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The Paranormal Christian – Christmas Myths

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

In a couple of days, we will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate the holiday of Christmas.  This holiday has become increasingly secular and commercialized over the past few decades.  Less and less is the focus on the birth of Jesus Christ, and the gift of Salvation He represents, and later would be sacrificed and resurrected to fulfill that prophecy.

There are a number of myths regarding Christmas and the tying in of Christ’s Birth to it.

Christians have always celebrated Christ’s Birth.

For the first several centuries of Christianity, the birth of Jesus was not celebrated. The earliest Christians viewed the celebration of birthdays, by definition, to be a pagan practice. Christians were discouraged from celebrating their own birthdays, so it is unlikely they celebrated Christ’s. This was true as late as the turn of the 5th century. Of course, by Augustine’s time, some Christians were observing Christmas, and were in the process of pegging it to their calendar, coincidentally at around the time of the winter solstice, which also happened to have been a time-window in which other, older pagan holidays had been celebrated. For a number of reasons this happened to be a convenient time of the year for holidays, so it had long been used for that purpose; first by pagans, then by Christians. It’s quite natural and understandable that they did so.

Christmas customs are centuries old.

This is quite false. We think of things like giving gifts as an old Christmas tradition. From the time Christmas was first observed by the Church, intermittently in the 4th century, then more steadily by the middle of the 5th and on into the Middle Ages, the only Christian activity performed on Christmas was the celebration of a special Christmas mass. Within the first few centuries these special Christmas masses were attended only by clergy, not the congregation. Christmas trees, decorating and feasting were all much-later developments. Giving gifts had been a custom in some pagan holidays, but it did not become a Christmas custom until the Middle Ages, and even then this was not consistent.

Christmas is celebrated by all Christians.

This claim is ridiculous on its face. Even now, there are some Christians who refuse to celebrate it, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Historically, there have been Christian sects who also did not celebrate it, and they even repressed it where they could. The truth is that the only holiday that all Christian sects have in common, is Easter. Even then they don’t all observe it on the same date. Most sects also observe Pentecost in some way, even some that don’t observe Christmas.

Christmas has always been celebrated on December 25

This is not true, not only because not all Christians have designated December 25 as “Christmas,” but because not even all of those who do, actually celebrate that day. Some Christian sects assign Christmas to days other than December 25. Other sects celebrate Epiphany, the annual commemoration of the visit of the Magi, in preference to Christmas. This is more common in Orthodox Christianity, but it’s found even among some western Christians, among many Hispanic cultures for example, which celebrate what they call “Three Kings Day.”

The most sacred holiday on the Christian calendar is Christmas.

Undoubtedly this statement is untrue.  The most sacred holiday for Christians, is Easter, the day which commemorates Jesus’ resurrection. Easter was celebrated long before Christmas ever was, to the point where its dating was a point of contention among Christians a couple centuries before Christmas was a thought. Easter was observed on varying dates as early as the middle of the 2nd century, and dating it was discussed at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. At that time it was noted that Christmas was merely a mass that was held annually, and attended only by clergy, only in some places. It was not a “holiday” in any conventional sense, not even in terms of the Greco-Roman culture of that period.

Jesus was born in December near the time of Christmas today.

Although it’s not impossible, it seems unlikely. The Bible does not specify a date or month. One problem with December is that it would be unusual for shepherds to be “abiding in the field” at this cold time of year when fields were unproductive. The normal practice was to keep the flocks in the fields from Spring to Autumn. Also, winter would likely be an especially difficult time for pregnant Mary to travel the long distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

A more probable time would be late September, the time of the annual Feast of Tabernacles, when such travel was commonly accepted. Thus, it is rather commonly believed that Jesus’ birth was around the last of September. The conception of Christ, however, may have taken place in late December of the previous year. Our Christmas celebration may well be recognized as an honored observation of the incarnation of ‘the Word made flesh’ (John 1:14).

Legend Of Santa Claus

Santa Claus has become indispensable to secularized version of Christmas. There has hardly been a Christmas when children have not waited for their kind and beloved Santa. The stories related to Santa Claus have managed to gain much popularity amongst people all over the world. Santa Claus, the noble saint with his big belly and red outfit, wanders around homes spreading the message of optimism and prosperity. He is depicted with a long white beard which is a sign of his worldly wisdom.

The story traces the kind deeds of St. Nicholas in his city. It took form hundreds of years back when Nicholas was born to a wealthy Christian family in Myra, now located in modern Turkey. The legends of his good deeds and helpfulness soon made him the Bishop of Myra. He wished to see his people satisfied and happy and would even travel at night to ensure the same. One night, during his visits, he overheard a family complaining about their misfortunes and poverty which was compelling them to sell their three daughters as slaves or prostitutes. Nicholas could not stand their plight and threw three purses of gold from the chimney in to their house secretly. Such instances were common and only made him more popular. He was referred to as the 'Patron Saint of Children and Sailors'. Every year on December 6th, that is the death anniversary of St. Nicholas, families prepare feasts in honor of the memory of St. Nicholas. Owing to the respect for his great nature, it is also considered good fortune to get married on the same day.

Tomorrow night, Saturday Dec 24th from 7 pm to 9 pm, Reverend Mark Hunnemann and I will delve even deeper into Christmas myth and the Birth of Jesus Christ during our “The Paranormal Christian” radio show.  Join us for a light hearted discussion on these topics, with calls from our listeners, and some great Christmas music.  Tune in at

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Even More Danger Lies Within

By Reap Paden

Before we continue please allow me to clear a couple things up. When you post a comment, use your name. When you come onto another person's blog to criticize or praise, use your name. If the words you are putting together have any meaning or value, own them. You can come by and tell the world I am a jerk if you wish but keep in mind- That isn't new news, it's old news. People have either accepted it and moved on or disagreed and stuck around but so far no one has managed to shut me up. You will not quiet me either. This concept should be easy to grasp even for those with stunted intellect who have been posting like maniacal marauding morons to my previous posts. And an FYI to those who question my experience with the paranormal. Read my bio and allow me to add. I have talked to and dealt with many people who are considered 'experts' and 'celebrities' in the paranormal. I know the percentage of bullshit claims by those people, sometimes by them telling me as much themselves. Take that into consideration before you discount my opinion.

In the previous blog I gave you the rundown on what I had found on the Dangers of the Paranormal so far. I had a list of 'dangers' that was so long it could make anybody a paranoid schizophrenic. If someone were to worry about all those things possibly causing them harm at the same time they wouldn't be able to get anything done. For this reason (among others) the list is pretty useless.

