Saturday, May 7, 2011

Issue 28 – Say NO to Demon Exorcist - Part 1

We hoped that we had completed our investigation into Dwayne Claud and "DEMON EXORCIST" but the story won't go away. After many phone calls, hours on the road, and emails, we've uncovered a grand dark conspiracy aimed at fooling the public and using a family that was in turmoil. Why? For the sake of fame, wealth and notoriety that comes with having a paranormal reality TV show. It's everything that we warned our readers about concerning the damage that fake shows like Paranormal State, Paranormal State: The New Class and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal do to the clients. TV does NOT need another fake paranormal "reality" TV show. We're issuing a campaign to SAY NO TO DEMON EXORIST, as we try to stop Dwayne Claud's show from being picked up by the Discovery network.


We need you to reach out to the Discovery network and tell them not to pick up this show. You can do this by e-mail:

Tell them that if the network picks up this show you won't buy any products that are advertised on any show affiliated with the network.

Or by phone:

New York - Joseph Abruzzese President Advertising Sales Discovery Communications
Phone: 212.548.5555 Fax: 212.548.5804

Los Angeles - Ben Price Senior Vice President
National Advertising Sales - West Coast Region Discovery Communications
Phone: 310.551.1611 Fax: 310.203.8454


Sarah and Toby Maitland and their three children live in Virginia and are having a rough time of it. They claim that something in their home is going bump in the night. This causes the family so much distress that the children move their beds into their parents' room.

Much has been made by other bloggers concerning what was/wasn't going on in this family's life. Does Sarah have personal issues? She admits this and that should be enough for us to accept.

When people are under stress it can cause pent up psychic energies to get released. Especially people who are angry and frustrated. There needs to be an outlet. This uncontrolled negative energy can produce paranormal activity that can be labeled as poltergeist activity. If you have children who witness such things, they're unable to fully process it mentally. They can convince themselves that they see ghosts or the boogie man. If you amp up the activity even more and add in the possibility that one or more of these children could be sensitive, you have explosive possibilities in this situation.

The Maitlands are not at fault here from what we have uncovered. They did what they felt should be done in order to help bring some stability back into their lives.

The family turns to Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations [CVAPI] founded by Jackie Tomlin, a fulltime psychic. The paranormal group states that they have a set of procedures and followed them. The Maitland family was open and honest with details about their lives. The team claimed that they uncovered proof that it was a demonic haunting and decided to bring in a demonologist.

Was this for the sake of the family? Or the fact that anything "demonic" makes a case more sensational? That's why CVAPI wants to make a documentary about the case.

Whether these plans existed prior to the DEMON EXORCIST debacle or not is unclear. We've heard two different versions from sources. The CVAPI team always wanted a demonic case in order to get them on TV. The other story is that CVAPI claimed they were unhappy with how Firecracker Films mishandled the case and messed up the facts so badly they needed to set the record straight.

Apparently CVAPI is upset as they wanted to keep Sarah's case as their own and wanted to be on the show. We warned the paranormal field that this kind of thing would happen when paranormal groups were looking for sensational cases in order to hop aboard the reality TV fame game. I have personally handled cases that could easily become sensations both in printed form and on the big or small screen. But at the time it didn't even occur to me. Most people aren't proud of being demonically haunted and want it to remain private.

The paranormal field has gone demonologist crazy and people who've read a book or some articles or seen all of the "Exorcist" movies are declaring themselves demonologists. Nothing that I have read or been able to uncover would suggest that a demon was ever present in the Maitland home. All the team needed to do was a simple house blessing which any man/woman of God can do. Why not reach out to a local pastor? The concept of demons has been around for quite some time. Men and woman of God are the best trained and most capable to handle such a situation.

CVAPI's big mistake was to amp it up far greater than necessary. The dominoes of deception started to fall after a fame-seeking para-celeb was called in to handle the case.

Dwayne Claud, a self-proclaimed demonologist, managed to snag a deal with Firecracker Films to produce a para-reality show. This reality show would offer thrills and chills similar to those seen on Paranormal State. After a repeated viewing of the pilot, it's no different from any of the shows it imitates as it's just another fake para-reality show. In fact, Mr. Claud did things he had absolutely no business doing due to his lack spiritual authority.

To show proof, we'll break down his actions as seen in the program.

1 The title is meaningless. Demon Exorcist was chosen due to a pair of very strong keywords. For example, on Google we see that Demon = 88,000,000 results and Exorcist = 9,600,000. On Yahoo we see that Demon = 24,800,000 and Exorcist is 1,970,000.

2 During the opening credits we see Dwayne's tools of the trade: a crucifix, holy water and a book, "Roman Ritual + Christian Burial Exorcism, Reserved Blessings, Etc." This book is volume 2 of a 3-volume set.

3 Much is made about orbs that were captured during the investigation. NEWSFLASH! Orbs are not proof of paranormal activity, but are dust or flying bugs caught on film. Demons don't pass themselves off as orbs. Demons are full of pride and don't try to hide. This is a major crack in the validity of both CVAPI's and Dwayne's claims.

Due to breaking news we'll complete our report next Saturday as we need to verify information that just arrived.

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