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His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, 28 June 2015 - It was raining when the helicopter carrying His Holiness the Dalai Lama from London landed on a high field near the village of Pilton, site of the Glastonbury Festival. He was welcomed on arrival by Michael Eavis, the founder of the Festival and owner of Worthy Farm on which it takes place, and his third wife, Liz. The two men soon discovered that they are both 80 years old this year.

Robert Richards, principal organizer of the Festival led His Holiness to his car. They drove to the Festival Viewing point from where there is a clear view over the Festival area, the main stages, including the Pyramid stage, and camping grounds. This year 203,000 people are attending the event.

His Holiness and his party drove through the main Festival area to the King’s Meadow, site of a modern megalithic stone circle, now also adorned with a Tibetan style chörten or stupa. The BBC’s Alan Yentob met him and escorted him to a small wooden stage from where he introduced him to an audience of about 8500.

“Brothers and sisters,” His Holiness began, “I can see you’re enjoying this Festival, on my way here, I noticed that everyone seems to be full of joy. I’m happy to have been invited to this Festival of people. As I always say, the purpose of life is to be happy. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but we live in hope. Without hope our lives have no direction. The 7 billion human beings like us alive today all have a right to be happy. And it’s sad to note that while you are here enjoying yourselves, in other parts of the world like Syria, Iraq and Nigeria, people are killing each other. Therefore, we need to promote a greater awareness that we are all human brothers and sisters, that we belong to one human family.”

He remarked that in the past inhabitants of the British Isles had been content in isolation and later embarked on a period of imperialism governed largely by self-interest. Now, however, we live in a globalized world. We exist in a global economy. Climate change is something that affects us all. For this reason we have to think about the well-being of the whole of humanity. Nature is telling us we have to find ways to protect the world.

Noting that a lot of the problems we face are our own creation, he said that one of the worst things happening today was people killing each other in the name of religion. Why is this? Because people lack moral principles. We neglect the sense that we are all the same as human beings.

“I speak to you now just as another human being. Like you, I too am subject to mental disturbances. Like you I love my life, in fact everyone loves their own lives and everyone has a right live a happy life. And yet, we tend to make problems for ourselves. What we need to do instead is to promote greater human affection. Problems like killing, cheating and exploitation arise when we only think in the short term. Our education systems are oriented towards materialism. We need to change this to a greater focus on the long term and teaching about inner values, secular ethics. This entails simple warm-heartedness and a real sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. On such a basis we could demilitarise the world and use the money saved to close the gap between rich and poor.

“I don’t expect to see real change in my lifetime, but if you young people, people who belong to the 21st century start to make efforts now, the later parts of the century could see a happier more peaceful world. Please think seriously about this. This is something I am committed to, just as I am committed, as a Buddhist monk to promoting religious harmony and as a Tibetan to the preservation of Tibetan religion, culture and language. Tibetan culture is characterized by peace and compassion, which makes it something worth preserving.”

Alan Yentob put several questions submitted by members of the audience to His Holiness. He asked him about the secret of his good humour and he replied:

“Faced with difficulties I take the advice of Shantideva, an 8th century Indian master who said ‘Think carefully about difficulties you face - if they can be overcome, there is no need to worry. What you need to do is make effort. If they can’t be overcome, worry is of no use.’ This is practical advice that I follow myself. My other secret is that I get nine hours sleep.”

Yentob asked when he gets up.

“I get up at 3am and I do about 5 hours mediation, mostly analytical meditation. I analyse who I am, and what the world is; the idea of interdependence.

“The real meaning of the word ‘jihad’ is not doing harm to others, but engaging in combat with your disturbing emotions. Every day I try to do this. Whether we are angry about some things or attached to others, our feelings about them are exaggerated. As an American psychiatrist told me, our feelings like this are 90% our own mental projection.”

Asked if he had greater faith in basic human nature than in religion, His Holiness said that society is the basis of our happy future. Out of concern for ourselves we are better to be concerned about others. He said, friendship is important in a happy society and that friendship is based on trust. And building trust is not something we can expect the UN or local government to do. It’s something we have to do ourselves as individuals.

His Holiness enjoyed a wholesome lunch at the Greenpeace Field, provided by Greenpeace volunteers, in the company of several of the Festival organizers. Afterwards, at William’s Green, he joined Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner, Guardian columnist George Monbiot and director of May Boeve for a panel discussion about who can fix climate change moderated by James Randerson.

Randerson asked the panel what gave them hope and Viner replied, “The Pope”. Monbiot cited public awareness and His Holiness mentioned inner peace. As to what the UN discussions on climate change need to tackle, His Holiness said that countries tend to put their national interests first and ignore what is in the global interest. However, he said that national interest actually depends on global interest. Monbiot stressed that the onus should not be on consumption, but on keeping fossil fuels in the ground. May Boeve advocated divestment from fossil fuels, citing the examples set by Stanford University and the Guardian Media Group.

His Holiness expressed his agreement with the Pope’s recent aspirations to stem climate change. He pointed out how, despite the existence of a global economy, we think too much in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’, when what we should be doing is considering everyone as part of ‘us’.

“At the recent Nobel Peace Laureates’ meeting in Rome we declared the need to address the elimination of nuclear weapons. We agreed that the time for just talking is over; we need to set deadlines for action and meet them. World peace likewise cannot be achieved by prayer alone, we have to take action. And we need to think about the world as our only home. We can’t escape to the moon. This planet is our only home and we have to take much more serious care of it.”

Arriving at the Pyramid Stage, Robert Richards explained to His Holiness that whatever profits Glastonbury Festival makes go to charities such as: WaterAid, Oxfam and Greenpeace. When Patti Smith, who has played benefits in support of the cause of Tibet for sixteen years, met His Holiness backstage she told him that she’d been a 12 year old girl in 1959 when Tibet was in upheaval and His Holiness escaped. One of her prime concerns was his safety and welfare. She went back out on stage to perform and shortly afterwards His Holiness came up to watch and listen.

Between songs Patti Smith announced His Holiness’s presence to the 120,000 strong crowd and suggested it would be nice if they welcomed him and sang to celebrate his approaching 80th birthday. She read a poem in his honour and then led him out onto the stage to cheering approval. The crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ as a gorgeous cake bedecked with fruit and a single candle was presented to him. He addressed the audience:

“Dear sisters and brothers, I really appreciate it when so many of you express your warm feelings to me and I reciprocate. Every day I dedicate my actions of body, speech and mind to the benefit of others. When you show me such warm affection it strengthens my enthusiasm.

“I’ve watched you musicians here and see that although your hair is white, your voices and physical actions are youthful. That encourages me in turn, although I’m now 80, to be more active like you.

‘We are all the same as human beings. We all want to lead a happy life. We can think of every day as a new day, as a birthday. When we wake up we can remind ourselves - ‘I need to be happy, I need to have warm feelings towards others. This will build self-confidence, honesty, transparency, which leads to trust. And trust is the basis of friendship. We are social animals and we need friends. This is a source of happiness that I wish to share with you. Thank you”

The response was a great roar of applause. Patti Smith resumed her set. His Holiness left the stage and drove back to the helipad where he boarded a helicopter to return to where he’s staying in London. Tomorrow he has been invited to visit Aldershot in Hampshire.

