPal

You should read the following while listening to:

The growing firestorm over the postponement /cancellation of the so-called Conversations with the Dead Tour isn't going away. More and more hardworking people are not only demanding their money back, but they want the truth when it comes to Ryan D. Buell and crew. As usual, both are in short supply.

Earlier this week, Ryan's publicist, Sergey Poberezhny, posted on Facebook with the same old soft shoe that due to Ryan's cancer, the event had to be called off. This is a frequently cited reason for things not going as planned for PRS, the bureau, or whatever they call themselves. A well-placed source within Ryan's merry band claims that the name Untouchable is one that Ryan personally likes.

Apparently, Sergey has a case of liplock as he didn't bother with what others said or texted. Ryan doesn't give a rats ass. Chip's replacement, Michelle Belanger, took to Facebook claiming that she was just a hired hand. In addition, she really couldn't say anything because of the Non Disclosure Agreement. Which means I can never speak of all the crap I've seen. She also said that money for travel hadn't come her way.

What brownie points Chip Coffey would have gotten from me, and others who also appreciate honesty, if he'd spoken up about this fiasco when he had a chance. Or is it true that he was threatened with the release of some unsavory facts? Something that was confirmed by a well place source inside of Ryan's band of many…

The clock was ticking, people weren't buying, and more money had to be made. What to do? Move the event to July. June was already going to be busy for an ill Ryan. They had to come up with the already spent money. Let's not forget, Ryan majored in journalism, so he decided to tell a story in a long, long, long, [did I say long?] email. Here it is:

Dear Conversations With The Dead attendees, Ryan here. I wanted to write this message sooner, but unfortunately, I was too sick to function. So it’s probably a good twist of fate that the tour did not go on schedule for its rescheduled date this past weekend. However, I feel that the time has come to open up a little bit about what’s been happening here. I believe that, at this point, you all have a right to know. And perhaps you can help guide us with what you think we should do. Be warned, it’s a long letter. I have sat on this for a few days while I was sick, but I think the timing is right. Despite the paranormal gossip’s guttural underbelly of accusing us of this and that, we’ve successfully run events for 13 years. The first time we had to postpone an event was in 2011 and it was due to an illness. We followed through with that event. As many of you know, in 2012, I became seriously ill. As hard as we tried, there were some events I just didn’t have the strength to go to, and some had to be postponed. On one hand, I understand everyone’s disappointment, on the other hand, I wish some would try to understand that life happens and every major performer, lecturer, speaker, musician has had to postpone an event. For ten years, we never had to postpone an event or cancel an event. But once I became seriously ill, events were a gamble. The show had to go on, and the truth is, I tried really hard to keep as many promises as possible. So, for the past 2 ½ years, PRS went from having a 100% event success rate to about a 70% rate, meaning there’s a 1/3 chance, statistically speaking, that PRS would have to postpone the event judging from the past 2 ½ years. I know everyone wishes things went on as planned. I wish they did, too. I wish I didn’t get sick. I’m not saying that for sympathy, but it remains a fact that I was very sick for nearly 2 years and the state of my health could and DID drastically change like the weather in the fall. I tried to get up and try, but some days it just wasn’t in the cards. I do wish things went differently, and so for that, I am sorry. On top of that, I was losing the will to keep doing the events. It took too much energy. Many of you who have come to our events know that I spent most of it in bed. It came with a great deal of shame for me to realize that, despite every person looking up to me, I had no choice but to disappoint someone. At times I had to actually listen to my doctors, and my family. I had to be selfish and sometimes choose me. These postponements were never “planned all along.” People can search for conspiracy theories as hard as they want, there is none. Just bad timing, and bad things happening to some of us. Many of you know what that is like. And I have no doubt that some of you were able to carry on a little more gracefully. I had to carry mine out in public, which didn’t help with the morale. It was extremely embarrassing for both me and my family. I bring this up for a specific reason. Because postponing events has been a trend in PRS for the past 2 ½ years. Whether you think it’s a good enough excuse or not, at the end of the day, it all came back to my health. However, despite postponements, every event was carried out. Whether it took a 3-week delay, 2-months or even an 8-month delay (Field Trip 15), we got them done. We haven’t been the happiest over the content of our events, however. We thought we could’ve done better, and we’ve been honest about that. But by God, we aimed to finish what we started and tried our best with whoever was still willing to come along. We know many of you supported but couldn’t make the new dates. You’ll always have a credit and will always have our undying gratitude for understanding. So, there are already people angry over former events that were postponed. Then there are those who never even attended an event pretending they did; they’re just whacko’s. And god bless them, but they will always be there making up crazy claims. But that’s not what concerns me. What concerns me are the 99% of you just asking, “why?” Most of you are willing to be patient, despite Boston, Chicago and Dallas having to be postponed a second and final time. So, I’ve addressed some of the previous problems and history of our recent events. Now, on to “Conversations With The Dead.” Despite my health still being a little shaky, it is NOT for health reasons that this event was postponed. I know that I cannot win everyone over. So I’m not going to try. I’m just going to tell you what’s been happening, and you can decide. I’ve been hesitant to write this because I do not like sharing our weaknesses (who does?). But I think, at this point, you most definitely deserve to know why… so here goes: As some of you may know, we use an online payment service to collect funds for our events, services, etc. It’s a fast and ridiculously convenient way to pay for something and receive monetary funds. We’ve used PayPal for over 10 years. We’ve never had an issue with them. Last year, we started to hear rumors and rumblings about PayPal suddenly – and without notice – freezing small business accounts. I am attaching links to articles that report on this. It is becoming more and more common for PayPal to instantly freeze your account, withhold ALL funds in that account for up to ANY specified time. They have done this to small mom-and-pop businesses to large businesses like the guy/company who invented “MineCraft.” Yes, seriously, the company that invented MineCraft suddenly had their PayPal account suspended without notice. We’re talking millions of dollars. If you read the fine print when you sign up for PayPal, you agree that they can suspend your account at their sole discretion. And they can also withhold your money for an unspecified time. Some people have had to wait up to 9 months to receive THEIR money. Some, believe it or not (google it), have NEVER seen their money. 99.9% of people cannot afford to go up against a gigantic company like PayPal. As of last month, we became one of those companies. We awoke to a sunny day to find that our account had been “limited.” Which technically means, “frozen.” If you’re thinking, “why would they do this? You must have done something wrong?” You’re not alone. We asked that ourselves. Hell, my own mother said I must’ve done something wrong. Yes, after throwing over 100 events and selling thousands of tickets, we’ve had some not-too-happy customers. And like I said, we’ve had to postpone a few events. But, that’s not the reason why we were told our accounts are now limited. We’ve become so used to using PayPal that we started treating it like our business banking account. After all, you can get business cards with your PayPal account. You can easily download every transaction for your bookkeeper, and above all else, it’s so freaking easy and convenient to use. Can any of you quickly think of an alternative to PayPal? We could not. We spent WEEKS trying to resolve this issue. But despite the constant calls (which, by the way, PayPal admitted in court when they were sued that they purposely make it difficult to even talk with someone) and e-mails, we were yanked around until it came down to the truth. From what we understand, we are pulling in too much money and it since it’s all mostly due to events, we are considered ‘high risk.’ Never mind the fact that we’ve been in business with PayPal for 13 years. So, they froze our accounts. This meant that not only was our current balance taken away from us, it also meant we couldn’t raise a single dime. All of it, every penny, is to be held in “reserve” for an undetermined time. That time limit keeps changing. Out of desperation, I even switched PayPal accounts, using my personal one. But they shut that one down. And the next. To reiterate, PayPal not only froze our assets, they also turned off a way to RECEIVE money. Any money put in our account was immediately frozen. Their argument is that we shouldn’t need event money to throw an event. We should already have the collateral to throw the event in case it doesn’t make its money. Quite frankly, that argument is kind of stupid, even though generally speaking I agree that an event organizer should have some sort of assurance of guarantee. Our guarantee was taken away from us. We always have successful events. And these events were successful. But the dilemma is that all event money that was in the PayPal account when they “limited” us, is still there and untouchable. We’re talking about a good deal of money, our money, frozen and untouchable. I feel like I should be on a PSA commercial, where I start off by saying, “I never thought it could happen to me…but it did.” So my friends, life became miserable. Not only were our funds withheld but we had no way of RECEIVING any additional money. This is why we haven’t been promoting our events for the past two months. Because any money coming in would instantly be frozen. We were so unbelievably stuck, it was frightening. The more we read up on PayPal, the more we learned that PayPal is NOT a bank. It’s not FDIC insured. And, believe it or not, they aren’t only freezing “bad” companies’ assets. We’re talking about respectable businesses being frozen, without warning. Please read the following attached articles. Now, I do well for myself, and I am not ashamed of that. And I have already had to pay out a lot until I wait for this magical day when PayPal decides to grace us with their presence and release our funds. But, events just aren’t that profitable anymore, so anyone who thinks we’re sitting on mountains of cash have never thrown a professional event. The goal