Now I'd like to talk about something else I found on this website:

A video interview with a 17-year-old girl named Dawn. Dawn tells a story about an investigation she went on when she was 16 or 17. It was at Waverly Hills. She talks about the Constantinos holding a meeting playing EVPs. As the girl listened she says she heard someone ask "Can you touch one of us?" Then she says she felt something touch her inappropriately. The interviewer asks her if it felt like a male, she replies "yes". Then he asks if it felt like it was inside or outside of her. The girl replies "it felt like it was inside of me."

Watching this crap leaves me with a sick feeling. I don't know who the hell would think this girl's story is just a case of 'the usual' when you go investigating the paranormal. Either this girl is making up the story or she really got touched by someone. In either case she needs some help from a responsible adult, not to be interviewed as a case study showing ghosts like to touch underage girls. If it was my daughter telling this story there would be some heads still rolling around as a result of my anger. (For the record- My daughter would not be out on an investigation, she is too busy with the real world for such things).

Again, just as I've said when talking about Chip Coffey's irresponsible meddling into children's lives, the people doing this interview are enamored with ghost hunting. They will do anything to find stories validating their insane claims of ghosts floating around us, waiting for a ghost hunter recording EVPs so they can contact the living. Usually this is done by the spirit saying something totally random such as "salami sandwich". I've never understood why people can not learn about paradolia and then use that knowledge when dealing with things like EVPs. The fact is our brains will try to make sense out of randomness. This is a well researched and documented fact. That alone should be enough to call any and all EVPs into question. Yes you may have heard something but was that really a ghost talking to you?

This young girl could have very well been a victim of some sort of abuse while she was visiting Waverly. We probably will never know because at the time a bunch of morons were too busy yelling "ghost! ghost!" to think about the more likely causes for this girl's feeling of being touched inappropriately. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I'm not comfortable with a certain percentage of molestation cases being chalked up to "Casper did it" are you?

It is appearing to me that the most dangerous thing about the paranormal is the people in the paranormal. I've wrote about this subject before and I kinda expected some outrage and outcry from the paranormal community. I expected at least some of the 'celebrities' who are featured on this site to voice protest and demand they be removed from the content of this website. You know what? Almost nothing happened. Chip Coffey demanded one of his videos be removed but it was because in the video Chip tells a story that makes Chris Fleming's look like testimony from a nun. He claims a water poltergeist follows him home and puts a hole in his water heater. When Chip calls a plumber he finds out that the poltergeist is the spirit of a African American man who was hung back in the days of slavery. The man's spirit is angry. Chip finds this out through his plumber who also happens to be an African American. It is then that Chip can put the spirit at ease. Who knows what would have happened if the plumber would have been white.It's hard to tell what trait comes through stronger Chip's racism, disrespect, or his stupidity. Maybe it's a tie, I'm not sure.

Before I move on I'd like to ask EVP Experts, Mark and Debbie Constantino, John Zaffis, Chris Fleming, Andrew Calder, or any of the others who are featured on I'll ask the reader too. (I won't bother asking Chip, he has already made it clear his stance is "I don't care").

If your 17-year-old daughter came home from an investigation and told you she was touched inappropriately would your reaction be to have her do an interview so she could talk about the ghost that felt her up? If you ran a website would you think such a video would be helpful to other young people? Don't worry kids, when you are ghost hunting and something touches you in an inappropriate's just a ghost. Don't worry about it.

This site isn't new but it's new to each and every person, young and old who comes across it for the first time. Just because material has been posted for a length of time doesn't mean it isn't wrong. I'd like to see some responsible actions on the part of those involved in the paranormal. I wonder if that is just too much to expect.


We would like to ask that people posting comments please limit the use of swear words in their comments. This blog is intended for all ages and we wish to keep it that way. Also, try to stay on topic. What does it really matter who is who and who has done what if it has nothing to do with people being deceptive about psychic/paranormal powers, events, etc.

Often the people we seek to expose as being fakes get their followers to come after those who dare to criticize them -- so why should we be doing the same?

And while I'm at it, let me say thank you to all our special contributors. You are doing a great job -- keep it up! As we go into 2012 we'll be adding even more special contributors and that will attract more readers. Then we can move from Blogger to our own site.

To our new and old readers -- keep your eye out as 2012 will bring new books, radio appearances and even TV appearances for me as well as those who contribute their writing to this site. This will raise the awareness of this site, both in and out of the paranormal community, and those special contributors who grace it with their words of wisdom and insight.

Finally, please keep in mind the reason for the season. Take some time to reflect on the gifts the birth of Christ gave us. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

P.S. Comments will not be approved that contain swear words even if they have asterisks and/or dashes. Off topic comments such as: personal attacks that have nothing to do with the activity within the paranormal community--will not be tolerated.

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December 21, 2012 – The Countdown Begins

Ó 2008-2011
By Kirby Robinson

I'm sure that most of you know about December 21, 2012 and all the speculation as to what will happen on that date. The hundreds of books, thousands of web sites, and countless conferences where you can spend up to $200 hearing speaker after speaker pronouncing the forthcoming doomsday, are all warning us about some very big changes. After attending that seminar, you can visit the lobby filled with profiteering vendors offering every imaginable type of survival kit on earth, as well as survival kits that will prepare you to survive in the spiritual realm.

For those of you living under a rock, I'll briefly catch you up on the whole controversy. On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar comes to an end, as well as numerous other religious cycles come to a conclusion. The planets align in a very peculiar manner and December 21st is Winter Solstice. Numerous psychics, scientists, and new agers, predict catastrophic changes, in not only the planet, but also the universe and throughout the spiritual realms. We also face a society that could break into chaos and bloodshed. Alarmed yet? So was I when my spirit guides showed me what will happen.

On the dreaded morning of December 21st, striking Australia first, the ocean waters will begin to rise, and as the water pulls away, the land bridge that at one time connected Australia and its nearby islands will begin to reemerge. When the land bridge thrusts out of the ocean, it reconnects to the Asian continent. The heaving and swelling tsunamis that embroil the Pacific Ocean casts boats, ships, ocean liners, and oil tankers into the air, and mass destruction will follow.

In China, there will be major earthquakes so strong that dams will break, cities will flood, and nuclear power plants will break open releasing toxic gas. The Chinese military assures the populace that the nation is under attack, and will launch missiles at both Japan and Russia, eliminating Japan off the face of the earth. As missiles rain down onto Eastern Russia, the problems will be compounded by large landmasses in Siberia breaking apart and massive steam vents erupting, which will melt the frozen tundra, causing massive flooding.

India will see colossal earthquakes and volcanoes rising out of the earth in a few seconds. Millions will die as mass rioting and stampedes of whole populations flee. The Middle East finally goes through an all out nuclear war. Israel and the Arab Nations will unleash a nuclear holocaust so great that the entire section of that area will be under a nuclear cloud. The Great Pyramids of Giza will turn to dust, and the mighty Sphinx will be no more. Earthquakes will work their way down to South Africa, unleashing locusts buried so long they are the size of eagles, and they begin attacking the population. Europe will pull apart from Asia and within hours smash into the British Isles. In the Americas, from the tip of Canada to the bottom of South America, it will be utter mayhem on a scale never before witnessed by mankind.

