Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let Me Introduce You to My Jesus

By Kirby Robinson
copyright 2008-2013

Over the past few years there has been an effort to alter the story of Jesus Christ, His life, and how he died. These fictitious alterations have more often been wrong than right, and have confused and bewildered people, thus causing inner conflict and doubt.

I’m going to write about my Jesus, the Jesus that I have grown to love, admire, respect, but never completely comprehend. My Jesus is the only Son of God. Sent here to earth to end the need for the Law of Perfection that the world suffered under until the day He was nailed to the cross. Born of Mary, a virgin, and Joseph, his earthly father, He was not a child of some rabbi or spiritual leader, or of a Roman centurion. Jesus, the child, turned into a man who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Lord himself, was taught all the knowledge to understand and comprehend His role in the struggle of good over evil, of light over darkness, of love over anger, and of peace over unrest. 

If He did travel to India and Tibet to study under great masters, that’s fine, but it’s not important. If He didn’t, that’s good as well. If He got caught up in politics and wanted to see Israel free of Roman power, so what? He was a man, He had the power to think, and speak His own thoughts. But none of that really matters. Was he married to Mary Magdalene? Had children, even? Again, that’s not an issue that I hang any great importance upon. For what is the greatest expression of being a man loving a woman and giving life to a child? So if he experienced this, great. If not, then He sacrificed a normal family life so that he could serve all of mankind. Did He come up with totally original and new ideas about the world? Some bold, brave, and new kind of thinking? No. Does that make him less a teacher if His message is simply one of love and compassion? Caring for your fellow man? That there can be victory over illness, suffering, and bondage in this very life and in death? That there is the reward of being one with the Father and being reunited with your loved ones? The most excellent truths we can seek are often the old ones. And when He learned what the final act of His earthy life had to be, the betrayal, the trial, the beatings and floggings, carrying His own instrument of death, and finally, hours of suffering, being nailed up on the cross. Nails driven through both His hands and feet. With bones broken, organs bruised, blood flowing from countless cuts, He knew what He had been born to do. Not only had He come to give a message to an unlistening world, but also He came to this earth to live and die for all of us.

As His last breath left his body, He spoke: "Why hast thou forsaken me?" and "Blame them not for what they do for they know not." His blood flowing to the ground to pay a price so we can seek healing and salvation. With His breath gone, His body moved into a tomb, the darkest hours of Christ’s life was at hand. There was one final task He had to do. The hardest and most challenging task still lay ahead.

Christ had to descend and stay in hell for 72 hours. Alone, cut off from angels, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord Himself. He had to endure 72 hours of torment. What deepest recesses of hell He must have been cast down into. What manner of demons must have been unleashed upon Him? His spiritual body must have been torn to shreds. The devil, Lucifer and Satan only had 72 hours to force Christ into forsaking His power. Understand that Lucifer has access to the heavens. He knew about Revelation and the final conflict to be played out in Armageddon, and he knew that unless he broke Christ, he was going to lose the battle.

Jesus Christ is and was the ultimate Bodhisattva, (the Sanskrit term Bodhi [enlightenment] and sattva [being], meaning someone who releases all sentient beings from suffering). He had to take on all forms of physical illnesses during those hours on the cross. Every infirmity ever known to man, Christ had to endure. So we could be healed. Think of that, will you? Every form of cancer, every infection, virus, and germ released on his body. Every form of mental illness was unleashed on his mind. Each and every major and minor sin He endured. He had to go to hell and suffer the full might of evil for every single person that had been born, for all times, past, present and future. He paid the price for believers and nonbelievers. This is what grants us the grace of salvation for those who seek it. This is what grants us dominion to cast out demons. If Kirby Robinson’s name were used to cast out a demon, the dark forces would laugh, as I have no spiritual authority. But because of the dark hours that Christ spent in hell, He never gave up. He could have, but He didn’t. He knew that if HE could not withstand the onslaught of evil, then who could? Not you, nor I, but only Him.

Why is it that more and more people are trying to take Jesus off the cross and turn His works and teachings into myths and lies? His life was led to the fullest for every single person that has and will ever inhabit this planet. Some have been insinuating that His life was part of some wild conspiracy. He used the cross as a means of escape. He snuck out of Israel and lived under an assumed name in another country. A wise man once said that the smartest thing that the devil ever did was to convince people that he did not exist. I say, the smartest thing the devil ever did is convince people that Christ did not pay the ultimate price. He may sell that bill of goods to others, but not to me. I have Christ in my heart, spirit, and mind. My Christ lived for me, my Christ taught for me, my Christ suffered for me, my Christ died for me, my Christ rose for me, and my Christ will always be there for me. Will yours?


Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Does Demonic Oppression Do To a Person?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

The answer I was given a number of years ago was this: demons oppress people by breaking them down physically, emotionally, and spiritually; often to the point where they are at their wits end…. or even end their own lives. The manner in which the demonic do this is limited only by their extensive, depraved imagination….and they are relentless. It is obvious that they get a perverse pleasure from causing a person or relationship to unravel. It is not uncommon for an oppressed person’s home to be a pig-sty….an outward symbol of inner, psychic dislocation; and they are laughing at both. I think of Jim Morrison, the poet of psychic dislocation, in People are Strange: “…women seem wicked when you are unwanted, roads seem uneven when you are down…” People’s perceptions become strange when oppressed.  (and under the effects of acid!)

In 1979 I enrolled in a three year Masters of Divinity degree, and afterwards was ordained in 1985. Once I put the books aside and got involved in actual pastoral ministry, I learned the following truths in a visceral way: ministry is messy, and hurting people hurt people. Both are intensely biblical. Though all Christians could benefit from being reminded of these facts of life, I wish to apply them specifically to those who have been called to help those suffering from demonic oppression. My daughter texted me tonight Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden…” Bone weary from sleep deprivation, and heavy laden with the effects of chronic and acute diabolical torture, we approach our clients at the nadir of their lives. It is so humbling to hear, “This is the lowest I have ever been. Had you not come when you did, I am not sure what I would have done because I can’t take it anymore. Thank you for coming to help me. Everybody else had given up on me….” To hear those words is humbling and precious, isn’t it?

Oftentimes family and friends give up on them because they don’t understand. To make matters worse, the average person I have assisted has been turned away by several pastors. And to top it off, many have been neglected, mis-diagnosed, or judged harshly by Christian demonologists. Friends, what are we doing? Physically, emotionally, and spiritually these folks are wrecks, which means they just might not be doing very well spiritually; their patience may be very thin which means they are short-tempered and angry; and they just might not live up to our standards of responsibility when they are struggling to stay alive. C’mon, how do we feel when we miss just one nights full rest? Try being a young mom who hasn’t had a decent night sleep in months because of being tormented by demonic shadows every night or possibly even being raped by these supernatural putrid perverts. Jesus showed his most tender and gentle side to those who had been beaten down by demonic oppression/possession…or those with had symptoms similar to it.

“Don’t mess with that case because he is nothing but an attention seeking king, and he gets angry at everyone who has tried to help him in the past. It is all in his head… He has gotten so good at faking it, he even has his wife and kids in on it.”  That is a composite of warnings I have received from folks over the years. I ALWAYS listen carefully, but occasionally I want to find out for myself…especially IF they are seeking my help—in EVERY case I’m glad I did (because it turned out they were wrong). You know the drill…certain people get a reputation, and soon nobody wants to help them. If you have uttered similar words, perhaps you need to remember what we have been talking about—the deleterious effects of demonic oppression. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT WRITING SOMEONE OFF, UNLESS YOU SPEND THE HOURS NEEDED TO SIFT THROUGH THE WRECKAGE—AND COMMUNICATE THAT YOU REALLY CARE FOR THEM AND ARE NOT JUST AFTER DATA ACQUISITION.

Just a basic knowledge of psychology is helpful here. The nexus of attitudes and behaviors of the demonic oppressed is complex and unique to each individual. We really need to cry out to the Holy Spirit for wisdom before we dismiss someone. My point is this: the very things that we see as red flags in our criteria for determining those who are faking demonic oppression (attention seeking, anger, irresponsibility, inconsistency in memory, seeming exaggeration, and so on), these are often part of the complex of symptoms  that demonic oppression causes! Again, the very signs we look for in spotting the fake cases, are often the signs of a case being genuine! To put it simply, hurting people hurt people (we will get hurt), and I trust we all would agree that demonic oppressed folks are hurting. But often when folks display hurtful behavior we see that as a red flag, when it is the very thing we should expect from those experiencing diabolical torture. I am reading John Mc Cain, his autobiography, and he speaks of the savagery of his captors while a POW. The NVA and VC seem to know demonic tactics well. As I get older it is being impressed upon me of how madness surrounds demonic activity...sheer madness.

