Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Issue 70 – Paranormal Losers & Psychic Abusers

By Kirby Robinson

This week we're serving a heaping pot of paranormal deception stew. If the stink doesn't get ya, the details will!

Yeah folks, just when the deeds couldn't get dirtier, they do. Just when the deceptions couldn't get any more low-rent, they are. And just when you thought you couldn't hear any more crazy fake para-celeb stories…you do!

Guest Blog Saturday

Starting this Saturday, we'll have GUEST BLOG SATURDAY. We'll share with our readers a blog that we find worth your time to follow. Be sure to stop by and see who our guests are.

Jen Arnold Case Update

There seems to be a bit of controversy about the Jen Arnold hacking story. We have yet to hear back from her agent concerning details of the case. We were informed that FBI agents are about to make arrests. The only new details we can offer come from Jen Arnold's Facebook page. She states her PC's been hacked "100X" [hundreds of times], and she had to pay Yahoo $140.00. We'll update you with any new details when they come in.

Parents, Keep Your Psychic Kids Close! That Teacher Might Have a Big Secret!

One of our hard-working reporters who monitors the pages of our dear fake para-celebs, and the pack of zombies who follow and worship their every word uncovered quite a big secret. One zombie admitted that they allowed their child to be abused by their husband and did nothing about it. Would you allow your child to receive advice from them to develop their gift? Not only does this person lack an appropriate degree to work with kids, psychic or not, but they have no moral authority to do so. Because if they turn a blind eye on their own child's abuse, what would they do with a stranger's child?

Who Are the Real Paranormal Losers?

We're attacked all the time. Which means we're doing the right thing in exposing frauds. We're called names, told to eat an item one should never consume, and other antics that are meant to distract people from seeing the truth. But there's one website that crosses the line, and it goes by EYEONTHEPARANORMAL.COM. We don't know who owns it. We know this:

Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0118618335
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1


Administrative Contact:
Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0118618335,
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
Technical Contact:
Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0118618335,
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1

Registration Service Provider:
Intuit Websites,

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 27-Oct-2011.
Record expires on 25-Nov-2012.
Record created on 25-Nov-2008.

Registrar Domain Name Help Center:

Domain servers in listed order:

Domain status: clientTransferProhibited

This domain's privacy is protected by To reach the domain contacts, please go to and follow the instructions.

They can't stand behind what they say, unlike the original Eye on the Paranormal where we hide behind nothing.

So take a look:

See the sick people that back fake para-celebs, manage para-celebs, and who might even be a para-celeb.

The owner's ID is protected—for now. As the site violates copyright and takes part in hate speech that protection might not last much longer. Let's address all their charges:

They publish a list of folks who they deem to be trailer trash wannabes and losers.

As I see it, these people are winners. Maybe/maybe not they live in a trailer--how many people do? [I don't live in a trailer]. They claim trailer dealers are losers, huh?

Most of those people listed aren't on the radio, blog regularly, or have active websites.

Ron Tebo comes back then goes away.

Ghost Divas are no longer on the radio.

Reap Paden [Reap Sow] posts on my blog.

Ghost Hunters Inc. still have Who Forted? but it's not as biting as it was in the past.

Tony is not as active.

And me--yeah still here and happy to fight the good fight. Call me loser if you want but in God's eyes I'm a winner.

They make a big to-do about my appearance on MTV's Rob and Big.

How many times does every para-celeb mention the show/s they are on? At least my one appearance [and have no shame in saying one appearance] was on a top-rated show, not a low rated show, or one that is on the internet only.

They raise the issue of me being a loser because I'm reading a Bible. If these people spent more time reading the Bible, they'd have less time to sit around and call others losers.

This section reminds me of a recent rant that Chip Coffey went on when he appeared on Michelle "Babs" Griffin's internet show, making fun of me going blind. Babs couldn't tell her client to shut up, so she went along with it. Did Chip ever apologize? Nope. Did she? Nope. she has gone so far as to search the internet and attempt to remove every clip, now claiming that it never took place.

One wonders what dinner is like in BABS home. "What did you kids do today?"

Child 1: "I took a blind woman's cane and left her to stumble down the street."

Child 2: "And I told a blind man it was safe to cross the street when there was a red light."

Kids right off the old block, huh Babs?

I'm not ashamed of being blind but whoever is behind the site sure is blind to the love of GOD.

I'm also attacked because I have a gentleman who writes on my blog and goes by the name of Reap Paden. According to this mockery of a site, he might dabble in Satanism.


They go after two of my friends who help out occasionally. So they go after them because they help me? This gives you a right TO JUDGE THEM?

They go after Ron Tebo, but Mr. Tebo doesn't have that site any longer. So you have nothing better to come up with?

They go after Ghost Hunters Inc., a group which have kinda backed away from the cutting edge journalism they used to do… but again, why are they losers?

Ghost Divas are picked on for being overweight. So if you apply their logic, they're losers due to being overweight. What a real class act.

The most recent attack was directed at me for being on Dial-A-Star. Guess they only want people to think and talk like the cowards who run that page do. And by the way, I'm no longer there as a much beloved fake para-celeb had me removed.

Yes, these are the people you bump into when their favorite para-celeb shows up for a convention. So watch out for your wallets and keep your mouth shut or you too will be a victim.

I think we should contact their web host, HOMESTEAD, now owned by INTUIT. Their corporate office number is 650-549-3100. Call them and ask if their company supports hate speech and bullying. Does their company also endorse copyright violations?

Or, you can write to them at:

Corporate Headquarters
2632 Marine Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

Until that site is removed, I'll post this information every time I post a blog.

NEXT WEEK – Fake demon hunters, fake demon hunter boot camp, and preachers selling snake oil.

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