Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Issue 121 – The Eye on the Paranormal is Coming to the Radio June 19th!

By Kirby Robinson

The Eye On the paranormal has a new radio show starting next week. Plus, a new book is coming out about the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo.

EYE ON THE PARANORMAL the radio show launches June 19 at 7 PM [PST] on the God Discussion Show.

Rumors have been flying that there wasn't going to be a show. Let me put the rumors to rest. Starting Wednesday, June 19 at 7 [PST] 10 PM [EST] on the God Discussion Show [Blog Talk Radio] you can join me as I'll host the Eye on the Paranormal. The God Discussion motto is: "A place for seekers who do not want to go to church." Here is the link:

We'll start with 90 minute-long shows every Wednesday, and then expand to 2 hours [and maybe more] as we get used to doing the show. One thing is certain: paranormal radio will never be the same.

Topics that will be covered: religion, paranormal news and views, demonology, fake psychics, book and film reviews, cults, false prophets, the end times. There will be guests joining the show from the paranormal field and from other fields.

Here is a list of upcoming shows:

June 19 - Getting to know just who I am, what I do, and why.

June 26 - Communion with the Devil is coming to a church near you. This frightening new false communion fad is rapidly growing. We'll help expose it and explain what genuine communion consists of during the show.

July 3 - Class on Cyclical Numerology

July 10  - Ghost Hunting Certification /Licenses --  Do you need them to hunt ghosts? Tune in and find out!

Our topics are going to take us to places where no paranormal show has gone.

Have You Written a Paranormal Book?

Our radio show will be featuring a segment on books and films. If you've written a paranormal book or eBook and would like to hear it reviewed, please contact us for details at:

Got Questions or Tips?

If you have a paranormal question that you would like us to respond to then contact us. No topic is off limits.

If you got a news tip about things going on in the paranormal good or bad we'd like to hear it we will protect your identity. Contact us at

The Moment of Truth is Back & We're Asking Para-Celebs to Take the Test

Back in 2008 when we started to expose the fraudulent activity in the paranormal field, we issued the Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge. It was an invitation to all para-celebrities to appear on a Fox network show called The Moment of Truth. Guests on the show were hooked up to a lie detector and asked 21 questions. Those who lied didn't win the money, and those whose answers the lie detector agreed with could earn up to $1,000,000.

This fall a new show called The Test makes its debut. It allows people to settle conflicts so if you've been labeled as a fake you can appear on national TV and settle that issue for good.

We ask anyone connected to the following shows as on-air talent to take the lie detector test:

Paranormal State
Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal
Ghost Hunters
Haunted Collector
Ghost Adventures
Ghost Lab

If you can prove that nothing was staged, nothing was faked, that every bit of evidence you collected was real, and nothing was reshot, then contact us. If you can pass The Test, we'll issue an apology.

New Book on the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo & Her Claims

The Long Island Housewife who changed the psychic reality TV show has been on our radar for quite some time. We've been working in the shadows, and soon will release the shocking story of what's been uncovered. The cover and title will be released next week.

The EYE ON THE PARANORMAL wants you as a blogger!

Want to join the best team of paranormal reporters? Do you want your blog to get hits and comments? If so, you can blog for us as we have spots open. Contact:

Keep current and follow us on Twitter:!/eyeonparanormal

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