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Sleep Paralysis And Vivid Dreams Or Demonic Visitation? Part 2

Hello everyone. I pray you had a fantastic weekend and everyone you love is healthy. I'm writing more on this subject since the one I wrote last year just isn't enough to cover what I wanted. The amount of emails I get on the subject are in sane. This is really a topic people are researching and wanting more information about. This is just of course my humble opinion based on experience and research. I am a Biblical Demonologist and I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God so my opinions are all based on scripture as well. This topic can get pretty dicey so you are forewarned right now. Discussion of sexual content in graphic nature so please be advised ahead of time. I can't help it. I wish I could keep this more clean but I can't ladies and gentlemen. I suggest you do your own research on this. There are different types of demonology that is studied so you're going to run into different types of opinions on this.

Demons and devils are very intelligent, and very cunning, and very patient. They lie and manipulate better than the best lawyers and politicians. And they will subtly influence someone for decades if they have to, to get a specific result. They have no boundaries of what they will not do to further their own ends. They kill people, they cause severely debilitating illness. They tear families apart, they take all that is good and pure and drag it through the dirt and blood until there is nothing left. They are never to be taken lightly or as a joke. It is not adventurous or romantic or 'cool' to be as hunter. It is dangerous. Not just physically, but spiritually. Whatever they can do to you physically will end, because life is short. But spiritually... the soul is immortal...

I found the following three posts among many others made by people who really feel they were sexually attacked during sleep paralysis by a sinister entity. They are sharing experiences and discussing possible answers. I found these at

"I think the most frightening one I've had was when I was dreaming I was standing outside of a barn. A male voice inside beckoned me to enter. I did so reluctantly. Inside was complete darkness. I awoke in my room paralyzed, and heard the same voice say rather menacingly "You should not have done that." and then proceeded to laugh until I managed to wriggle myself free and shoot up in bed."

"I have woken up with bruises after having very vivid sleep paralysis and hallucinations."

" I suffer from this all the time with the exception of one or two nights a week. I am convinced its demonic, not scientific. This is an example of these things existing, there is no scientific explanation. When will people realise that WE DO HAVE A SOUL. and that spirit beings can affect us at our most vunerable, when we are asleep is easy for them. They like to play with us, cause us distress, and ultimatly are after your Soul. Our soul is fighting with them. I know some people might disagree and probably think im mad. But my response is take a look at what the bible says about this."

I found the following comment on a general yahoo question:

"for me the pressure seems to become light when i say things like "Give me power god" If these things are only our imagination then i dont understand why do the pressure become much lighter when i use "God" in my imagination. There are times when I am not scared and want to go against it, however it seems useless unless i mention the word "God" in someway. which again makes me believe that this is not just things people call imagination/hallucination etc..."

For those who do not know, sleep paralysis is when the brain awakens from Rem sleep but the body remains “asleep” (in paralysis). Sort of the reverse of sleep walking, which is when the body is ‘awake’ but the brain is asleep. You are are fully conscious but unable to move. This can last a few seconds or a few minutes. However, eye movements are still possible. Individuals experiencing this often feel extreme panic as they try to reestablish the connection between mind and it's connection. It can be very frightening. It seems so very real. It is a terrifying feeling being unable to move or speak. You can't even cry for help audibly. You are totally helpless it seems.

Incubus and Succubus are demons known for sexual pleasure and summoned for sexual pleasure and companionship. They are also known to be heavily focused on in Sleep Paralysis situations. They are found in different Mythology literature. My first blog on this last year goes into a tad more detail on mythology. A brief description...

Incubus: 1: An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping.

Succubus: A demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

For me personally the false "wake ups" were terrifying! I was getting to a point where I could not establish whether I was really awake or was I really dreaming? My safety was at risk and I feel it still is at times. I was having a lot of sleep paralysis when my father was dying. I came home to help my mother and waking up daily fearing " was this the day I would find my father dead?" I believe the high stress levels I was dealing with going through that and all the sad emotions and then the depression and the anger and bitterness I had at that time in my life towards God was a recipe for being extremely vulnerable to demonic attacks. I do believe however, there is actual legitimate "Sleep Paralysis" and it can be organically explained. This is not always the case.

Many people experience "dark shadows, shadow people" during this as well. That is a completely other subject right there that I will discuss and go into further details another blog. This subject is extremely difficult to write about and try to keep it to where it's understandable for most people. I'm trying not to branch out on other different parts of this just yet because I feel that can cause more confusion when your first researching the subject. Some people are researching this out of curiosity and there's some people who are really going through this as we speak so I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. This is not something that's easy for me to write about. I am certainly not a professional writer or blogger for that matter. It is also hard for me because I hate to dig up the memories and at the same time I wonder if discussing this is going to trigger my dreams! Lol. I am a little paranoid, that's how ground shaking and terrifying my experiences were. For me I'm convinced it was demonic attack.

I have seen and heard many people who were and WERE NOT believers in Christ post that they called for Jesus Christ and things would get better or that entity would go away. They wake up feeling safe. This makes me extremely happy to see how many people are realizing they can call for help and how much power is in the name Jesus Christ. Those things flee pretty quickly don't they? They cannot tolerate the name of Jesus and his Holy name. This is great news and when you can move past the fear you can control your dreams and call directly for Christ or his Angels. I have said this before many times that demons are terrified of God's Holy Angels.

Written By Jennifer Lori Auld

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Phenomenology vs. Biblical Reality

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Have you noticed that paranormal seminars are called "Phenomenology"?Why are they called that and what does it mean? I remember studying phenomenology in college as a philosophy major. It is a modern school of philosophy started by Edmund Husserl. He attempted to develop a universal philosophic method, devoid of presuppositions, by examining and describing our experience of phenomena. Frankly, though it has become fashionable to speak of the phenomenology of this or that, no two people can agree on a proper definition! Please Google it and discover this wonderment for yourself!

I will go on record and say that the way it (phenomenology) is meant in paranormal seminars is that it simply means the study of our experience of phenomena (in this case, paranormal phenomena). Another way of stating it is that of a radical empiricism. By that I mean, conclusions are deduced from experiences using the five senses AND our intuition. What a paranormal phenomenon looks, feels, tastes, smells, and sounds like will determine what the nature of the phenomena IS. Emphasis is on APPEARANCE in dictating ontology (the nature of being) as we proceed, I will contrast this method with what I call biblical realism. The differences are profound and lead to entirely different conclusions regarding the phenomena. I want to enliven this analysis by using a case study from a recent episode of the Dead Files. We shall see that the same basic flawed phenomenological presupposition is shared by paranormal seminars and the two principles on this TV show…perception equals reality. A thousand times—NO!

Last week’s Dead Files hit close to home…literally. This episode took place in a small town called Browns Summit, which is perhaps five miles from my hometown of Greensboro, NC. I want to re-tell the story and accent issues along the way. As usual, the medium Amy, her assistant husband, and Steve (retired NYC homicide detective) do their various walk-throughs of the location. From the outset, Steve indicates this is one of the most difficult cases ever. The parents and their two daughters are experiencing severely oppressive paranormal activity.

One daughter, we are told, has had 14 brain surgeries in the last few years. This has significantly reduced her ability to function normally. What was visibly moving to Steve (and me) was how viciously a special needs daughter was being singled out—she was being clawed on her skin, and seeing/hearing monstrous phenomena. Over time, she had regressed from a happy young lady to where she was muttering that she wanted to die. At one point in the show, you could actually hear her sobbing in the background…it was horrible. It did not, and does not seem fair—but such is demonic reality (jumping ahead).

The whole family is experiencing paranormal activity, but as is often the case, one person (usually the weakest) was being relentlessly hammered.They could not afford to move, but something had to change NOW. They were desperate for help, which is why they had called the producers. This was no “I Am Six” shameless parental attention grabbing. It does make me wonder, yet again, why a local pastor was not handling the case.