of this event was to get myself back OUT THERE. I have practically been a hermit for the past 2 ½ years, and now that I am returning to TV, I think it’s time for people to see me and see that no, I am not dead. Most importantly, I wanted to share my story. It’s called “Conversations With The Dead” for a reason. I thought really hard after we hosted the first one with Chip back in October. And I realized that as much as I HATE opening up, that’s what PRS and “Paranormal State” has been about. Yet I was the one always withholding the cards. I never trusted anyone with the whole story. So it was always given in little pieces. But the thing is, my friends, even though my life wasn’t officially taped by a camera crew for the past two years, there is indeed one HELL of a story that needs to be told. For some, you will never look at me the same again. Others, will say worse. “Conversations” is not meant to be my soapbox. Some things are best left unsaid, and to anyone reading this thinking I’m going to tell ALL, I’m sorry to say that will not be the case. I have been and always will be a private individual. I greatly cherish my privacy. But the timing feels right, and I am so very comfortable around Michelle Belanger. She and I couldn’t be any more different but similar at the same time. I would take a bullet for her and I have been indebted to her for a long time. She’s always been there, like a silent guardian, ready and willing to walk down the dark roads with us, despite even knowing that she’s going to take a bit of a hit. And despite the controversy surrounding this event, she stood with us. That’s no slight on Chip. Chip did what he felt was in hit best interest and he was also concerned. Chip had to make some hard decisions, and he made them and we respect them. I still consider Chip to be someone who will always be, for better or worse, my friend. So please, do not “read in between the lines” and think there’s any dig on Chip, because you are just making yourself look silly. Despite how embarrassing this has been, everyone from my mother to my staff recommended that this damage has been too big and it needs to be told. In fact, it’s Michelle who finally convinced me that I should write this. And she is right. Why put out another “due to unforeseen circumstances” post? This is your guys’ money as well. To be clear on another point, it wasn’t like we “knew” we were stuck in PayPal limbo for weeks and weeks. It was a slow realization. We worked with them, and yeah, tried to bypass them. And then we had to face the hard truth. We weren’t going to see a resolution to this in time for the event. So, I was willing to put up my own collateral for this event, which yeah, is a bit pricey. The problem, however, came to the fact that it was still going to take some time and we also hadn’t focused on the important part: the CONTENT of the event. We had been spending weeks panicking and trying to get back online. Our ability to collect and receive funds was completely cut. The first time the event was postponed, it was due to two factors: 1) we had our event finances withheld at the last minute and we were trying to figure out the best solution and 2) Chip had to bow out. We decided that, try as hard as we wanted, it just wasn’t meant to be. So we postponed. My staff tried to recommend pushing the entire tour to July, so we had time. But I wanted to appease as many as possible and we felt that we’d be able to recover within a few weeks. Thankfully, half of the tour was already rescheduled for July. Dallas, Boston, Chicago, we’re coming to your city come hell or Armageddon. Two months is more than enough time to get back on our feet and in shape for this tour. And obviously, this whole debacle has become part of the story. On one hand, I beg all of you who use PayPal, to pay attention to the new changes they have been implementing. They are limiting and freezing accounts at a rapid rate. If you run a business and you are completely RELIANT on PayPal for your funds, you are a sitting target and I BEG YOU, do not only rely on PayPal. There are actual merchant accounts out there, such as and banks that will work with you and have way more credibility. Maybe it won’t ever happen to you, but if it does, you will not receive ANY warning and despite every argument you throw at them, it will come down to them saying this: as it states in the terms and conditions in your agreement, we reserve the right to limit, suspend or terminate your account at our sole discretion (I’m paraphrasing). If you use PayPal, do NOT do what we did and use it like a bank account. Instantly withdraw the money from PayPal, do NOT let it sit there like we did. We’ve had tens of thousands of dollars in there at any given time, and one day our account was frozen. And our money is in some weird state of limbo. We’ve been told it will be released anywhere from 6 months to 2 weeks after our event is concluded. The irony of all of this is that one of their main arguments is this, “what if you have to cancel or postpone your event? That’s risky. That’s why we’re going to withhold your money.” Well, because the money was withheld and we couldn’t get access to a single dime, we hit a very big dilemma. It caused panic, and moments of desperation. And yeah, it hurt our business. And now that we’re done licking our wounds and we finally found a new way to accept payments online, we’re now kinda pissed. We’re. Very. Pissed. We moved on from PayPal. The damage is just too great. We spent a lot of time researching and learning about the differences between PayPal and actual merchant accounts. We now work directly with a bank, 24/7 support, and way easier accounting access. We’re going back online this week. For those of you upset, please do not be offended at us selling tickets. We have to move forward. We have sent out refund request forms. If you absolutely do not want to attend or CANNOT attend, then please fill it out and be patient. Please, guys, yelling and calling us names isn’t going to make anything move faster. But what WILL help is if everyone gives us the chance to do what we’re now trying to do. Get back on our feet. We’ve been working hard to keep up with e-mails. Chris, a PRS member, has literally pulled 24-hour binges to answer e-mails. I know it’s popular to hate, and yeah, it’s still our problem, but if you think we’re sitting back, kicking back, rolling up $100 bills and lighting them on fire while smoking Cubans…. Please. You can hate us, but remember that we’re human. This is our story, and this is what happened to us. I’m sorry if it isn’t that exciting of a story. But it’s what happened. And now we’re trying to just get back up and try. Will you please allow us this attempt? If you would like a refund, please follow the procedure we set up. And PLEASE, post a little note saying “I got my refund” when you get it, because people only go online to complain, it seems, but when they actually get what they wanted, I rarely ever see a follow-up saying, “finally got it! They did good.” If you are willing to attend the tour, I really hope you will. After this whole debacle, do you really think we’re going to come to your city and then give a really bad evening of events? We know the pressure is on, and I’m ready to get on that stage. July is two months away. You have two months to decide. You can tell us. We do need to know sooner rather than later because we can only sell so many tickets, and believe it or not, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, San Diego are pretty much sold out. Refunds will loosen that up. But it depends on how many people aren’t going. We would also like to know how you feel. For better or worse. I do ask, however, to realize that we have over 1,000 attendees e-mailing us, and we have a small staff. We ARE working. It’s kind of ironic, because I won’t lie, I was very numb at the beginning of this year. Going through the motions. And suddenly I find myself wondering if this tour is CURSED because of what we’re going to talk about. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is how badly I want to do this. And to bring change all around. My staff has been waiting for me to write this before we move forward. We are planning a few little “surprises” for attendees to build up momentum for this tour. This tour HAS to happen. And thank you, Michelle Belanger, for making me realize a simple truth, that sometimes just tell the truth and it’ll set you free. She wasn’t the only one who recommended it, but for some reason, she talked me through it. So here we are, ugly skeletons in the closet and more. I’m sure for some, it’ll spark more debate, and for others, they’ll say, “damn boy, can you give me the SHORT version next time?” You all paid to support us and come and see us. It’s amazing. Three years after “Paranormal State” went off-air and you guys are just getting louder. And trust me, the networks have been paying attention. I’ve just been waiting until I’m better. And I can do this right. Which reminds me, we have one hell of an announcement to make in JULY. But first things first, we have to start here. We hold no anger or ill will towards anyone who doesn’t want to wait until July. We understand completely. At the very least, just please understand that we were caught in a compromising position and we don’t wish this to happen to even our worst enemies. If you’re willing to give this weird guy and his society another shot, we know it’s make it or break it time. Whether you’re attending or not, let us show you what we can do. Just a bit of patience. Thank you for reading. Yours,RYAN

