Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Issue 93-The Darkness on the Edge of Town Spreads Throughout Town

By Kirby Robinson

We knew that our new book would rock boats and cause people to get mad and use words they shouldn’t utter around women and kids. From reports we’ve received, it has done that. But what it isn’t doing is encouraging para-celebs to come out and admit that helped take part in carrying out the deceptions that are exposed within Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State’s “I Am Six” Case.

This also deals with the late Andrew Calder. We aren’t calling him a bad man or a huckster. But what we must say is the facts clearly show he and his supporters weren’t telling the truth about his ordination. After his appearance on Paranormal State, he was no longer ordained. Even after his death, they keep making false claims about that ordination. One of our investigators got this reply when inquiring about his ordination.

He was a ordained with the CEEC, the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, with full authorization and dispensation by his Bishop and Archbishop to perform exorcisms and deliverances.

About the only thing true in the above comment can be found within the first 13 words. What they don’t tell you is that the CEEC has nothing to do with the Episcopal Church of America. The leadership of the Episcopal Church has never heard of the CEEC. The word Episcopal Church within the CEEC simply stands for the style of worship they take part in. It is different from most evangelical churches, and it does NOT make a member of the CEEC an Episcopal priest.

As to the other deceptions within the statement, I address them in detail in the book.

Just one person can’t carry out a deception of this scale. You need others who are willing to play along, and others help you sell it. We show how Ryan Buell and Chip Coffey helped him sell it and remained quiet about it. We show also how PRS/Paranormal State also spread the lie.

If you Google Andrew Calder’s name you’ll see interview after interview, appearance after appearance, article after article—all containing the term Episcopal Priest. You hear or read the term ordained. Some claim he was an ordained Independent Catholic Priest. He wasn’t. 

But what you’re not hearing is anyone asking questions about this. We do ask why.

After the book is finished, you send out ARC’s [Advance Review Copies] to media outlets. Yes, some are even those who helped Andrew Calder spread his deceptions. To date we have no response from any and we understand the book catches them in a lie that they can’t get over. You’re either ordained or you’re not. It is like being pregnant--you are or you’re not.

One such media outlet is the Darkness on the Edge of Town hosted by David Schrader. Dave claims he is open to talking about the truth whether it is ugly or not. We got this response:

I wont and please remove me from all future emails. Thank you.

Warmest regards-

Dave Schrader

Hate to say it, but that darkness has moved from the outskirts of your town and now surrounds you. Don’t mock GOD. You allowed Andrew Calder to spread his lies. You claim that you like the truth yet you allow your show to spread lies. This includes all the fake para-celebs that appear on your show who soak the public with their lies. Members of the new age who preach a false doctrine to your audience. And the cunning hucksters of psychics who take people’s money for entertainment purposes only.

Some will claim that what I seek is to be on his show. No, that is far from the truth. All Dave would have to do is contact the Episcopal Church and find out if they ordained Andrew Calder. He would get his answer. He could call the CEEC and ask when/why did Andrew Calder lose his ordination? Why is the CEEC not part of the Episcopal Church? Dave could go on the air and say he is sorry for allowing his show to be used to deceive people.

That’s all very simple and maybe then the darkness would retreat to the edge of town. My feeling is that the darkness will keep on growing as the lies and deceptions keep on flowing…

“Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal: Fact or Fake” by C.C. Starbuck Coming Soon!

C.C. Starbuck has given their okay for us to serialize the eBook on exposing PSYCHIC KIDS as fake.


We received an email stating that Reporter X has some breaking news. We don’t know what it is. But we’ll all find out soon.

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