Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Issue 53 – Bad Psychics, Criminal Psychics & Predator Psychics

By Kirby Robinson

It's been a lousy week for fake psychics or those who might have a small gift but seek to use it for personal gain and not as means to help people. But what can we really expect of fakers and predators?


If you have not heard of the case of the missing baby Lisa Irwin, you haven't been watching cable news. The one-year-old has been missing since October 4, 2011. The police have turned up no leads and are now saying the case may never be solved. The family refuses to help and have asked that people stop gathering in prayer vigils outside their home

All of the above is very sad. But what's even sadder is that now so-called psychics are trying to cash in on the case. [I feel I must constantly say that yes, there are real psychics. But for every real one there are many fakers out there.] It seems that a psychic by the name of Stephanie Almaguer has gone public with her visions of where baby Lisa will be found. Stephanie has posted drawings of where the body will allegedly be found on her blog. One wonders why go public at all? Contact the local police and have them check it out. Nothing was ever found at the site so we wonder where did the visions come from? If the ability to see things others can't comes from GOD [which it does] will GOD show them things that are false? No. Why would a loving GOD ever do that? Then it must come from someplace that holds less than honorable intentions. This is the same psychic who claims to have worked on the Haleigh Cummings case-- and to date her body hasn't been found either. So why did this so-called psychic get involved? Let's take a look at her blog activity and her personal appearances on cable TV.

In 2009, when she began blogging, Stephanie she has posted very few times. Even as recently as the summer, postings have been in the single digits. Since October, she has posted over 70 blogs. She keeps inserting herself into even more missing person cases.

Is it not sad that people seek to gain fame and riches on the backs of dead people? If this person was concerned about helping she should just do that: help and keep her actions in the shadows. Only a person who seeks no reward for their actions outside of helping people will do that.

If you watch Stephanie's appearances on the cable programs that have featured her, watch her eye movements. They show a person who is being less than honest. In fact, now she has been threatening legal action against those who have chosen to expose possible fake psychics like her.


Most do not due to the lack of media coverage this woman gets. Just like the case with Stephanie Almaguer, Sylvia Brown [sometimes spelled Browne], she also inserted herself into a missing person's case, informing the suffering parents that their son was dead when he was alive.

Here is a link to an interesting site that gives you all the info you need to know:


I'm talking about the book Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, not the film which only covers 100 pages, changes the story and does away with many of the characters. But just like Elmer, the preacher, he is able to blind, confuse and turn into zombies many of his followers. It really is scary--if one can be scared. [I have complete and utter faith in GOD that he will protect me and angels are always watching where I go and where I have been.] Such zombielike confusion was shown by a comment that I received in last week's blog by a person who posted under the name of Nancy.

The sad thing is you people are no different then the people of salem and the jews who sent christ to death. If Christ appeared before you today you would attack him as well and print garbage to make him look bad. You disguise lies in your writings to support your idiotic opinions and claims. If you really were, you would have the insight to know how wrong you are. Your words display hype and lies. Like the boy who cried wolf (which after reading your posts on A&E site- you surely act like), you say you aren't saying one thing when in fact you are. Shame on you. Really? You discuss the Penn State sex incident and Psychic Kids TV show in the same article? Disgusting and immature attitudes from you, a so called grown up adult. An extremely Irresponsible article you have written. How can you even practice Buddhism or Christianity and point fingers like you do? Such a hypocrite. You make us Christians look bad. I look forward to discussing your article with my peer group on sunday.

1 As to the people of Salem, their interest was twofold. They killed people so they could claim their property, and the second reason was to keep woman in their place.

2 The Jews didn't kill Christ. That is a myth used against Jews for centuries. You're showing your anti-Semitic side.

3 If Christ appears in front of me, I would be on my knees, for he is my teacher, guide, savior and protector. Who might yours be?

4 Show what I have posted that is a lie.

5 If you say that I have no right to judge, then how do you have the right to judge me?

6 In your peer group why not talk about the warning in the Bible concerning talking to psychics?

This person is a strong example of a psychic worshipper. It's something that psychic predators use to control the public and the people they feed off of. The psychic predators claim they have special powers that set themselves apart from others. Psychic predators claim they hold the key to secrets, and that only through them can the public learn about these secrets. Psychic predators claim that unless you have the same talents/gifts, you could never understand their powers. If you dare question what they do, then you'll be attacked.