I told you it was long! Borrowing a line from both Pink Floyd and Chip Coffey— BULLSHIT!

Ryan did something that all kids who are caught do--they make their explanation of innocence way too long. By doing so, they give away too many details.

At least he didn't blame his pancreatic cancer for all his problems. Was it that many people are asking why is Ryan too sick to attend any PRS events [remember, he founded the PRS!] but he can travel, go to movie premiers or write comics. Recent pictures show him looking to be in good health. Some are wondering if he really has cancer?

But he did blame PAYPAL! Oh, evil PayPal that froze our money because we brought in too much of it!

There have been cases of it but the facts don't add up. Plus, no one can verify if it's true. You can't call or email PayPal and ask as they can't release that information to the public. It's an iron-clad alibi for the event's failure. But wait -- Ryan said they've used PayPal for years. For several years, they raised large sums of money through PayPal. Where does the suspicious activity come from? Nowhere. The money was never frozen. They found a few articles and, bam, Ryan had his story.

Ryan's lengthy email is packed with lies as he indicates we never cancelled an event completely. Read this information that was sent to me:

Lizzie Borden event in 2011 NEVER happened. It was cancelled, it was not made up, and the people I'm talking to now who had tickets NEVER got refunds to the present. The cost of the ticket alone was $300 per person. Obviously, that was a lie. Field Trip 15 as advertised NEVER happened. They put together an ad hoc event at the last minute with Michelle Belanger for those who did not get the notice at the last minute and who wasted their time and money in travel and lodging expenses to get to Orlando. Then, months later, they have another event they called a make-up Field Trip 15, only it was not in Orlando, it was in Savannah, and it bore no resemblance to the event the ticketholders paid for. Ask the members of PRS Support and they will tell you the Demonlogy class was never completed

Chip dropped out. But if you'd visited Chip's Facebook page, the reason he dropped out sounds less than innocent.

Sites for the new event and the one in Canada is still lacking. We'll report on this matter even more due to the fact it's not going away and neither are we.

Like all good con men and cult leaders, Ryan dangles a better future in front of the readers. Big news, bigger events just follow me, give me your support, your time, and your money. Especially your money.

Something from Ryan's Bio on IMDB gives us a clue as to where he learned his song and dance.

