Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Though I walk through the valley of death...

When ever I see a new face to the paranormal, I always envision their introduction into the field as a path upon a steep mountainside with many paths meandering off the main one in different directions. Some of those paths are dark, treacherous and always promise a better view then they ever do, while others go a path that appear non-consequential and expected, yet, never go anywhere but around in a circle. Some of these people, you can see what direction they are going, while others, it's hard to know what direction they will go. I do get excited when I see those in the field that have that passion, curiosity and spark that sincerely want to help others and for them, I do not usually worry all to much about them. There should truly be a warning out there to each person that enters the Paranormal field. Some people end up in ruins or worse. Most of us, just end up on that path without truly choosing it. It chooses you and not in the way you expect.
Let me just take you down the path I have followed briefly for a moment. My first experience with the unworldly inhabitants of this life was when I was eleven. My brother, (whom I will call Charlie), got a job on farm and for part of his work benefits, was afforded a large farmhouse on the property of the farm. Charlie was older then me by many years and though I was young, he was married and invited my mother and me to stay. This home had the most awe inspiring, frightening and memorable experiences as a child that have stayed with me just as if they just happened with a clarity of recall I can not even explain.
As a child, the boogeymen under the bed and closet phantoms were what Mom had the power to dispel just by turning on the light and admonishing the thought by explaining it being only a trick of the light or looking under the bed and stating nothing was there. I believed her. This house, it wasn't like that. I quickly learned that what I was seeing, at least at first, wasn't something everyone else could see. Not at first. As a kid, it was terrifying and I felt incredibly alone in dealing with it when the elders in my family thought I was making things up or having a wild imagination. When they did experience something, they played it off as nothing or some explainable cause that never really made sense to me. But, it didn't stay that way... not for long anyway.
One such occasion of a particularly haunting event, which was by no way the only event or even the scariest, but, one in which shows the supernatural and awe inspiring and yet fear invoking haunting that occurred at this house and when we came back from a day of shopping. It started with me going to do the door first with groceries in hand and the door slamming behind me. When my brother tried the door, it did not budge. He thought I locked the door, but, I didn't. It wouldn't open. A rack that was made special for the old records called 45's was strewn over and the records all over the floor and I looked upon the chaos in surprise knowing it was something that happened while we were gone. The records began to float in midair in front of me, dangling and slightly spinning like some character from a TV show had cast them with magic. I froze in fear, alone... locked in by some unknown power of which I could not understand as a child. My brother used a crowbar to break into the door. As he did, he caught a glimpse of the records floating that smashed suddenly to the floor as he stepped through the door. I was certain he was shocked and fearful, but, he did not ever voice that for years.
From the ghostly disembodied voices calling my name over my shoulder with a raspy unnerving chill to the bumps I felt under my bed in the midst of the night when I knew no one or thing should be under there, my life as an 11 year old changed from that house and my perception of the world around me with it. After a while, it became clear to me that Mom and my brother did not know what we were dealing with and at times, I knew they were bothered by it. Even then, I knew they tried to protect me from knowing, because, it's all they could do.
There is something to be said of knowing... acknowledging a power from some unseen force that is not bound by the reality we think exist. Once you cross that line, there is no going back... no safe harbor... no night that can not be penetrated in the depth of your dreams while snuggled peacefully under covers. There is a vulnerability you realize and acknowledge and yet, a knowing that everyone around you will likely never voice even if they share in the same experience in the same location.
Evil has a way of penetrating our lives more then just voices and floating objects and frightening us at night. It manipulates, it estranges, it coerces, it circles and it goes for any and all downfalls and weaknesses it can find. Evil promises great things, destroys instead and takes instead of giving. Evil takes you down with it into despair, unaccomplishment, anger, malice, jealousy and fear. It can completely destroy your health, career, family, friendships and life. It can also kill.
Evil doesn't come to you as ONE entity or one moment. It is a culmination of events, circumstances, moments, actions and thoughts that conspire into a destruction of not only someone who is heading in the direction of evil, but, those around them no matter how much they care. The demonic doesn't just show you evil straight out, it lies in wait, slowly enticing, slowly making you feel superior, strong, special and it plays, lies, pretends and manipulates and becomes what ever it needs to, to pull you in.
In true demonology, there is a knowledge of evil, as well as the hierarchy and knowledge of demon types, actions and even their boundaries. So many do not understand. You can step in front of a raging Buffalo, but, you may not live just because you think you know how to stop it by actions taught online. You would likely end up dead doing so. So it is with demons. One does not challenge or think themselves invulnerable to them without truly understanding the reality in humility they should be recognizing and realize, each time they deal with the demonic, they risk themselves, body and soul. No matter how benign a case may appear, it is not something that novices who have decided to write made up rules and synopsis to illicit praise or appreciation from those who do not know the difference between the demonic and a over acting fool pretending to be the next best deliverer from evil hero, should be doing.
This is my warning to those taking classes online to deal first hand with demons; STOP! There is nothing online that can prepare you for dealing with the demonic. It is dangerous. You are probably NOT learning what you should be learning for instance. Demonologist do not do exorcisms. THAT is an EXORCIST. To be an exorcist, you must be clergy and understand a lot on how to do the rituals, as well as understanding the demonic. You must understand the greatest sacrifice is yourself for others and being willing to do so. Both being a demonologist that works in deliverance in any way or especially a exorcist have to be willing to do just what that priest did on the movie Exorcist, sacrifice yourself. Believe me, I know first hand this sacrifice. You do not choose this field... no one in their straight mind would.
I have never once went out hunting demons. I have never went out of my way to go to a place and be around demons. People have always come to me. Whether it is those who have the knowledge and approach me or friends who have a story to tell or just those who are looking for information... but it is always something that comes to me. It is much like the fraud exposing really. When you are meant to do this, you know. So it is with dealing with demons in any way, shape or form is as well.
I realize to some, this article is spewed with what some would call religiosity and archaic beliefs. However, rudimentary thinking from the perspective of thought, is the killer evil, his thoughts evil or his soul? Does he have measurements of evil? There is something to be said of entertaining thoughts and thoughts becoming actions after all. What about where those thoughts go and why they do not appear taboo and plain frightening to some. From the spirit and story of the dream catcher, evil thoughts can become actions. They can become actions even against you by others. It is like a web of thought, evil effects the entire web of life. Some of these “archaic” ideas are age old and for a reason. I myself do not subscribe to the thought that old wisdom is useless and wrong. I tend to think there is a high chance for a value in them and a reason they have stood the test of time and brought forward for generations, much like the dream catcher and it's purpose. On this, it is just something I learned on my own in life.
So many people that seem to have these types of problems are people who have played with Ouija boards or other sources for summoning the spirits of the deceased. Sometimes, they are people with psychological issues as well. But some... and I mean this... some have decided to be demonologist or exorcist and are not alive today. Some that go that road end up in very hard lives. I have heard how some people, they change from the day entering a haunted location that ended up having something dark within.
So, this is my warning to you out there entering this field and especially interested in the darker side to help or because of interest, be weary, tread carefully, learn from the right sources, do your homework and have a strong faith and love in God and love of others. Love is in this... the strongest and ultimate weapon against evil.
Evan Jensen
Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network