Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Issue 20 – Paranormal Radio Shows & Disclaimers

Welcome to this week's Eye on the Paranormal.

Not surprisingly, we've gotten some hate mail. We wish the Paranormal State Zombies would come up with something new to write. After being told dozens of times to eat BLANK, we read of various forms of hell and how we should go there pronto. Yawn. Then I'm instructed to go and do something to myself which I can't figure how it's done to oneself. Actually, these emails are sending more than one message. It informs us that we are hitting home with the truth … because the truth will always cause the fakers in the paranormal community and their supporters severe discomfort.

Three Shout Outs 

Being on the radio is not my most favorite thing. I've always said I have a face for radio and a voice to keep quiet but there is a book to promote so I have to summon the courage and go on the air. I can only say good things about my recent on-air conversation with Dave Schrader on his Darkness on the Edge of Town radio program. I also enjoyed chatting with Steve of Claranormal on the two-plus hour interview this past Saturday. I was unaware of the time as it just flew by. You should support both of these programs and I've included their links on this page.

We noticed some comments about my recent appearance on Darkness Radio from Dave Schrader's Facebook page and would like to mention two of them.

"Have to say, after listening to the show finally, the guy sounded like someone with an axe to grind that was just picking out editing mistakes in each episode to fuel his opinion that it all was faked. You can only go on about timestamps for so long before you start to sound like an obsessive twit, and this guy fits the bill." Trey Janes

Dear Trey,
Sorry you missed the parts about the fake evidence, fake séances, fake experts and staged scenes. Sadly, the stance about editing mistakes has been the mantra of the pro PRS crowd ever since 2008. The public is learning the truth and even more facts are being revealed. For example, in season 2's episode, "The Fire" would it surprise you to know that Dead Time was filmed at 1 PM? And did you know that Ryan Buell borrowed heavily from the spoken word part of Lou Gentile's radio show for the Paranormal State introduction? But keep on repeating the mantra. It's not a mantra that will lead you anywhere…well, maybe further into delusion.

"I was very annoyed by this person. I never trust sources that won't reveal themselves. It is a TV show. I have heard negative "stuff" about all the shows. I could not have been that professional with him as you were." Tammy DelMedico Ellison

Dear Tammy,
As stated in all my interviews, and in the book, when you are a part of a reality show you usually sign a confidentiality agreement. It doesn't matter if you appear in front of or behind a camera; you have to sign one of them. A confidentially agreement states that you won't disclose any information about your work or events that occurred while you worked on the program. If you break this contact you will be sued in civil court and face the loss of thousands of dollars. You also will be blacklisted in the field.

Those people who came forward put their trust into us. Also, each and every source was checked and doubled checked and some cases triple checked. If we couldn't confirm the information they shared, we didn't use it.

And this is from Issue 19's comments section:

"For someone who bashed Darkness Radio and Dave Schrader in earlier posts, you certainly were quick to go on their show for over an hour just to hock your book. Can you say, HYPOCRITE ? Although I may agree that Paranormal State may be faked, I don't watch the show, but I certainly will NOT be buying your book. I respect Dave Schrader and Darkness Radio too much for that." Java and Books

Could you please point out the last time that anyone that was on Dave's show, or any radio show, that did not want to sell you their book, event, film, etc.? That is why people go on those shows. You're correct, I did unfairly bash Dave a few years ago. He was as conned by PRS and the fake para-celebs connected to the show as was the general public. For the record, many press releases were sent out and due to that, Dave asked me to be on the show.

Dishing on Disclaimers

Think about the following scenario next time you visit your doctor or seek help from your pastor. Imagine stepping into their office and seeing a big sign that reads: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PUPOSES ONLY. More than likely you would turn and leave; thanking the Lord you didn't waste your time and money. But you will encounter this warning if you decide to reach out to an online or phone psychic.

It's funny how psychics and mediums claim they are real and their gifts are true and they are there to help you…yet won't stand behind their statement[s]. They happily take your money, tell you what you want to hear and move on to their next victim, um, client. Also, they don't issue refunds. So if you get a bad reading or if none of their predictions happen, you have no way to get your money back. 

One wonders how these fakes and frauds sleep at night. Their gift isn't real and they know it. For the psychic bearing a disclaimer, it's an act. Hookers do play-acting, too. They offer physical pleasure, release, or even an artificial sense of peace. And with a fake psychic, when the said events don't happen for the client, the money is long gone and they can't get a refund.

In the end there is a judge waiting for us on the other side. And I doubt if disclaimers will change His views.

NEXT WEEK – One of the most shocking issues you'll ever read: "PSYCHO PARENTS & PSYCHIC TANTRUMS!"