His mother, Shelly, owns a CPA business. Ryan's father, Tim, is a state police officer in Pennsylvania… 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

River Monsters and Darkness

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Dr. Jeremy Wade is a biologist and extreme fisherman. For thirty years he has searched for fresh water monsters--often trying to unravel deaths associated with some mysterious aquatic entity. It is one of my favorite TV shows!! This man  certainly knows how to fish, and I am sure some of you are avid fisherman, as I am fascinated with peculiar aquatic life.

But the reason I mention this show is because it inadvertently gives fairly regular pictures into indigenous religions.What some would call "traditional religions".There are two simple facts I wish to accent.

First, like many other TV shows, River Monsters [on Animal Planet] gives eloquent testimony to how widespread traditional religions are.Jeremy Wade takes his viewers on a weekly trip across the globe, to some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.The craziest has got to be the Congo River!!

Among other beliefs, Traditional religions are teeming with spirits--non-human jungle spirits, as well as human spirits....a dark and frightening world of spirits that need to be appeased in order to stay alive. The rivers are often feared instead of enjoyed. Here is my main point--there are BILLIONS of humans now alive who embrace some form of traditional religion which is rife with spirits. Did you catch that quantity? There is no way to gauge how many, but spirit/ancestor worship is in virtually every culture/continent in some form or fashion.

Numerous River Monsters episodes give insight into how ubiquitous this belief is.

What our culture is experiencing is simply the default belief system when the biblical God is rejected. Hence, fascination with the paranormal is exploding.

Second, this TV show is also revealing the demonic nature of traditional religions. Next time I hope to elaborate on the specifics of traditional religions, but for now, even a fishing show (albeit extreme) reveals the working of the demonic.

I could cite several examples but let me mention just one. Electric eels are extremely dangerous.....500+ volts. They can kill horses in the river. However, Jeremy Wade heard of a tribe which caught them by hand! Naturally, he was incredulous....until he was introduced to the shaman who said he had the power to protect those in his tribe. Sure enough, one young guy fetched a large electric eel from the river and was holding it in his hands, while the eel was vibrating in an attempt to kill him. He just smiled while it trembled. I know demonic power when I see it, and that was demonic power...being glorified on prime time TV.

Wherever you look, signs and wonders of the worst kind are being manifested. God help us to be discerning even while enjoying His lovely and often wild nature.

God is the Creator of heaven and earth, and all it contains.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

Will Paranormal Teams Ever Learn?

By Chris Baricko

I wrote a blog a while ago about how some teams and groups do not take the paranormal seriously.

In the last few months is has gotten even worse and people are wondering why it's don't get taken seriously anymore.

Lets start with stupid photos of the group on investigations. I have seen so many lately it is unreal. A few of groups are taking photos posing in a client's house with childish faces and just plain dumb. I said that is very unprofessional and not a good idea. Some people got upset and said so what. Well I did say you never know who the client is or knows. I got a call from a client asking for our help as they were not happy with the previous group who came out.

Here is what they told me. It has been over a month and the group has yet to get back to them with anything. So they decided to look at there home security system from the date the group was there. Well guess what. They seen them acting foolish, Taking  photos of themselves and on their phones during the investigation. They looked at the group's Facebook page and noticed the group was posting updates of the investigation. This got them upset. They also noticed the group posted they were doing an investigation. They did not say where just they were. They asked me was this common.?

Here was my reply. We never post anywhere when we have or are going on a investigation. Some groups feel there is a need. I call it the look at us we do go on investigations. The reason we do not is that most clients want to be discreet. I said unless we are at a public location we will not post any updates on Facebook, as once again there is no reason. As far as photos we will only take one of a team member if they say they feel something around them. We will not do any poses.  There are also groups or people new to the field who think they know more than they do cause they watch TV. In my opinion if you have under 10 years in the field you're new. If a group or person shows up with a duffle bag and limited equipment start asking questions.

The more respected groups will show up with cases of equipment and a table to place the equipment on. She told me they had very little equipment but told her they been around. There is nothing wrong with not having everything as we all know it costs money. But if they been around as long as they claim they should have everything other groups do.

And if they start telling you right away they think something evil or demonic is there, just ask them to leave. It is so rare I only ran into it once in over 25 years. It just seems to be the in thing today to call everything evil.

They brought up some very valid questions. How did they have time to keep posting on Facebook but not get back to them? What was the reason to take photos?

The groups or people who think it is ok to be childish at investigations reflects on us all. I am not saying there is anything wrong with having a good time or joking around on investigations, but keep it amongst the team--and off Facebook. There is no reason or room for it at a private home. It should not take longer than 2 weeks to get back client period. We have a 1 week policy.

This is just advice but when groups stop getting calls from private homes for investigations and public locations don't answer them back don't wonder why.  I am not telling anyone how to act or do there investigations but when things dry up you will only have your self's to blame. There is enough drama in this field already we do not need groups acting  kids adding to it.