As has become the hallmark of this TV show, there was remarkable agreement between Amy and Steve as they conducted their separate investigations. Due to a tragic train wreck early in 20th century near the home, as well as the deaths of two children on the property, it was posited that these deceased humans were the causal agents of the oppression. 

Let me try to personalize or apply this—have you ever determined that a paranormal entity or activity was benevolent based on your perception or subjective feelings? If you have, then you are engaging in phenomenology. Your starting point for determining the identity of paranormal phenomena lies within you, and is based on your perception. Is that appropriate for a Christian? As followers or disciples of the Lord Jesus, we are called to a life of radical submission to Him in all areas of life. We do this primarily by conforming our mind, attitude, and behavior to the authority of scripture--and not our autonomous reason or subjective states. (Rom.12:1ff)

It makes want to weep every time a person tells me that they “know” that the presence in their home is benevolent. Do we not realize that demons can not only project thoughts into our heads, but also feelings? That which is pure evil can make itself look and feel as if it were perfect love. And yet I hear this frequently: “Some entities in my home are evil, but I know this particular entity is benevolent because of how it acts and makes me feel.” Do you remember from last week how Laura Maxwell described how her “deceased sister” had gently brushed her hair on a nightly basis for years? But when she and her mom decided to leave Spiritualism, then the alleged sister, and other deceased family members, suddenly turned on them and revealed their true, demonic nature. Rebuke your benevolent paranormal friend in the name of Jesus (do it with conviction), and see what happens. This is where empirical verifiability is appropriate, and it WILL reveal realty. The bible is the most realistic book in existence because, when we read it, we are seeing phenomena through God’s eyes….the Creator and sustainer of all phenomena. (Col.1:16-17)

Meanwhile, back on DF, the mentally handicapped daughter is said to be in process of being possessed. While walking the grounds at night, Amy encounters what she considers is the primary culprit…for possessing the daughter. She asserts that she does not know what it is because it looks and feels different from anything she has encountered thus far in her life. However, she describes the entity as being a large black dog, which quickly begins to shape-shift into a large, dark humanoid shape, which is leaning against a tree. Amy says that it is extremely territorial and that she is afraid of it. During the reveal, she says it is that horrible entity that has been entering the handicapped girl’s room.   

As is often the case, even when a possible demonic entity like this has been identified, there are other beings she sees which are innocent. In this case, she sees a young boy and girl—which perfectly matches the research Steve had done regarding untimely deaths on the property. Previously, the mom had told Steve that she was being awakened at night and seeing impressions being made on her bed, and this frightened her. Well, that was the little kids playing on the bed, says Amy… nothing to be frightened about.

She says the girl may need an exorcism, but since that is traumatic, she recommends first using black salt and some powder blessed by Wiccans (there was a third ritual but I cannot remember). This girls life is in danger, and the reveal is the most somber I have ever witnessed on TV. It is obvious, to me anyway; that both Amy and Steve are deeply touched by this young lady’s plight…they seem very sincere.

However, it is possible to be sincere, but sincerely wrong. First, you CANNOT get rid of demons by using occult rituals—like the burning of sage, black powder, Wiccan powder and so on. If this young woman survives, it is only because the demonic are humoring their attempts—in order to further validate the deception. If you are a disciple of Jesus, then you must get rid of occult paraphernalia…not use it to exorcise someone or some place. 

Second, this is clear illustration of my thesis: phenomenology vs biblical realism. The former is incredibly naïve and foolish. What madness has come over us that makes us think that, how we function in the science lab, is transferable to the supernatural realm? Are we submitting to the Lordship of Christ or not? Making distinctions between benevolent and malevolent entities based on our perception is foolish. Using our five senses, as well as our intuition, is not a wise way to discern supernatural evil. Why? Because demons can project thoughts and sensations that will pleasantly (and deceptively) overwhelm all of these. GOD’S WORD is the only reliable source of information regarding the identity of these entities. I have said before that observation can yield some data, but it cannot reveal the identity of paranormal phenomena. IT CANNOT….IT IS UNABLE TO.

Please see that this is an immensely practical issue that millions of Americans are dealing with. It breaks my heart when folks tell me they are certain that the apparition in their bedroom is benevolent. All that glitters is not gold in the paranormal realm. Remember, the spirit realm is the God ordained temporary home for Satan and millions of demons (maybe billions). All genuine paranormal activity is linked to the spirit realm. I can assure you that no family member is standing guard in your bedroom at night. They are either in heaven or hell, and cannot come here.

Perception is often your worst enemy when it comes to the paranormal because it is teeming with master deceivers. Perception or reality (as defined by God)…which will we choose? Recently, an apparent demonic attempt on the life of my girlfriend occurred. This attempted murder has only further emboldened me to wrench back from the enemy that which belongs to God. To do that, we must walk humbly before our Lord…praying continually and relying on His all-sufficient word.      

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

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Prayers Offered for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Long Life and Celebrations of His Birthday

Thekchen Chöling, Dharamsala, HP, India, 21 June 2015 - The premises of the Tsuglagkhang and the yard before it were packed with people this morning for the first of two days celebrations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday. The Tibetans included many monks and nuns, as well as laypeople in their best clothes and students from Tibetan schools.

At 8 o’clock His Holiness was escorted from the gates of his residence up to the Tsuglagkhang, where he greeted the assembled guests and took his seat on the throne. Seated before him on a line of thrones were the leaders of the Tibetan spiritual traditions: to the right, Sakya Daktri Rinpoche, Menri Khen Rinpoche, Gyalwang Karmapa, Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche, Taglung Shabdrung Rinpoche, and to the left Ganden Tri Rinpoche, Katok Getse Rinpoche and a representative of the Drukchen Rinpoche. Behind them sat abbots and retired abbots of the great monasteries.

Several prayers, among them Praises to the Buddha, the ‘Invocation of the Seventeen Sagacious Adepts of Glorious Nalanda’ and an invocation of the Series of Reincarnations of the Dalai Lamas, preceded the Long-Life Offering. This was presented by the Central Tibetan Administration, the Domay Community and the Gelug International Foundation and presided over by Sakya Daktri Rinpoche. During the ceremony the Tse-ring Che-nga and Nechung Oracles appeared separately in trance. They each paid their respects to His Holiness and gathered spiritual and political leaders together in front of him to say prayers. Sakya Dagtri proclaimed the long Eulogy and Request to live long in conjunction with the offering of the mandala of the universe. He, the Sikyong and the Speaker of the Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies together offered the mandala to His Holiness. Symbolic offerings of the 8 Auspicious Symbols, the 7 Emblems of Royalty and the 8 Auspicious Substances were presented, while a procession of other offerings was carried through the temple.

The ‘Song Accomplishing Longevity’ composed by His Holiness’s two Tutors, another Long-Life prayer by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodro and a prayer to Guru Rinpoche for the fulfilment of wishes were recited to complete the ceremony.

His Holiness briefly addressed the congregation. He explained that according to the Tibetan reckoning his birthday was the 5th of the 5th month, which falls today. Because of the variations of the Tibetan lunar calendar 6th July had been accepted as his birthday according to the regular conventional calendar. He continued:

“The CTA, Domay Community and Gelug International Foundation initiated this offering. My living siblings, Gyalo Thondup, Jetsun Pema and Tenzin Choegyal have gathered here along with many of my nieces and nephews. Sakya Daktri Rinpoche has presided over the ceremony in the presence of the leaders of Tibet’s spiritual traditions. You’ve all made fervent prayers and I’d like to thank you.

