Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paranormal Technology – Psychics, Sensitive’s and Mediums - the Experiment

By Martha Hazzard Decker

Paranormal Technology – Psychics, Sensitive’s and Mediums - the Experiment. This is a chapter in the book by David Rountree. This is a fascinating chapter. In it Rountree writes, “A few years ago I ran an experiment on a psychic friend of mine. By using transducers, I stimulated her temporal lobes with different EMF frequencies, all 60 hertz and below. She actually got several hits while I was stimulating her brain, in the range of 12, 16 and 24 Hz EMF frequencies. Each one of these frequencies opened a door for her. This is certainly something I want to study further. To her, she was watching TV in her head and I was changing the channels. For whatever reason, true psychic individuals can be very helpful in knowing where to record EVP’s, where to take photographs, picking up the names of former occupants that can be verified historically, and generally proving information specific to an individual associated with the house. By cross checking the information, verifying historic research, and producing active evidence based on a psychic’s suggestions, we have done two things; we have shown a correlation between an individual’s perception and the paranormal phenomena, and revealed a common thread, energy or power that binds the two together.”

Following are responses from several psychics that are known and trusted by this author about being psychic and in their words. They are the real deal.

Tracy Ray (who is working with Rountree) - I have always considered myself different and was never afraid to say that.  I have never researched to see what kind of psychic I am. I have researched certain abilities. When I am around people things just come to me.  They will come in numbers, pictures, words, sounds and smells.  Some are very vivid in color and some are abstract and fuzzy in black and white. Clairvoyance, Clairempathy and Clairsentience I feel are stronger for me than Clairaudience and Clairsentients. . People ask me if I can I tap in to everyone?  The answer would be no.  I feel there are some that know how to block themselves from psychics and others because I am one that puts up that protection wall. Precognition is my favorite ability. This means perception of future events before they happen. David Rountree knows a lot of things I have predicted and I do believe I’m at 100 per cent at this time.  I have shocked a few people with this ability. This one is my favorite out of them all.  My least favorite I would have to say is being an Empath.  For many years I felt this was a curse.  I hated to feel other people’s pain.  Feeling the pain of the deceased was very hard on me.  This one took me a longtime to get control over.  My first experience was when I was nine and I went to graveyard working day with my grandmother and mother. This was my first time to ever go.  I was huddled over a small grave, the name on the headstone was Sarah Rich, I noticed she was two years old. My skin began to burn, I began to choke and my eyes got blurry.  My grandmother asked me what I was doing and why I was rubbing my arms.  I told her this little girl was on fire and she died.  Come to find out that was my grandmother’s sister and she did die in a fire. Not only did I do her grave but I did several.  I remember leaving there feeling horrible.  I had no energy at all and slept the entire way home.

Being a Medium is the hardest ability I have.  My first Medium experience was at six years of age and my grandfather (who had passed away before I was born) came to me while I was playing with some books at my maw maw's house. He said, "Tracy, I'm Jesse can you tell maw maw Ray that I am sorry for making her start smoking".  I remembered nodding my head yes.  A book fell and hit my leg, so I picked it up to put it back and when I looked back he was gone.  So I skipped through the kitchen, my maw maw was playing cards. Hands on my hips I said, "Some man called Jesse said he is sorry for making you smoke," and she began to cry.  She asked me, who told me that?  I said the man in the bedroom.  Of course she gets up to go see and I'm trying to tell her he went away. We went back to the living room and she sat me in her lap.  She padded my knee and said I’m gonna tell you a story I have never told anyone.  I said, Ok all excited! She said, my husband’s name was Jesse and he got real sick with lung and stomach cancer.  I took care of him in this house for a long time.  He got so sick he could not light his cigarettes so I would have to light them for him so he could smoke.  He did not want me smoking but I loved him and he was suffering already.  That is how I started smoking. I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes.  I said, well you need to quit cause they stink.  She starts laughing and asked if that all he said.  I said, yep and I hope he tells you next time, I don't like to make you cry.

So that is when we knew something was different about me.  We were very close.  She was the only person that knew about my abilities.  She told me to never tell a soul.  I kept it hidden for 37 years.  I can no longer do that.  If people want to think I am crazy so be it.  I have been the happiest since I have been open with this.  I realized the timing has to be right and we will know when that time is.  I get asked, do my abilities work on me?  The answer is no.  I can't see for me.  The only thing that works for me is connecting to relatives that have passed. 

