Sunday, August 10, 2014

Explanation of Demons, Not Ghosts Part 5

By Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma

Continued from: Explanation of Demons, Not Ghosts, Part 1
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In our final summation for our examination Demons not Ghosts, we have demonstrated ground work, the steps taken, willful examples of Demonic charades and now we will bring this series to a close. As we have stated during this series, Demons will use any image known to them to enact a plan of destruction upon humans.  This is the forces of Satan and hell acting and posing as former living beings referencing ‘Ghost’ like beings.

Part 5 - When we talk about the subject of demons posing as human ‘Ghost’ spirits, either in a haunted house, building, location or in communications through an Ouija board, a medium, or whatever other means of channeling, contacting, or interacting with them, we can summarize their reasons for their ruses as follows.  I have chosen to divide up the sections into the methods of the Demons and their goals:

The Methods of Demons masquerading as ‘Ghosts’ is as follows:

1. Demons masquerade as human spirits to hide their true identity.  What would these unholy entities gain by this ruse?  The ruse is placed into action as a way for the Demons to interact with unsuspecting humans to get the person to buy into a harmless action or act.  If their true motive was known up front by all, which Jesus Christ stated in John 10:10 (set forth to kill, steal and destroy mankind) warned what they are set forth to do.

2.  Demons masquerade as human spirits to appear harmless or benign to their subjects.  By appearing as benign or harmless gives the target a false sense of nothing is wrong.  Many times it’s just a small child; a fellow loved one or the former resident.  However any image can be projected to the victim that seems harmless or non-threatening thus appearing more believable.  The Demonic realm will also at times appear to be righteous and mighty, even though the intention is to kill, steal and destroy.

3. Demons often portray themselves as a young person who died a horrible and tragic death.  The logic behind this is to play on the emotion of humans feeling sorry for someone who died tragically.  In truth, Demons love to see humans suffer, bleed profusely and even die in horrific mannerisms.   This is why satanic worshippers often use blood in rituals, as human or animal blood represents life.

4. Demons often manifest around their intended victims with tricks such as orbs, vapors or mists.  This is designed to draw or entice their victim(s) into "learning" more about why this occurring around them.  Often times the victims unsuspectingly do actions to further enhance these tricks.  This is part of the infestation phase, and many times the victim will become mad, angry, curse, yell, etc…  All of these actions do little to stop the process as the Demons know they are having an impact upon you.

5. Demons entice their subjects to probe deeper and ask questions relating to hidden knowledge.  The person becomes so involved and enamored with what is taking place within their life, which the victim starts to ask questions upon the forces inflicting this torment.  Victims will at that point even search for help and sometimes bring in improper paranormal teams unknown to them.  They are seeking help and all too many cases I have worked these teams have made the situation more severe due to their actions.

6. Demons pose as human spirits to develop the trust of their subjects and to foster a personal relationship, or bond, with them.  Demons rarely manifest themselves as they truly are. Their hatred, rage, and desire for the eternal damnation of souls are hidden behind subtle and carefully chosen disguises. Scarcely would anyone follow these creatures if they dared to manifest themselves honestly.  If they did manifest in their true form, everyone would be running to a church, priest, minister, etc… to seek help immediately.

So to sum up the entire 5 part series that we have laid out of Demons not ‘Ghosts’,  Demons have an extensive knowledge, relatively speaking, of human nature and the psychology of man.  Demons can size up an individual and can determine a customized plan of destruction for that individual or group of individuals that they are working upon.

Demons are cunning and have the wisdom of the ages at their disposal. Demons draw upon their vast knowledge of what works and what does not work in leading souls to Hell.  With their superior intellect, their knowledge of man, their burning desire to keep man from the vision of God and their millennia of experience in doing just that, demons are a foe that must be dealt with deadly seriousness.

We hope this series has served insights to all of you who took the time to engage in this reading.  Hopefully this has opened the eyes of some people today to provide a better and more logical approach to the idea of ‘Ghosts’ just don't exist.  Due to actions of people, by their own hand it is the direct result of the Demonic coming forward against them.  During Diabolical investigations I often instruct the afflicted person or family the following:  “You cannot open the doors of Hell, peek inside to see what is going on without expecting the Devil to not want to come return the view upon you and your life.”

For example, a case which I handled about 6 months ago, I received a call asking that I come over to perform a special blessing on the house.  In all seriousness I thought sure, no problem what day and time do you want me to do this, along with the question in my head ‘why do you feel the house needs a blessing?’

The caller went on to say that they have seen a black cat with glowing yellow eyes walking across the couch in their house.  Not thinking much of this, a cat with yellow eyes, I said sure what day do you want me over. The caller then said, “Didn’t you hear me Rev. Brad?”  I responded “Yes, I heard you, a cat with glowing yellow eyes all black in color walking across your couch.”  The caller said well “we don’t own a black cat at all only two dogs.”  The case was one I needed to become involved with quickly.