There are many groups doing great things, respectable things. Helping to raise money for great causes that is great. We need more groups like that rather than the other.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Exposing the Fraud of PRS & Ryan Buell, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

Continued from

Due to a special report that will be running on Saturday, May 24, 2014, we're repeating a popular blog originally titled Paranormal State Keeps Milking the "I Am Six" Case Till It's Dry. This blog post was first published on the Eye on the Paranormal in July 2012.

We're back with part 2 of our report on the fakery and deceptions by PRS and the fake para-celebs who tagged along hoping to fatten their wallets, gain better name recognition within the paranormal entertainment industry, and spread more lies about demons and exorcisms.

Episode 47 "The Possession: Return of Six"

Like every other show in the reality programming field you gotta give the viewers something big to get those ratings. PRS/Paranormal State and a whole slate of para-celebs are about to give it to them in this hour-long episode.

In season 2 there was the controversial episode, “I Am Six” that involves a young woman acting as if she is possessed by a demon named Six. You might want to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose and see how much of this case was stolen from this film. Keep in mind, the film is very loosely based on a real case. Much had been changed, including the location, which originally was in Germany.

In this episode, Ryan brings in Lorraine Warren and the latest go-to practitioner of exorcisms, Father Bob Bailey. It seems as if Andrew Calder hopefully got a sign from God that you get one, maybe two, passes on doing possibly fake exorcisms and then you're out of luck.

Voiceover by Ryan added later during post productions when he tells the team to be prepared.

When Ryan enters the master bedroom there is a dog on the bed. That's no big deal but it is if the same dog was being held as the home owner is showing the team the house. Looks like the scene was shot out of order.

The client is in the basement wearing a tan sweater, and then they are in the kitchen and she's wearing an olive green jacket.

When Chip arrives Ryan is suddenly in a different outfit and Chad has popped up out of nowhere. Notice how Chad and Chip are hanging out and Chad appears to have difficulty keeping a smile off his face as he asks Chip: "You feeling something?"

During Dead Time, Ryan's hoodie suddenly appears on him and the shot of him and Chad in the bedroom does not match one cut Chad is on one side of the bed with Ryan. In the next they stand on different sides of the bed.

During the evidence review session there are four noted errors. 1. Ryan has no hoodie on then suddenly there it is. 2. There is an unidentified person in the room. 3. When Chip is asked a question by Ryan it is added in post production and Chip is not even in the same room. The shots and lighting don't match. The couch that Chip is sitting on is not even in the same room they are in. 4. The review is supposed to be at night but it is clearly daytime.

If Ryan had driven up to the home he would had seen the river due to its close proximity. Why does he have to ask where the river is?

When Ryan is speaking to the nameless male "Occult Expert" on the phone, notice the cuts don't match and that Ryan looks as though he's pretending to take notes. Why not talk to fellow team member Eilfie—that's her title. Or Michelle Belanger? Or Lorraine Warren? Also, the information he receives from the mysterious Occult Expert is nothing more than discussing Book of Leviticus in the Bible. Finally, why are mental health issues attributed to the demonic?

When Ryan goes to the site of the suicide we learn that he gave out false information in the case briefing. Donna didn't throw herself off of a cliff but she walked out into the water. He's wearing Day 1 clothing and this is well into Day 2.

It is very difficult to see who is doing director's log as the hood of the jacket is pulled up over the person's head and their back is kept to the camera through the entire shot. The team sets up for the experiment from 7:42 to 8:50 PM. During this time, Ryan changes his shirts back to the one he wore on Day 1.

The Moundsville comment was plain silly compared to what Ryan says next. It is actually quite sad and ego-driven. Ryan states that this case came about to bring them close to Quincy, Illinois so they could respond to Lara's needs.

Let's examine his statement in more depth.

1. It's been at least six months since the team had visited Lara. From postings onParanormal State's board, things didn't improve for Lara. At the end of "I Am Six" the audience is led to believe that her problems were solved. Why had the team not returned to Lara's home to help the family? Why had Ryan not used his influence with the Catholic Church to have a real exorcist come to the home and perform a full rite? If Ryan had ever been a part of a real one he would know it would take days or even weeks to complete a genuine exorcism.

2. On a deeper level, he implies that the family in Kent, Kentucky was put through a demonic haunting and a death of a family member, so Ryan would be called to that location at that time.

Notice two things about the team's arrival. 1. Barb, the mother, greets the team and is well dressed. She shows no signs of stress and no evidence that she had just battled a demon. 2. Observe Lara's "black eye." Freeze the DVD and take a close look. Do you see any swelling at all? Remember, this just had happened a few hours ago yet there's no major discoloring, no real bruising nothing that you would link to a black eye. It looks like shades of yellow, dark blue and black eye shadow. Also, if Lara was being choked, why aren't there any markings on her neck?

