Sunday, August 30, 2015

Demonic Portals -- Do These Really Exist?

In this blog I will lay out an understanding that certain aspects need to be examined to truly understand why activity is taking place within a home and the lives of individuals.  This blog is the result of several active cases ongoing who are struggling with aspects of demonic activity which they themselves cannot get rid of and improper people have actually made the situations worse. Understand this is as struggle for these people to bear, however what is even more upsetting is when I explain to people actions must stop and the word of God must be adhered to but choosing not to.

Several cases I am working involve individuals living together and pretending to be a “family” with or without children.  When children are involved the case is always more severe which pains and hurts my heart to see.  So why then is this activity taking place?  Well if you have been following my blogs you would understand that the reason the demonic are upon people are as follows – Ancestral Sin aspects, Own hands involved in Sin, improper homes of pagan and satanic worshippers who resided there, etc…

Covering this aspect, several cases I am working involve people who are living together as boyfriend/girlfriend without the marriage commitment, are acting as husband and wife.  The world will call this a “trial run” before marriage to learn how the other person lives or is.

Let me just say that there are plenty of excuses out there to justify our actions of living together (money, sharing bills, aspects of we are going to get married anyway, we should live together first to see if we are compatible, or I won’t really know him/her until we live together). I’ll be the first to tell you from personal experience, these excuses do not justify the actions.

These ongoing cases are having a hard time of understanding that their own hands are adding to these diabolic problems.  The activity which is taking place within these cases range from severe banging on walls all the way to severe blood fueled attacks.  Everything you can imagine is happening, full body apparitions, hoof prints being placed on the body (even children), people (including children) walking around in trance like states for periods of time without them ever remembering any of this aspect of what occurred.

The harsh reality of living together brings far more aspects within your home than you really understand.  The point of this blog is to show you the reader just one aspect of diabolical attacks and to help the paranormal community understand this is a very crucial aspect to removing the diabolic opponents.

Many times these people have now created “hardships” because they have become accustomed to living together, but sadly they are not ready to commit to marriage or are not in love with each other anymore but are now “stuck”.  This is a ploy that the diabolic use against these people because the very word of God states we’re not to engage in living together before marriage with many bible verses:

Hebrews 13:4 advises us that the marriage bed is to be undefiled.
Exodus 20:14 tells us that God does not approve of sex outside of marriage.
Ephesians 5:3 advises us that we cannot have a relationship with God and fornicate too.
Revelation 21:8 advises us that unrepentant adulterers and fornicators will be judged.

People who are living together as a “trial run” before truly getting married and are going through diabolic attacks, one must start on the path of repentance back towards God.  One cannot fall under the wing of protection of our Lord God Almighty found in Psalm 91, because their own actions, one is supporting actions that are openly mocking God.  I always show and state to people what the bible instructs about life and proper living.  However, when this goes against their hearts and desires they get upset.

These people get upset because of the fact that we are pointing out direct sin within their lives and giving grounds to the diabolic forces to be there.  The diabolic operate on grounds of sin.  Many times these people know in their hearts they should not be doing this act, but the excuses like the ones I listed in the beginning come up to support their case of staying together under one roof.

Many times both men and women get upset in learning aspects of what they must do to walk free.  I have often been asked this “well can’t we just live then in separate rooms, or can’t one sleep on the couch while the other sleeps in the bed?”  Sadly, the answer is no.  You are still mocking God especially when you tell a clergy member that you know who Jesus Christ is and that he is in your life.  So then why are you openly sinning?  This is one of the aspects that is keeping the diabolic within your lives.

When this frustration arises within a case of those living together, I simply tell the people the following words – “Choose God or the devil, because you cannot have both” (Matt. 6:24, Luke 16:13).  You want God to set you free, but you want to continue (stay) in your ways of the world.  Do you really think God will then set you free?  God knows your heart and desires.

It is usually right then that I have to back away to let God work and convict upon his “children”. People need time to let these words of truth sink into their hearts and minds.  We must plant the seeds of Holy truth to allow God to show them the error within their lives and how to become free.

Once the seeds of truth are planted and truth has been shown, the diabolic will retaliate and sometimes the actions are more severe, because it is done to place more fear within those they are upon.  The act of retaliation is due to the diabolic not wanting steps by those whom are afflicted taken towards God, but to keep them right where they are at.

The actions of “free will” that we have within our lives to choose righteousness or choose the ways of the world come into play.  Several of our cases have sought out other assistance from other “improper sources”, who have made actions within the case worse than they were at in the beginning.  They are told to do “this or that” which is falseness to only have enhanced actions come against the people for following those improper actions.

This always breaks down to the question of wanting to keep your chains of bondage or become set free from these chains.  Each comes with a price to pay and the challenges associated to each path.  I pray this has opened your eyes further to specific aspects of case work when dealing with diabolic forces within the family network.  If this is not being looked at seriously then you are missing the mark for 1 John 3:6 states “No one who abides in Him keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen Him or known Him”.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist Minister