Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christians Quit Satire

By Stephen Piersall

Breaking News
Satan is telling all in his kingdom that thanks to the media, they have established a stronghold within humanity. More TV shows, movies, books, magazines, and events across the world are promoting sinful ways of life. More people have stopped going to their local churches altogether. Many Pastors are going away from the teachings of the Bible and inserting their own beliefs, interpretations, and taking scores of people with them, as the Bible foretells. As a result, we now have more people sinning by dabbling with; ghost hunting, Wicca, Occult, earth-bound spirits, purgatory, Mediums and Psychics, etc. Spiritual Warfare is ongoing, and we are winning the battle with little effort. The human race is falling because of pride and ignorance. What a bunch of numbskulls! Let us prove it to you.

Pray to God
Christians really believe they can please “God.” Since the victory of getting humanity to sin at the Garden of Eden, man has been born into a sinful nature. Jesus came to make them a new creation, if they only just believed in “Him.” They are incapable of getting “right with God”! “The Galatian fascination,” where now they are right with God. They feel they have to keep up a certain standard to please Him. It is as if trying to please everyone, which we know, is impossible. To please one group of people you are invariably going to displease another group! They need to resign themselves to the fact Christianity is not a popularity contest. Ultimately, they just have to follow God’s voice, walk in the truth, and live a life of discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Funny too, how Spiritual Warfare exists; they think they can cause a change. These humans are always seeking the easy way out; ghost hunting, seeing psychics, after the occult and witchcraft. Some of these knuckleheads actually believe that going to a person’s home and doing a cleansing gets rid of us evil spirits. Ignorance is bliss and rampant across the globe. Why would anybody think that doing a Blessing would cleanse a home when the family has no religion, and willingly partakes of sins and wants to continue to live life that way? Why anyone would want to quit; Smoking, drugs, alcohol, unforgiveness, lust, sex sins, etc? That is just crazy, who doesn’t like to have their cake and eat it too? We have them so fooled that they have established homosexual Pastors, marriage laws that promote same-sex health benefits, and even killing babies through abortion.

Our sinful nature
Did you know that God does not want them to try to do what is right and avoid what is wrong? Just knowing the difference and for them to make their own decisions and try to be Christ like. God only wanted Adam and Eve to live well in relationship with Him, which is the same for today. That fellow Paul, who was a great example for us when he was Saul wrote in Romans 7 where he explains his problem of knowing what is good and bad and feeling he should try to live, based upon that!

It is also comical to watch humans pray with no confidence. “If it be your will” is the ultimate cop-out! Their Bible says his will is that things on Earth would be as they are in Heaven. If they do not know his will, ask God! After all, he is not looking to give them permission to exercise his will but to show it.

Prayer is talking with God
Have you ever noticed how people rate their sins? Clearly, the Bible does not rate sins as better as or worse than one another does. Why is it that so-called Christians are willing to walk down the street with signs to show how much “God hates gay people” and yet there are no Christians picketing restaurants because (some) people in, there are being gluttonous? Why are they not out on the corners, helping the homeless, praying for healing for the sick? This way society sees them as “Violent Christians,” and nobody will want salvation. Therefore, more souls will be taking the elevator downward.

Satan's influence

They have some great family value’s reality TV shows too. Most women are dressed provocatively, showing off expensive jewelry, fighting, and cursing with each other. Same goes with the televangelist shows where pastors living a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Even when the camera pans around the congregation, notice all the people having all their gold jewelry out and wearing expensive clothes, trying to be better than the next one. Talk about your fake Holy Rollers!

It seems casual for them to feel good about themselves when they look around their immediate circle of influence, maybe knowing the Bible better than their friends have. If they shed their pride, it would be carefree for them to feel bad. Maybe put down the picket signs, look around, and see a church in the next town over and notice how full their parking lot is and how many people leave a church with love and happiness in their hearts. Getting into comparison is never healthy, neither guilt nor pride is great places to go! Instead, let them just compare to one person. Jesus!

How does your life measure up to the life of Jesus? Can we truly say, “It’s no longer I who live but Christ in me”?

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