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Lilith (What Do We Know About This "Female" Demon?)

I've noticed that Lilith's name is showing up on all kinds of TV shows and not just the hit TV series Supernatural. She has been said by many to be the original Eve Adams first wife from the book of Genesis. From what I have researched it is widely believed because she refused to let Adam be on top in a sexual manner for lack of better words (because this would show her submission to man) she was cast down and believed to be a fallen angel. Some say demons have no gender so this makes no sense. There are MANY theories on this subject..and because I have received a lot of emails lately and in the past asking questions about this subject thought I'd do my best to explain what little I know. Many have asked if she was mentioned in the bible or in any type of Demonology or Mythology. There was one small verse that is believed to be referring to her in the bible but I will touch on that shortly. Please keep in mind I am a biblical demonologist. I do not claim to know it all and any and everything that I write is simply my humble opinion based on research and what I have gathered in my last 26 years into this calling. I do not know a whole lot regarding this subject. Please feel free to research this subject for yourself. There are many opinions.

Many believe she is a Succubus. I touched on the subject about the Incubus and Succubus last year in two different blogs and it looks like I might need to do a third update on that. Some also believe that she is the "night hag" that was originally a Mesopotamian female demon called Lilitu, a very beautiful and alluring wraith who tempted men through erotic dreams. But Jewish Demonology tells us that she is a unsightly looking demon of the night who would steal children when she found them alone. In the Gospel there is a verse with a phrase "screeched owl" that many feel it is referring to Lilith. According to Jewish folklore Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Though she is not mentioned in the Torah, over the centuries she became associated with Adam as a way to explain the fact that there are two contradictory versions of Creation in the book of Genesis.

It has been said she will attack the most during Sleep Paralysis. For those who do not know, sleep paralysis is when the brain awakens from Rem sleep but the body remains “asleep” (in paralysis).  Sort of the reverse of sleep walking, which is when the body is ‘awake’ but the brain is asleep. You are are fully conscious but unable to move. This can last a few seconds or a few minutes. However, eye movements are still possible. Individuals experiencing this often feel extreme panic as they try to reestablish the connection between mind and it's connection. It can be very frightening. It seems so very real. It is a terrifying feeling being unable to move or speak. You can't even cry for help audibly. You are totally helpless it seems.

Just in case anyone isn't aware of what a Succubus or Sucubi is thought to be, here's a brief description but like I said for there's many different opinions on this .

"A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.

In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic."

English translators of Isaiah 34:14 sometimes lack confidence in their readers’ knowledge of Babylonian demonology. The King James Bible’s prose rendition of the poem translates “the lilith” as “the screech owl,” recalling the ominous bird-like qualities of the Babylonian she-demon. Until the seventh century C.E., Lilith was known as a dangerous embodiment of dark, feminine powers. In the Middle Ages, however, the Babylonian she-demon took on new and even more sinister characteristics. Sometime prior to the year 1000, The Alphabet of Ben Sira was introduced to medieval Jewry. The Alphabet, an anonymous text, contains 22 episodes, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The fifth episode includes a Lilith who was to tantalize and terrify the population for generations to come. To some extent, The Alphabet of Ben Sira shows a familiar Lilith: She is destructive, she can fly and she has a penchant for sex. Yet this tale adds a new twist: As I mentioned above she is Adam’s first wife, before Eve, who boldly leaves Eden because she is treated as man’s inferior.

