Monday, May 5, 2014

Paranormal Ambush Smackdown, Part 1

By Kirby Robinson

Fake para-celebrities try to silence free speech.

Americans have fought and died for our freedom, whether freedom of religion, speech or the press. No one has the right to take those freedoms away from us no matter if it’s a foreign threat or a domestic one. Because when our freedom is attacked, our right to free speech vanishes. If they can shut me up, then who is next? You.

Let me share with you how my freedom of speech was attacked. Last month, I was asked to  be a guest on the Prime Time Paranormal radio show with  George R. Lopez. I agreed to do so, thinking we'd discuss my books and my views on the demonic. When I agreed to do so, something troubled my spirit, but I went forward. A few days before the show, I received an email from someone connected to it, but not a fan of Mr. Lopez. This person advised me that it was going to be an ambush interview. Word has it that Mr. Lopez and his friends are upset that I regularly question the validity of most of his guests. And yes, his guests happen to be fake para-celebrities. I soon learned that Mr. Lopez accepts all paranormal claims by those who earn a living as paranormal investigators by faith alone.

Here's a link to the show in question:

This is always what con artists count on--that you accept their stories by faith alone. It allows them to pull the wool over your eyes. A wise person asks questions. Fake para-celebs don't want wise people in this field. They want suckers who'll buy into their stories, watch them on TV, and spend lots of money on seeing them at paranormal conventions.

Not long after the show started, along comes Andrea Perron, who happens to be one of his co-hosts. After that, we hear the voice of Chip Coffey, followed by Bishop Long. Let me state right here that I have no argument with the bishop and he, in some ways, was also used. I'll explain more about that later.

For the three hours the show lasted, I was told how terrible I was and how could I allow Chris Baricko to post a blog raising questions about the truth of Perron story? Newsflash to Ms. Perron, there are many people who question your story. Another problem is that Norma Sutcliffe, the current owner of the Conjuring home, has no right to speak. And as to Chip Coffey, we've heard about you beign falsely accused in the past. That Chip's reputation shouldn't be tainted due to being in two fake para reality shows

The interview finally ended when I asked Ms. Perron if she'd take a lie detector test. The Lutz family who lived through Amityville Horror did back in the 1970s. For the record, they passed, but polygraph tests have evolved since that time. However, Andrea Perron was obviously insulted to be asked such a question because she feels that people should have faith in her story.

We jump to the next night well I guess my name and appearance helped Mr. Lopez as they did a two-hour show with John Zaffis, Chip Coffey, and Andrea Perron. There were several preplanned call-ins. Was I asked on to defend myself? You don't have to be a phone psychic to know that I wasn't invited to defend myself.

Why was John Zaffis brought into this fiasco, as he was never mentioned once during the Monday night show? Is it that Mr. Zaffis craves the attention?

What took place over the next two hours was a personal ambush.

1 My family was attacked

2 They made fun of my speech impairment

3 My psychological state of mind was questioned and they claimed that I was unbalanced

4 They thought I was trying to get a movie/TV deal 

5 Accusations of false statements that I supposedly made the previous night

6 Unlike Mr. Coffey's ambush interview on a Minnesota radio show, I remained on the phone until the call was disconnected by the show's host. Read about Chip's hissy fit: .

I used to have some respect for Chip Coffey now I have none.

I used to have a lot of respect for John Zaffis but now I put him in the same group with his relatives, Ed and Lorraine Warren. A man that would take part in this can't be doing any kind of good.

I also used to be on the fence about Andrea Perron. Yet I'm convinced that her story is just like the Amityville Horror and A Haunting in Connecticut cases – fabrications designed to sell books and movies.

But what they did not say needs to be shared. Apparently, they thought I would accept this and not respond with the truth? Chip's sheer lack of psychic ability is again proven.  

They have no honor nor is the truth ever their objective. They worship money and fame and serve those false and fickle gods on their knees while drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid.

They speak that I do not share the truth well let's see how much truth they can handle.

Chris Baricko, the author of the article Chip Coffey and Andrea Perron Want Your Money, got Chip's and Andrea's underwear in a bundle. Chris had the courtesy to reach out publicly on Facebook to get their side of the story. Neither "wronged" party even acknowledged the olive branch that was extended, as they didn't respond.

They don't want the truth exposed. They want to eliminate all opposition to the fake claims that so many para-celebrities make. If the Eye on the Paranormal is shut down, there is no dissenting voice out there to question their antics and check their validity.

Next week: John Zaffis, Chip Coffey, and Andrea Perron -- get your story right!

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