Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your Decision “Reverend”

By Paul D Joao

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness 2 Tim 3:16

In the last paper titled, The Hidden Dangers of False Teachers, is a eye opening to a demonic event that has spread across America, in a period of time when for these clients were facing these attacks and there is been attempts to end this epic, the verse from 2 Timothy 3:16 is a key verse for this paper. Due to understanding , these cases in each state that caused this to happen when the main focus should be directed towards the individual  on questioning on his methods, practices and teachings. Therefore, in this paper is a letter to him in hopes that the person will consider to consider his options and reflect what has been transpose to this.

To whom it may concern,
Since we had our conversation late last year, the demonic activity has not ended but increase more than ever. These events has triggered through cell phones from people not able to talk about the subject before hand to messages on face book where people have able to speak to the demons on it,  it is hard to believe that it is possible, even messages on the cell phone where people can hear them plainly. One of the issues with a failed case that when you and her had a inter relationship with a client of yours knowing the dangers of sleeping with clients and knowing you still have a relationship with a girlfriend of yours that lives with you. As per that failed client of yours and as many as across the country, you speaking on your own behave on this female on taking the responsibility for telling people and telling them to speak to me directly that I applaud you on that. However, what is interesting is how the demonic influences on this one had become a possession not any other females. Just to let you know that during a session with interviewing with one of the demons and back then and now one demon stills reports that “it” travels from your house to the clients homes across the country. Of course, it is hard to believe that when studying the nature of demons their nature does include territory claims as in one night, July 31, 2012. These clients have reported seeing what one female said it could be “Bael” in all three locations, where the demon in questioning was walking as a spider like, moving from side to side and transforming into a man with large claws. Whether you know what you are doing or are summing these demons to their “clients” homes across the country, please let us know. On the nature of the interviewing the demons on what is claiming, though understanding people from Charles Kraft to many others like Bob Larson who practices this style, but what people should know is a demon cannot lie when the Holy Spirit is under control of it.  If you like to debate with me on this issue please let me know because I have studied the different styles of deliverances, counseling, demonology and various other forms, over a  long length of time, with that said, my intention is to become a teacher when God sees so fit, when it is time.

Now for the families, and other people that have felt this demonic plague, for the families that may have mentioned your name and please do not feel this is a direct attack on yourself or think is slandering. However, in the paranormal rule a rule of thumb rule is when it comes to kids and safely for them.  Is a big mistake for anyone in the paranormal community understands the importance’s of protecting them a first priority, as they are innocent to this demeanor as of late including the woman that has been attached as well. What is troubling is the men or the fathers do not get attacked but may have express in anger and probability have thought of driving to your house and confronting in person, as they might should do. However, the families have contacted paranormal teams and others as if demonologist to aid them in need, with each team or person has been aware with you may have done. People who have heard of you and often said negative things and some of the people in the field are respectable in their field of knowledge.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but you mention to me that you have studied from different people, and not under a person to watch over you, as you tried to mock my own inspiration in the field, such as Kurt E Koch. He has written many books and documented many cases in his time of ministry. What he also mentions in his work that people who are not order by God, to continue this work should not do it at all, as the person work will fail; it is about the commission of doing God work and doing what God wants in his people who are a position to follow. Another thing that bugs me is saying about my ministry Heaven Defense of Christianity when at that time I did not know that God placing the need to have it back in my life. What you are not aware of is that I’m a Christian Apologetics certified at New York School of the Bible under a person well known in that school and out Daniel Mann,  who taught me the courses.  As of now, its back and I have the ministry on Face book its principles can be located on the Statement of Belief.  In regards of Apologetics, and what I do with it is God appointed time with it, If God wants me to combine Apologetics to Preternatural that would be God’s approval.

As it relates to your teaching do you have a PHD besides a Rev, last time I checked with the pastorship the person to under a pastor and if I can ask is who is above you in which church so we can verify with. Another you mentioned to me is you being a pastor of a church, I would ask God first, why because of these record in what you have created not be the wisest choices but a foolish one in fact. Due to the church of Christianity of false teachers that made Christianity a target of what has happen to the people who had listen to the false teachers as an example is Rev. Jim Jones to lend many people to their deaths thirty years ago. I am sure you that you do not want to attempt are like these types of people. Want I would urge you to do is ask the women and their families that you are helping and helped for forgiveness and the Paranormal communities forgiveness as many might and the demonologist that have been embarrassment of this.   In addition, asking a respective research ministry like Walter Martin level as they to conduct a full-scale investigation on your own behalf. This way it would benefit your determination of where or not, you should consider with helping the public.

The last thing is prayer of whatever you decide, remember there is a large community of people that knows you are and that can expose you, if they decide to go that route. The choice is  yours and what you. In fact, the verse above is a new meaning to those who teach a Biblical doctrine.  Please feel free to contact me through Face Book with what you decide on which path you would seek. If not, I pray that in each family that is the Blood of Jesus Christ would stop suffering of the effects of what you implied on these families across the country. If you read this and I am sure someone will send it to you personally, that your name will or is on this letter, if it was it would be slander and it is not so you cannot think otherwise.

Your brother of Christ and the founder of Heaven Defense of Christianity
Paul D Joao