“As far as the Gelug Foundation is concerned, monks, abbots and retired abbots are here in addition to the Ganden Tri Rinpoche who has been conducting a week long rite in conjunction with this Long-Life Ceremony. It follows instructions contained in the 5th Dalai Lama’s ‘Secret Visions’. The 5th Dalai Lama had two statues made of Chenresig, one of which remained in Lhasa, while the other was in Kyirong. They were regarded like brothers. He conducted meditation retreats in their presence and experienced a series of visions. The cycle of teachings deriving from them has been a practice of all the Dalai Lamas since and the text for this Longevity Ritual is taken from them.

“I received the empowerments and transmission of these teachings from Tagdrag Rinpoche in Tibet. While I was receiving them I experienced dreams that I didn’t pay much attention to at the time. However, I’ve since realised they were propitious. Today, the people and deities of Tibet have made prayers for my long life. Doctors also suggest I could live another 20 years or so. I’m 80 now; let’s plan to celebrate again when I’m 90.”

“Although there is no freedom in Tibet, people there too are praying for my long life, even if they can’t do so openly, but they have faith, devotion and a special connection with me. I’d like to thank you all.”

His Holiness said that he has been asked what he’d like as a birthday gift and he has replied that as a Buddhist monk he has no particular wishes. However, he urged people to try and engage in spiritual transformation. He said we all have the potential to do good in the world, but that we need to take action rather than just talk about it.

Once the Long-Life ceremony was complete, a second part of the celebrations took place in the garden of the Tsuglagkhang. Artists from the Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts sang as His Holiness came down to take his seat.

The first guest to speak was the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, the Hon. Nabam Tuki. On behalf of the people of Arunachal Pradesh he prayed for His Holiness’s long life. A similar message was read from the Chief Minister of Sikkim. Mrs Viplove Thakur a Himachali Rajya Sabha MP was expressing her appreciation of His Holiness when the Chief Guest, Dr Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister for Culture and Tourism, and MoS for Civil Aviation, arrived.

In his welcome address, Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay thanked His Holiness for his leadership and fervently prayed that he would live long. On behalf of Tibetans inside and outside Tibet, he wished him a very happy 80th birthday. He also stated that it was an honour to have Dr Mahesh Sharma as Chief Guest for the occasion.

Next to speak was an old friend of His Holiness’s, Marco Panello, president of the Italian Transnational Radical Party. He thanked His Holiness for the joy he brings to the world. The Hon. Kiren Rijiju, the Guest of Honour, who is Minister of State for Home Affairs and incidentally from Arunachal Pradesh said that everyone welcomes His Holiness’s message of peace, friendship and harmony. Because he represents humanity, he said, we all pray that he live long.

The next cultural interlude from the Domay community was a popular song ‘Thuk-je che’ which was received with cheers from the crowd.

Chief Guest Dr Mahesh Sharma offered greetings on behalf of 1.25 billion Indians, all of whom benefit from the blessings of His Holiness’s presence in the country and who pray for his long life, good health and the fulfilment of his wishes. He noted how important His Holiness’s message of compassion is for the world.

Finally, His Holiness was invited to speak. As usual he greeted all those present as ‘dear brothers and sisters’. He acknowledged the guests and made a point of thanking the various cultural troupes representing the three regions of Tibet for their performances.

He again commended the Nalanda tradition of Buddhist study and practice, which involves profound and vast paths, that was preserved in Tibet. He explained that the profound paths deal with understanding reality, while the vast paths involve generating the awakening mind of bodhichitta. He mentioned that he has given both much thought over the years and found that they are not only useful, they are a true source of happiness. This is important, he said, because although we all want happiness and don’t want suffering, we tend to create problems for ourselves. Why? Because we don’t use our intelligence in a proper way. He confirmed that if we use our intelligence properly we can transform our lives and noted that scientists confirm that peace of mind ensures physical as well as mental well being.

“As Buddhists we may pray to the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, however the Buddha was clear when he said:

The Buddhas do not wash away the karma of other beings,
Nor do they remove the consequences with their hands;
They do not transmit their understanding into others' minds; 
They introduce beings to freedom by educating them about reality.

“We human beings can use the potential we have to create happiness and I try to share this with people wherever I go. In my own case, I’ve tried to use my intelligence and gained experience. This has primarily involved using the logic and reasoning I’ve learned from the Nalanda tradition.”

Recognising that today was also being observed across India as International Yoga Day, His Holiness acknowledged the benefits of practising physical yoga. He also had praise for India’s longstanding tradition of inter-religious harmony and mentioned that since all his knowledge came from India he considers himself a son of India.

After a brief vote of thanks to everyone who had contributed to and attended this grand occasion celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday, all present were served a thali lunch which they ate together. His Holiness walked back to his residence and the crowd began to disperse.

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Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 7

Continued from: 
Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 1
Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 2

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Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 6

In my continuation on the blog series Spiritual Warfare from the last time I discussed the critical aspect of Discernment about one’s belief and what God views discernment as.  In this blog aspect we will now cover what many refer to as the Spirits.  So what are the spirits?  Demons or Fallen Angels?  This I will answer for you.

In the spiritual warfare beliefs, one is taught that there are good spirits and bad spirits which one must contend with.  Ministry call the good spirits “angels” and the bad spirits “demons”. People feel angels are your buddies—wrong.  These are allies in this battle who assist to protect and defend you against the powers of darkness.  Demons are the rulers of this earth.  These powerful forces of evil who can only be defeated by great faith and some ritualistic behaviors. This is what many are taught, and it’s a bunch of nonsense.  If you’re going to get the proper understanding of the spiritual realm, I need to start at the beginning.

There are demons and angels.  Understand these are two different names for the same type of creature.  Ponder this, is a human stronger than a person?  No, those are two interchangeable words for the same metaphor.  So therefore, demons are equal to angels.  These are angelic creatures who rebelled against God and are no longer righteous in His eyes.  Angelic beings (demons and angels) are very different than human beings.  God has limited interests in giving a warrior an in-depth education about those differences.   This puts the person at a major disadvantage. You will never outwit an enemy that you can’t even understand. 

Now while God prevents you from understanding angels and demons, God gives these beings an education about you.   These creatures can read your mind, can hear what your soul speaks to God and can discern your very inept intelligence.   Angelic creatures view us as quite unimpressive.  If demons are the Lamborghini of cars, then humans are those cheesy plastic cars that a toddler “drives” by sitting inside of it and pushing the feet to the ground.  In our world - earth, it’s mind-blowing how ineffective you are.  

A human can’t manipulate matter, but angelic creatures can.  Oxygen is necessary to breathe, angelic creatures have no use for oxygen.  Instant transport of yourself to different locations around the earth is not what humans can accomplish, but angelic creatures can.  We have to eat, sleep, and protect ourselves against the elements.  We have all the strength of a piece of lint and we are incredibly unwise about relying on our physical senses to guide us in life.

So what about those who can see demons?  Many Christians who think they have the gift of discernment believe they can see demons.  What are you really looking at when you view whatever it is you see?  Are you viewing what demons really look like?  Of course not.  However, you are seeing an illusion of a creature in costume.  Angelic creatures can appear to a person in a massive variety of forms.  Amazingly is how much emphasis we put in their images used and we’re incredibly easy to deceive.  If they appear to you as an ugly looking gargoyle, you actually think that’s what they look like.  When introductions happen as giving a certain name, you actually believe that name is true? 

