Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cleansings--What Choices You Control

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Ministry Consultant, Central New York

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that Satan and his minions seek to devour Christians (1 Peter 5:8) and they scheme against believers (Ephesians 6:11). Many people these days go about their lives and travel over a bump or two, but just go about their materialistic worldview lives without God. Some of these people are already Christian and have placed God in the back seat because they’re too busy with family, work, school activities, etc. to even think about going to Church is just too much effort. When we leave God out of our lives, we sadden him. God wants us to be in his life as commanded in the Bible, the Holy Spirit within craves to live the Christian life. However, we sin and we had no choice in the matter of the beginning of sin. With Adam and Eve became the first sin of humankind by eating the fruit when told not to, but Satan disguised as a serpent convinced Eve to eat it and share with Adam. Therefore, we are born into this world with a sinful nature. Nevertheless, when Jesus died on the cross, He took away our sins, and in our everyday life, when we sin we must make restitution for it. We must pray to God and ask for forgiveness, and repent so that we do not do that sin again. In some instances, we much make amends with the consequences; you may have to admit to your wife about something or spend time in jail for a crime you might have done.

Now what does all this have to do with cleansings? As a result of being born into a sinful nature Satan knows us, he can’t read our minds but he and his minions have observed us for thousands of years and knows if we sin that will take us away from glorifying God in our daily lives. The key is temptation. Jesus was tempted by Satan three times and each time Satan lost that battle.  Satan will temp you as well, even after you have asked for forgiveness, repented, and made restitution he will continue to harass you until you are in a weak moment and WHAM! You do the same sin again. God is saddened but Satan is smiling. Present time we as a generation are more materialistic then we were 100 years ago. Back then and beyond our country was founded on a strong belief in God with respect, honor, and reverence. Look at our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and our currency as examples. Today’s times we rationalize away the sins, as it is not as important as getting that promotion at the office or buying that new Chevy with all the latest gadgets. Someone once asked “MY” opinion of homosexuality. I do not agree with it, I do not partake in it, and I have no problem working side by side with someone who is. Yes, it is a sin, but who are we to judge someone else’s sins? The Bible is very clear of it being a sin! But so is the lie I told my wife that her hair looked fine when she awoke with a wild bed head from a night’s sleep LOL Sin is sin, and no matter what, we will deal with it all as we die and stand before God and have our life flashed before us. If you’re a believer you will enter Heaven and if not, well let’s just say you’re taking the elevator down, and NO you won’t be earth bound or in some staging place to be prayed over and get you in to Heaven.

(Ephesians 4:26-27) “BE ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.” Bottom line, Pray and ask for forgiveness first thing in the morning and as you go to bed. Always start praying asking for forgiveness. It is hard to reward your child with a new toy while being caught in a lie. God will hear your requests but may not honor them until you come forward with forgiveness. Next blog I will go deeper into sins and how demonic attachment can happen. Meanwhile, please continue to pray every day, and for our country, your clergy, and your family and friends, etc. Deliverance Ministry does work, but we have to do the work that God puts before us.