Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shamanism: The Ritual Act of Witchcraft

This blog is intended to help those of individuals within the paranormal realm understand what Shamanism is.  Many people understand a Shaman to be a “God” ordained individual to help assist with spiritual matters.  Today you will even see many paranormal people aligning themselves with these “Spirit Healers”.

So then what is a Shaman and then what is Shamanism?  A Shaman is known by a variety of names — holy man, priest, medicine man, even the adjective “witch doctor” within primitive cultures.  So what then is Shamanism?  Shamanism is a method where an individual (a shaman – described above) attempts to solve problems through manipulation and contact with the spirit world.  

Merely this is an act of witch doctoring in the animist religion.  This means that all things that have spirits are equal with us humans.  These spirits are everywhere, permeate into our world and can affect our lives.  Shamans use altered states of consciousness to contact spirits which can be either good or bad in order to learn the future, make decisions, or attempt healings of people who might be oppressed by bad spirits.  

As we have learned from previous blogs that these good and bad spirits are the Fallen Angels and Demons posing as “good and helpful” entities willing to assist.  Shamanism uses these spirit guides, contacting these guides in order to have them direct life.  Shamans use astral projection, where the spirit of a person leaves the body and travels into the spirit world and various means of predicting the future such as throwing bones. Therefore, Shamanism is divination and sorcery and is generally practiced by Indian tribes.  The Bible condemns divination as a sin see Leviticus 19:25 and Deuteronomy 18:10 KJV.

The Holy Bible clearly tells us that this type of act is wrong and violates the precepts of what God has deemed proper and righteous.  Shamanism is a form of Animism which views all created things -- humans, animals, plants, landscapes, elemental forces and seasons -- as having an intelligent, communicative life force or spirit.  It is similar to modern Buddhism which also worships the planet and everything on it.  Therefore this is a form of worship of the creation from the creator and the bible clearly tells us that we shall have NO other gods than thee!

Shamanism is an intentional effort to develop intimate and lasting relationships with familiar demons. The Shaman is consciously going into controlled visionary experiences (a form of demonic possession) to connect with these spirit beings who guide, guard, instruct, bless and in the end drag their soul to hell.  As I have stated and others as well, Demons can appear as all sorts of things.  These demons can appear to be spirits of nature, animals, plants, the elements (earth, air, fire & water), ancestors, gods, goddesses and teachers from other religions.

For Shamans to be effective they must have a strong personal relationship with these demons. Ultimately, the real healers are not the Shamans but the demons.  Therefore why would a person who is suffering from diabolical issues bring in a person such as a Shaman who uses demons to fight demons?

Using this mentality is a dangerous act as it does not make sense.   I am not bashing individuals who choose to seek this type of assistance out to “help” them out of horrible situations, but rather understand who it is that you are engaging with and using within your life to help you out.  In a sense would you invite Satan to dine at your table within your own home knowing that you are having demonic issues?

The Shaman individual functions as a conduit or channel of spiritual energy and power received from these spirits.  However, the Shaman is the source of power for these demons through fasting, sweating, vision quests, drumming, rattling, chanting, dancing and being possessed by these demons posing as spirit guides.  This soul power generated is then directed by the demons for their own use -- and also to aid the Shaman.

Any supernatural assistance comes with a price on the demon's terms.  No exorcism is possible, since Satan is not about to drive out part of his own kingdom.  All that is done is a negotiation for the replacement of one malicious demon for a more powerful demon.  All physical healing, fertility or a blessing comes at a spiritual cost.  An example of this is found in Genesis 3:1 regarding the serpent and Eve as you shall learn more about below.

One of the most seductive traps these demons offer is to assist the Shaman on a spiritual journey that is partly imaginary and partly soul traveling (astral projection).  The demons offer fantastic trips of seeming great importance, offering enormous secrets that only they are privy to.  There is just enough truth in it to make it look valid.  All of this leads to great delusions of grandeur that this person couldn't reproduce in real life and sometimes this act leads to insanity.

Sadly the paranormal people who started out with seeking the truth with which to truly help those suffering end up caught in a web of further deception.  Ultimately the family or individual facing diabolical aspects receives ever more diabolical reactions against them.  Both parties, the paranormal investigators as well as the afflicted family or persons started out seeking the truth but they had no direction to turn to find truth due to running into the schemes of Satan.

What one will find when a Christian has a very strong discussion with a Shaman is that they themselves are still seeking truth when you run might across them.  Recently a few weeks ago I had an impromptu meeting with a man who was trained by a Shaman Witch.  The man was so fascinated about the discussion of Demonic forces and the Lord Jesus Christ.

However, this man had rejected sound foundational beliefs due to trauma in his life (much like what we witness daily in this field) as he was mixing Witchcraft acts with Christianity.  The young man would not call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, but call upon the “great spirit”.  Sadly the “great spirit” is not what this young man believes to be true and accurate.

Christians have the truth which Shamans have not been quite able to find.  We can heal and drive off demons without it being a Faustian (deal with the devil) bargain.  When presented properly with the truth they are often the first person within the tribe to become a Christian when the Holy Gospel is presented to them. The Shaman may not be able to hear the gospel due to being heavily infested with demons.  Therefore the Shaman needs to go through proper deliverance to be set free.

So now that you understand the truth why would an individual use a person who is not in line with Lord Jesus Christ to defeat Satan?  Satan is possessive of the people he has in his grips and Satan will send demons & slaves to try to reclaim those people or attack them.

Blessings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ to all of you.

Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma, A.A.E. Exorcist and Instructor