OK, folks, hang on a minute, I can't take it any longer. I must tell you the truth of what will happen on December 21, 2012...

No chaos will hit society in any form whatsoever. Nothing out of the natural will happen outside of normal every day events. People doing their Christmas shopping, going to work, playing in the snow, and living their lives. So please, for your sake, save your money. Say no to those overpriced doomsday books, pass on those all day conferences filled with authors that are preying on our fears and spinning tales of insanity and madness in order to increase their bank accounts. Tell those fear mongers who put together lousy end-of-the-world videos to get lost. Remember how we were told over and over again that the harmonic convergence meant the end of the world? Y2K was supposed to be the end of all mankind, and that 9/11 was the start of the End Times. What horrific events happened on 6/06/06? Oh, and to go back in time, wasn't the world supposed to end in 1958? In fact, check out this helpful site, The Library of Date Setters for the End of the World, where they list more than 200 doomsday predictions! And yet, we are still here. And life goes on. Yes, one day the end will come. And catastrophes will strike the planet. Someday, but not in 2012, or 12/21/21. (Wanna bet a few will claim it was all due to some sort of spiritual dyslexia?) Not even 12/21/75. Spend the next year of your life spreading love and compassion, and set your spirits free from the fear of what will happen on December 21, 2012.

Notice how the world didn't end on May 21, 2011? Or on November 21, 2011? The world will not shake, the ground will not rumble. Things will be just the same as always. That being said, the doomsday sayers, those who sell the notion that death and destruction will sweep upon us on December 21, 2012 have not slowed down their wild tales. Even better, they have now been joined by many within mainstream Christian churches who have been teaching that we are in the End Times. In reality, nothing has happened to date.

It’s all a way for them to sell more books, DVDs, survival kits, conferences, etc. for another year until 2012 then they will have to come up with more reasons why the Rapture has yet to take place.

We now enter the one year countdown to what might be the biggest non event of world history: the supposed end of the world on 12/21/12. The only thing that will take place is those charlatans who know what they teach or forecast is a load of crap, will smile as their bank account grows and their popularity soars.  

How many deaths will take place because people are convinced by all these lies that the world will end on December 21, 2012? How many lives will be harmed because people drop out of school, quit their jobs, or fail to vote in the 2012 elections? How many people will cop the attitude that nothing matters because the world is gonna end?

And on December 22, 2012, what will these merchants of deception say?

~ We missed the date but now we have a new one!

~ The world did end, figuratively, at least. Don't you feel different?

~ God could have ended things but He chose not to.

The above three excuses will be very common when these deceivers miss their mark.

Don't be afraid when you hear that the world is ending on December 21, 2012. Stand up to these idiots!  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7 Questions for the Dalai Lama

The following questions and answers were initially published in the 1996 book Beyond Dogma: The Challenge of the Modern World. That book is no longer in print but another volume from the 1993 teaching His Holiness gave in France is: Beyond Dogma: Dialogues and Discourses.

Q: Your Holiness, you have just visited a Catholic shrine. Do you hope to one day go to Jerusalem or Mecca?

A: I am particularly happy to have gone today, in person, to the shrine at Lourdes, the heart of this holy place of pilgrimage I had heard of in the past. I was deeply moved.

Of course I have been attending services and taking part in interreligious exchanges for a long time. For two years I have been planning to do a major pilgrimage to holy places in the company of representatives of other religions. When we visit such places we benefit from their atmosphere, we pray together, or we may simply meditate and commune with our thoughts in silence. I have already done this in India and am happy to begin again today. I believe these sites awaken in us a feeling of communion and understanding much greater and deeper than a simple intellectual comprehension. I would like very much to begin such a pilgrimage by visiting Jerusalem and Mecca, but I do not know when circumstances will allow me to go there.

Q: Have you and the other representatives discussed among yourselves the issues raised by conversion, changing from one religion to another, in particular the different forms of Protestantism, Catholicism, or even Buddhism here in France?

A: In our private meeting, a Christian quoted to me an inscription of King Ashoka, which speaks of how intolerance towards other religions can destroy one's own religion; how the prosperity of a religion is linked to respect for other religions.

Q: What do you think of the work of solidarity taking place between Christians in the West and in China?

A: Christians have always been a minority in China, and they have suffered as such. Moreover, the lack of communication due to the political regime has certainly limited their vision of the international situation. I think, therefore, that any dialogue that can be established with Christians outside China can help them to open their minds to the realities of the world.

Q: Do you think it is possible to be both Christian and Buddhist at the same time?

A: I ... replied to this question indirectly when I said that belief in a Creator could be associated with the understanding of emptiness. I believe it is possible to progress along a spiritual path and reconcile Christianity with Buddhism. But once a certain degree of realization has been reached, a choice between the two paths will become necessary. I recently gave a series of teachings in the United States and one of these teachings was about patience and tolerance. At the end there was a ceremony for taking the Bodhisattva Vows. A Christian priest who was in the audience wanted to take these vows. I asked him if he had the right to, and he replied that yes, of course, he could take these vows and still remain a Christian.

Q: Christ's words "Love thy neighbour" embody for us the Christian religion. What is your message to humanity when you meet another human being?

A: Love of one's neighbour, kindness, and compassion--these are, I believe, the essential and universal elements preached by all religions. In spite of divergent philosophical views, we can establish harmony among all spiritual traditions on the basis of these common traits of love, kindness, and forgiveness. I always insist on this point and devote a great deal of energy to it. Most difficulties between religions come about because of people who, having failed to transform and bring peace to their own minds, not only apply their own beliefs yet are all while to impose them on others. This unfortunate behaviour can provoke serious conflicts, although I have noticed a considerable re-conciliation between the different religions, more particularly between Tibetan Buddhism and Christianity. We have actually set up a very constructive programme of exchanges between monks and nuns of our two traditions.

Q: What are the ten virtuous acts spoken of in Buddhism?

A: Three concern the body: one must not kill, steal, or engage in sexual misconduct. Four others are verbal: do not lie, defame others, speak offensive words, or engage in frivolous conversation, which relates to everything that might be said under the influence of afflicting emotions. Finally, the last three virtuous acts are of a mental nature: do not develop covetousness or malice and, finally, do not hold false or perverted views, such as the extreme view, close to nihilism, which totally denies spiritual perfection.

