Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dark Side Entertainment Falling by the Wayside; the Carol Malone story continued...

I have talked at length to some of the people involved with today's subject and those who have been involved directly with this person who are now coming forward after realizing that her promises are just empty promises and her financial obligations are turning into excuses. I watch this story unfold, knowing full well there would be many effected that risk their reputations only taking her at her word and not realizing where I was coming from early on. You see, I am one of the people that also at one time trusted her and was burnt. I am one of the people she threatened, harassed, lied about and did so in such a way, no other person out there is someone I would warn on more then this person and no other is someone I would consider being lead by evil more then her.
There comes a time when you realize that someone that is in the paranormal and brags about her home being vortexes to evil and then she does such selfish and undeniably greedy things to people, that one would see her as affected by an evil so dark, it will likely destroy her and probably already is in some unknown way. Whether that sounds far fetched would be one's own perception of how they view what I and others have seen. I for one, can not mistake the actions that I have repeatedly seen and wonder, what evil does she play in? She has turned her world into those who she uses and takes advantage of until they begin to ask questions and then pretends to be some victim whilst lying and being vindictive. Her Facebook posts are inherently full of her anger and malice and threats when she does not get her own way and people call her on her actions. She leaves a wake of people that at one time called her friend and with no thought to undermining them, taking from them and attempting to ruin them through public displays of lies and accusations whilst trying to continue to look innocent. The problems are the same, the company she uses and people she burns are not, leaving a wake of people behind her that have learned like me, the hard way. Trust in some people is disastrous.
I will just put out what is going on with the links so that people can plainly see a pattern and problem to who Carol Malone has become. Like a fairy tale wicked queen, she has risen from obscurity with lies and deception and done so in a way one would think no one would be so bold. Early on she bragged about being a writer and having a movie being made. That turned into bragging about filming for a TV show that really was never happening and her post seemed to have been forgotten.
She bragged about having some “Cold Case” Paranormal (The Paranormal Cold Case Association) group. I ask you, what ghost investigation is not a cold case and how was Luminol, meant for detection of blood suppose to work in ghost investigations? In reality, it only worked if there had been a crime that was unsolved and not once did I see anywhere that it helped with any investigation, nor, truly go any further then the Luminol. Scroll down to “drawbacks” and get the real scoop of how someone could read a false positive or even make false positives by applying simple chemicals beforehand to an area on the below link.
Luminol in itself should have a safety sheet with it when used in any sort of commercial investigation and should offer the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that shows Luminol to be a hazard and according to the EPA designates it as hazardous and falling under EPA rules and therefore, needs protective gear to use, because of the skin and eye dangers it could propose to handlers. It can have false positives just by bleach or copper or other chemicals. Any commercial company should have the MSDS to this handy when ever in use in any commercial way, such as paid investigations.
From the above link directly:
Handling: Wash thoroughly after handling. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not breathe dust.
It's as if this one idea to use a really neat chemical made her base her whole idea of what she did around it, but, it doesn't quite work in this field for ghostly phenomenon, unless you are investigating a murder, which in that case, would not be a ghost investigation any longer.
To date, there has been no movie and no television series or show. Her books are flops and have very few reviews. The one that is most noted is on the Amityville haunting that it is rumored that she plagiarized from various sites and took pictures from various places online to put in her book. One only needs to read her reviews.    
Let's not forget her injection in the involvement of stolen statues saying she had possession of them and had her lawyer take them and then demand the owner to the statues prove they were his, when the lawyer was not her lawyer and he knew nothing about it.  Here she was trying to say she expected money for a appraisal of objects that even Christina George, the admitted thief, said Carol was never given possession of the statues. 
She uses the name London Knight regularly sounding like a cheap hooker from a obscure corner in some big city has her story “The Stiletto Diaries” suggest. It already admits to heavy drug use, mob affiliations and being a stripper... so should we be surprised at her latest attempt at a business and what she is doing? 
Dark Side Entertainment, her newest venture. A event planning business promising adventures in the paranormal at well known haunted places for a price. Immediately she was set with problems when she burned another entertainment business and stole their events as her own and accused some of their people who were previously her friends of stealing and misrepresenting the events. It is something she does well by acting as though the problems is because of someone else and she is some victim. However, she never repays, never makes things right, acts the victim and gets very vindictive in a public display on Facebook over several pages and she does this consistently every time including radio shows she appears on.