Why do we believe that demonic oppression breaks people down so comprehensively (especially spiritually), but then turn around and question: is their faith in Christ real or strong enough to do this cleansing successfully, when Jesus NEVER asked that question before he exorcised anyone? What of the power of faith the size of a mustard seed? Spiritually is where folks are hammered the worst. One can’t say everything in a blog, but certainly Jesus is the only means by which we can liberate folks. However, am I being a Pharisee by expecting people to clean up their lives before I deem them “cleansable”? It is similar to cleaning up ones act before becoming savable….which is a false gospel.

To be forewarned is to forearmed—expect folks to be tough to deal with at times. Sure we need to be discerning, and establish ground rules, but hurting people hurt people, and ministry is messy….especially this ministry. In the pastoral ministry I saw all kinds of evil and the effects of evil, but it did not compare with the relentless and savagery of the evil found in helping folks with demonic oppression. I bow before the Lord in worship for calling us to be co-workers with Him in liberating the captives. Please, let us be extremely careful that we not dismiss one of God’s wandering and savaged sheep.

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Bogus War Heroes

By Kirby Robinson

Bogus War Heroes

It’s a bad bad thing for anyone who tries to pass themselves off as a solider… and it’s a good good thing for anyone who dedicates their time money to expose them.

We’ve exposed more than a few fake para-celebrities, false teachers, cult leaders, fraudulent members of the cloth, along with a few child molesters and their protectors.

But one other group that gets our blood pressure rising is those guys and gals who pass themselves off as war heroes. They try to reap the benefits and praise by wearing uniforms [often mismatched] and flaunting medals, pretending to have put their lives on the line.  

Here is a great article about two groups: Guardian Valor and Fake Warriors Project, run by veterans who expose the fakes.

Do you know of a para-celeb, psychic, ghost hunter, demon chaser or false teacher who’s eligible for the award? You can take part by sending us a name and why you think they should receive the BAD BAD THING award. Contact for more information.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Issue 109 – “Ghost Inside My Child” Dissecting Stories [Part 3]

By Kirby Robinson

Continued from: 

So far, it’s been shown that the producers have, for a lack of a better word, lied to the viewers. There are too many false claims of reincarnation, being ignorant of the subject, and misleading the viewers.

We’ll take each of the 3 stories as a whole so we don’t further confuse the viewers/readers.

Story 1 “There is no plane crash. This just a liar’s pants on fire”

As we’ve shown at the end of part 2, Bruce and Andrea Leininger have a vested interest in selling their son’s story. It’s probably the story that they sold their son. Of course, the viewer isn’t shown the whole story. This is beginning to sound like Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal to me.

The segment begins with the couple telling some of the back-story about their life prior to moving to Lafayette, Louisiana. What they didn’t tell the viewer:

Andrea was raised in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and she met Bruce there.

Bruce was from a working class family born in New Jersey, divorced with four [now] grown children. He moved down to Texas and married Andrea. After he got married, he had some “career transitions” and moved to San Francisco where their only child, James, was born. The couple later ended up in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The job that Bruce ends up with is far beneath his training and education.

If you visit the family’s website for the book, check out their author page:

The site is full of information that someone with a critical eye will be able to start removing any foundation that is legit from the Leiningers’ story.

~ The parents’ biographies. Notice how Andrea excelled in dancing, art and guess what—writing. When you watch the TV program and/or read the book, you’ll see that she is the driving force behind the story. It’s her visit alone to the son’s bedroom that introduces the story. She is the driving force in guiding the tale of the fighter pilot.

~ Andrea is the one that chose to ignore evidence that would question the validity of her son’s claims.

What one can take away from the bio is this:

1 Andrea was used to being in the spotlight due to her career as a dancer.

2 After James’s birth she was out of the spotlight and no longer the center of attention.

3 She became a housewife.

4 She needed something to bring attention to James in order to set herself and family apart from ordinary people.

 If you click on the blog link, you’ll notice the self-promotion blogs but you’ll see this:

Soul Survivor
An astrological investigation
by Walden Welch

Now the site doesn’t tell you that astrology can be debunked by science:

If you’re a Christian, God doesn’t need help from a moon sign.

