Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Issue 64 – Paranormal Unity or Paranormal Propaganda?

By Reporter X


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Those people who know who I am have asked what has happened to Reporter X's last two reports. One has been severely edited and the other has been removed completely with no explanation.  

We hear the cry every day calling for PARANORMAL UNITY. This is now the way to go. Do not raise objections to others' methods. Do not even dare say a case is fake or raise questions about the claims surrounding a case. Do not question that para celebrity you see on TV or shell out your hard earned pay by hearing them speak or buying their book (invariably penned by a ghost writer). And so what if their theories are made up to fit the show they are on? And the worst thing you can do is to question if a paranormal reality show is fake, as that is now an unpardonable sin.

Is this for the good of the paranormal community to learn, grow and help those who need it? They claim it is; as now is the time to kiss, make up, hold hands and put on a unified front for the good of all. That’s complete propaganda, ladies and gentlemen. It has nothing to do with that. What it comes down to can be summed up in three words: EGO, FAME, MONEY.

They want you to buy whatever they are selling. Their goals are not to learn and expand and help. Their goals are money, fame, grow their ego, be on TV, sell a book, and maybe, just maybe, the biggest prize of all: a movie deal.

Over the past two weeks I have tried to deal with a case that has all of the above and more. The propaganda police want me and others to go away so the road can be open for them to peddle their wares.

These people who run about screaming "Unity! Unity!" do not listen to the nay- sayers, the controversial bloggers or the investigative paranormal reporters. They spread the lie to only listen to us, and repeat after us: see no evil, hear no evil, as all is good in the paranormal community.

What they are really saying if they ever could be honest with themselves is this:

We are the gods of the paranormal. Information flows from us! We pass it onto the lowly public as we see fit.

This week I was reading a review copy of a paranormal nonfiction book that is due out soon. This book is written by a well known para celeb. This fake para celeb is such an expert in their field that they are known throughout the world. Does this individual acquire such knowledge from years of training and study? No! It is gained from being on a fake para reality TV show. (Moms tell your kids who want to be heart surgeons to forget about school. All you need to do is get on a reality show and in just three seasons they can perform heart transplants!).

That is the thinking that rules this community. If you dare question an investigation it is bad enough but when you actually prove there is something erroneous that’s not cool. The attack dogs are unleashed, the trolls show up, the lawyers are called, and the fight is on.

I say this to all of the paranormal unity/paranormal propaganda people--this voice will never be silenced. I will speak the truth, report the facts, expose the things they would prefer we never know. Why? Because decency is good. Decency keeps them honest. Decency brings some balance to the field. And without it there is no limit to the deceptions they can perpetrate.

So paranormal unity police and the paranormal propaganda unit do not come knocking, because I refuse to listen. I have my eyes and ears focused on the truth which is the one thing they are clearly not selling.

With that I now must depart from this blog for good. I have been told that I can no longer post my reports and insights into a case that will remain nameless.

I already have a new place where I can do my reporting. Google my name and you will find the location. Be good my friends! (Give it a week or so to get into the search engines).