Thursday, July 26, 2012


By Demonologist/Reverend J. Andrade

Will someone please stop the INSANITY!! You ask for an opinion on a piece of evidence say like a photo, I give you my honest opinion on said photo, and it’s not the answer you want to hear, and then argue about it, then don’t come to me with it. It’s an orb..YAY!! You got either a photo of; dust, bug, moisture, shmuckus on your lens, or faulty equipment. I say tomato. You say tamatoe. It’s not evidence. If it has a swirly nucleus that makes a face of an Indian in it, stop what you are doing, discontinue your medication, and call your physician. Most orbs can be taken care of, when you or the client use Pledge furniture polish.

It’s called matrixing folks and it happens when you look at evidence like, orbs, smoke, darkness and mist as well, you’re in an area that’s freezing cold, temperature drops, someone’s smoking. Holy Mary Immaculate Mother of God look at all the apparitions!! Seriously, hold your breath next time, or wait till the proper time for smoke breaks, or just leave the area all together, back away slowly, go home, hang up your KII, and look for a new hobby like scrapbooking, basket weaving or cat collecting.

Now an orb you see with the naked eye, or has an intelligence, mist, smoke that can’t be explained. All the variables have been debunked, eradicated, and nullified. Then you can say paranormal. Use your commonsense, be aware of your environment and pay attention to where members are at all times. This will prevent 99.9% of false evidence and contamination.

“But, look at this photo it’s a bride mourning over a tombstone” (bashing head on his desk) It’s an illusion from the trees and two tombstones that make that apparition. Yeah, I can go .outside look up into the sky, make bunnies and unicorns out of clouds too. Don’t get me wrong, there have been incidences of intriguing and mysterious evidence, which made my jaw drop. Unfortunately these are not the case. Not going to cuddle you and be so moved no matter how many arrows and circles that point into the vast emptiness of a void called the nothing. As in, there is NOTHING there!! Where and what am I even looking at people??!! You have a better chance, casting magic missiles into that darkness, and then just maybe bring something to light, but wait: must have banged my head too hard; this is not Dungeons & Dragons, nor am I a Dungeon Master. (Well, it has been years).

Listen, my point is this, asking an opinion is one thing, but expecting to lie to you, just to make you happy. I’m not that kind of friend and colleague. A true friend and colleague will want you to be educated, to succeed, to flourish, and gain the proper knowledge. I’m blunt, don’t sugarcoat, bite my tongue at times, stay quiet, keeping it to myself, and hate hurting people’s feelings, but when the obvious is in front of your face, I need to snap you back into reality not fantasy. So don’t point your crooked finger at me saying you’re an a$$, just stick that finger up your darkness after you take your head out of your void called, The Nothing.


stephenbearnys said...

Well said. If only these investigators knew of the real dangers when coming in contact with a true evil spirit. They should use the power of God, prayer, the Bible, and the full Armor of God Ephesians chapter 6.

Patti Unvericht said...

If you share your "evidence" with others in the field and ask their honest prepared for their honest opinion, no matter how blunt it is and disappointing it maybe. Another well written and to the point blight post. :-)

Chip DePew said...

I prefer people being blunt and to the point, Joe so I can appreciate your frustration. I realize how some researchers come across sometimes, I am one of them, but I have to ask: what true good is ANY photographic/video “evidence” in regards to the paranormal? Aside from saying to the world, “hey, look at this!” what insight does any of it provide into the nature of the spirit world? Can a photograph or video help you explain the phenomena at all? If not, other than kicking at a hornet’s nest, why are people exposing themselves to potentially life-threatening personalities? For what end, a picture to put on their FB page? Misidentification of “evidence” has been the backbone of the vast majority of “Ghost Hunters” that it’s no wonder normal everyday people scoff at the efforts of the minority.

David Flanders said...

David Flanders
I agree Joe. I myself have put up photo's that were debunked. I simply took them down and learned from this.
If you can't handle the facts then you shouldn't be in this field.

Anonymous said...

Love this. It is a very good article. Amen

Fred Brimstone said...