Keep reading the blog you’ll notice this line:

Sharon Matzinger who is a healer and past life regression therapist. 

It might be a good idea to start building a list of all the bad science, fake science, and new age lies that will be used to sell this family’s fake story.

There is no such thing as past life regression therapist.

There are people who use this title but try to find any state that licenses such therapy or even certifies it. Google the top 10 schools for psychology and look up if any of them offer training in it. Or don’t bother, because it doesn’t exist. Check with the APA [American Psychological Association] and see if they endorse it. They don’t.

Let’s start to debunk the story they share:

~ They live in Lafayette, Louisiana.

~ Shortly after the age of two, James starts to have nightmares. When they begin, the mom rushes into the room to comfort him. This is where the narrative begins.

~ Andrea is a stay-at-home mom during this time. James has an interest in planes. The mom has an interest in writing and drawing. Could she have shaped the story to recapture the spotlight she once was in?

~ The phrase the mom repeats, claiming the son says: “AIRPLANE CRASH! ON FIRE LITTLE MAN CANNOT GET OUT.”

~ That phrase would be easy to teach a child to repeat. Note how we’re never offered any proof that James said this.

~When asked who shot him, he says Japanese.

~ Gives a name of a ship he was on.

~ The family claims that they found photos of the ship online.

But what really came first--the statements or the proof?

The viewer is never told that the child had paid visits to the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

Andrea then calls her mom and asks what could be taking place in her family? The mom blurts out “Maybe he is experiencing a past life?” [Two out of the three stories feature moms who state this idea].

This brings in Carol Bowman, a false new age teacher who has written two books claiming that her and her kids have had bouts of past life recollections.

Here is her bio:

Carol Bowman began her research into children's past lives when each of her two children had a spontaneous past-life memory. In her quest to understand what had happened to them, she discovered that very little practical information had been written on the subject. So she wrote her first book, Children's Past Lives, which was published by Bantam Books in 1997, as a practical guide for those encountering past-life memories in children. Her second book, Return from Heaven, on reincarnation within the same family, was published by HarperCollins in 2001. Her books have been translated into more than sixteen foreign languages.
Carol has made extensive appearances on TV and radio, been featured in newspapers and magazines, and cited in numerous books on reincarnation. Her national TV appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Unsolved Mysteries, ABC Primetime, and several documentaries on A&E and Discovery Channel.
Carol has an M.S. in counseling from Villanova University and has been practicing past-life oriented counseling with adults and children for the past sixteen years.

She has books to offer, TV appearances to tout, and claims to do past life counseling, saying she gives advice on such matters. Where does she get her training to do this?

Not only do her kids recall a past life but also they do it at the same time! Amazing!

Next Week - Part 4 “Drowning in Deceptions”

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to ‘Stomp on Jesus’ Professor Deandre Poole

By Kirby Robinson

Professor Deandre Poole
Florida Atlantic University

You can stomp on grapes but you never stomp on the name of Jesus! Because if you stomp on Jesus in any way you’re getting on this:

“A Florida college professor causing national outrage for requiring students to write ‘Jesus’ on a piece of paper, then put it on the floor and stomp on it, turns out also to be a top official in the local Democratic Party – the latest in a string of acute leadership embarrassments.” Read the full story here: 

How do you feel about the Florida Atlantic University professor doing such a thing? Let him know by contacting him:

Let the school know what you think:

Office of the President
Florida Atlantic University
Administration Bldg., Room 339
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
tel: 561.297.3450
fax: 561.297.2777

This is yet one more piece of evidence that there is an outright war against God in this nation. Whether it’s the new church that has removed the cross and the concept of sin and replaced it with a feel good theology, or the forces that seek to remove God from this nation. The time to stand or simply give in and run is near. However, I won’t run, I will stand and fight.

If students were asked to stomp on Allah, or the child molester moon god worshipper Mohammad, there would be an outcry and public marches. President Obama would fly down to the university to complain. But since it is the name of Jesus, the mainstream media and the White House don’t care.

Do you know of a para-celeb, psychic, ghost hunter, demon chaser or false teacher who’s eligible for the award? You can take part by sending us a name and why you think they should receive the BAD BAD THING award. Contact for more information.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Baptist Pastor Jack Schaap

By Kirby Robinson
Pastor Jack Schaap
First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN

Preachers, sex, and 17-year-old girls just don’t mix!