For a long time I did not know how to turn it on and off.  That was the hard part to figure out.  I finally learned what gave me my strengths and kept them close to me.  Meditating helped.  When I am stressed, weak or sick it is harder for me to tap into some of my abilities but there are some things that come through because they know you are weak.  I work a lot with crystals, rocks and stones.  I feel they have helped me a great deal.  Whatever I am feeling for that day depends on what stone I wear or put in my pocket.  It’s all about energy.  I hope one day we will find out why all this happens.  I’m here to find that reason, I want to know.  I am new in the field but not in my abilities.  I can be found on FaceBook   my email is

Jules Byars - I consider myself to be an Empath, medium (which I am still developing or rather discovering out what I can hear and see from the spirit world. I also have prophetic dreams which I write down and my accuracy is pretty impressive. Most of my dreams leave me with a dejavu feeling when they come true in real life. It's like living in the twilight zone when that happens to me. Since I have finally admitted to myself and have had incredible paranormal friends who have supported me as I discover what my true gifts are, I have really escalated in the psychic department.  I was adopted into a family of "If it can't be proven and I can't see it, then it doesn't exist family." This is rather funny since they are very religious and well you can see where I am going with that.  As a child I had prophetic dreams. I would then share them with the family and they would all have a great laugh...until the dream came true. I was always the "weird" one in the family and I just thought maybe I was weird and left it at that. But, when I started dreaming of my son years before he was born and when I met my daughter in a "hello" dream right before my son was born, I began to believe that I really did have gifts that other people didn't. I also have had "goodbye dreams" with passed on family members those are so bittersweet. My empathic abilities have been with me my whole life. I never understood it and I have to tell you, this ability will go all wild when I am upset or very stressed. Light bulbs in our house have a very short shelf life. When I would go to parties I could tell immediately what the mood was for the group. When my family would have big gatherings I would hide in my closet and listen to a radio and read a book. That was my cave where I was safe. I never understood that I wasn't hiding from people; I was hiding from their emotions.

 I have not been able to turn any of my abilities "on and off" yet. I am trying meditation to help me relax enough to draw the white light around me but I'm still in the beginner’s stag. Up until a year ago I didn't understand my gifts. I asked a stranger that I barely knew from one of the Facebook pages that I was on about it. I knew she was Wiccan and I sent her an email because I was confused and frightened of a situation that happened in a Church during the church service. An elderly man started having a heart attack; he was sitting near the back row of the church just about six or seven rows behind my family. As we were singing a hymn, I start to feel anxious, confused, overwhelmed and then very scared. I started to cry but it was only when I looked at my son's face did I realize he felt it too. For the first time I realized that my son, who has a sensory process disorder was also empathic. That scared me since I had no idea how to turn my abilities off how was I going to help him turn his off? To this day he suffers in school. It's too much for him and his grades reflect it plus he develops "stomach" issues as soon as he gets to school. We also avoid church, huge events, gatherings with large amounts of people like the movies and things like that. At work, I wear my ear buds and play my iPod all day long plus I am in a secluded office. My daughter sees auras, has prophetic dreams and sees spirits from time to time. I have always been very fascinated with paranormal topics and anything phenomenal. So, I created the Phenomenon Page on Facebook. I also can be reached at

Dr. Rita Louise - My primary gift is of clairvoyance, the ability to see energy. I am also very kinesthetic, meaning that I also feel sense and perceive energy on a bodily level. It wasn't until I was 30 that I discovered, while going to the Berkeley Psychic Institute, that I had been very psychic my whole life but never knew it. I thought everyone saw past lives and had weird synchronicities happen to them all the time as well. Who knew? It wasn't until I was in the clairvoyant program (very early in the program), that I had provided some insights for a client. I was just doing what I had always done in the past... "Made it up"... but apparently, what I was doing was psychic. When I looked back at my past, I was able to validate the many experiences I had and realized I had been psychic my whole life. One thing I have discovered is that when you grow up this way, it is very (or pretty easy) to turn it off. The truth for me is that when I want to use it, I turn it on.  As for feelings, there really aren't any feelings associated with clairvoyant vision. Now the clairsentience (feeling part,) that is a totally different story. Feelings can go from exhilaration to physical pain to experiencing another’s fear or sadness. Thankfully, when I disconnect from the energy all of that goes away. She can be reached at Soul Healer.

Ericka Boussarhane - I am a psychic medium and psychic detective. We all are intuitive. We all have the tools to receive psychic information. Mediums can communicate with the dead. Most are born this was. Others have learned to fine tune their psychic senses. I call it supersizing your ESP. I realized as a young child that I was hyper sensitive and empathic. I later began studying Sandy Anastassi psychic development system. I turn my abilities on and off like a light switch by closing my eyes "on" and opening them "off".

Chrissy Frey - I am a clairvoyant/ medium. I realized I was different at age five and received my abilities outside of Allentown Pa at around age four. I have since used my abilities to help police from time to time on cases as well as the public in all aspects of their lives. Clairvoyant means to “see clearly", and medium means to communicate with the onlookers who have died. My specialty is murder cases, and the acts unspeakable in our society. I didn't choose to see these things, it chose me. I have read for people all over the world and continue to help those in need. You can find Frey on FaceBook.