Ryan says to Lara, "You know why we're here, right?" He smiles.

Also, Lara's name is now spelled Lara in this episode.

8:58 PM Interview with Client's Parents. This is where they discuss the fight they had with the demon last night. The mother describes the scenario: "It had grabbed her and was starting to pull her up from the end of the bed and started to suspend her from her ankles upside down in the air." Imagine that! Where's the pictorial evidence? If Lara is being suspended in mid-air upside down, that would be headline news. Not just for Quincy, Illinois or Chicago, but nationally and internationally. She would be on CNN, BBC, you name it.

During the client interview notice that Chad is next to Ryan and then he disappears.

We then have Ryan taking Chad on a tour of the home, pointing out alleged sites of major demonic attacks on Lara. In the "I Am Six" episode are we presented with any real proof of these things happening?

1 The marks on her back don't happen while others are around. The marks are only on her back; none on the face or arms. They aren't deep enough to draw blood, nor will they cause permanent scarring.

2 They show the top of the laundry chute. Where is the proof that she ever fell down the laundry chute? We see no pictures.

3 Again, where is the proof that she was wedged inside the chute? There's a shot of the bottom of the laundry chute. Where is the pictorial evidence that she was ever crammed inside it?

Chad claims that something pushed him much like in the "Church of the Damned" episode when Ryan says he was pushed.

But Ryan is too busy changing into a hoodie again to give Chad a hand.

We need to take a close look at the odd business concerning the names of the demon[s] that are supposedly possessing the girl. It is a common practice during the deliverance ceremony to inquire directly to the demon the names of the demon/demons that possess the individual. They seem to be avoiding avoid performing the deliverance ceremony, because one is never done.

The source of these names is Chip Coffey the same person that introduced the world to Ryan’s personal demon back in season 1's "The Name" episode.

We jump to the outside of the house where Chip and Ryan are discussing names. Chip holds a small note pad containing the list of six demonic names. These are not just any names, but some of the top-ranking demons. It's very interesting to note that one particular name is absent, and that is the name of Ryan's personal demon. In fact, this is one who's ranked right behind the leadership of the forces of darkness.

But what's even odder is the list itself. Freeze frame the shot and you will see six names. But watch when they do a close up – you'll see only five names on the list. So, are there five or six? Apparently, they aren't sure of one of the names, as on both pages one has a question mark next to it.

The captions claim it is 10:47 as they start bringing in the para-celebs and setting things up. Notice that Ryan walks by a clock that reads 8:47.

As the following scenes unfold it changes from light to dark outside as the shots are mismatched.

Notice how Lara's "black" eye is beginning to fade and in some shots it's almost gone.

Where is Chad when they're performing the exorcism on Lara? Chad is not in the room. Isn't Chad supposed to be helping film the actual exorcism? DVD TIMELINE 29:55 -- watch the right hand side of your screen and see the window. Who's there? Chad! He walks by, glances inside, sees the exorcism, and hurries back inside. Can we say gotcha? Especially in the next scene after Chad talks to Ryan about getting shots of Lara when he was outside, and not inside.

One wonders where did the Lorraine and Chip go? Lorraine disappears from the episode and Chip is only seen in the background in a few shots.

When Ryan gives his big battle speech and takes part in the experiment he wears a dark t-shirt but when there is a big ruckus upstairs he rushes up the stairs, now wearing a coat.

Did Lara's black eye appear to be a makeup job? DVD TIMELINE 30:32 there's no black eye. At various times in this episode, it's more prominent than others. Observe that she has a Band-Aid over her left eyebrow. All the makeup on Lara's face is gone leaving no black eye. This is very obvious in the final shot. DVD TIMELINE: 41:04 there is no black eye and the Band-Aid is gone.

UPDATE: While doing research on the book we came across this letter posted onto the PRS message boards reportedly written by Barb, Lara's mother. She addresses what has happened to Lara and her family since the second exorcism. If this letter is true, it's a heartbreaking story. It raises some very serious questions about the amount of responsibility that PRS shows to their clients.

PRS promises to help them. But should that help end as soon as the cameras stop rolling? As we have seen in the cases we've examined, some families do not find peace after the team leaves. Kelli Ryan, episode 27 "The Messenger" didn’t. Eric and Lisa, the family from episode 29 "The Glove", reported a chair sliding across the floor a week after the team left. 