Curious "Rev",
How does one differentiate a genuine apparition from pareidolia when we currently don't have a reference or control photo for comparison?

Also, where were you ordained and what precisely separates you from all of the bazzillion other dorks running around these days claiming to be "demonologists".

Thanks :)

Clive Nightbreed said...

Your first question is a very good one my friend. Putting aside visual aspect. Take consideration auditory voice phenomena, poltergeist activity, and olfactory.
If this factors in with all paranormal activity at the same time, consider on it being a paranormal cause.

Your last question. My bio speaks for itself, I have been a demonoligist since I was 14 yrs old 1984..there wasn't any but one then, Ed Warren. I'm not part of this fad of demonologists, but I support them in what they do. I have clients and colleagues who can vouch on my credibility. I am one who is not nor claim to be "certified" but I have the experience,knowledge and faith in God all powerful and all mighty. Gave me my gifts. He's THE AUTHORITY, not you, not I , or anyone.

Melanie Cabrera said...

Well said, Joe! We are forever learning in this field and must be open-minded. To that end, one must be able to take constructive criticism. Ok, so you got a bug, piece of dust, hair, or lens flare. Get over it and try again.

Fred Brimstone said...

"Clive Nightbreed" said:

"Putting aside visual aspect. Take consideration auditory voice phenomena, poltergeist activity, and olfactory."

As it is rare to capture said evidential components unilaterally, each of the aforementioned are generally considered mutually exclusive, therefore summarily dismissed accordingly... much the way an orb with an evil would be ( not an orb proponent, just making a point).

I didn't ask about your God given "gifts", I asked where you were ordained since you identified yourself as a Reverend in the author title...if this is just an internet monicker, that's fine.

Fred Brimstone said...

Melanie Cabrera said...
“We are forever learning in this field and must be open-minded. To that end, one must be able to take constructive criticism. Ok, so you got a bug, piece of dust, hair, or lens flare. Get over it and try again."

Yes and most of those folks have appeared on or are fans of "My Ghost Story" we really need to keep reminding each other how "above it all" we are because so many naive, clueless people with new digital cameras think those little spheres are spirit vessels?...

I mean seriously, those people are going to cling to their dust orbs and breath/smoke/mist ecto photos no matter what you tell them and do we really care what they think anyway?...

BTW-Please don't tell me it diminishes the credibility of "the field" and keeps "real investigators" like yourselves from being taken seriously … I'll yak.

Clive Nightbreed said...

I was ordained in the Mormon church stated in my bio

Fred Brimstone said...

Clive Nightbreed said...
"I was ordained in the Mormon church stated in my bio"

So then you are a sanctioned by the Mormon church as a "demonologist"?

Clive Nightbreed said...

I was ORDAINED in the MORMAN church as a REVEREND. GOD sanctioned me as a demonologist it is a calling not a certification. If I was Catholic and was a Theology major demonolgy is a sub genre class in Theology. Since I am no longer Mormon, was reordained thru Universal Life Church non denominational church as aa reverend

Clive Nightbreed said...

In seminary school

Fred Brimstone said...

So you left the Mormon Church to peruse your God appointed vocation as a "Demonolgist"?

Curious, how does an appointment such as this manifest?... Burning bush?... parting of clouds/beam of light/thunderous voice commanding you to slay demons?... prophetic dreams/visions?

The user-name “Clive Nightbreed” implies you are a Clive Barker fan…wouldn’t you agree this type of name and grim reaper avatar may be deemed as incongruent with that of a man of the cloth, handpicked by The Almighty to battle Lucifer’s minions?

By any chance was the ordination into the "Universal Life Church” obtained online?

(The first Google search return upon querying "The Universal Life Church”)

1. The Universal Life Church - Free Online Minister Ordination

I think I’m done here LOL …
“Stop the Insanity” is right.

Mr SledgeHammer said...

"If I was Catholic and was a Theology major demonolgy is a sub genre class in Theology."

IF you WERE "a Catholic and a theology student" someone might really take you seriously.. LOL

eyeontheparanormal said...