What we mean by "erroneous views" generally includes absolutist, eternalist, and nihilistic views. But in the context of the ten virtuous acts, only nihilistic views are implicated. It is therefore on the basis of a lifestyle disciplined by ethics that one abstains from committing the contrary acts, the ten non-virtuous acts. When faced with a situation where you might possibly commit such negative acts, you abstain from committing them. A life rooted in ethics has at its foundation the abandonment of the ten non-virtues in favour of the practice of their opposites.

Q: If we have committed a serious negative act, how can we let go of the feeling of guilt that may follow?

A: In such situations, where there is a danger of feeling guilty and therefore depressed, the Buddhist point of view advises adopting certain ways of thinking and behaving which will enable you to recover your self-confidence. A Buddhist may reflect on the nature of the mind of. a Buddha, on its essential purity, and in what way disturbing thoughts and their subsequent emotions are of an entirely different nature. Because such disturbing emotions are adventitious, they can be eliminated. To think of the immense well of potential hidden deep within our being, to understand that the nature of the mind is fundamental purity and kindness and to meditate on its luminosity, will enable you to develop self-confidence and courage.

The Buddha says in the Sutras that fully enlightened and omniscient beings, whom we consider to be superior, did not spring from the bowels of the earth, nor did they fall from the sky; they are the result of spiritual purification. Such beings were once as troubled as we are now, with the same weaknesses and flaws of ordinary beings. Shakyamuni Buddha himself, prior to his enlightenment, lived in other incarnations that were far more difficult than our present lives. To recognize, in all its majesty, our own potential for spiritual perfection is an antidote to guilt, disgust, and hopelessness. Nagarjuna says in "The Precious Garland of Advice for the King" that pessimism and depression never help in finding a good solution to any problem. On the other hand, arrogance is just as negative. But to present as an antidote to it a posture of extreme humility may tend to foster a lack of self-confidence and open the door to depression and discouragement. We would only go from one extreme to the other.

I would like to point out that to set out on a retreat for three years full of hope and expectations, thinking that without the slightest difficulty you will come Out of it fully enlightened, can turn into a disaster, unless you undertake it with the most serious intentions. If you overestimate your expectations and have too much self-confidence, you will be headed for dissatisfaction and disillusionment. When you think of what the Buddha said--that perfect enlightenment is the result of spiritual purification and an accumulation of virtues and wisdom for eons and eons--it is certain that courage and perseverance will arise to accompany you on the path.

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World Wide Prayer Circle – Sunday, December 18, 2011


Thank you for visiting the new World Wide Prayer Circle here at the Eye on the Paranormal site! Every Sunday you can come by and post your prayer request[s], no matter how large or small.

We welcome anonymous prayer requests.

Anyone can come by, read your request[s], and engage in intercessory prayer according to their religious or spiritual background. This way, we can unify the entire world in a circle of prayer.

Please limit your posts here to the matters of prayer requests, participating in praying, and updates on prayer requests.

Thank you!

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Repeat ~ Forensic Interviews & Paranormal Investigations

Due to Martha Hazzard-Decker's husband's illness, she is unable to write a new article this week. Here is one she wrote last month that is certainly worth repeating.

We hope that everyone joins us in sending prayers for a speedy recovery to her husband.

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Paranormal Christian – Biblical Truth Regarding Reincarnation

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

The latest Pew Forum survey of religious beliefs (here ) puts the overall percentage of Americans who believe in reincarnation at 24% (men 21%, women 28%). Strangely enough, Blacks (34%) are almost twice as likely to believe in reincarnation as Whites (21%), with Hispanics in the middle (29%).

Oddly enough, a full 11% of self-identified Evangelical Christians believe in reincarnation, although only 5% of those who attend church weekly. Black Christians (29%) believe in reincarnation only slightly more than White Catholics (25%). Even among weekly attendees, 21% of White Catholics believe in reincarnation.

Such high percentages stand as a testimony to the poor job of religious education being performed in the churches today. The spread of these beliefs is one of the most under-reported and unnoticed religious phenomenon of the last 100 years, representing a sea change of religious worldviews.

The word "reincarnation" literally means to "come again in the flesh." The process of reincarnation - continual rebirths in human bodies - allegedly continues until the soul has reached a state of perfection and merges back with its source. One's lot in life, according to those who believe in reincarnation, is based on the law of karma. This law says that if bad things happen in one's life, this is an outworking of bad karma. If good things happen in one's life, this is an outworking of good karma.

"Karma" refers to the "debt" a soul accumulates because of good or bad actions committed during one's life (or past lives). If one accumulates good karma by performing good actions, he or she will be reincarnated in a desirable state. If one accumulates bad karma, he or she will be reincarnated in a less desirable state.

Some people twist the Scriptures and say that Jesus Himself taught reincarnation or "cyclical rebirth." In Matthew 11:14, for example, Jesus said, "And if you are willing to accept it, [John the Baptist] is the Elijah who was to come." Likewise, in John 3:3 Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again."

But these passages, rightly interpreted, do not support reincarnation. Matthew 11:14 does not really teach that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah. Luke 1:17, an important cross reference, tells us that the ministry of John the Baptist was carried out "in the spirit and power of Elijah." Moreover, reincarnationists conveniently forget that John the Baptist, when asked if he was Elijah, flatly answered, "No!" (John 1:21).

Regarding Jesus' words about being "born again" in John 3:3, the context clearly shows that Jesus was referring to a spiritual rebirth or regeneration. In fact, the phrase born again carries the idea of "born from above," and can even be translated that way. Jesus clarified His meaning by affirming that "flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit" (v. 6).

There are other Scriptures that clearly debunk the notion of reincarnation. Hebrews 9:27 tells us that "man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment...." Each human being lives once as a mortal on earth, dies once, and then faces judgment. He does not have a second chance by reincarnating into another body. Second Corinthians 5:8 indicates that at death the Christian immediately goes into the presence of the Lord, not into another body. Luke 16:19-31 indicates that unbelievers at death go to a place of suffering, not into another body.

We must also remember that Jesus taught that people decide their eternal destiny in a single lifetime (Matthew 25:46). This is precisely why the apostle Paul emphasized that "now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Further, Jesus taught the concept of resurrection, not reincarnation. In fact, He predicted His own resurrection early in His public ministry (John 2:19). And after Jesus resurrected from the dead, He appeared to some disciples and said, "Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have" (Luke 24:39). Jesus resurrected in the same body that went into the tomb. His body even retained the scars and wounds in His hands, feet, and side from the crucifixion (John 20:28).

In addition to biblically refuting reincarnation, we must also point to some of the practical problems involved in the theory of reincarnation. For example, we must ask, Why does one get punished for something he or she cannot remember having done in a previous life? Moreover, if the purpose of karma is to rid humanity of its selfish desires, then why has there not been a noticeable improvement in human nature after all the millennia of reincarnations on earth?

