Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Do We Choose to Live with a Paranormal Presence?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

There was an unusual amount of feedback re last weeks blog--The Creeping Darkness--and it was profoundly moving. I want to pursue in more detail this question: why do we choose to live with paranormal activity? This may not apply directly to you personally, but chances are it does apply to someone you know...and even if it doesn't, I think we should try to be aware of our changing spiritual landscape. In the last three weeks 10 different families have contacted me, wanting to know how to get rid of a long-lived evil presence in their homes. Every situation is heartbreaking, and I desperately want to help.So, let me list some reasons, and then make a comment or two.

1. As bad as things are, I am afraid that any attempts to "fix it" will only anger the entities and make our lives even more miserable. How can I be sure?
2. "I have Native American in me and we tend to see the spirit realm as a natural part of mom was a medium, wiccan (fill in the blank), and I have seen sprites, shadows, animal spirits since I was a child.
3. I can sense that this presence is positive and benevolent, and it has never hurt anybody...maybe startled us a few times..
4. The little girl said she needed me
5. This "presence" has been here for generations, and I do not like change...even if it might be good change.
6. I have tried to get help but was afraid folks would think I was crazy and take my kids away.
7. Umm....I have tried but 8 pastors have made me feel like dirt, in their own distinctive ways.
8. I have given up hope and I want to, what difference does it make?
9. I am emotionally attached to the entity that makes love to me
10. The paranormal investigative team had all the latest and greatest in technology--if they determined that entities are innocuous, who am I to disagree?
11. Being part of a paranormal investigative team, I expect to have some spirits follow me home
12. I find the children spirits entertaining...keep me from feeling lonely.
13. They threatened to kill me or a loved one if we tried to get help.
14. My husband does not see/hear the activity and refuses to allow anybody to  come over and help.
15. I am fascinated with the spirit realm, and since my church is dead, I love having direct contact with the my home!

Let me comment on the last one first. It seems to me that our culture has become so fascinated with the paranormal that it has become the new normal. In the span of about twenty years, the spiritual landscape of America has changed dramatically.There is a saying, "The very best things, when twisted, become the very worst things." Our longing for personal contact and communion with the supernatural (God), is a huge, salient aspect of being human. However, because we have all sinned (Rom.3:23), we cannot--indeed MUST NOT--seek direct, immediate contact with spiritual reality. The essence of the gospel is that we approach God mediately (not immediately) through the Person and work of Jesus. He is the only mediator between God and man."For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." (1 Tim.2:5) This verse tells us that there is salvation in only Jesus, but it also shows us how horribly twisted it is to approach spiritual reality in our own strength. We can have spiritual reality and direct access to God--through Jesus Christ. This text is also at odds with the notion of spirit guides...or saints praying for us.

1. I can sympathize because often intervention does make things worse. A typical investigation with collecting EVP's will make it worse. So will a preacher/priest who only blesses the house without first expelling demons--like throwing water on hornets nest--it angers the demons.We cannot fully discuss this now, but right person WILL get rid of demonic presence.
2. We are to ..."bring all of our thoughts captive to obey Christ".(2 Cor. 10:5) As biblical Christians we are to have our minds transformed...A biblical worldview sees these spirit manifestations as abnormal--as demonic intrusions.
3. The Word of God is to have primacy over our very fallible affective perceptions of spirit entities. Demons can project an aura of light, peace, and even "holiness" (angel of Light)
4. It ain't a little girl, and it wants to kill you.
5. It is well known that many folks detest change, even if they know it will benefit them. Is Jesus your Lord, or not? Then CHANGE!
6 & 7. Please contact me and I will help or get somebody confidential/competent who you.
8. PLEASE do not give up hope because there is HOPE in Jesus!
9. As demonic sexual activity increases, as horrid as it may sound, a growing number of men and women are experiencing this sexually based addiction.  I would like to help anyone is experiencing this.
10. As wonderful as science is, it is UNABLE to determine the identity of preternatural entities.
11. I will say it again...assume that all paranormal activity is demonic.
12. What kind of God would leave young children here? Pure evil spirits who will entertain you to death.
13 All the more reason to see the urgency of ousting these unclean spirits
14. Actually, the skeptical husband is likely under the spell of demonic influence--causing or amplifying denial. Find a time when he won't be there...must obey God rather then man.

In all these scenarios, demonic influence is likely at work. Infesting demons have the ability to project whole patterns of thoughts or emotions which are designed to dissuade you from getting assistance. Usually it is projected in such a way that affected person hears it in his own mind-voice...but slowly turns one away from truth and reality. Since they desire to destroy family unity as well, there is often "targeting" that occurs--one spouse may not see/hear anything, but even this is diabolically  amplified and a hyper-cynicism begins in skeptical spouse...causing further friction. This unresolved friction can itself give the demons even more of a foothold in your home. "Do not let the sun go down on your anger, lest you give the devil a foothold."(Eph. 4:26-27) Then it turns into a vicious cycle..

Also, if a person in an infested house even mentions getting help out loud (since demons cannot read minds), then the demon-pack will do all in its power to ensure that that does not happen...but we are  more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!.

Okay, enough about demons. "So, whether you eat or drink,or whatever you do,  do all to the glory of God." (1 Cor. 10:31)  Every aspect of our lives has the potential to honor God. As Christians, we yearn to bring honor and glory to our most excellent King and Redeemer! This text I quoted can and should be applied to EVERY thing we do...everything--let us ask God to teach us how to live existentially (moment by moment) for His glory. Certainly...most certainly,  how we view and interact with the spirit realm must  be done to the glory of  God. Are your beliefs and practice toward the paranormal being done to the glory of God? If you desire deep spiritual reality, then apply this verse to everything you think, do, and say. Then you will glorify God and enjoy Him immensely.

Do You Believe in Angels?

By Lisa Grace

Recently I was asked in an interview if I believe in angels or the supernatural as the way it appears in my fiction books. 

Yes, I believe in angels. Have I knowingly seen any? No. 

However, I have met some disturbed people that I believe are possessed, and no, the mental health counseling and medication did not help them. 

Do I believe events could happen the way they do in my books? Yes and no. It’s a work of fiction and as such, many incidences are over the top. I believe in today’s modern world the supernatural one does prefer to remain hidden. It’s easier to operate when people don’t believe it exists. I believe all “ghosts” are demonic manifestations leading people away from truth. 

If a being, (no matter how beautiful as Satan can appear as an angel of light) contradicts the Holy Scriptures, it is evil and sent to lull people into believing a false view of the afterlife to their detriment. The devil is recruiting for his army through deception. 

Your best defense? Know your scriptures. Understand the supernatural world and its goals. Put on the armor of Christ and be prepared for spiritual warfare.

NOTE: This is a rerun blog from Lisa Grace as she is currently on vacation.