The Theresa Caputo Diaries ~ A Fake Expose

The Theresa Caputo Diaries Book Page
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6/29/13 Fake Book page - red cover. See how it references THE NEW YORK TIMES

Notice the quotes from the Chicago Tribune and The Observer

This is the revised 7/1/13 book cover and logo for the Book Review Award -- note how it references THE TIMES

7-10-13 The most recent cover - note new color and different photo

6/29 page showing original names of newspapers and magazines. Since then  the new titles are: TELEGRAPH, PSYCHOLOGY and THE CHRISTIAN MONITOR

How did these diaries get into the hands of Dr. Pendergast?
Photo is of Sir Ken Robinson, an educator and best selling author of 'Finding Your Element' & several other titles

$49.98 for a fake book from a fake publisher and a fake author!


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