Friday, August 10, 2012

ParaNorman: A Wide Awake Nightmare

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

August 17th . . . world premiere of the children’s movie ParaNorman

There is real evil in this world, and it lurks in the most innocent looking places—searching for someone to devour . . . such is the case with the soon to premier kids movie ParaNorman . I love children’s movies, but there is something distinctly different about this particular movie. It exposes and encourages children to embrace supernatural evil. How so? By having a hero who can see and talk to the souls of dead people – ghosts. Parents, you must awaken to the reality that Casper is not friendly, as we were led to believe in our childhoods.  It is past time to grasp that these alleged ghosts are pure evil; demons mimicking humans in order to deceive us.

Norman is a misunderstood boy who has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. One day, because of his unusual gift, he is called on to save his hometown from a witches curse; he liberates the town from evil zombies and, of course, moronic adults. Norman is the conquering hero, thanks to his ability to converse with earthbound spirits. It’s a 3-D movie, which is visually gripping even from the short trailer I’ve seen.

Three years ago I became alarmed at the sheer number of ghost related shows on TV. I discovered that in the last fifteen years the notion of ghosts has exploded in growth; growing from a few lunatic fringe groups to at least one-third of today’s population embracing it – the power TV and movies have in effecting radical change is evident. I also discovered there were very significant issues at stake in the debate as to their (ghosts) identity. The reason I wrote Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes – using science, logic, and a biblical worldview – was to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, the identity of these entities which are very real. With all our sophisticated technology we are intentionally encountering a realm which science is impotent to accurately identify. It can only describe it . . . not label it. I have discovered there are only two options: they are in fact trapped human souls, or we are being deceived on an enormous scale by demonic entities. The various layers of evidence prove they are the latter – deceiving spirits which are pure evil. That would make the notion of ghosts one of Satan’s most successful global deceptions and make ParaNorman a spiritually dangerous movie.

So, what does that tell us about the movie ParaNorman? Just this – our precious children are being exposed to a worldview that glorifies supernatural evil, which makes a parent’s worst nightmare about natural evil seem tame in comparison. If ghosts are really demons (science, common sense, logic, and the Bible bears this out), then the hero (Norman) is really an anti-hero in the worst sense. In Deut.18 we are forbidden to attempt to speak to the dead, because they are really demons deceiving us by appearing as deceased humans. These evil spirits can mimic and morph into any shape they wish (the angel of light principle in 2 Cor. 11:14 is proof).  Throughout the Bible the paranormal realm is described as forbidden territory to humans, because it is the God-ordained abode of the demonic and Satan. Hence, common sense would dictate that what Norman does is unspeakably dangerous.

Think about this for a moment: what is the qualitative difference between the known dangers of playing with an Ouija Board, what ghost hunters do, or Norman calling out to alleged spirits of the dead? None . . . and that is my main concern. “Are there any spirits in our midst?” is the question that all three have in common. Most people are awakening to the dangers of plunging into the spirit world with the Ouija Board, so why is Norman’s behavior not recognized as just as dangerous? Just because he can see the spirits, as some people really can, does not diminish the danger of his being deceived. Demons will take whatever form or shape which advances their infernal agenda. A salient aspect of our souls is their invisibility, so how could a person’s soul suddenly appear to us after death? Especially in ways that frighten us – is God going to let that happen? Not the God of the Bible! Besides, the Bible is emphatic that death is determinative of eternal destiny. In a biblical worldview it is impossible to believe in trapped spirits . . . it shows how biblically ignorant we are as a nation.

We are exposing our kids to something we ourselves are exceedingly na├»ve to. There is a pandemic of paranormal-mania and few are aware of the fact that basic ghost theory is intellectually bankrupt. Worse, believing in and speaking to alleged ghosts is an express ticket to demonic oppression. As proof of this, the vast majority of paranormal investigators eventually bring a paranormal “friend” home with them. Daily I deal with this little known reality.

Between the things we see and the things we fear, there are doors . . . once they are opened, nightmares become reality. Speaking with ghosts is like boarding an express train direct to demonic oppression – or worse. I have seen this happen countless times and I am fed up with the church and the media’s dismissiveness of it. This movie will be directly, or indirectly, responsible for the opening of countless “doors” for the demonic to enter through – and the ruination of our children. If ghosts are demons then this conclusion is not an exaggeration. There are a few specific dangers to be aware of.

Watching this movie will result in the following problems. First, the number of children who have nightmares (literally) will increase. If this occurs then pray for protection before they fall asleep. Second, many children will begin seeing something that is not of this world. The anecdotal evidence overwhelmingly suggests that children are much more sensitive to the paranormal realm. I am terrified to think of what our spiritually sensitive and impressionable children are going to experience. If they see red eyes staring at them from their closets at night, DO NOT dismiss it – your child is in serious danger (see below for how to seek help). Because they are children, they may see things you are unable to. We are throwing our kids to the worst wolves imaginable – the demonic. They hate all humans, including children. I am NOT saying all the kids will leave the theatre possessed, but many millions will have their minds and worldviews affected. (What God is like, is He in control? What is the after-life like? Are but a few basic assumptions that are taught).

When they leave will you be able to answer their question: “Mommy/daddy what is a ghost? Are they real? Will I become a ghost when I die?” Will you be prepared to give them a well-thought-through answer? My mom used to always say when a situation was questionable, “Better safe than sorry.” Please, be safe, rather than sorry . . . do not let your children see ParaNorman, unless you wish your life to possibly turn into a wide-awake nightmare. Jesus Christ conquered sin, Satan, and the grave and our hope of entering heaven upon death is absolutely certain if we are in Christ . . . if not, then all eternity will be a wide-awake nightmare. Flee from ParaNorman  into the loving and gentle arms of Jesus.

Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes. (Amazon Kindle and soft cover), the only book which comprehensively analyzes ghosts from a biblical worldview perspective.
If your house is haunted, it does NOT need to be investigated . . . it needs to be cleansed and blessed – there is never a monetary fee for this.