What you never hear a psychic predator admit that what they are after is fame wealth power and worship from the general public and what fallows is idol worship

If these people really have what they claim, they would give thanks to God and admit that they are simply a channel for God to work through them. They would accept no money for their work. But we've seen that they do the exact opposite.

Did you ever hear them mention God on the show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal? [One mom brought up her belief in angels and demons in an episode, and notice Chip's annoyed reaction].

Next week we delve into how they exploited the children …


We have some open slots that need to be filled you do not have to agree with my views or the views of other bloggers here you post is yours contact us at  if you would like to join in


Every Sunday we have the World Wide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, can post their prayer needs, no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent reply to "Nancy" lol, It seems no matter what they try they just can't win.. Keep embracing the dark side and going against nature..

"Nancy" and 'friends' your day has come and gone, just like before, God wins, as always..

TiredOfTheBS said...

Yes, God does win (as always!), and that's why you have to keep posting under "Anonymous" and why you run your mouth from behind the safety of your computer monitor. You're such a phony with all of your references to God! And lets not forget what a spineless coward you are too. Your day has been over for quite some time now, simpleton. One day you are a witch casting spells from a Grimoire, pretending to know how to curse people in Latin (ha! ha! ha! that was extremely funny by the way), and now you are supposedly a warrior for God and little children. What a joke! You are so laughable Tempy/Aanica/Paradox.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for stating your opinions. Being a writer, I am always in need of unique and different solutions to think about a topic. I actually uncover fantastic creativity in doing this. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

To TiredOfTheBS.
You seriously need to address the overt obsession you have with this Tempest/Ainnica/ Paradigm person and stop derailing every thread with your weird stalker psychosis.

Frankly you sound like a raving lunatic trying to desperately shift the focus away from a very serious problem involving child safety.

To Kirby,
Keep fighting the good fight my brother, and thanks for alerting us to this problem.

Aanica said...

It's okay, I love the publicity even if I have no clue what this intellectual neophyte is babbling about in these comments here lately.

Once a particularly daft imbecile at a forum of over 80,000 members tried to blame me for every single negative comment ever posted there.

Rant away ya loon...

Aanica said...

Furthermore, would you please provide one single link to prove that I (Aanica) practice witchcraft, cast spells and whatever else you have indiscriminately confabulated. Being an inactive member of a Pagan/Wicca themed site doesn't count considering that I have and continue to study religious diversity.

Links or you are a liar.

Also I noticed that you call others a "coward" for posting anonymously yet you make this allegation under an anonymous pseudonym. (What an idiot LOL!)

I'll try to check back tomorrow as it will surely take you all day to compose another such devastating diatribe.

Again, links to prove I "cast spells" and "practice witchcraft" or you are a liar and stalker.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of parasites and predators, we have learned that there is a member of the A&E site with a LONG history of notifying underage members to "check their PMs" and inviting them to closed forums, a behavior similar to that documented of Sandra Lynn Sparks (moderator of Chip Coffey's forum) at the Psychic Kids Facebook page. The extensive posting history of "Star Singer" (same initials as "Sandra Sparks") mirrors this activity almost identically.

TellingItLikeItIs said...

Loon describes you perfectly, Aanica. You are the one who is a ranting, raving lunatic with nothing better to do but spew insults from the safety and security of your computer monitor! Chances are, face to face, you would never run your mouth as much or call people such ridiculous names, especially being spineless coward that you are. Up your dose and have a nice day nut job!

Lewis Trazinsky said...

I have been lurking here for awhile and never felt the need to post until now. From reading many of Aanica's remarks here and past remarks on other articles on this site, I think it is quite obvious that she is "touched" in the head. Get some help, Aanica. You need it. You bring absolutely nothing to the table and offer nothing positive or intelligent to any of the articles that you respond to. Just nasty remarks, accusations and verbal attacks. You come across as a very sad, angry person who takes enjoyment out of attacking others. I think TiredOfTheBS is spot on in his/her assessment of your nasty demeanor.

TiredOfTheBS said...

Well, Aanica, you have a VERY long history of stalking people on the internet and attacking others on web sites all over the world wide web. You have pretended to know how to speak Latin and have threatened to curse before and here is the proof:

There is a lot to read at the above link, but it is quite obvious that you had your rear end handed to you by a person who grew up in Europe and was actually taught Latin, unlike you, who used an English to Latin on-line translator in an effort to appear intelligent! Talk about idiotic!!! LOL!