Mr. Sledgehammer, your post implies that the Catholic Church is the be all and end all when it comes to all things demonic. In reality, it is not nor was that ever true. For years the church was dominated [and still is in some ways] by liberal theology that expresses that most of the Bible, if not all, uses the demonic and evil as a way to talk about social struggles.

In addition, much of the church's teaching on the demonic has to do with traditions than being Bible based. The only tool that removes the demonic is the name of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Mr. Brimstone, you should spend more time in study than on the net. The calling to become a demonologist doesn't come with fireworks, bells or whistles. It's a pulling on the heart that this is what GOD has called you to do. The ability to cast out demons comes from the Great Commission. I would suggest you check that out

I would agree with you that demonologists shouldn't have fancy names. [Clive Barker is not Christian nor does he have a real understanding of how evil works].

Your friend in spirit,
Kirby Robinson

Fred Brimstone said...

EOP said:
“Mr. Brimstone, you should spend more time in study than on the net. The calling to become a demonologist doesn't come with fireworks, bells or whistles. It's a pulling on the heart that this is what GOD has called you to do. The ability to cast out demons comes from the Great Commission. I would suggest you check that out”

Are you speaking for “Clive Nightbreed” or yourself Sir?

I assure you I am well studied when it comes to the subject of spiritual warfare and why would you presume that my opinion is based on solely the internet as my source of research? Now if I was an “ordained minister” by way of a free internet clergical indoctrination perhaps I could understand your incredulity ;)

I guess my question IS: what precisely distinguishes a “demonologist” from an exorcist?

A demonologist seems to be defined by an online certification and a pulling at the heart.

The title of an exorcist likely requires the seminary, appointment by the Vatican, approval from the Pope and or a bishop and perhaps even a major in Theology?

I’m sure I left a few things out but alas, my knowledge of this subject is derived exclusively from “the net” LOL

eyeontheparanormal said...

Fred Brimstone,
I'll answer this question in Wednesday's blog.

Fred Brimstone said...

Don't forget to mention me ; ...


X said...

LOL! damn Kirby you sure can crash a party..

Clive Nightbreed said...

Clive Barker is one if my favorite authors, Nightbreed is one if my favorite horror movies. I'm a Horror fan. Nightbreed Paranormal is my family and my team. I have studied Theology and Demonology through my years with many churchs I belonged to. You don't judge me Freddy, unless you be judged. I love what I do and that's helping people. In the final days of your life may the hammer fall to your verdict.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you that there is ALWAYS someone who feels they are the "Know it all" type. If you knew Joe's background then you would know why he has the knowledge he does. And you don't have to have a degree to be one of God's chosen. He chooses who He wants and not who the secular world says should be. And ANY "religion" that claims there way is the only way or your going to hell is a cult.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Thank God for the 1st Ammendment.

Monica Clow said...

Monica Clow: I'm sorry for the folks who believe in this ORB thing. I do have a friend who is really into this type of reality. I know we all think we have a handle of evil, an that we have seen it's full effect's out there during investigation's but we really haven't. Not even a tenth of what is yet to come. Evil has survived the test of time, an has infiltrated every fibre of this world has to offer. How childish are we to think that what we are trying to do is working, or we're getting to the bottom of the truth. We know the truth already. We've just got to stop spinning this soo many way's it's confusing everyone. Satan is giving us the illusion that WE have the power to control that which we can't see with the naked eye. This life as we know it will continue until all is fulfilled in scripture. That is what we should be searching an praying for. I don't believe in ghost's, the dead talking in evp's.. I've been attacked by the dark shadow's an have suffered their pain they cause, an scripture say they are the result of a curse by GOD. These are not loved ones past. I'm sorry for the fustration everyone feels, an the division we all have. Satan divides, making us weak an vulnerable to disception. Take currage, pray for energy to combat the evil that leads our temper's an fustrations away from sharing an guiding fellow christian's forward to truth an understanding the trickery evil plays on us all. Prayers an christian love to all!

Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone.
I never experienced some of the little stuff like orbs, I experienced something that was very powerful and scary..I get upset when people are making something out of nothing, because there are real things out there that are very scary for people to go through, and I don't or try to find it, when it found me. I am glad for the help that was given me through the power of God.