Hearing some demon “expert” from the Church boast about the extensive knowledge of the demonic ranks, having maps of demonic strongholds and they’ve figured out which demons work where and such talk is pure folly.  No one grasps that angelic creatures communicate with each other on a regular basis.  If demon #1 scared the pants off of you by coming in a certain form, they communicate that data to demon #2.  Demon #2 then comes on a different night, appearing in the same form and you declare you’ve been visited by the same evil entity.  No! Actually you’ve been visited by two different spirits, but there’s no way you can discern them apart because God has reserved intelligence from you. 

What often passes for “the gift of discernment” these days is a little more than a vivid imagination and a head full of gullible garbage about what demons look like and act.  Certainly demons are real and sometimes they appear in visual forms.  However, they just toy with our imagination and make one think they viewed something that you didn’t really see.  Demons love toying with the mind and senses.  It is so easy for demons to send that creepy tingly aspect up the spine which one would interpret as their glorious gift at work. 

Churning your emotions like a stormy sea is easy for the demons.  Then you seem to interpret the whole thing as evidence of your deep spiritual insights.  That would be like me kicking you in the shin and asking “Did you feel pain just now?”  Clearly all you have a deep understanding of the human nervous system.  Feeling your nervous system react to stimulus and understanding the mechanics of how your nervous system works are two different aspects.  In the same manner, being conscious that a demon is toying with you and understanding the demon itself are two entirely separate concepts.

So how can you truly defeat an enemy that you can’t comprehend?  You can’t.  View spiritual warfare like this, you’re a person who is trying to hold back an approaching military tank by throwing tissue wads at it.  No weapons that you have will stand against demons, you can’t injure or harm them.  Unfortunately the armory is an empty closet.  This is critical that you understand this.  Why?  Because deceived Christians are lying to you when they tell you that your faith is some great weapon that demons can’t stand up against. That is such a bold-faced lie.  If your faith was so intimidating, why don’t you hear the demons in the midst of your prayer sessions trembling like they did with the Lord Jesus Christ when the demons encountered him in real life?

Why is it that the attempts to rebuke them prove to be worthless?  They laugh when you try to quote holy verses at them?  Why are they able to successfully hold you down in an ocean of dread and fear if you’re so full of faith?  Are you going to tell me that you need more faith?  Well, faith can only grow so fast.  You had as much today as you had yesterday.  Former times the rebuking appeared to work…or did it?  So if your faith has no effect on the demons, what is keeping them off of you?  It’s not what, it’s who is.  God is the One who flicks demons off of you, but God is also the main reason the demons attack you.

In our next blog we will expand on the Demons and what this affords a person as this is thrown around in Spiritual Warfare.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Dangers Of Automatic Writing Alone Or At All?

These activities are very dangerous even if you have people with you so please don't misunderstand me. They are outright dangerous whether you have five or one hundred thousand people participating in these types of activities with you. I'm just simply writing about the hidden dangers of partaking in these activities on your own/alone. It is highly dangerous and almost guaranteed to gain you unwelcome friends and attachments.  Automatic writing seems to be a activity people are becoming more and more interested in. I say this due to the amount of emails I'm receiving on this subject by people seeking guidance and advice.

In my opinion these things are controlled by demons. The source doesn't come from God. The symbols on ouija boards are symbols straight from the occult. All this stuff has Satanic origins, and Satan fools people into thinking it's not coming from him. He is the father of lies. You simply can't believe one word these evil spirits have to say. It is very dangerous to be communicating with them to begin with. It now knows you. And God only knows how many other demons have picked up on your frequency as well.

I found the following information as a explanation of Automatic Writing. " it is the ability (which can be easily learned) to let entities from other planes of existence, send messages by possessing people and making there hands write/or type whatever they choose in order to get there message across to the living. Usually a skilled medium is recommended to be automatic writers rather than amateurs. The automatic writer may or may not know what spirit is using there body, and the spirit may or may not write in a language that the medium can understand. They are not known to draw things, only write. The handwriting from the spirit is completely different from the person been possessed by the spirit, and usually there are no punctuation marks or capitalization of letters."

I found another post/information doing online research on a random website. I don't agree with it but that is neither here nor there. I thought I'd add this so you have an idea of what people are being taught about this....."It has been known that some people who are automatic writers might not even know it, if these people sleep with a pen an paper at a desk etc. They may wake up with messages on there papers that they didn't even write. Some say that Jesus was a automatic writer but there are no texts found to claim this. Even though some may think automatic writing is good, it can be scary and dangerous because some entities are not always good. But on the other hand it could be cool, if you use these ability to help others make contact with loves ones. I am not a automatic writer but I have found some text from other sites about how you could learn to do it."

I found another post by somebody on a random websites seeking guidance from others who might understand her unique gift. I don't know if I would call it a gift but this is what the person posted:

by Forrest » Sun May 18, 2014 10:23 am

"It's not something that happens all the time. But if I'm alone too long, or have too much time to think to myself, I tend to have full conversations with myself in the mirror, but only when people aren't watching. I've always kept in on the down low. Since I figured it was really abnormal. When I was younger, I gave the person talking a name, since she was different than me.

I also babble to myself like when I was a kid and spoke in tongues when I get thoughts in my head I want to have gone... when I'm on a bad tangent.

I also practice automatic writing, something that's completely separate from my logical self, I can go for hours, writing about nothing in particular, and it all comes naturally as if its from another person. When I was younger I would write in symbols, in an entire code I designed myself. When I read over it later, it really doesn't feel like me.

So I'm just wondering what people here have to say about that. I tend to come off as very normal to people on the outside, it's something I just do on once and awhile... I also depersonalize and disassociate when faced with stressful situations or topics I'd rather not discuss.

Just curious. It doesn't effect my overall life too badly, I'm just looking for opinions, whether right or wrong from people who have some experience with mental stuff . "

The following is an answer one of the other posters gave to her:
by Graveyard76 » Sun May 18, 2014 11:37 am

"I know people who experiment with this sort of thing regularly in the belief that they're in contact with spirits. It seems to be fairly harmless, and these people aren't obviously insane, but I can't help thinking they're getting towards dangerous territory.

What happens if you get 'orders' to do something harmful, and you take this stuff seriously?"

This activity is just like using a ouija board.  The following article I found very interesting.....     “The Ouija board is a vehicle which makes it easy for negative spirits and demonic forces to enter this plane of existence.” The Merrillville, Indiana clairvoyant cautioned that evil spirits or demonic forces often gain the trust of people experimenting with Ouija boards by answering several questions truthfully and providing predictions. “Once they have gained the trust of their victims, it is easy for the entity to move in and take over either by strongly influencing that person, or by outright possession,” she said. People who are untrained and unsophisticated in the field of the paranormal and supernatural should never play with devices such as the Ouija board, according to the clairvoyant.>>>

Written By Jennjfer L Auld

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Mountain of the Dead and Other Musings from Deuteronomy

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

My guess is that a good percentage of you have seen the recent documentary which explores the terrible deaths of a dozen Russian young people in 1959. An American explorer and a Russian interpreter--Mike and Maria--spent time investigating the alleged Yeti deaths of these young people (25 years old and younger). "Yeti" is the generic term for the dozens of names for "Bigfoot". In this documentary was real footage of the doomed outing in the Ural Mountains. I must confess it was some of the most disturbing film/audio I have ever seen or heard. These dozen young adults fled their tent mostly in their underwear, despite the sub-zero weather conditions. The sound of the attacker raised the hair on the back of my was a horrific howl. Watching the blurry, eye-witness video of them screaming and running away was heart rending. All of them were torn apart by a force much greater then anything we know of in the natural realm.The last pictures they snapped were of an odd light in the sky....and then then blood curdling screams of men and women fleeing in utter terror....with this unnatural scream/howl in close proximity.