Baptist Pastor Jack Schaap must have been listening too much to this Beatles classic: 

Pastor Jack Schaap was the head of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, a megachurch with 40,000 members. He was being groomed to be a national figure on religious TV -- until a teenager came into his life. The pastor decided to toss everything away for a little lovin’…

We have to ask as this really worth 12 years of his life to be spent in prison and have to register as a sex offender? We’d really like to know the names of the 140 [253 in one report] people who sent in letters of support for the pastor. We can warn teenage girls away from them.

Do you know of a para-celeb, psychic, ghost hunter, demon chaser or false teacher who’s eligible for the award? You can take part by sending us a name and why you think they should receive the BAD BAD THING award. Contact for more information.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Personal Care: After the Deliverance

By Stephen Piersall,
God’s Preservation Ministry       

I am sure many of you will agree with me after completing deliverance on someone, you might be exhausted. Keep in mind too, that this is NOT going in and doing a Cleansing or a Blessing. There are and SHOULD be many hours of preparation for you and whomever goes with you in research; interviewing, reviewing questionnaire answers, doing a walk-through, fasting, Bible study, and prayer. Effectively ministering to the client, you should also be doing follow up to ensure they are; attending a local church, reading their Bible, etc. MANY levels of clergy, demonologists, exorcists, deliverance personnel that perform some sort of deliverance will end it right after they walk out the door. Follow-up with the client in Christian counseling is just as important if not more! (1 Kings 19:5-7) He lay down and slept under a juniper tree; and behold, there was an angel touching him, and he said to him, "Arise, eat." Then he looked and behold, there was at his head a bread cake baked on hot stones, and a jar of water. So he ate and drank and lay down again. The angel of the Lord came again a second time and touched him and said, "Arise, eat, because the journey is too great for you."
The impact of deliverance affects every part of you and here are some examples of what to do and how you might feel:

Just remember we cope in diverse ways
Body is tired, no energy, eat a good meal to include plenty of protein to rebuild the body.
You may feel defiled, and unclean. Take a long warm relaxing shower or bath
Soul may feel empty, drained and vulnerable, variety of emotions, weepy, depressed, negative, discouraged; loss of desire for ministry, an attraction to fleshly things
Want to be away from people.
You may experience emotional pain, grief, and emptiness.
You may experience backlash or reaction from spirits or occult.
Your spirit needs to be refreshed and restored:
You need to learn how to refresh your own soul; do something you enjoy that takes little effort, go out for a walk in nature, fishing, swimming, etc.?
Play worship music continually.
Have time alone in the Word of God
Receive ministry by friends or intercessors
Have a good restful nap and most importantly get a good night’s sleep.
Stay hydrated
Read (Psalm 23:2-3) “He restores my soul”
Follow-up care for the client (things that come to mind):
Ministry in deliverance is often progressive. One visit may not be enough; in fact, more issues may emerge.
Notify Pastor of the Church they will be attending so follow up can take place.
Contact the person to find out how they are doing, do they need support or counsel?
Teach the person how to maintain their freedom, and how to deal with old thoughts, ideas, mannerisms, and habits
Seek medical/mental assistance as needed.
Develop a strong consistent prayer life, as a minimum first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night (1 Thess 5:17; Eph 6:10-17)
Read, believe and live by the Word of God (Matthew 4:4; 1 Thess 2:13)
Praise God in all circumstances (good and bad) and expect his blessings (Isaiah 61:3; 1 Thess 5:18)
Join a local church, get involved, and cultivate good Christian relationships (Heb10:24-25)
Make forgiveness a way of life (Matt 6:14-16)
Be alert for, and resist spiritual attacks (1 Pet 5:7-9)
The devil will try to come back and invade their lives. Submit to God, Resist evil, and draw near to God (James 4:6-8) “God gives grace to the humble”
Cultivate discipline and self-control (Matt 28:19)
Separate yourself from objects, places and relationships those are catalysts for sin or spiritual bondage (Rom 13:14; Acts 19:19)
Cultivate respectful attitudes to authorities in your life
Watch over your relationships; avoid those that draw you away from God’s plan. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Phenomenology vs. Biblical Reality

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Have you noticed that paranormal seminars are called "Phenomenology"? Why are they called that and what does it mean? I remember studying phenomenology in college as a philosophy major. It is a modern school of philosophy started by Edmund Husserl. He attempted to develop a universal philosophic method, devoid of presuppositions, by examining and describing our experience of phenomena. Frankly, though it has become fashionable to speak of the phenomenology of this or that, no two people can agree on a proper definition! Please Google it and discover this wonderment for yourself!