Also, you have attacked people on this site and have been called out for stalking people whom you do not like. Here is the proof:

Oh, and here is even more proof of what a lunatic stalker and complete troll you are:

Got plenty more where these came from by the way! You are a complete joke, Aanica. A complete whack job and phony who takes pleasure in stalking, harassing and threatening people all over the internet. So much for your "prove it or you're a liar" crap. YOU are the liar. Now go away troll before you really get spanked.

TomTom said...

And Aanica, who says that whomever this "Nancy" is or whomever her friends' are, that they are the ones posting responses to you? Out of the millions of people all over the internet, you keep ASSUMING that is "Nancy" and her 'friends'. LOL! Talk about daft! You are so clueless! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You have an over abundance of people on the internet who detest you for being such a vile, dispicible human being who travels from site to site spreading hate and lies.

Aanica said...

@ TellingItLikeItIs/ TiredOfTheBS (same person)

Well I guess so far we have established that someone is still pretty upset over the fact that she made a "complaints board" thread accusing people of making death threats, was forced to publicly recant that allegation then threatened to go to the FBI with slander allegations because she got so completely shredded in her silly complaints board thread. LMAO

In two of those links that blithering idiot spelled Scifake "scififake"

"Demon Donna" is the big woman with glasses shuttering in fear at approximately 45 seconds or so LOL!

Moving along to the next monumental failure that proves zippo:

A link to a thread where some babbling imbecile calling is incoherently someone childish name and accusing this person of being "Aanica" is not exactly "proof" moron LMAO! I want to see as post made by ME admitting to practicing witchcraft and casting spells, not a thread to yet another derelict accusing me of such dumbass

Plus, didn't someone claim that I was Juliana the white witch? (They are so confused)

All you have "proved" is that someone named Juliana, who apparently practices witchcraft and knows how to use Google translator and was involved in a tiff with someone called "Black Crow" or something and (once again) some other idiot told her it was me. Translating blocks of text on the net from some occult esoterica and plastering it in thread completely out of context and incredibly immature name calling HARDLY constitutes winning whatever that feud was about as the entire thing make little sense.

Thanks for this, your incompetence and ineptitude is providing some quality entertainment. (And thanks for giving yourself away)

@ Lewis Trazinsky?
Oh sure everyone believes you are just some unbiased neutral observer simply making a comment

Lewis Trazinsky? ...with a name like that you just must be a stud!

It took them this long to compose that turd? LOL

Aanica said...

Yes, I called out a known liar at Ghost Village, someone that has changed her demonic infestation story innumerable times in the last 4 plus years to promote a book and prowled the paranormal forum circuit scaring people with her BS in the process. That "woman" has an illustrious history of scaring emotionally unstable seeming adolescents with her offering to "help" with their demon problems too, so I guess you feel a kinship and have an affinity for fellow demon screaming liars huh?

You will let us know when the actual "spanking" starts won’t you? LOL

Aanica said...

As to "death threats" Proof that Rev.Ronald Dressler makes Liar demon Donna Crayne recant publicly.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the upcoming thread about Clarissa Langora's motion blurred water softener panel she claimed was a spirit drawing energy.

Stay tuned! : )

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents, whoever wrote these is not firing on all cylinders-

Is that Donna lady posting that stuff from an asylum?

Anonymous said...

Here I see a woman with some obvious emotional issues making a reference to someone named "Annica the Crow" in an OP written entirely in in caps. Then I see some old woman rambling on about witchcraft and Latin, I see absolutely nothing that definitely proves Annicca practices witchcraft or spell casting.In fact I fail to see how this proves anything at all!

"Proof" is not providing a link to someone else also making false accusations Aristotle LOL

Proof is the screenshot of the email proving that Donna is a liar.

What have we learned?

TiredOfTheBS said...

Come on now, Aanica...You know what we have 'learned'. It's all right there in all of those links. You are a whack job, liar, stalker and instigator. You start problems each and every site you visit. There are plenty of other links that also show case your lack of sanity, intelligence and integrity but as usual, you will try to divert the attention off of the facts and onto whatever lame non-issue you can come up with. Such a sad little troll you are! Oh well, I'm sure you will find plenty of other places on the web to spread your hypocrisy and idiocy.

Anonymous said...


The only comment I see pertaining to anyone named Nancy is written by an anonymous poster.