Mike and Maria discovered that all of this occurred at he base of the "Mountain of the Dead".

Even though there are many undiscovered species, I am convinced that Yeti/Bigfoot is demonic.I have seen almost every episode of search for Bigfoot (Bobo, Cliff, etc.), and there are two things which seem certain--Something is really there (so many sightings), and this Something cannot be captured...Despite thousands of searchers it remains elusive. That is problematic.

While reading Deuteronomy recently, I was struck by how spiritually polluting human death was/is....Death did not just render one unclean, but death (especially murder) polluted the land. Despite all the differences in the paranormal community, one constant is that human death opens a spiritually pollutes the area. The difference lies in...WHY? HOW?. The Mountain of the Dead or any area where human death has occurred or corpses are laid to rest will act as a magnet to the demonic. They are spiritual vultures and are drawn to the human remains of their "prey".That is why it is suicidal to investigate a cemetery.

Let me shift gears to Deuteronomy 18, where the Holy Spirit juxtaposes the occultic sins of of trying to "pass through the veil" on our own, and the means God has sovereignly ordained for knowing God's will (passing through the veil)--via the prophets....TRUE PROPHETS.  This chapter is exceedingly important in the whole paranormal/ghost debate. One argument goes like this--"God would not have forbidden attempts to speak to the dead, unless it were possible." On the surface, it seems plausible, but it commits numerous fallacies. The Argument from Silence...the text does not affirm the existence of trapped human spirits--one has to construct it from silence, which is fallacious. In addition,  the teaching of ALL SOULS APPEARING IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THEIR JUDGE THE SECOND THEY DIE would be contradicted....Further, to push this logic consistently would lead to all kinds of heresy and weirdness. For example, to be consistent, we would have to admit the existence of false gods (other gods) since we are told not to worship the "gods of the pagans". Why tell us to not worship other gods unless they exist? Why disallow speaking to psychics unless they have the ability to speak to the dead? There are dozens of horrible inferences that could be made if we followed this line of logic. The problem is that even theologians are not trained in critical thinking.Many people have fallen prey to the fallacious reasoning--God would not have forbidden attempting to speak to the dead unless it were possible to communicate with the dead. Following the rules of basic interpretation, we know that alleged other gods and alleged trapped spirits are both demonic.

"They sacrificed to demons that were no gods; with abominations they provoked Him to anger." (Deuteronomy 32:17)

The notion of Yeti and (more certainly) the notion of trapped spirits are demonic. Sightings of both are escalating will NOT capture a Yeti and and you will NOT capture a ghost---demons don't dig being captured.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

Monday, June 15, 2015

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits Uluru

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia, 13 June 2015 - Many other visitors to Uluru were happy to have the chance to greet, shake hands and take photographs with His Holiness the Dalai Lama this morning as he walked through the grounds of his hotel.

After a cool night, the sun was bright and beginning to warm the land as he drove out to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. He was met and welcomed by the Chairman of the Traditional Owners’ Board, Sammy, an interpreter, Kathryn Tozer, and Park Staff. They began to walk together towards the Mutitjulu Waterhole, answering his questions on the way. The great red sandstone Uluru rock foundation towering over the surrounding flat desert dominates the place. His Holiness wanted to know about the vegetation, the local wildlife and, once a pair of binoculars was found, spent some time examining the rock-face from below.

Halfway to the Waterhole, the party stopped to rest. His Holiness sat on a bench and was joined by other Traditional Owners, women and children. Sammy took the opportunity to summarize for him the creation story of the region, telling of serpent beings that waged many wars around Uluru, scarring the rock. Walking further up the red sandy path they reached the Mutitjulu Waterhole. The Traditional Owners said they had discussed among themselves how best to welcome His Holiness and decided this would be the place to do so properly. He briefly responded:

“I always express my respect for indigenous peoples whenever I have the opportunity to meet them. I have great admiration for the way they preserve their culture and language. When we Tibetans had to break our isolation it gave us the opportunity to meet and learn from other people. Now, we try to preserve or traditions without that protection.

“On an earlier occasion when I met an indigenous Australian, I remember telling him that I think it’s important for indigenous people to retain and use their own original names. Then when you introduce yourself it presents your identity. I also want to tell you that the colonial dominance that characterised the 18th and 19th centuries is over. Now, the world supports you and your right to keep your culture and identity alive.”

A park buggy drove His Holiness and one of the Traditional Owners back to the parking place. Speaking to waiting journalists he said that as a Buddhist monk he’s trained to take a curious, investigative view of things and that he would also be interested to hear what scientist have discovered about Uluru. He spoke about different indigenous peoples he has met around the world whose values and heritage have been shaped by local environmental conditions. Some prefer to keep their isolation; others like the Sami of Lapland have maintained their heritage while embracing modern education and some technology.

Visiting the Mutitjulu community, which numbers about 300 people, Sammy introduced His Holiness, saying:

“This gentleman travels the world and saw our place from the air. He wanted to see it for himself, and that’s why he’s come here now.”

Another of the Traditional Owners added:

“We’ve been waiting for this visit with anticipation and we’d like to welcome you and the other visitors who’ve come with you.”

His Holiness sat among them and several offered him gifts. He said:

“For many years I’ve had an interest in the indigenous people of different continents, the indigenous Australians and this famous sacred rock. Now, today, I’ve had the opportunity to see it close up for myself and even to touch it. And I’ve heard the stories you tell about it, all of which makes me very happy.

“I’ve met many indigenous peoples in different places, all of them trying to preserve the language and traditions. To succeed, I think you have to be realistic. Some of them like those in South America prefer to maintain their isolation. Others like the Sami of Lapland, your neighbours the Maoris in New Zealand and people of Canada’s First Nation, try to combine their efforts to preserve their heritage with modern knowledge. I think that education is important and that it is necessary to accept some modern facilities and to learn English.”

He wondered if there might be benefit in planting more trees and experimenting with raising crops. If farming were successful, they might later introduce some small scale industry too. He thanked them for receiving him so warmly.

Interviewed by Karla Grant, presenter of Living Black for SBS after lunch, His Holiness told her how happy he was to have come to visit the place and meet the local people. He reported to her what he had told them about the importance of preserving traditions. He mentioned how soon after arriving in India in 1960 Tibetans had set about setting up schools where children could receive a modern education while still being taught their own traditions and values. He said:

“A lot of problems we face in the world today are our own creation. They are not due to a lack of money or education, but to a lack of values. Because modern education is inadequate on this score, I believe we need to find ways of incorporating what I call secular ethics, an approach to values that is respectful of religious and indigenous traditions.”

Ms Grant remarked that indigenous Australian culture is thought to be one of the oldest in the world. His Holiness agreed, commenting that spirituality with a philosophical view really only emerged about 5000 years ago. Before that in many parts of the world were beliefs in spirits and so forth. In Tibet, prior to the arrival of Buddhism in the 7th century, every mountain top was believed to be the abode of some spirit or other.

When she asked him his views about potential changes in government policy that may affect indigenous people, he told her it was a matter for experts and he wasn’t sufficiently informed to comment. A question about Tibet prompted him to refer to recent research based on Chinese documents that confirms the historical existence of Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian empires more than one thousand years ago. Nevertheless, he said that since Tibet is a landlocked country and is materially backward it may be in Tibetans’ interest to remain within the People’s Republic of China. However, that should not limit their right to preserve their culture, language and rich traditions of Buddhism.