What about those who ‘remember’ their past lives so vividly? I cannot speak against their experiences. All I can tell you is either they’re being deceived by a demon or is deceiving the gullible public. Even if they indeed remember their past lives, why can’t they have an empirical evidence to prove that they indeed lived a previous lives. Why can’t they tell us and, describe for us how it is to live as an insect or animal. Or why not bring something from the so-called, past life, let say, a necklace, clothes, perhaps a birth certificate that will proved and convince the skeptics?

India, the cradle of reincarnation, still one of the world’s woeful nations. According to a friend of mine (who loves to travel to India) who has been to India several times, told me that countless of city streets are awash with filth. Starving beggars were everywhere. Miseries abound to those who don’t have a meal in their stomach. The only fortunate were the rats, and cows who in turn ate their fill. The question that comes to my mind is, after thousands of years of reincarnation, isn’t it only fair to say that India would be the exception and a shining example of human progress and spiritual transformation?

Isn’t the theory of Karmic transmigration a cop-out from human responsibility? For instance, I always help beggars. Sometimes I offer them a meal if I get the chance. But, helping a beggar in India is futile since he is working off his Bad Karma!

Did you know that before Christian missionaries arrived in India there were no charitable institutions and hospitals? Institutions for helping the needy is considered a stumbling block for the Karmic Transmigration. The reincarnation edifice offers no hope, nor does it have any relevance in answering suffering and human depravity. In fact devotees are enslaved into believing life-death-life that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Finally, if reincarnation and the law of karma are so beneficial on a practical level, then how do they explain the immense and ever-worsening social and economic problems - including widespread poverty, starvation, disease, and horrible suffering in India, where reincarnation has been systematically taught throughout its history?

Tomorrow night, December 17, at 7 pm, Reverend Mark Hunnemann and I will explore this topic further on “The Paranormal Christian”. You can link to the show at

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dangers of the Paranormal

By Reap Paden

I was going to write about the brain this week...but....this is more important. Not more important than your brain but more important for your brain to know about.

Search 'dangers of the paranormal' and you will find something that should amaze you. It's a website built to warn people about the dangers they may encounter when being involved in paranormal....stuff, hence the name.

When I came upon this website for the first time my mind expected to see some information about homeless people and drug users residing in some of the vacant buildings paranormal people would be attracted to. I thought maybe I would find some bold warning that many old buildings have been gutted and just left in ruin providing numerous hazards from boards with protruding nails to minimal structural integrity. Having a wall or building fall on you or your group would probably manage to get your name in the paper usually isn't the best way to make people aware of your group. You  would maybe get an opportunity to find out if ghosts are real but getting killed isn't the preferred method of ghost hunters as far as I know......although in some cases..never-mind.

So I check out the website and what do I find? Here's a list of the dangers in order as they appear on the site-  Mental illness, insanity, possession, obsession, attachments, hitch-hikers, walk-in's (as in belonging to Christopher Walken I assume), push-ins, oppression, infestation, physical problems, mental problems, spiritual problems, insomnia, agitation, personality changes, loss of time, paranoia, hearing voices, hallucinations, animal attacks, slip and fall injuries, getting pushed by entities,assault, fainting spells, unexplained financial difficulties, losing your job, losing your friends, losing your family, losing your reality, losing yourself, changes in appearance, loss of electronic equipment, spider bites, allergic reactions, hypothermia, exposure to the elements, frostbite, loss of faith or belief, unexplained medical issues, depression, eventual hospitalization or therapy, divorce, sudden abandonment of hygiene, alcoholism, sudden drug or substance abuse, self inflicted trauma, automobile accidents, mechanic bills, fires, loss of cell phone functions, indignation from spirits, demonic attachments, loss of pets lives, family members affected, death of relatives, loss of happiness and fulfillment with everything in life, loss of belief system, arrest, jail, rehabilitation, loss of patience, loss of affection, loss of intimacy....

And then it says "The extremely long and more detailed list of the risks can be found below." The LONG list??!

After reading this I was left breathless, partly because I had been giggling through much of it and partly because the list was....well, I'm not sure words can describe it. I'll just call it stupid to simplify things.

Besides the warning about hitch-hikers, which I'm not too sure is a 'top danger', the slips and falls warning was about what I expected. The list sounded more like a "dangers of living life' than a list of dangers specifically attributed to ghost hunting.

I took a look at the 'long list' here are some of the interesting things I found:

"Always remember that while in these environments, you and the investigators are always prone to a spirit attack. You may be shoved, hit, cut and slapped, you may have the wind knocked out of you by an unseen force or find yourself pushed down a flight of stairs. Some investigators have found themselves on the brunt end of a flying object that was thrown at them by an unseen force. Use common sense and always be aware of your environment."

Allow me to say here, if anything is thrown at you or you are hit with an object DO NOT assume it is a ghost. It is more likely a real tangible human who is trying to harm you. I would gamble that in at least 99.9% in such circumstances a real human is the cause. (The other .1% is a knife throwing cat that escaped from the circus)

"In the past we have experienced clients under partial possession who have threatened us with household items. This was documented and we were in danger despite all precautions."

Once again I feel the need to interject...In these cases your 'client' has been upgraded to 'assailant' or 'perpetrator' and possession is not the cause of this person's behavior. Do not try to combat the offender with a crucifix or holy water, find a real person to help or to call for help.

"Many investigators find themselves hearing voices when under a spirit based attack. They will be kept awake for days, pushed, shoved, and touched. They may experience uncontrollable shaking, cold, or fevers around them. This is usually caused by a separate entity affecting their physiological functions. If you feel like something has followed you home from an investigation, let people know."

If this happens to you or anyone you know or hear about get that person to a doctor immediatly. For the 10th time..this is most likely not being caused by and type of entity, the person needs help from a real live medical professional. A demonologist will not cut it and a psychic will not help.

There is 10 blogs of worthless and irresponsible content included with what I have posted here. At the end of the page it reads: "If you have a story and would like to share it of your own experiences with the Dangers of the Paranormal, email us through our contact page at and include DOTP in the title."

Next I hit the link to the video page. There I find Dave Shrader in a couple of videos. I can't figure out if I'm more annoyed by the disinformation Dave is presenting or by the level of boredom I'm feeling while watching. Boring but overall about par for the course.

Then I come to Chris Fleming's video message to the only people in more danger than the cast of Deadliest Catch, ghost hunters. It's not bad until I get to the end. At the end it is as if Chris feels some need to prove he has been 'in the trenches' and tells a couple of incredibly lame stories. One is about his body being taken over and by sheer luck Chris did not fall into a lake, he instead fell backwards into a chair. Yes it was a close call. Good thing someone left that recliner at the edge of the lake or who knows, Chris could have ended up with a  prosthetic butt.