Joe Andrade said...

Thank you all for commenting on my blogs. I know there are many forms of evil in this world, my first blog Gypsies Tramps and Thieves explains how evil works in multiple levels. Demons don't have to be inhuman creatures in TV Movies or just have to look in the mirror.

Joe Andrade said...

Now, if you wondering why I changed my name from Clive Nightbreed to my real name. We all wear masks, what we show in public and private. Proving my point of evil lies within every man and woman. Satan rules this world. We must reclaim it in the shed blood of Christ. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti AMEN!

Fred Brimstone said...

So what mask are you wearing now Joe?

I don't recollect leveling the gavel of judgement against anyone, I merely asked some perfectly legitimate questions and cited a few glaring contradictions and incongruities.

What I have surmised from this sanctimonious little exchange alone has enabled me to arrive at what I feel is an accurate assessment, no fabricated "background" is required. (thanks)

God selected me to root out BS kiddies, it is my calling, my gift of discernment if you will (God's choice not mine)

Caveo of reproba vates , quisnam adeo vos in ovis vestitus , tamen penitus they es ravenous wolves.

Lazarus said...

Can I get'an Amen for brother Fred!

Joe Andrade said...

Nice try on the latin translator Fred. The mask I wear, you would never completely understand for I have seen demons in people,places and things. Hell knows who I am. The Father Immeasurable, The Son Eternal, The Holy Spirit Eternal! I leave you in peace, my peace I give you. May you never wear the mask I bare.

X said...

WTF? ..Holy Messianic complex batman!
somebody get a net for Clive Nightbreed/Joe.. LOL!

Fred Brimstone said...

Oh yes Joe, I'm quite certain all of those with supernatural powers bestowed upon them by God would react this way to the slighted interrogative provocation on an internet blog.

So what makes your Latin authentic and mine "translated"?

Joe has street-cred in Hell LOL

Joe Andrade said...

You don't know what I've been through, witnessed, or experienced. When you have seen death in the face, someones lifeforce leave their body, seen satanic worship, blood sacrifice, ritual magic, necromancy, innvocation of demonic entities and summoning then we can talk. By the way X I have been evaluted numberous of times, by my own accord, because of what I have been through in my ENTIRE life. I'm of sound mind. My faith is strong.

Joe Andrade said...

Gotta love Shark Week!

Paul Davis said...

Please engage in a discussion of the facts instead of personal attacks. Also, please refrain from swearing as this is a G-rated blog.

Mr Brimstone, I have a legitimate question for you. Does it make you feel good to parade your ignorance attacking someone on an internet blog?

Fred Brimstone said...

Does it feel good to parade your unabashed gullibility?

No... it makes me feel satisfied that I have effectively illustrated that this gentleman dwells in a fantasy world and it saddens me that naïve and grossly misinformed neophytes like yourself actually buy into this nonsense (or you are complicit in the deception)

Joe Barker (whatever) said:
“By the way X I have been evaluted numberous of times, by my own accord, because of what I have been through in my ENTIRE life. I'm of sound mind”

Yeah…you sure seem to be having a lucid moment right now champ ;)

X said...

"You don't know what I've been through, witnessed, or experienced. When you have seen death in the face, someones lifeforce leave their body, seen satanic worship, blood sacrifice, ritual magic, necromancy, innvocation of demonic entities and summoning then we can talk"

Oh REALLY?... well that happens every night at the slayer concert, So whats your point? I'm not impressed

Joe Andrade said...

Ok Freddy and Barney ( whatever )..enjoy your misguided adventures in Bedrock. Im

Joe Andrade said...

I'm not in the slightest, offended by your anticlimatic wit, mediocrity, and total ignorance. On the final days I will weep for you. Then I'll have a sandwich.

Paul Davis said...

Obviously you missed the point. If I am gullible than I am happy to be. I could be self deluded.

Joe Andrade said...

They might have a Demi & Swayze moment lets watch. I'll Get the sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along!!! You guys take yourselfs to serious. Come on Joe that church is a joke, you know it!!!

