Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Issue 68 –The Bible & Psychics – Part 1

Issue 68 –The Bible & Psychics – Part 1

By Kirby Robinson

My eyes aren't giving me issues this week, so we'll start taking a look at the Bible and what it says about psychics, and the secrets that psychics and new agers would prefer no one knows.


Last week I had the great pleasure of being on THE HIVE on PARA-X RADIO. Neither the supporters of Paranormal State, nor my haters, failed to call in and challenge any of my facts. Erick, the host, has offered his show to be a platform for such an event. If they have nothing to hide they should take him up on his offer. But I'm not holding my breath.


EYE ON THE PARANORMAL has some spots open for new bloggers to post once a week or twice a month. You can have a viewpoint that differs from everyone [even me] who posts here. You can cover any paranormal/theological topic you'd like and can share links to events, books, seminars, etc.


We start at the beginning in the time prior to time as GOD begins to unfold creation of this world. In the first Chapter of GENESIS we see that He builds a world that is in balance and harmony, a system that provides for every need of man. There is an abundance of food and water. Every need was taken care of; there was no need to ask for anything. There was nothing to worry about. There was no illness, no old age, and no death. All existed in a state of harmonic peace. Nothing compelled man to seek answers or feel a need to make offerings to get his needs taken care of. But this all changes in chapter 3.

In chapter 3 evil tempts Eve to eat the forbidden fruit telling her that once she does she will be like a god. [One of the primary teachings of the New Age is that you don't need a god because you are already a god!]. Eve eats the forbidden fruit, her eyes open and then she convinces Adam to eat it. Now his eyes are open as well. They realize they are naked and feel ashamed and cover themselves.

The once-balanced world has become unbalanced now that negative emotions begin to flow. Most importantly, Adam and Eve become like gods, not like GOD. Evil plants the idea in the minds of men that other gods exist [note he did not say you will be like GOD]. The New Agers and evil [the unholy trinity] can't wield power as they do if man kept thinking there is the one most supreme GOD.

What follows is man/woman learning they must suffer. They must work for everything, as nothing was promised anymore. They would doubt when they would eat, drink, or be able to find shelter. Now there would be pain, old age and death.

We have the story of Cain and Abel and the first murder in the history of the world as we know it. The blood spilled onto the earth is followed by the first curse. [This curse would follow Cain the rest of his life and his generations to come. It was so strong it followed Cain when dies to the afterlife].

Out of the bloodline of Cain comes Enoch a man so in love with God and God so loved him that they walked together. In the end he did not die but walked with God and was never seen again --the one and only person to never die. [To me this means he has to play some role in the end times].

We come to chapter 6 which I have written about in previous blogs. There is great debate on who the SON OF GOD was. This is a good stopping point so we can reflect on what has taken place so far.

We once had a world perfect in every way one can think possible; a world of balance. But through sin [the unholy trinity], the world went from one that every need would be fulfilled; a world of balance, to imbalance: one of doubt, pain, and separation from God.

Man then had to seek answers to have his doubts wiped away and worries soothed. Who can give that? Those who claim to have a gift that few have. Ones who claim to have secret knowledge that few have. Lesser gods, or demons posing as gods who will give you what you seek … but at a price.

Next week we move forward in the study of GOD'S words and psychics.

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