Ms Grant wanted to know how he responded to the protests that have been taking place in connection with his visit. He told her:

“Now this is becoming routine, wherever I go they turn up. In Norway recently about 1000 Norwegians came to welcome me to Oslo and I thanked them, while also expressing my appreciation that these other people could exercise their freedom of speech. However, when it comes to understanding the history of this controversial, nearly four centuries’ old, spirit, I think I know more about it than they do. I propitiated it too until the ‘70s, but when I discovered how critical the 5th and 13th Dalai Lamas had been about it, the 5th referring to it as harmful, evil spirit, I gave it up. It’s my duty to advise people about it.”

His Holiness made a brief visit to the National Indigenous Training Academy on the way to the Yulara Oval where he was to address a crowd of more than 3000. There was enthusiastic applause as he took the stage. Shortly afterwards members of the Matitjulu community welcomed him onto the land. Firstly a group of women danced while a group sitting on the ground played and sang. They were followed by one man decorated with body paint dancing alone. It was explained that this was an expression of part of their creation stories.

Beginning his talk, His Holiness said again how happy he was to have come to visit this sacred place and meet the local people. However, he confessed how uncomfortable he’d felt in the morning when he was offered two witchetty grubs or moth larvae. He explained that while he’s unaffected by insects like scorpions that scare other people, since childhood, wriggling creatures like caterpillars and these grubs have made him very uneasy. The already chuckling crowd laughed out loud when he exclaimed that Sammy, his guide, just ate one raw.

He commented on indigenous peoples’ right to preserve their culture and traditions.

“Indigenous people also tend to be very close to nature, which is something modern people can learn from. They seem to think they can control nature, but nature is our mother and deserves our protection. After all, this planet is our only home.

“We are all the same as human beings. We are born the same way, and we die the same way. But many of us living in the modern world have materialistic attitudes. They pervade our education systems too. We too often seek happiness outside ourselves and don’t look within. And yet when we are very young we bask in our mother’s affection. It sets our mind at ease and even provides for our physical well-being. Such warm-heartedness is a real source of happiness. It leads to trust, and trust becomes grounds for friendship.”

Several times during this talk, His Holiness appealed to his listeners to pay more attention to inner values, humane values, like warm-heartedness. Indeed, when he was asked what gift he would like for his imminent 80th birthday, he replied:

“Nothing. Although if you think about and find something useful in what I have been saying, that would be the greatest gift to me. Thank you.”

Following his exceptional stay in Uluru, His Holiness will tomorrow travel early on to Perth where he has several engagements that will conclude this year’s Ocean of Wisdom visit to Australia.

Original link with photos

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lilith (What Do We Know About This "Female" Demon?)

I've noticed that Lilith's name is showing up on all kinds of TV shows and not just the hit TV series Supernatural. She has been said by many to be the original Eve Adams first wife from the book of Genesis. From what I have researched it is widely believed because she refused to let Adam be on top in a sexual manner for lack of better words (because this would show her submission to man) she was cast down and believed to be a fallen angel. Some say demons have no gender so this makes no sense. There are MANY theories on this subject..and because I have received a lot of emails lately and in the past asking questions about this subject thought I'd do my best to explain what little I know. Many have asked if she was mentioned in the bible or in any type of Demonology or Mythology. There was one small verse that is believed to be referring to her in the bible but I will touch on that shortly. Please keep in mind I am a biblical demonologist. I do not claim to know it all and any and everything that I write is simply my humble opinion based on research and what I have gathered in my last 26 years into this calling. I do not know a whole lot regarding this subject. Please feel free to research this subject for yourself. There are many opinions.

Many believe she is a Succubus. I touched on the subject about the Incubus and Succubus last year in two different blogs and it looks like I might need to do a third update on that. Some also believe that she is the "night hag" that was originally a Mesopotamian female demon called Lilitu, a very beautiful and alluring wraith who tempted men through erotic dreams. But Jewish Demonology tells us that she is a unsightly looking demon of the night who would steal children when she found them alone. In the Gospel there is a verse with a phrase "screeched owl" that many feel it is referring to Lilith. According to Jewish folklore Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Though she is not mentioned in the Torah, over the centuries she became associated with Adam as a way to explain the fact that there are two contradictory versions of Creation in the book of Genesis.

It has been said she will attack the most during Sleep Paralysis. For those who do not know, sleep paralysis is when the brain awakens from Rem sleep but the body remains “asleep” (in paralysis).  Sort of the reverse of sleep walking, which is when the body is ‘awake’ but the brain is asleep. You are are fully conscious but unable to move. This can last a few seconds or a few minutes. However, eye movements are still possible. Individuals experiencing this often feel extreme panic as they try to reestablish the connection between mind and it's connection. It can be very frightening. It seems so very real. It is a terrifying feeling being unable to move or speak. You can't even cry for help audibly. You are totally helpless it seems.

Just in case anyone isn't aware of what a Succubus or Sucubi is thought to be, here's a brief description but like I said for there's many different opinions on this .

"A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.

In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic."

English translators of Isaiah 34:14 sometimes lack confidence in their readers’ knowledge of Babylonian demonology. The King James Bible’s prose rendition of the poem translates “the lilith” as “the screech owl,” recalling the ominous bird-like qualities of the Babylonian she-demon. Until the seventh century C.E., Lilith was known as a dangerous embodiment of dark, feminine powers. In the Middle Ages, however, the Babylonian she-demon took on new and even more sinister characteristics. Sometime prior to the year 1000, The Alphabet of Ben Sira was introduced to medieval Jewry. The Alphabet, an anonymous text, contains 22 episodes, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The fifth episode includes a Lilith who was to tantalize and terrify the population for generations to come. To some extent, The Alphabet of Ben Sira shows a familiar Lilith: She is destructive, she can fly and she has a penchant for sex. Yet this tale adds a new twist: As I mentioned above she is Adam’s first wife, before Eve, who boldly leaves Eden because she is treated as man’s inferior.

I found some very interesting posts on\occult in a area which was a type of forum where people were asking for different things such as advice on how to summon Lilith and people who felt they were in danger and under attack from her or demons in general and seeking help/advice. The reason I'm posting a few is so I can  illustrate just how heavily these topics are being pursued and people become obsessed with it. And it was very easy to come across this as well. Sadly it is not hard at all to come across anything dark and dangerous on the Internet and usually it's people like adults obsessed with the paranormal or teenagers and younger children. It's scary what people have access to. I warn you ahead of time these are graphic in nature and the language is definitely pretty harsh with a lot of F bombs. (for lack of better words) Here are the following posts I found on Just a WARNING.....The subjects are graphic in nature. Consider yourselves forewarned. So the following are just a few examples:

" I'm interested in pursuing Lilith's path and want to know what r/occult's adventures in sex demons have been like so far. Dreamscape work, energy manipulation, summoning, servitors, books, tools, whatever stories or tidbits you've got would be appreciated. Tell me all about it! If you specialize in this sort of hoojoo, please PM me, I love talking shop. <3 nbsp="" p="">
EDIT1: Y'all seem to assume I'm not going to alter my personality and lifestyle to harmonize with whatever entity's will and shit. I can see why most people had problems- Don't unsheathe the sword unless you're going to draw blood etc."

"[–]astralanarchist 5 points 9 months ago*

" This is not direct at OP and I'm saying with an utmost respect but...