You read about a family reporting being terrorized by demons and the team will battle with them only to have the demons return two weeks later. More than a year has passed and Lara remains haunted by demon/s. When did Ryan return or present her case to the Catholic Church to arrange for a full exorcism? Did he invite Chip, Lorraine Warren, or Father Bob Bailey to return? They were guests of the show but PRS clearly has a responsibility to bring these issues to a close. Has Ryan given up hope as he claimed Lara was a case of perfect possession? What is perfect possession? It would mean that Lara would have completely given herself over to the demons and want them to remain. Her behavior would be far worse than anything the actor Charlie Sheen had been engaging in with the drugs, alcohol and porn stars. Also, Lara wouldn't bathe, she would incessantly curse, and she would harm those around her, destroying their faith and demolishing religious objects. This kind of behavior is NOT evident in the episode you've just seen.

Barb's letter from October 21, 2009 can be found here:

"Hello to everyone and God bless all of you. I'm just sending a brief note to explain Lara's upset, (she is ill with the flu right now and may not have handled this situation which has arisen as gracefully as possible). She received an e-mail where an individual made a rhetorical request for 'THE' Lara to answer the sender's questions, if she didn't mind. The sender only gave her about 14 hours to respond. She was 3 hours too late and the sender's questions were made public and were on the topic of providing proof, mainly medical in nature. Lara would have been willing to respond to the sender's email. Our family (Lara included) understands the topic of possession from the viewpoints of the skeptics, believers, and those who fall in between. There are some questions that we can answer and there are some that we legally can't because it may involve someone not in our family or a third party. We do feel that she, (and we), deserve some privacy. But, understand, all of our researchers do know her history and would not have investigated if she suffered from psychosis or dissociative disorder. She has had very thorough psychiatric evaluations, even from the Mayo Clinic, and does not have either - there is no medical explanation or disease that can explain what has happened.

"Also know that what was aired on Paranormal State was only forty or so minutes extracted from several days of investigation. The exorcism alone began in the afternoon and did not end until around midnight, or later. You have all seen only snippets of an ongoing serious situation. Most of what has happened here you know nothing of, and I can assure you, you don't want to know. But, as an example of one such well-documented incident was a rape that sent her to her gynecologist, (which he carefully noted in his files). She had second degree burns (and will always have the scars), on the inside of her thighs in the shape of fingerprints. She was cut and burned on the inside and smeared with ash, all of which her doctor was an eye-witness to. I saw this happen to her, so I solemnly give my word that it was not faked. She has been degraded and shamed every single way possible. She was scratched so many times on her back that her back dripped blood, as if she had been scourged. I also have scars from scratches that showed up on me whilst I was trying to help her. My son was sent to the emergency room afer experiencing a very agonizing and unexplainable pain in the region of the sternum, a pain that left us in fear that one of his arteries was dissecting. My husband, demanding of the demon to take him instead and leave Lara alone, immediately developed pneumonia that lasted for two months. When I say we all suffer and offer it for all of you, I am quite serious.

"I also would strongly advise, for your own safety, not to watch these episodes for hours nonstop. "They" are very cunning and have discovered how to use our own technology to their own advantage. The only proof that you will truly believe is when it happens to you. "Pure Evil, the Demonic, ot They" would be more that thrilled to oblige, but is that what you truly want? To live through what we are suffering? We are struggling very hard, all of us, to stay alive and sane through this mess. Is that what you want to feel? I personally care about all of you (Lara also cares, too) and do NOT want that for any of you. So, may God's angels surround and protect you, and may you never know what we have known.
Barb, (Lara's Mom)."

Paranormal Evidence Tally

1 Claims of Paranormal Activity: We have two cases here. The family in Kentucky claims that a demon caused a family member to commit suicide. The Illinois case is about Lara still being possessed by the demon that was haunting her in Season 2's "I Am Six" episode. 
2 Proof of Paranormal Activity: None in either case.
3 Accuracy of Psychic: Kentucky episode: 3. Chip reveals some general details. Illinois episode: 2. Chip makes an effort. However, his accuracy takes a big hit when he comes up with the claim that, just like in the original episode, six demons are haunting Lara once again. In reality, there was only one demon that went by the name of Six.
4 Ryan Buell's Producer Credit: Consulting Producer
5 Demon Count: 00

February 2011 UPDATE: An on-set source for both the "I Am Six" and "The Possession: Return of Six" episodes came forward days before this book was completed. We felt the information they provided was significant enough to be included. More importantly, we have been able to confirm much of what they shared.

It seems that Lara had a fascination with the film, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and had watched it many times. As Emily Rose had six demons inside of her, in "I Am Six" Lara claims that the demon inside of her is named Six. In "Possession: Return of Six", Chip Coffey lists six different demons, just as in the movie. During the filming of both episodes Lara and her family were experiencing some very difficult times emotionally. And Lara viewed the possibility of experiencing an exorcism as a form of alternative therapy to help her deal with her troubles. She was never sure if the demon was real or comprised of things she had kept buried in her subconscious that were trying to emerge.

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