The second story is even more amazing. Chris was walking along minding his own business when he suddenly began to fall forward into a bed of nails that he hadn't noticed laying directly in front of him. As Chris was falling he suddenly stopped falling, hung in the air for a moment and was pushed back upright before being turned into something you would see at the end of a toothpick while attending a middle-income social event.

Then I came upon a video about a young girl. That will be where we pick it up next time. In the meantime I'm going to write an email to

Side note: The domain name Book mark it now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Issue 54 – Demon Doctors Engaged in Malpractice!

By Kirby Robinson

2011 is coming to a close and a new year will be born, filled with hope for more unity within the paranormal community. However, there are many challenges as the lies and deceptions won't stop flowing from the fakers.

We are fast approaching 12/21/11, which will mark the beginning to the countdown of the end of the world, as many are predicting for December 21, 2012. The other long shadows are the publication of Chip Coffey's work of fiction in April.


The so-called Demon Doctors have a TV show in the works. They are reaching out to the public and making promises they can't keep as revealed in the following announcement:


If you have a personal haunting, or your an investigation team that needs help with getting rid of a haunting, you have a chance to have THE DEMON DOCTORS come directly to you!

The Demon Doctors are looking for new cases all over the U.S. to possibly air on T.V. Give us your scariest, strongest, most active cases and The Demon Doctors will come to you and Rid the haunting once and for all! Demons, Demonic entities, Possessions, Ghostly spirits, no matter what the case maybe The Demon Doctors will help you!

Please email a short summery of your case along with contact information to

This is your chance to have you or your team on T.V. and have THE DEMON DOCTORS come directly to you! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!

I have some major issues with the alleged demon doctors.

1 There is no such thing as a demon doctor.

2 Yes, demons are for real, but they can't leave it at that. They must throw in demonic entities, [if by chance they refer to shadow people or evil spirits they are real but they are NOT demonic].

3 Maybe you can be of help if you work under the spiritual authority of God. There is no maybe about it. Is this their way of admitting that there are cases they can't handle?

4 Where is there any credit or glory given to the Lord Jesus Christ who by His death we have the power to cast out demons?

The Demon Doctors are just one of a long line of fakers that are out there not to be of service but to have their egos serviced. Avoid them and their kind, as they can't help but only hurt.


We've received reports that is going to cease operation. We have tried to confirm this by reaching out to the site owner, Rob Tebo, but have yet to hear back. The news is understandable.

If you dedicate yourself to exposing the lies and deceptions that are taking place every day in this field, you open yourself to attacks by the fakes and the many zombie-like followers. They spend their free time making legal threats and personal threats. Those that are repeatedly threatened can only take so much so if this. If this is true, we say to Ron Tebo and his team has done their jobs well. They will be missed and we wish them many blessings in their future endeavors.


It's bad enough that they exploited kids on the show for the personal gain of the production company and all the so-called psychic experts that appeared on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Now these para-frauds are trying to dip into your pockets.

Look over the roster of these experts: Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming, Michelle Griffin, and Kim Russo. Where did they receive their training on advising children? Especially in cases that can be labeled as mental health issues. How did they know these kids really are psychic and not suffering from psychological problems? Do any of these so-called experts have an in with a higher power that allows them to do this? None have licensing from any college or university that qualifies them to work with children.

Much is made by their camp that a licensed mental health expert was always on hand when filming was going on. Watch the tapes/DVD of the show. What test was ever given to the kids to determine if they were or weren't psychic? No real mental health expert would do a determination of the validity of a case solely through the mail or over the phone. What is the accepted test within the mental health field to determine a person's psychic ability? [Don't hold your breath…there is none. They know it, I know it, but they just don't let the public to know it.]

We have always asked what happened to the kids that did not make the cut to be on the show. Do you think any of these experts reached out and helped? After all, Chip Coffey has freely admitted it was the money that drove him to do the show. What happened to the kids after filming wasn't his responsibility. But Chip and his pals do take it seriously when it comes to making money off the backs of these kids and others like them.

What was left to the many that did not make the show or those parents who have a psychic kid? Turning to the internet was their only option and you bet these fakers weren't about to miss a chance to cash in.

Next week you'll learn how the scam works.


Starting in January we will be introducing two new bloggers.


Every Sunday we have the World Wide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, can post their prayer needs, no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Buddhist Books!

People love free books! Now you can have four free titles sent to you if you want to learn more about Buddhism. Unlike going to a library, you can read these books at your leisure as there's no due date! Or you can order very low-priced e-book versions and keep them in your online or electronic bookshelf.

Studying Buddhism is something that anyone with even a tiny bit of interest can do as it benefits not only you but those around you. Many of us are influenced by the holidays and have to do more than usual. Does a hectic pace benefit us? Do we have a calm and peaceful mind?

If we want to we can have a more peaceful outlook. Lama Yeshe's THE PEACEFUL STILLNESS OF THE SILENT MIND should be read any time of the year, even though it may look like a Christmas song to you!

Another fine title is MAKE YOUR MIND AN OCEAN, also written by Lama Yeshe. In this book, he answers student's questions during one of his Australian teachings. Born and raised in Tibet, Lama Thubten Yeshe eventually moved to California. He established The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, an international, non-profit organization. The Foundation is devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation, and community service. Lama Yeshe writes, "Tibetan Buddhism teaches you to overcome your dissatisfied mind, but to do that you have to make an effort. To put our technique into your own experience, you have to go slowly, gradually. You can't just jump right in the deep end. But if you take it easy it gets less and less difficult as time goes by."

If you'd like to learn more, please visit this page:

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World Wide Prayer Circle – Sunday, December 11, 2011


Thank you for visiting the new World Wide Prayer Circle here at the Eye on the Paranormal site! Every Sunday you can come by and post your prayer request[s], no matter how large or small.

We welcome anonymous prayer requests.

Anyone can come by, read your request[s], and engage in intercessory prayer according to their religious or spiritual background. This way, we can unify the entire world in a circle of prayer.

Please limit your posts here to the matters of prayer requests, participating in praying, and updates on prayer requests.

Thank you!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Para Unity in the Paranormal Community, Can it Happen?

By Martha Hazzard Decker

Para Unity in the Paranormal Community, can it happen? Like any other industry the paranormal industry is made up of many different paranormal communities. Many individuals probably have never thought of paranormal investigations and paranormal research as an industry. If one were to stop and think about it, I think they just might begin to think about it in a different light. It is an industry of TV shows, paranormal events at haunted locations, bed and breakfasts, clothing, books, and movies and so on. Yes, there is money to be made in the educational and entertainment side of the industry.