I will go on record and say that the way it (phenomenology) is meant in paranormal seminars is that it simply means the study of our experience of phenomena (in this case, paranormal phenomena). Another way of stating it is that of a radical empiricism. By that I mean, conclusions are deduced from experiences using the five senses AND our intuition. What a paranormal phenomenon looks, feels, tastes, smells, and sounds like will determine what the nature of the phenomena IS. Emphasis is on APPEARANCE in dictating ontology (the nature of being) as we proceed, I will contrast this method with what I call biblical realism. The differences are profound and lead to entirely different conclusions regarding the phenomena. I want to enliven this analysis by using a case study from a recent episode of the Dead Files. We shall see that the same basic flawed phenomenological presupposition is shared by paranormal seminars and the two principles on this TV show…perception equals reality. A thousand times—NO!

Last week’s Dead Files hit close to home…literally. This episode took place in a small town called Browns Summit, which is perhaps five miles from my hometown of Greensboro, NC. I want to re-tell the story and accent issues along the way. As usual, the medium Amy, her assistant husband, and Steve (retired NYC homicide detective) do their various walk-throughs of the location. From the outset, Steve indicates this is one of the most difficult cases ever. The parents and their two daughters are experiencing severely oppressive paranormal activity.

One daughter, we are told, has had 14 brain surgeries in the last few years. This has significantly reduced her ability to function normally. What was visibly moving to Steve (and me) was how viciously a special needs daughter was being singled out—she was being clawed on her skin, and seeing/hearing monstrous phenomena. Over time, she had regressed from a happy young lady to where she was muttering that she wanted to die. At one point in the show, you could actually hear her sobbing in the background…it was horrible. It did not, and does not seem fair—but such is demonic reality (jumping ahead).

The whole family is experiencing paranormal activity, but as is often the case, one person (usually the weakest) was being relentlessly hammered. They could not afford to move, but something had to change NOW. They were desperate for help, which is why they had called the producers. This was no “I Am Six” shameless parental attention grabbing. It does make me wonder, yet again, why a local pastor was not handling the case.

As has become the hallmark of this TV show, there was remarkable agreement between Amy and Steve as they conducted their separate investigations. Due to a tragic train wreck early in 20th century near the home, as well as the deaths of two children on the property, it was posited that these deceased humans were the causal agents of the oppression. 

Let me try to personalize or apply this—have you ever determined that a paranormal entity or activity was benevolent based on your perception or subjective feelings? If you have, then you are engaging in phenomenology. Your starting point for determining the identity of paranormal phenomena lies within you, and is based on your perception. Is that appropriate for a Christian? As followers or disciples of the Lord Jesus, we are called to a life of radical submission to Him in all areas of life. We do this primarily by conforming our mind, attitude, and behavior to the authority of scripture--and not our autonomous reason or subjective states. (Rom.12:1ff)

It makes want to weep every time a person tells me that they “know” that the presence in their home is benevolent. Do we not realize that demons can not only project thoughts into our heads, but also feelings? That which is pure evil can make itself look and feel as if it were perfect love. And yet I hear this frequently: “Some entities in my home are evil, but I know this particular entity is benevolent because of how it acts and makes me feel.” Do you remember from last week how Laura Maxwell described how her “deceased sister” had gently brushed her hair on a nightly basis for years? But when she and her mom decided to leave Spiritualism, then the alleged sister, and other deceased family members, suddenly turned on them and revealed their true, demonic nature. Rebuke your benevolent paranormal friend in the name of Jesus (do it with conviction), and see what happens. This is where empirical verifiability is appropriate, and it WILL reveal realty. The bible is the most realistic book in existence because, when we read it, we are seeing phenomena through God’s eyes….the Creator and sustainer of all phenomena. (Col.1:16-17)

Meanwhile, back on DF, the mentally handicapped daughter is said to be in process of being possessed. While walking the grounds at night, Amy encounters what she considers is the primary culprit…for possessing the daughter. She asserts that she does not know what it is because it looks and feels different from anything she has encountered thus far in her life. However, she describes the entity as being a large black dog, which quickly begins to shape-shift into a large, dark humanoid shape, which is leaning against a tree. Amy says that it is extremely territorial and that she is afraid of it. During the reveal, she says it is that horrible entity that has been entering the handicapped girl’s room.   