Rich Arrington said...

A wonderful article! Truth!!! and you are a very creative writer.

Joe Andrade said...

@Anonymous the certification is a joke, I know this. But I have held priesthood in 2 churches. Church of Satan and as a high priest in Latter Day Saints in my twenties. I am no longer in either, but with the courses they offer,books,proper LEGAL documents. I can marry anyone, give people their last rites,council when they seek it (which I have been doing for years), and its affordable. My next blog..tomorrow.. explains a little about this. I take things seriously when its aimed at me. I take negative and make a positive..only God can judge me. Thank-you Anonymous for commenting.

@Rich Thank-you so much my brother!


X said...

"But I have held priesthood in 2 churches. Church of Satan and as a high priest in Latter Day Saints in my twenties."

Oh REALLY (again) in your 20's? not according to Later Day Saints, that position is reserved for older and seasoned members.. hmmm

AND you were not only a "Mormon priest" but a "Satanic preist" and an "internet priest" too? LOL!

@Fred, don't bother with these jokers they are doing a fine job themselves, enjoy your sandwiches..idiots

Anonymous said...

you will also note since you are NOT man enough to take it, I shall answer you in other blogs that are not moderated by a pussy LMAO!!

Joe Andrade said...

Hey this is crazy..but my give a S**T went that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Fred Brimstone said...

Wow ...what a ranting whackadoodle LOL

The Satanic Morman Priest from LDS has spoken!

Sorry but the decade old psychic hotline dispute between Beatrice M. and Chip Coffey is much more interesting(and funny) at this point.

Carry on nutball :)

Paranormal Vigilante said...

WELL WELL FRED I am sorry I was away for long. I had to stop reading all your replies since I was increasingly feeling my intelligence being sucked from me by your ignorance.

I will start by saying that INTENT is what gives anything its power. So to be ordained by a free school all with the intent of using that ordainment to help others, makes it as legitimate if not more legitimate as paying for it and not using it for the good of others.

It should not matter what he calls himself, where he was ordained or whether you think he is a nut case; what matter is what he does selflessly to help others. This is a blog. He has the right to say what he wants, it's his blog. You do not think he knows what he is talking about move on.

I have worked with Joe on numerous occasions and we practice opposing methods of cleansing as well as different views on spirituality all together BUT we have the utmost respect for each other and have taken the time to learn from each other to expand on our own beliefs. This does not sound like the workings of a man that is falsely presenting himself. He is actually one of the only truly honest and humble people I have come across in this field and trust me me I have worked with many and cleaned up alot of their messes after they tormented scared families all in the name of trying to get the best evidence to show their para-buddies. This is NOT Joe Andrade.

So before you continue to believe he is somehow presenting himself falsely, remember a title is just a title for people to know what he is there for and how he can help. He doesn't need a title to prove his intentions and stand behind his words.

I was just curious though...What wonderful things have you done to help the paranormal community since you seem so worried about what Joe is doing? Not that I really care since I do not need an EVP to prove to others I am important, I only help families in need find peace and will leave the cemeteries and their orbs to you.

Fred Brimstone said...

Based on your evident lack of literacy it would appear\ that your intelligence well was sucked dry long ago :)


Paranormal Vigilante said...

OOOOOOOO Good one... You sure told me.

I will accept that as the reply of a man with nothing to add since he has already said all the ignorant things he has had stored up.

When you decide to question a persons intentions or standing, find out a little about them before you jump in with your witty insults.

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn. -
Benjamin Franklin

So let me know when you would like that lesson regarding class and how to get your head out of your butt and I will be right her to help you.

Fred Brimstone said...

Alas you have nothing but insults to proffer in your meager and laughable attempts to validate all of these alleged supernatural powers Joe has been imbued with by The Almighty.

There is nothing special about your silly little para-TV emulating, cookie-cutter "team" aside from having the inability to back up inane claims with cold hard facts and evidence.

The way some of you carry on, one would think that demonic possession/oppression/ infestation was as common as termites when in reality are extremely rare at best.
Charlatans and false prophets perhaps.