Out of the millions of people all over the internet, you keep ASSUMING all anonymous posters are Annica? Task about daft.


There is a great big world out there junior, spread your wings and leave the nest occasionally.

AnnieM said...

You love the publicity? Wow! If you had any common sense, you would be ashamed of yourself! I have been on other web sites that you have frequented and it is always the same thing with you. TiredOfTheBS has your number, sweetie. You keep posting under the name Anonymous trying to make it look like you have a supporter somewhere out there, however, your supporters are few & far between. Everywhere you go, people laugh at your futile attempts to appear intelligent and well versed in whatever topic you are pretending to know about. Those links show a proven history of stalking and attacking people. That is what we have 'learned'. You are far from the righteous holy woman that you are now pretending to be. Your past history speaks volumes, Merita. You love to use the term "loon" and I guess you should, since it desribes you perfectly.

Anonymous said...


No, what we see is your lame, pathetic attempt at retaliation because she decisively exposed you as a fraud. Your links prove Demon Donna lied about her making deaths, some Big-Orb Ninnie accused her of being someone else and she verbally kicked the snot out of a liar at Ghost Village years ago.

Is there anything you are good at?

TomTom said...

The only other supporter Aanica might have is her so called 'boyfriend' a.k.a God of War who also uses a host of other silly names. They both have a long history of running off at the mouth and spewing venom. Its pretty much all they know how to do. Sad really. Too bad they keep operating under the delusional that anyone actually cares what they think or have to say! LOL! Talk about insignificant, uselesss beings.

Anonymous said...

@ AnnieM
Awwwww, did your meaningless links that proved NOTHING get shut down too fast so now you have to revert to the same tired vacuous rhetoric and monotonous hectoring?

Everyone knows who she is, you are and shall always be nothing and nobody.


Anonymous said...


"TomTom" is accusing people of using "silly names".

Anonymous said...

TomTom said.

"operating under the delusional"???

Wow they have invented a new language only other idiots understand.LOL

TiredOfTheBS said...

Here is what you are apparently good at, Aanica: Hurling insults, name calling, cursing, stalking, threatening people, trolling various web sites, picking fights, coat-tail riding, feigning the ability to speak Latin, diverting attention from the truth, distorting facts, manipulating whomever you can. I wouldnt be the least bit proud of your past history on the internet as it shows just how unstable and vile you are. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost!

TomTom said...

Keep on babbling and hurling insults, its about the only thing you can do, isn't it? Sooooooo lame! The links were very eye opening. They show a very mentally disturbed person named Aanica trying to make herself feel better by attacking others. Poor thing. Do you feel better yet? try upping your dose.

Anonymous said...


Juliana is the one at Big Orb link pretending to speak latin, try to keep up dumbass.

Anonymous said...


No, meticulously dissecting every accusation and link you tried dismantled you, therefore you are forced to once again retreat to your very limited little repertoire of insipid inanities and baseless claims.

Speaking of diversion, you failed to explain how the BigOrb link proves anything.

Anonymous said...

I for one derive great pleasure from exposing frauds and child exploiters actually, yes.

Thus far you have failed to provide as salient example of a single instance were annica have accosted anyone unprovoked that didn't deserve it and beg for it.

The Ghostvillage thing was MORE than warranted as it started elsewhere.

And yes, I am infinitely more intelligent than you.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww ...

Did the slimy little child exploiters and infantile provocateurs run out of steam already? Gee they only said the same thing over and over about 20 or 30 times, why stop now? LOL

Hey isn't that Karen West in that BigOrb link? You know, the one that claimed to be in a CNN story about her using her psychic powers to help find a missing child but literally snapped when she was pressed to provide a link to the news story she claimed was easily obtainable on the net? LOL

Anonymous said...

@ TomTom

So on a Friday night you elect to embark on a group orchestrated attack on a lone female then after you get your punk ass handed to you, you ask her if it feels good to attack people and hurl insults? You further make innuendos and derisive connotations about "upper her dosage"?

Contradict much?

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like every link they threw at Anicca was sufficiently and eloquently rebuked several times but they just pretend they don't see the comments. Very telling.

Anonymous said...

"Demon Donna" is the big woman with glasses shuttering in fear at approximately 45 seconds or so LOL!

OMFG that is hilarious!!!