There are para unity groups, radio shows and Internet TV shows dedicated to raising awareness within the paranormal community to stop the in-fighting and start working together as a whole. It has become the “hot topic” of the year and is a good idea whose time may have come. Some of the meanness that is out there and within the community could also be caused by closed eyes or narrow viewpoints. A response to an article by Dr. Michael Frisbee, The Paranormal Christian, Deceptive Doctrines of the Occult is a good example. In order for unity to begin it must come from within. There will never be a time when everyone or every group has the exact same beliefs or thoughts. That idea could lead us to become assimilated into a world of Star Trek or even Dr. Who. It would be professional for groups and individuals to come together and try to unite and then work toward the ultimate goal of working together.

Many paranormal groups are doing just that and have always done just that and will continue on the same path. It’s a good thing when one group can trust another group and call them when their help is needed or a case may actually be in their locale. One group on FaceBook is the Southeast Oklahoma Paranormal Investigators and member Nikki Buchanan are doing just that and helping their community. Buchanan belongs to many FaceBook groups and has worked to bring the community together and assist her in obtaining goods to pass out to seniors in her community for the holidays. Often the good will go unnoticed and the drama wins out. Para drama has been around for years and will continue to spin around like As the World Turns.

Several months ago an Internet TV show listed para unity as the topic for that night. Several individuals tuned in only to discover a diatribe of statements against another group. Para unity? It must have flown out the door to the studio when it was last opened. It was interesting to watch how people would come in to watch and leave after a few minutes. This was noted through the chat room.

Why is there such discord within the paranormal community? Some think jealousy is the reason. Others think their area is for them alone and become territorial. Some expect another group coming into their space to contact them and ask for permission. If anyone has a list of paranormal groups and their territories it might be handy to post it online for others to read. Some groups may want to be on TV so much so that they will do whatever it takes to get their show.

One Internet radio show that broadcasts through George Lopez’ Dead Air radio shows Weekend from Waco is hosted by Reverend Mark Manly and he often talks about unity within the community. He often hosts other groups and individuals who are working for unity.

It seems that paranormal unity or para unity has become the buzz word of the decade. It seems that every decade has a buzz word or idea. In the eighties it was putting tubes in the ears of children and it moved on to the idea that if a child was active, they must be hyperactive. It changes and will continue to change decade by decade. A simple way to unit is to “go with the flow” so to speak. Granted some of that comes with age and life experience, but when it does come life becomes better.

A search on Google using paranormal unity will bring up quite a few websites to search. There is one site aptly named Paranormal Unity and its mission is to bring individuals within the community together who are willing to work together. They had a good idea but the site appears to be defunct yet the links for groups around the country still work. There is a banner page with some nice graphics that are offered to the public and can be used to show support of para unity.

Some individuals think that para unity is an ill-conceived idea due to the trickery and fakes who abound online. One way to help change the public’s idea or at least get some of them to begin to view the paranormal community as a viable idea is to help weed out the fakers. That is different than having unity within the community and a goal that can be worked on as a whole. Scam artists exist everywhere and in all walks of life. The aggravating and potentially dangerous part of that is that unsuspecting victims allow them into their homes. That is the discussion for another article. Tony Hart-Wilden writes in his commentary on Who Forted the following about unity, “Paranormal individuality doesn’t mean you can’t research and exchange information with others, but it does mean you can be selective what method, theory and evidence you chose to accept. And it won’t stop you from listening to other people’s opinions and ideas, if you did that, how could you possibly criticize them? How much of joining, a family, network, or crew, is actually just a propaganda tool for the people that started them. And when it’s related to a group that has a T.V show, or puts on high profile events, who actually joins for the unity and who joins for the reflected glory? Instead of relying on someone else to open doors for you, why not try to open them yourselves ? When your not bound by anyone else’s rules or protocols you can still learn from them, but only if you chose to do so, rather then having them inflicted upon you by being a member of a group that imposes them.”

Who is right and who is wrong may seem like a school yard battle, but responsible groups working together can usually win out. Even if the other group wants to be on TV so bad they make up evidence, step on their friends and fake cleansings. This is where the truth will prevail or come out in the wash one day. Unity can be achieved by some but not by all. There are plenty of groups out there that strive to work with other groups and individuals. That’s how the change begins.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Paranormal Christian – Spirit Talk

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

When one does a search of paranormal research and investigations, watch the several different ghost hunting shows on cable television, or searches for books of these same topics, the subject or ability of mediums inevitably surfaces.  Without a doubt, people claiming the ability to sense the presence and communicate with the dead grows each passing day.  There are para-celebrity mediums like John Edwards, Sylvia Browne, and James vanPraagh, lesser known mediums that are making a name for themselves on shows like Paranormal State, The Dead Files, etc, and then your unknown mediums, the people who claim this ability that attach themselves to Paranormal Investigative Teams.

Within this group of mediums, you have the fakes (cold and warm readers with no real ability) and those with an actual gift.  The fakes, their problems lie in the deceptions that they are conducting for which they will have to atone when they pass.  They will be surprised by whom they will be atoning to.  The reason I mention the particular three celebrities above is because they are FAKES.  They have all been tested and observed, and it has become apparent they are using these “Mentalist”-style techniques to gather information and feed it back to get a “reading”.  You can do a search on Google to find the various debunking sites that lay out the facts and truth behind these para-celebrity readings.  From “studio plants”, bugging a holding room for audiences, doing research and pumping production people for information before readings, to mind-play tricks, all of them have been found to be fakes, yet millions seeking answers from beyond continually suspend their beliefs and logical thinking to accept these frauds and their fake abilities as the real deal.

Now, there are mediums out there that are connecting with the spiritual world, but unfortunately, it is not our dead relatives or the previous residents of a house that have passed into the spiritual realm.  In my first blog and on my first radio show for “The Paranormal Christian”, I presented scriptures that proved that when we die, we receive our judgment from God immediately, and move on to the reward (Heaven), or punishment (Hell).  In last week’s blog presented by Reverend Mark Hunneman, my co-host on the radio show and author of “Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes” (, explained quite well how the concept of Purgatory, held by the Catholic Church and getting integrated by many people’s beliefs to explain why human ghosts would be here on earth for us to get evidence of, is not supported by the Scriptures.  On the show that followed this past Saturday, I presented listeners with even more information, from the Catholic Church’s own history, which they have not always held the belief of Purgatory and that it was not presented until 593 AD by Gregory the Great.  In fact, there was no Pope until after Gregory the Great.  Here’s a link to give you a full run down on the changes to doctrine and dogma through the past two millennia by the Church that “never changes”.  There is corresponding scripture as to why it goes against God’s Word. .

The Bible is quite clear about contacting the dead (Using New American Standard Bible). 

Deuternonomy 18:10-12 - There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD; and because of these detestable things the LORD your God will drive them out before you.

Isaiah 8:19-20 - When they say to you, “Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter,” should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn.

