Friday, October 14, 2011

Chip Coffey Mocks Legally Blind Man/Old Sparky Explodes -- SPECIAL EDITION

By Kirby Robinson

Chip Coffey pretends that he's opposed to hate speech and bullying. He does this so that people think he's a good guy. And since he's such a good guy they'll open their wallets and allow him to dip into them. But it's all an act. He doesn't stand against hate speech; he actually takes part in it along with other members of the Chip Coffey Clan.

I've been attacked as being a narcissist, a very popular catch phrase these days. A psychology professor once told me "only a narcissist would label someone as a narcissist." [Not the same as a professional diagnosis]. This whole episode started with a blog posted by Sandra Lynn Sparks a/k/a Old Sparky [clan members need nicknames] based on the fact that Clueless Chris Fleming told her that I was one. How does having a Fine Arts degree give him enough training to make that judgment? But he did and she ran with it.

Truth struggles to come out and we had this site pointed out to us. We traced the owner of the site to Toronto, the city in which one of Chip's main attack dogs, back scratchers and a fan of male para-celebs, lives. Ms. X is always willing to do a favor when asked. Almost everyone featured on the page had shown the truth about Chip and his less than honest actions. So they are attacked. My blindness was even made fun of and they mock my guest spot on the Rob and Big show. [The show is one of the most popular on MTV and still gets high ratings when aired]. Below is a close up of my section. This is how the CCC operates.

Chip appeared on Michelle "Babs" Griffin's show. She lives in the Atlanta area and has hung around with Patrick Burns and Chris Moon in hopes of getting a TV show. She feels that Chip Coffey is a master psychic. Babs also made a brief appearance on Psychic Kids. Babbling Babs hosts an event service and a website that hawks fake para-celebs and encourages the gullible to buy stuff. She also drags out the Psychic Kids cast to exploit them some more.

We have established a link to Chip Coffey, Ms. X, [identity to be revealed later this month] and Babbling Babs who all participate in making fun of my blindness. Here is a clip posted by Scifake of the mocking of blind people that Chip did. See the video at this page:

This proves that Chip is a heartless and mean spirited bigot. The same must be said for Babbling Babs and her co-host [who is an African American and is laughing about a person being a victim of bigotry]. Chip is not psychic -- never was, never will be. I knew he was on Babbling Babs' show, and it was as scripted as all the others: Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, Celebrity Ghost Hunt. Chip has yet to prove he's a genuine psychic. Right now he's in spin control mode as he's peddling a wild story that he was a victim of a hate crime. We doubt the story and find it odd that he made this claim when he committed a hate crime himself.

It backfired on Chippy and the CCC. They ran into a person that won't run or cave in and keeps pressing onward and upward. What does a person do when they get caught? They try to engage in behavior opposite of what they did. This makes them hypocrites.

Oct 5 – Chip made fun of me and other blind people, especially those with macular degeneration.

Oct 6 marked the 13th anniversary of the Matthew Shepard killing [hate crime]. Yet Chip took part in hate speech around the same time.

Oct 6 - Claims he was a victim of a hate crime [we doubt the story] less than 24 hours after he took part in hate speech.

Oct7 - Made a big fuss about marching in a Gay Pride Parade in the ATL as an angel. This was done to bring an end to the hate, yet he took part in hate speech. Notice how he had to tell the world about his good works. Doesn't the Bible encourage one to do good works in secret? Guess Chip spends little time reading it.

Oct 7 - He posted this comment as people started to hear what he had done. "Brilliant words: "If I diminish you, I diminish myself." - Desmond Tutu

Guess he can read but clearly that’s talking about what he had done in his hate speech.

Oct 8 - Chip posted this: "To escape criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." - Elbert Hubbard.
Sounds new agey but does not block him from taking part in hate speech.

Oct 9 – Chip posted a photo of himself dressed as an angel. Do angels take part in hate speech? The only ones that do are fallen angels, so I guess he's admitting that he walks with fallen ones.

Oct 9 - Posted a photo wearing a t-shirt that reads STOP THE HATE. Chip thinks that hate towards gays is bad but picking on disabled people is okay?

Oct 10 - Posted a song about wishing we only had love, a note talking about his part in the march and a photo of a disabled man in a wheelchair holding a sign saying STOP THE HATE. Guess he was really trying to hide his guilt on Monday.

Oct 11 - He posted a new age sign saying you had no right to judge him. It should have read: "Chip has the right to judge and make fun of the blind but no one better judge hum."

The CCC knows they have been caught in the act and the connections between them are coming to light.

More on this later...


Sandra Lynn Sparks posted on a series of blogs attacking Ron Tebo and myself. Over the next few weeks we'll be taking them apart. Here's the first of the series of Old Sparky's Rants.

Posted Monday October 3, 2011 just two days prior to the Chip Coffey's mockery of blind people.

I've been involved in discussion boards since usenet was popular. I've been a poster, a moderator, an administrator, and a board owner.