The demon exorcist on Animal Planet? What a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirby, I hear there is a site run by a major phony that claims to have magical remote cleansing and healing abilities. They are such frauds and fakes at that they were forced to close their site and make it members only because of the deluge of people in the para-community denouncing them and remote healer "Marta" as Charlatans.

More on that later ;)

Anonymous said...

Whoever made this is a genius

I love it!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this only proves a illiterate woman lied about someone making death threats.

I mean look at the way this Neanderthal writes, what exactly is this supposed to prove?
Donna Crayne July 13, 2011
Slander and death threats
Hello, This is kinda of a complicated story. I had a teacher Named Ronald DresslerII who was teaching online the gifts of decernment aka gifts of The Holy Spirit and how to use these gifts. This one woman her first name is merita but i dont know her last name but she uses many names on the internet, known as Annica, one of her allious names came into a persoanl channel and began slanderizing me i have this converation saved. Then i found out today the man that was teaching these classes has quit teaching and is because she has threatend his life twice because he was teaching me. I feel this is a death threat towards him and a slansization of myself. I did a documentary on demonic hauntings with demonolgest Dwayne Claud that aired on animal planet last april. has slanderized that documentary as well. She has ran my name into the mud with her lies and has threatned Mr Dresslers life. Can you please help in some way? thank you so much Donna Crayne
PS I have saved the documentsof all that was said but have no way to send them to you


Anonymous said...

Do any of you really know who you are even mad at?

Is it Annica, Black Crow, Juliana, karen, Meredith, God Warrior, Barbara or Evil E. and the list goes on ...

Try to come to terms with the fact that the internet is a large, diverse place where chances are more than likely you shall encounter disagreements and conflicts with a multitude different people from all walks of life depending how active and opinionated you are.

My suggestion is that you take this silly squabble elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I guess we wont hold our breath on all that irrefutable proof that Annica practices witchcraft and "casting spells from a Grimoire"


I'm still confused as to how the BigOrb link proves anything as the inchoate rantings of that Juliana are senile, incoherent and confused.


They managed to prove someone named Annica (a name from star trek) was banned from a now defunct forum for inconclusive and unspecified reasons.


They managed to prove someone named Donna posted a slanderous and libelous blog accusing Annica of making death threats that she herself retracted in that very blog via comments:

21st of Aug, 2011 by Donna Crayne

"... now Mr DresslerII did tell me that it wasn't her that threatned his life about a week after i put this complant in, so that part i will recant..."

(bonus track LOL)
Donna said:

"I have been found of soundmind by a phycologest before the documentary was done... there for your slanderious accuzations are unfounded."


Hey great job proving nothing.

LMAO!-fail fail fail

Anonymous said...

I guess someone from the Largo FLA area isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is.

I guess someone that is technologically challenged (among other things) has failed to realize there are IP trackers out there that reveal very detailed referrer information including not only the BING search inquiry criteria but the sites they actually visited via captured session ID. This IP has been confirmed as someone who's identity I'm sure many in the Chip Coffey camp and the general para-community would find interesting.

Try me ;)

Anonymous said...

Why do you see so many articles about psychics with the word "trust" "fraud" "scam?"

Ever stop to think about that?

Everyone has "psychic ability," getting a "feeling" or a "hunch" about things.

Are these to be trusted?

A society that trusts its intuition is a higher form of society. Let's up our game here, and acknowledge that Psychics deserve better than maligning and ridicule. The Reagans used a Psychic. The Military uses Psychics.

Why do you think the press talks poorly about people with Psychic Ability? Because powerful governments and religions always put "psychics" down, as well as "psychic ability." It's a threat to power, all these psychic and intuitive people around. Hitler gassed the psychics, he also used one. In general, we live in a hypocritical society. Maligning psychics, then secretly using them.

Let's come out of the closet people. Psychics are not 100% accurate, but they are extremely helpful, that is why not only oil companies but police departments and governments have used them for years.

The man who "challenges" Psychics to read for a million bucks? He works for a skeptic organization known to be funded by intelligence agencies. There are certain people in power that want you to think that that Psychics and psychic ability are not to be trusted. Don't be fooled.

Anonymous said...

The assertion that "Hitler gassed the psychics" is not completely accurate or at least is a gross misrepresentation in this context, and personally I don't think the genocidal impulses and incremental paranoia of psychopathic dictator really validates this perspective.