As is often the case, even when a possible demonic entity like this has been identified, there are other beings she sees which are innocent. In this case, she sees a young boy and girl—which perfectly matches the research Steve had done regarding untimely deaths on the property. Previously, the mom had told Steve that she was being awakened at night and seeing impressions being made on her bed, and this frightened her. Well, that was the little kids playing on the bed, says Amy… nothing to be frightened about.

She says the girl may need an exorcism, but since that is traumatic, she recommends first using black salt and some powder blessed by Wiccans (there was a third ritual but I cannot remember). This girls life is in danger, and the reveal is the most somber I have ever witnessed on TV. It is obvious, to me anyway; that both Amy and Steve are deeply touched by this young lady’s plight…they seem very sincere.

However, it is possible to be sincere, but sincerely wrong. First, you CANNOT get rid of demons by using occult rituals—like the burning of sage, black powder, Wiccan powder and so on. If this young woman survives, it is only because the demonic are humoring their attempts—in order to further validate the deception. If you are a disciple of Jesus, then you must get rid of occult paraphernalia…not use it to exorcise someone or some place. 

Second, this is clear illustration of my thesis: phenomenology vs biblical realism. The former is incredibly na├»ve and foolish. What madness has come over us that makes us think that, how we function in the science lab, is transferable to the supernatural realm? Are we submitting to the Lordship of Christ or not? Making distinctions between benevolent and malevolent entities based on our perception is foolish. Using our five senses, as well as our intuition, is not a wise way to discern supernatural evil. Why? Because demons can project thoughts and sensations that will pleasantly (and deceptively) overwhelm all of these. GOD’S WORD is the only reliable source of information regarding the identity of these entities. I have said before that observation can yield some data, but it cannot reveal the identity of paranormal phenomena. IT CANNOT….IT IS UNABLE TO.

Please see that this is an immensely practical issue that millions of Americans are dealing with. It breaks my heart when folks tell me they are certain that the apparition in their bedroom is benevolent. All that glitters is not gold in the paranormal realm. Remember, the spirit realm is the God ordained temporary home for Satan and millions of demons (maybe billions). All genuine paranormal activity is linked to the spirit realm. I can assure you that no family member is standing guard in your bedroom at night. They are either in heaven or hell, and cannot come here.

 Perception is often your worst enemy when it comes to the paranormal because it is teeming with master deceivers. Perception or reality (as defined by God)…which will we choose? Recently, an apparent demonic attempt on the life of my girlfriend occurred. This attempted murder has only further emboldened me to wrench back from the enemy that which belongs to God. To do that, we must walk humbly before our Lord…praying continually and relying on His all-sufficient word.                

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Treat Supernatural Creatures

By Lisa Grace

With the proliferation of ghost and demon hunters, and professional psychics who conjure (attract or communicate) with supernatural beings (and yes, many mediums are fakes) one of the issues seldom addressed is how we should be treating these angels/demons, etc.

The Holy Scriptures say:

We are not to pray to angels or demons. (Col 2:18)

It is best not to call on them as this can fall into the category of making them your god. Also, you run the risk of having one attach to you, in which case they may torment you or make your life more difficult. If you are having feelings of despair or depression, suicidal thoughts, after trying to communicate with spirits or going to a place known to be inhabited by them, you may want to find a Bible believing exorcist, who follows the rules of the Bible to drive them out. If you are not a believer, the solution will not be permanent though.

We are to treat even fallen angels and demons with respect, and rebuke them only in the LORD's name. (Jude 1:8 - 10)


Jesus is above the angels. (Hebrews 1:4, Hebrews 2:7 - 10)

Jesus (Yeshua) has authority above the angels. We can only drive them out in His name. Not all are strong enough in belief or faith or His authority to drive them out. Some can only be gotten ridden of through prayer and fasting. (Matthew 17:14 - 21; Mark:17 - 29; Acts 19:11 - 17)

Do not call the devils' names, but treat them with respect, find someone to drive them out in Jesus' authority. Do not call on angels or demons, you're playing with fire.

I hope shows and/or pastors that taunt or treat these creatures with dis-respect, will stop. It is to their detriment and not Biblical.