What's with the incubus and succubi on r/occult lately? This kinda reminds me of a forum I used to lurk and it was(is) filled with people asking about succubi and how to create a sex servitor, etc.

With that said, concerning Lilith, you should read Donald Tyson's works Liber Lilith and Sex Alchemy. (For his sex alchemy, I think it is closer to making a sex servitor to extract "white powder".)

the Lilith or Succubi works do not help me with my path. Therefore, I didn't spend much time doing them.

Devotional work with the Goddess "Nut" or "Nuit" was a different story. It was the best intimate experience with the divine female ever."

"No. Just no. Seriously, F^CK. THAT. SH*T.

Here's what you have to look forward to, working with sex demons:



Random and absurdly strong sexual urges


Severe emotional instability

An ever downward spiral of increasingly deranged fetishes

Clingy ass borderlines

Did I mention STD's?

Jealous partners

Angry spouses

Destroyed reputations

And in general a lot of fucking bullshit. Sex demons are called demons for a reason. Bringing a sex demon into your life because you like sex is like bringing a pestilence demon into your life to help you tidy up the house and clear up your acne. The whole notion of a sex demon is something that ruins your life with sex. Go learn tantra or some other form of white or at least whitish-gray sex magic, it's loads more fun and arguably more powerful as well."

"Sex demons do nothing for you but temporary satisfaction. They're whores and will drain you of any energy they can, eventually causing horrible depression and destroying any hope of having a long-lasting relationship. This is the reason why porn is devastating to the (male, in particular) mind.

Instead, I recommend Venus who's much better at pairing you with someone who will make your sex life both interesting and long lasting."

[–]DynamoJones23 1 point 9 months ago

"Lilith can become a bit ov an obsession, when I was working with her she ended up having me work for her. I was devoted to her in a teacher/lover way. It was like being in love with a benevolent cult leader. Unobtainable yet, loving.

Looking back I'm surprised I got out ov it by just asking her and my obsession disappeared by the next night without drama. It was the weirdest emotions generated by magick I've experienced yet."

As you can see this gets very very deep and people form very personal relationships and refer to them as their spirit husband our team and husband door demon lover or whatever.

All I can do is say the same thing I always do I know it's been regurgitated and million times do not get up SAST with the stuff to not go down that rabbit hole I can tell you from experience it is something you just don't want to open the door because once you put yourself out there you don't know how many demons have taken notice. They are now familiar with you and feel your fair game and they have a legal right so they could come back at any time.. they are very patient, demons are extremely patient. Something may not happen when you do it or you may leave a investigation unscaved and end up with zero activity after attempting stupid things but these vile creatures are VERY PATIENT! And where they will get using your head they will torture you beyond imagining. Right when things couldn't get worse that is when they will come and you will feel the only relief you can get is death. Take this from somebody who knows personally after messing around with the Ouija board when I knew better my dad always warned me about those things he did many deliverances on people who inadvertently open doors and I did it anyway I was 19 years old. Usually bag for any kind of physical punishment or pain by the time they're done tormenting you in the mind you just have no idea I can assure you you will think you are in hell.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shame -- How to Deal With It

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Cows don’t experience shame, but it is a universal phenomenon amongst humans. This is a complex issue because, in one sense, we live in a shameless society (shame before God), just as Isaiah lamented about. On the other hand, jettisoning God has left us with no sufficient way to deal with our internal shame, and the results are devastating.

The first mention of shame in the bible actually celebrates the absence of it: Adam and Eve were publicly naked and felt no shame (Genesis 2:25). Our final destination is a place where nothing shameful will ever enter, or be felt, having been cleansed by the blood of Christ (Revelation 21:27)
In between, shame is all around us, and in us. Shame, depending on how you define it, can be good, but it can also be a hope-killing horror.

Some make a distinction between guilt and shame. Guilt feelings are related to wrong things we have done. Shame is related to WHO WE ARE. The bible speaks of people who have seared consciences, who no longer feel pangs of guilt. These people are also known as sociopaths.

Standing before a group of mourners a mother said, “Shame killed my son, Sam. Shame kept him quiet, living in dark secrets with terrible regrets, surrounded by friends, but so very alone.” Her son had taken his own life after a protracted battle with addiction and shame.

The grieving mother continued, “Do not let shame win. The evil one has filled his quill with shame, disconnection, secrets, and sorrow and is writing his story of darkness. God’s story of light with redemption, hope, community, truth, and glory is written in His own blood.”

Destructive shame has become epidemic; part of everyone’s story to some extent. Shame manifests itself by isolation, self-protection, self-hatred, self-destruction, self-preservation, and the illusion of control. It follows us wherever we go, and it demands center stage attention.

Isolation. Despite Sam’s popularity, he created a world of isolation. Shame induces people to define themselves by their addictions. Followers of Christ are in union with Him, and Jesus is our final, all-sufficient identity, not whatever sins we may be struggling with.

Often shame based people will isolate themselves from healthy people, and are often drawn to other shame based people, where vulnerability is avoided and cynicism abounds.  For self-protection these relationships tend to be shallow, often fixating on entertainment or other numbing activities. Healthy relationships demand vulnerability, but the commitment to self-protection kills vulnerability.

Relationships can only grow if, over time, healthy risks are taken in being vulnerable.

Shamed people often live in ambiguity; having a sense of entitlement and a sense of worthlessness. They ask for relief but often sabotage it when it is offered. They fight with thoughts that they are disgusting people and it is only a matter of time before everyone finds out the sorry truth about themselves.

Satan accuses and causes us to hate our longings for connection and redemption and makes us hate hope.

Perhaps shame's most insidious trait is to cause people to embrace the lie, that at their core, they are defectively designed. Self-hate gives way to desperate and self-destructive behaviors because they think they are irredeemable. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between shame and participation in bullying, aggression, and suicide. For Sam, the destructive behavior was addiction. However, there are many other soul-numbing activities. It saddens me to know how common addiction to pornography is amongst God’s people, including a high percentage of bible-believing pastors. The shame felt by these folks must be horrendous. Worst of all, shame makes delighting in God impossible, unless it is dealt with.

Shame operates as both a filter and an amplifier. It filters out the dignity we have as image bearers of God, and it amplifies our shortcomings. Hence, many are unable to take healthy risks and they seek to numb their pain-filled souls. Life becomes all about mere survival. And it is impossible to be other-focused or God-focused when one is survival-focused. Anxiety and depression are sure to follow.

Shame invites a person to carry all the weight in a desperate attempt to keep control, but this shuts others and God out of the picture. Satan’s voice may lead to shame, but God’s tender grace will lead to true healing—from the inside out.

Some folks are prisoners to false shame. Cultural standards of beauty, wealth, status, etc have caused many wonderful people to hate themselves, which is tragic. Others have been abused or hurt in other ways by people they trusted, and this has led to self-disgust. Tragically, abuse-shame seems to open doors to the demonic.

The gospels are full of men and women who were imprisoned by shame but Jesus’ gentle touch and forgiveness gave them hope. He took our shame upon Himself, so that we might live, and live abundantly. Hanging completely naked on the cross, and taking our sin upon Himself, and the punishment for our sin, Jesus endured the shame for the joy that was set before Him.

Shame needs to be removed, not hidden or avoided. As Christians we can bring our shortcomings in the safety of God’s grace.

Cows may not feel shame but neither can they experience the beauty of Christ’s righteousness, which covers our guilt! No matter how shame-filled you may feel, flee to the open arms of a gentle Redeemer.

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.