Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State" – Soon to be Released!

It's been a while since you've seen any new posts here at the Eye on the Paranormal. I hadn't planned on being away from it as long as this, but you know the saying, 'God laughs at man's plans'. Yet, as much as things have changed they've also remained unchanged.

One of the changes is that I'm a little wiser than I was in the past. I need to say that I am sorry for some of the biting humor I used in the previous posts. Some people might have been hurt by them, and for that I am sorry.

What has remained the same is the popularity of paranormal reality programming. One might say it's even more popular than it has ever been.

Only a few more episodes of Paranormal State will be aired. Then it will no longer be around as we know it. If you've been affiliated with the paranormal field for a few years, you might be aware that I was one of the first, and possibly the most vocal, critic of the show. You can read those commentaries in this blog from 2008. I pointed out it was not as real as some would want you to think.

Back in April 2010, I started the first draft of a book entitled Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State, with my co-author, Lisa Maliga. It's an in-depth view of the show. We also analyze Ryan Buell's book, Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown. We uncover things that the show's producers and Ryan would prefer to remain hidden from public knowledge.

Some might ask that since the show is going off the air, why do we need a book about it? Here are two reasons.

1 The viewing public has a right to know the truth. Evidence has been faked, events have been staged, and facts have been misrepresented. Paranormal State has more in common with a mockumentary than a documentary.

2 To serve as a warning to others who think they can become a para-celebrity and plan on copying the tricks they've seen on the show. If viewers can learn to be more careful and apply critical thinking skills, they won't be fooled again.

Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State will be available later this month. I'll be updating this site when there is more information, including any online interviews.

I'll delve into the world of the unknown now that the Eye on the Paranormal is open again.