I have NEVER run into wackier more in-your-face guys than Ron Tebo and Kirby Robinson. And that's coming from someone who used to post on, where you could run into some really ingenious and mean flamers.

The problem was, the people dealing with depression tended to be a whole lot more intelligent than these two. Ingenious is not part of their package deal. Mean, disturbing, and dishonest are the rules of their very small world.

I know - When you first encounter them they seem a whole lot bigger, with a wider following, but that's due to extremely heavy self promotion, and the use of lots of e-mail personas. I remember Ron from well before he pulled his ultimate publicity stunt, but more on that later on in this blog series.

Today, on his facebook page (which is public view), Kirby Robinson declared about his website: "The Eye On The Paranormal is fast becoming the "Sixty Minutes" of the paranormal world."

I think Ron Tebo of would challenge that boast.

Kirby must duke it out for whether he or Ron Tebo will become known as the "Andy Rooney" of the paranormal world, since the majority of what they post are personal opinions.

Ron, in particular, does not seem to realize his title suggests he goes after scientific fakes. But then, the small crowd that follows him probably wouldn't know what a psifake might mean. All they know is the website is a great place for trolls to find juicy hunting.

So who are these guys? And why would anyone care?

You care when you are constantly dodging or dealing with the feces they fling, like battling monkeys. This blog is of most interest to those who have to deal with them. You'll find some very entertaining and truly useful bits of information along the way.

By the way - before we really begin - I gave the two of them every warning this would happen. They have already posted lots of things about me and others: Ron removing his posts (but not before the posts were copied) and Kirby just going for it, trying to twist everything I and friends do or have done to fit his scheme of things. I will not be doing any twisting: As I wrote before, if they didn't provide the material themselves, on the Internet, it's not going to be used here. It will be directly quoted when it is on a public page, because they already, at the time of recording it, had released that information publicly.

Nothing that will be presented here violates the content policy of this blog service.

So - that's it for now. Who knows how long this blog will become. There are hundreds of references to sort through. Thanks to everyone who pointed me in directions I wish I hadn't gone in without a bio-hazard kit. Imagine what use all that energy dedicated to mean ends could have done, in the hands of decent people. Learn from this. Don't waste your energy being mean. Someday your target might turn out to be able to stand up to you, in ways you never expected.

Not sure if Old Sparky understands what the truth is. Maybe she has been grass dancing way too long [or smoking it] but we'll try to point things out to her and let the public know what is the truth.

1 She fails to mention that she works for Chip running his board. She doesn't tell you she is close to Babbling Babs, nor does she tell you that Chip had her at the Psychic Kids Facebook page acting as a moderator and site attack dog. [No offense to any dogs]. Does she admit that she directed people to boards she owned and was compensated for it via receiving traffic? Did she reveal that she is behind the psychic school and psychic tutor sites?

2 Yes, Old Sparky, EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is becoming like a paranormal 60 Minutes. We're posting new blogs 5 to 7 days a week with guest writers joining in. Unlike the Chip Coffey Clan, we want to help and inform everyone. The CCC only wants to help themselves to other people's money and misinformation.

3 Neither Ron nor I pulled any posts from the Psychic Kids page. That was done by A&E when you tried to become the moderator. A&E took over the page, removing you as the false moderator. So you and the CCC created a Facebook page PSYCHIC KIDS: AFTERWORD [whatever that means] to act like an official page -- which it isn't. Wonder what A&E will say about that? Links to Chip's and Sandra's sites began popping up. Again, Sandra created new accounts to make it look as if many post there, but in reality only the CCC and a few backscratchers are.

4 I'm happy to be compared to a legend like Andy Rooney. When he got old he didn't become bitter or mean and sick in the head. He did something with his life.

5 Ron uses SCIFAKE to expose fakers like many who are in the CCC. We at EYE ON THE PARANORMAL have no issues with SCIFAKE. And, Old Sparky, it wasn't until all the lies, attacks and deceptions you took part in finally got me and Ron to talk on the phone. In fact, Ron might begin posting a blog on the EYE once a week.

Pick apart all the lies and attacks that we've uncovered and you're left with nothing. Watch your appetite, Old Sparky, because next week you'll be getting another heaping plate of the truth.


On October 12, 2011, Ron Tebo and Babbling Babs talked on the phone. She told Ron that she is very upset with what Chip Coffey did on the show. She said she wasn't laughing at Chip's blind comments, but seeing Chip poking his face into the camera lens is what she found funny.

Personally, I don't buy it. Here's why:

1Why did she tell Ron this and not me?

2 She was contacted hours after the incident took place and she never said this at the time.

3 Watch the video and note that she's already laughing when Chip sticks his face into the lens.

4 Babbling Babs posted about the aforementioned hate site concerning me and Ron that featured a joke about me going blind and even used a phrase that was featured on the site.

If she is telling the truth she can send a post for next week in which she goes public with this information. Send it to me at and it will posted, as is.

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