Those are just a couple of scriptures related to this topic specifically.  So there is a great danger for those who practice and serve as mediums.  That danger is very apparent when you add in the fact that there are no human ghosts here on earth for them to communicate with.  So what are they connecting with? 

Ephesians 6:10-12 - Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Satan is the ruler of the dark spiritual forces of this earth, of the rulers, the powers.  This encompasses the demonic, the fallen angels that rose up against God with Lucifer (Satan) that are now demons that prowl all around us, seeking to destroy us.

1 Peter 5:8-9 - Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world.

So when mediums – truly “gifted” mediums – connect with a spirit, they are connecting with the demonic, whether they are doing it knowingly or not.  Demons are fallen angels, so they can appear as “beings of light”, and they have witnessed the life of every human being that has and is living on this planet.  They can present themselves as these people, with all the knowledge of their lives, and even their “secrets”.  This also applies to spirit guides, guardian angels, etc.  True angels, they work unseen in our lives, at the command of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  They do not communicate directly with us, for that goes against scripture.  Demons do it because they are in rebellion, and seek to separate us from God and God’s Word.

There is only one spirit we will, as Christians, ever have direct communication from, and that is the Holy Spirit, which is of God.  When we are born again in Christ and our sins washed clean by His precious Blood, we now have a direct line spiritually through Christ and the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives us those gut feelings when we come witness something not of God’s Word, or we come across doctrines and activities that are not of God.  There are gifts of the Holy Spirit found in 1 Corinthians 12 – you can look up that one ;)

When dealing with the spiritual realm, be sure to test the spirits.  If it doesn’t glorify God and His Word, or align with it, then you can be assured, you are dealing with the demonic. Be sure to tune into tomorrow night’s (12/10/11) at 7 pm EST when we deal with Mediums, Channelers, and Reiki.  Click here: 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Issue 53 – Bad Psychics, Criminal Psychics & Predator Psychics

By Kirby Robinson

It's been a lousy week for fake psychics or those who might have a small gift but seek to use it for personal gain and not as means to help people. But what can we really expect of fakers and predators?


If you have not heard of the case of the missing baby Lisa Irwin, you haven't been watching cable news. The one-year-old has been missing since October 4, 2011. The police have turned up no leads and are now saying the case may never be solved. The family refuses to help and have asked that people stop gathering in prayer vigils outside their home

All of the above is very sad. But what's even sadder is that now so-called psychics are trying to cash in on the case. [I feel I must constantly say that yes, there are real psychics. But for every real one there are many fakers out there.] It seems that a psychic by the name of Stephanie Almaguer has gone public with her visions of where baby Lisa will be found. Stephanie has posted drawings of where the body will allegedly be found on her blog. One wonders why go public at all? Contact the local police and have them check it out. Nothing was ever found at the site so we wonder where did the visions come from? If the ability to see things others can't comes from GOD [which it does] will GOD show them things that are false? No. Why would a loving GOD ever do that? Then it must come from someplace that holds less than honorable intentions. This is the same psychic who claims to have worked on the Haleigh Cummings case-- and to date her body hasn't been found either. So why did this so-called psychic get involved? Let's take a look at her blog activity and her personal appearances on cable TV.

In 2009, when she began blogging, Stephanie she has posted very few times. Even as recently as the summer, postings have been in the single digits. Since October, she has posted over 70 blogs. She keeps inserting herself into even more missing person cases.

Is it not sad that people seek to gain fame and riches on the backs of dead people? If this person was concerned about helping she should just do that: help and keep her actions in the shadows. Only a person who seeks no reward for their actions outside of helping people will do that.

If you watch Stephanie's appearances on the cable programs that have featured her, watch her eye movements. They show a person who is being less than honest. In fact, now she has been threatening legal action against those who have chosen to expose possible fake psychics like her.


Most do not due to the lack of media coverage this woman gets. Just like the case with Stephanie Almaguer, Sylvia Brown [sometimes spelled Browne], she also inserted herself into a missing person's case, informing the suffering parents that their son was dead when he was alive.

Here is a link to an interesting site that gives you all the info you need to know:


I'm talking about the book Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, not the film which only covers 100 pages, changes the story and does away with many of the characters. But just like Elmer, the preacher, he is able to blind, confuse and turn into zombies many of his followers. It really is scary--if one can be scared. [I have complete and utter faith in GOD that he will protect me and angels are always watching where I go and where I have been.] Such zombielike confusion was shown by a comment that I received in last week's blog by a person who posted under the name of Nancy.

The sad thing is you people are no different then the people of salem and the jews who sent christ to death. If Christ appeared before you today you would attack him as well and print garbage to make him look bad. You disguise lies in your writings to support your idiotic opinions and claims. If you really were, you would have the insight to know how wrong you are. Your words display hype and lies. Like the boy who cried wolf (which after reading your posts on A&E site- you surely act like), you say you aren't saying one thing when in fact you are. Shame on you. Really? You discuss the Penn State sex incident and Psychic Kids TV show in the same article? Disgusting and immature attitudes from you, a so called grown up adult. An extremely Irresponsible article you have written. How can you even practice Buddhism or Christianity and point fingers like you do? Such a hypocrite. You make us Christians look bad. I look forward to discussing your article with my peer group on sunday.

1 As to the people of Salem, their interest was twofold. They killed people so they could claim their property, and the second reason was to keep woman in their place.

2 The Jews didn't kill Christ. That is a myth used against Jews for centuries. You're showing your anti-Semitic side.

3 If Christ appears in front of me, I would be on my knees, for he is my teacher, guide, savior and protector. Who might yours be?

4 Show what I have posted that is a lie.

5 If you say that I have no right to judge, then how do you have the right to judge me?

6 In your peer group why not talk about the warning in the Bible concerning talking to psychics?

This person is a strong example of a psychic worshipper. It's something that psychic predators use to control the public and the people they feed off of. The psychic predators claim they have special powers that set themselves apart from others. Psychic predators claim they hold the key to secrets, and that only through them can the public learn about these secrets. Psychic predators claim that unless you have the same talents/gifts, you could never understand their powers. If you dare question what they do, then you'll be attacked.

What you never hear a psychic predator admit that what they are after is fame wealth power and worship from the general public and what fallows is idol worship

If these people really have what they claim, they would give thanks to God and admit that they are simply a channel for God to work through them. They would accept no money for their work. But we've seen that they do the exact opposite.

Did you ever hear them mention God on the show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal? [One mom brought up her belief in angels and demons in an episode, and notice Chip's annoyed reaction].

Next week we delve into how they exploited the children …


We have some open slots that need to be filled you do not have to agree with my views or the views of other bloggers here you post is yours contact us at  if you would like to join in


Every Sunday we have the World Wide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, can post their prayer needs, no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

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