Monday, January 7, 2013

Gutsy Mom Takes on PRS’s Bad Business Practices

What does writing bad checks and/or taking people’s money and not refunding it due to a cancelled paranormal event have to do with paranormal investigating? Well, we at the Eye on the Paranormal know that PRS, Ryan Buell, Sergey Poberezhny and any number of fake ghost hunters, exorcists, priests, psychics and other paranormal investigators are more interested in fame and fortune. These paranormal fakers and lowlifes trick others into giving them money. Unfortunately, once they have the money, PRS guards it like Fort Knox. Neither Goldfinger nor his sidekick Odd Job would have a chance of getting it back.

But one gutsy lady by the name of Susan Grace is not going to take it and is fighting back for what is right and good. We’re posting a link to he her detailed account on the Ripoff Report.

Just a few quick notes:

PRS had an office near Penn State that has been closed for years. PRS never made any effort to inform the public of this fact.

The office in Raleigh, NC is an apartment not an office or a business location. Thanks to Ms Susan Grace for the good report, the public has a right to know the truth about these fakers.

4820 Smith Creek Pkwy., #105 where the business is located
[click photos to enlarge]

Camden Overlook is an apartment complex in Raleigh, NC