I found some very interesting posts on\occult in a area which was a type of forum where people were asking for different things such as advice on how to summon Lilith and people who felt they were in danger and under attack from her or demons in general and seeking help/advice. The reason I'm posting a few is so I can  illustrate just how heavily these topics are being pursued and people become obsessed with it. And it was very easy to come across this as well. Sadly it is not hard at all to come across anything dark and dangerous on the Internet and usually it's people like adults obsessed with the paranormal or teenagers and younger children. It's scary what people have access to. I warn you ahead of time these are graphic in nature and the language is definitely pretty harsh with a lot of F bombs. (for lack of better words) Here are the following posts I found on Just a WARNING.....The subjects are graphic in nature. Consider yourselves forewarned. So the following are just a few examples:

" I'm interested in pursuing Lilith's path and want to know what r/occult's adventures in sex demons have been like so far. Dreamscape work, energy manipulation, summoning, servitors, books, tools, whatever stories or tidbits you've got would be appreciated. Tell me all about it! If you specialize in this sort of hoojoo, please PM me, I love talking shop. <3 nbsp="" p="">
EDIT1: Y'all seem to assume I'm not going to alter my personality and lifestyle to harmonize with whatever entity's will and shit. I can see why most people had problems- Don't unsheathe the sword unless you're going to draw blood etc."

"[–]astralanarchist 5 points 9 months ago*

" This is not direct at OP and I'm saying with an utmost respect but...

What's with the incubus and succubi on r/occult lately? This kinda reminds me of a forum I used to lurk and it was(is) filled with people asking about succubi and how to create a sex servitor, etc.

With that said, concerning Lilith, you should read Donald Tyson's works Liber Lilith and Sex Alchemy. (For his sex alchemy, I think it is closer to making a sex servitor to extract "white powder".)

the Lilith or Succubi works do not help me with my path. Therefore, I didn't spend much time doing them.

Devotional work with the Goddess "Nut" or "Nuit" was a different story. It was the best intimate experience with the divine female ever."

"No. Just no. Seriously, F^CK. THAT. SH*T.

Here's what you have to look forward to, working with sex demons:



Random and absurdly strong sexual urges


Severe emotional instability

An ever downward spiral of increasingly deranged fetishes

Clingy ass borderlines

Did I mention STD's?

Jealous partners

Angry spouses

Destroyed reputations

And in general a lot of fucking bullshit. Sex demons are called demons for a reason. Bringing a sex demon into your life because you like sex is like bringing a pestilence demon into your life to help you tidy up the house and clear up your acne. The whole notion of a sex demon is something that ruins your life with sex. Go learn tantra or some other form of white or at least whitish-gray sex magic, it's loads more fun and arguably more powerful as well."

"Sex demons do nothing for you but temporary satisfaction. They're whores and will drain you of any energy they can, eventually causing horrible depression and destroying any hope of having a long-lasting relationship. This is the reason why porn is devastating to the (male, in particular) mind.

Instead, I recommend Venus who's much better at pairing you with someone who will make your sex life both interesting and long lasting."

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"Lilith can become a bit ov an obsession, when I was working with her she ended up having me work for her. I was devoted to her in a teacher/lover way. It was like being in love with a benevolent cult leader. Unobtainable yet, loving.

Looking back I'm surprised I got out ov it by just asking her and my obsession disappeared by the next night without drama. It was the weirdest emotions generated by magick I've experienced yet."

As you can see this gets very very deep and people form very personal relationships and refer to them as their spirit husband our team and husband door demon lover or whatever.

All I can do is say the same thing I always do I know it's been regurgitated and million times do not get up SAST with the stuff to not go down that rabbit hole I can tell you from experience it is something you just don't want to open the door because once you put yourself out there you don't know how many demons have taken notice. They are now familiar with you and feel your fair game and they have a legal right so they could come back at any time.. they are very patient, demons are extremely patient. Something may not happen when you do it or you may leave a investigation unscaved and end up with zero activity after attempting stupid things but these vile creatures are VERY PATIENT! And where they will get using your head they will torture you beyond imagining. Right when things couldn't get worse that is when they will come and you will feel the only relief you can get is death. Take this from somebody who knows personally after messing around with the Ouija board when I knew better my dad always warned me about those things he did many deliverances on people who inadvertently open doors and I did it anyway I was 19 years old. Usually bag for any kind of physical punishment or pain by the time they're done tormenting you in the mind you just have no idea I can assure you you will think you are in hell.

Written By Jennifer L Auld