She had four events planned I believe and the last one (and first) took place on last Halloween night at a hotel called Glasden, a very well known to be haunted location. She sold tickets. She promised the people who she asked to be lecturers and speakers, travel expenses and pay for their time and has reneged. She promoted the event to be a charity event and named “The Wounded Warrior Project” and then said she didn't sell tickets, leaving it a crime if she indeed did. The organization knew nothing of the event and did not endorse or give permission for her to run the event with their name. See VA law on solicitation and charities. She also appears to not have done the proper paper work needed to run the event whether with the charity themselves or doing the paperwork herself to run such an event in the state.
At the current time, she has lost at least three of the previous speakers, Steven LaChance, Tony “Wolf Paw” Ortiz and Dan Dewhinney (who was also the web master and did a lot more who has not been paid for his work on the web pages) who were suppose to be speakers for the Sloss furnace event set to take place in February of next year. The event is selling tickets with a prepayment of 60 days for tickets, making it risky to consumers due to the lack of any available refund from Paypal or most credit cards who do not honor refunds of after 60 days of purchase. This means if events are canceled, buyers will be out money unless they sue or find another avenue for refunds, making it more risky.  This is something that happened when Paranormal State star Ryan Buell did the same thing. 
Dan and Tony have come forward on the site that Dan once ran to speak their mind, along with other notations that can be found here.
So let's recap that simply for you here:
Carol Malone has;
  1. Consistently said she was a successful writer. Her books have bad reviews if any at all.
  2. Has professed to have or having a movie made and even pretended to be in filming.
  3. Said she had a TV show in production or was going to have one in production.
  4. Claimed to have taken in statues to a lawyer and the lawyer was her neighbor who was not representing her and knew nothing about what she was doing or any statues.
  5. Attempted to extort money for appraisals from owner of statues.
  6. Promised TV spots, movie spots etc. to allure people to help her, but was in reality unable to do.
  7. Threatened people with the mob affiliations or implied threats.
  8. Put people's personal information out there on them and their family and at times, to people who were NOT related but only had the same name. (Imagine that with the boasted mob affiliations and how that would make some feel.)
  9. Made veiled threats publicly, like naming my co-host as a stealing a dead woman's name whose name was not the same.
  10. Lied to businesses and companies and affiliations by making fake papers appearing to be from a lawyer, but, are not such as with Blogtalk radio and what she did to me.
  11. Accused former friends of stealing her business name as she did with me originally and has done so several times.
  12. Made promises for trade, payment or favors and not followed through.
  13. Turned on former friends that were also past business arrangements.
  14. Used a name of a charity without their permission and then lied to them saying she had no ticket sales.
  15. Did not refund travel expenses as promised.
  16. Did not refund tickets as was suppose to.
  17. Borrowed from friends and did not repay them for her projects and she still owes prior to this next event.
  18. Accused people of stealing $4000 twice that didn't and often accuses people of stealing, even when they had a business arrangement that she fell through on, such as paying someone for the website and them not being paid so they shut it down and then being accused of stealing it.
  19. Is known for not making written contracts with people and only doing verbal and then going back on her word or promising the same percentage of profit twice to two different people for instance.
  20. Puts out photographs of “proof” that is not proof in an attempt to confuse or make her argument to the public and is deceptive. Such as putting out a receipt saying she paid her webmaster $100, when in truth, she owes way more then that and the amount was to make a logo for another business and is unrelated to the websites.
  21. Get's people to help her and then does nothing herself and reaps the reward and then when she pockets money, blames everyone else for the downfall that is really her own fault and apparently doesn't pay anyone.
  22. Sold the rights to her “The Stiletto Diaries” twice. You really can only sell them once and then lose the right to them, as the new person who bought the rights owns the rights.
  23. Some of her accounts were frozen, a sign that Buell also showed in his attempt at selling tickets to events that never happened when people started asking for refunds.
You don't have to take my word for it. Read some other reviews on her from the links provided and at the very least, be watchful when dealing with her. I have nothing to gain or lose by exposing her and you listening to me or not. But, I do care and do not want to see others taken advantage of.
As Dan Dewhinney said, her former webmaster, “I will not allow her to take advantage of one other person, I will stop her no matter what threats, what she tries to do or the risk to my own reputation, this stops now.” I feel the same way here. THIS STOPS NOW and if not, you'll be hearing from me.  I’d like to say to Dan, you have my utmost respect for coming forward and taking a stand and trying to stop her.  Thank you!
Until next time...
Evan Jensen
Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network