There are those of a so-called 'skeptical' bent that have been promoting a rather sloppy thesis of late. That thesis is based on a few deceptively simple assertions. The Nazis were devotees of the irrational, the occult, and the paranormal. The Nazis did horrible things. Ergo, if we do not stamp out belief in the occult and paranormal, another Nazi regime may come to power. This silly syllogism is employed to maximum effect by the purported rationalists of CSICOP: when irrationalism (ergo, Forteanism, et al., which they consider to be an irrational pursuit) is on the rise, democracy and freedom are threatened. The idiocy of this position should be fairly clear. There were many occultists who resisted the Nazi regime, such as the Coventry witches who placed an 'occult circle of power' around the British Isles to protect them from the Germans (well-intentioned, if ineffective against the V2s.) And there were many attempts by the Nazis to stamp out occult societies who did not agree with their party line, such as Steiner's Anthroposophists. (One of the first acts of the Nazis was to ban fortunetelling and Tarot card reading, as well as other forms of divination, since they associated them with the 'despicable' Gypsies.) Not everyone interested in the paranormal, mythical, metaphysical, or occult is a Nazi; the Nazis clearly distorted and twisted many occult philosophies and systems to fit their own purposes and goals.

The Surrealists (Andre Breton, etc.) also wanted to get 'in touch' with man's unconscious or 'nonrational' side, and most of them fled Germany early on, when the Nazi canon of naturalist realism in art took hold. Heidegger, Thomas Mann, and other metaphysical philosophers may have been initially flirtatious with Nazi ideas, but they eventually came to repudiate them as well. The relationship between occultism and 'irrationalism,' however vaguely defined, and other attempts at resistance to the unwanted tendencies within the urban-industrial nation-state, are not as clearcut as some might have us think, and the relationship of all these ideologies to Nazism is highly complex. It is simply unfair and simplistic to see the Nazis only as a revolt against science, reason, technology, the Enlightenment, and Western Judeo-Christianity, and by extension accuse other social movements that are against the notion of 'progress' (e.g. environmentalists, postmodernists, or punk rockers) of being Nazis. For the record, it should be noted that a little-known journal of irrationality, Doubt , never carried one pro-Nazi editorial, despite all its anti-Roosevelt diatribes.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is all the fuss here? All I see are aging nut jobs spewing the same crap over and over until it all runs together! She's a troll! She's a witch! She's a stalker! She's a liar! She's an instigator! Here's my proof! See! See!

Sweet bejesus ladies! Give it up you bossy, bored, freckled old moo cows!

Look, I know old age and menopause can be pretty rough on a gal. The mood swings, the weight gain, the pools of sweat that fight desperately to escape from under those sagging breasts of yours, those countless chin hairs, that accidental farting sound your three folds of sweaty stomach flab make when you sit down too fast, that generic Polident you're using you SWEAR made false claims, that horrific yeast infection you've convinced yourselves is just, "fabric irritation.".....(trust me ladies. I can go on and on) With all of this, don't you gals have better things to worry about than one little lone woman named Aanica? You know? Like diets, antiperspirants and tweezers?

Allow me to help ladies. I'm just cool that way. Here are some suggestions to a better life. Accept the fact that what you hate in another (make believe or not) is exactly what you deplore within your own self. Also, allow that inevitable notion to solidify in your cavernous minds that unless you lose your hatred and anger towards others, you will wither alone until your dying day just as repugnant on the inside as you are on the outside. And if I may suggest one final thought....Pull that effing spare rib and half chewed Ho Ho out of your mouth for two bloody seconds and TRY to speak a kind word to another human being. If not, don't say anything at all.

@Aanica: Remember love, if they're picking on you, they don't have time to lure innocent children into their deadly gingerbread houses.

Aanica said...

@ Anonymous,
God love ya, you made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my cheeks! lol

*and excellent point!(s)

Steph said...

Please do not post rumor's or hearsay. The truth will come from my mouth only

actual truth -

Steph said...

Please do not post rumor's or hearsay. The truth will come from my mouth only

actual truth -
or (about the 13th down on the page

Anonymous said...

Hey it's another inconsequential, insufferably dull paranormal podcast nobody will ever listen to!


psychic said...

Psychic readings can help you to attract that relationship you've always dreamed of

Maureen Grace said...
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Anonymous said...

The only thing I have to say to the cowards who hide and post "Anonymously" & to anyone who trash talks someone, they have not even met, based on a few media lies/rumors and their own opinion - is this:

I AM JAIME- Stephanie's husband