Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Issue 118 – The Case Against Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium--Part 1

By Kirby Robinson

Over the next few weeks, we'll be building a case against the credibility of the claims concerning the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. For the past few years, she has become America's so-called number one medium. Nowhere has she ever claimed to be a psychic, as those claims can easily be disproven. Also, the Long Island Medium is now claiming she is never wrong.

Americans are embracing psychics and mediums. Go to Google and type in psychics and mediums-- you could spend 8 hours a day for a year, and never visit every site on the Internet.

You can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars getting a phone reading, Skype, and in person readings. You can attend gallery readings, which is a group reading, and you're not even promised to receive one bit of information from the other side.

Sylvia Browne is the former number one psychic of record who has been featured on Larry King Live and appeared frequently on The Montel Williams Show. Ms. Browne has more than 50 books in print, 21 books in audio format, and all her so-called nonfiction titles can't stand a serious test of legitimacy. For example, her book "Afterlives of the Rich and Famous" is impossible to fact check—she can make up any story. And she does---as her books are simply flights of fantasy and fiction.

Why is this? Why has the public become so accepting of these modern day snake oil salespeople?

-  Rejection of God's message and embracing a feel good new age false religion.

- Uncertain times force people to find sanctuary in something. Some find it in drugs while others find it in people who will tell them what they want to hear.

- Searching for the truth about life after death. Going by what the psychics and mediums say, we can live any way we want. We can do anything we want. We can think any way we want to and sin any way we want to. If we accept their words, whether written in a book or spoken on TV, there will be no price to pay. There is no hell, no punishment -- just a bright and sunny afterlife.

- A society should embrace a learning process. Now, everything is spoon-fed to us. Our ability to think, question, and engage in a scientific manner has been reduced. If anyone on TV says it is so, then it is so. If I read it on the Internet, it is so. If some "expert" appears for a few minutes on Oprah or Ellen and says it is so – then it must be so.

Like every other medium and psychic out there, The Long Island Medium is a fake. She feeds on the emotionally needy and the spiritually insecure. Like all the others, she increases her bank account by tricking her audience that she has all the answers. She convinces her cult-like followers that she has something called "the spirit" that feeds her the information that you crave.

When I go to funerals, you won't see me cry. It's not that I am heartless. It's due to my faith. I know the saved have gone on to heaven. Why? Because that is what my faith teaches me. When the unsaved die, they made the choice to go to hell. No matter how many prayers one would say, no matter if some church baptizes them after death, that is where they are going. It is clearly stated that way-- no doubts, no worries. But so many new age "thinkers" are left in doubt. So, the new agers must turn to a medium to find out where they are at and are they all right?

The Long Island Medium talks to "SPIRIT." [Some Christians might say that is a demon feeding her information as they point out she never talks about angels, she never sees God, only mentions "a God" and the word Jesus never crossed her lips -- and they might be right].

What I've seen of her readings and our investigation into her televised Florida road trip, we uncover her so-called talent for talking to the dead.

Let me share a video from the show "LIVE! with Kelly and Michael" of a reading she did with the audience and show how she tricks the audience.

Notice she's working with an audience of over 150 people. Medium or not, you can safely ask:

- Who here lost a child?

- Who here lost a husband, wife, parent, sibling, or a grandparent?

- Who here lost a baby?

- Who here lost someone to cancer, AIDS, heart attack, car accident, etc.

You're going to have hands shoot up because these things happen. They're fairly common so you're going to get it right.

When they go out looking for an audience to fill their studio they tell people who the guest is so she knows why people are there.

Earlier on, she had a long string of misses and she had to come up with an explanation for it. She claimed it was confusion in interpreting the signs that she received.

She goes for "who over here has lost a husband?" and she sees several admitted widows. Notice that she goes over to an older female time. Cue violins, it's time to yank the heartstrings. The next step is to go into her cold readings mode, asking questions in such rapid-fire fashion you fail to notice Theresa isn't really telling her anything but simply asking questions.

Once she starts talking to the woman start counting the seconds.

- She says, "People leave this world in many different ways." The purpose of that statement is to fool the audience into believing that Theresa is knowledgeable in the ways of the spirit world. Listen to what comes up next.

- Theresa complements the woman for all the unselfish things she did. That is what the widow wants to hear. Have you ever heard a medium say, "Hey stupid, your husband says you were a lousy mother, couldn't cook worth a damn, were lousy in the sack and I couldn't wait to die!"

- Have you been counting? If you have, then ask yourself how could she be talking to the spirit of the dead man and never get a name from him? When she starts to miss with the food questions, she has to cover her tracks. These are signs and symbols she gets. She isn't wrong only responding to the symbols that she's seen.

- She quickly breaks it off and goes to her next reading. In reality, this isn't a reading but an endorsement of her abilities. She tries, but fails, to get the audience to laugh. Again, no name is given.

- She tells the group that things she says might apply to them even though she isn't looking at them. This gives the audience a false sense that they got something from the session. In reality,  they got nothing.

- She talks about a "blood illness" that is head to toe and has something to do with the liver. Anatomy 101—blood circulates throughout the entire body. All blood illnesses are head to toe and all blood diseases impact the liver.

- She then asks who is being tested for other illnesses? That's a very safe one to toss out as people are always being tested for something.

- She talks about the blow to the chest cause in death. It doesn’t pertain to those she reads for but it applies to those seated on the other side of the studio. Then it goes from a blow to the chest to her father died in front of her. The great message is don't feel bad about it! Who wouldn't feel bad about something like that?

Next week we finish this group fiasco and start on our Florida road trip debunking claims of legitimate readings given by Theresa Caputo.

Issue 119 - The Case Against Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium - Part 2

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Anonymous said...

Your deep religious beliefs disqualify you as being any sort of expert on anyone else's relationship with god/spirit/universe. Your disbelief is built in. Therefore you have an agenda. Therefore, you are as legitimate as Theresa. Take that for what it is worth.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Anonymous,
I really enjoy corresponding with you and the rest of your family that goes under the name of Anonymous.

The difference between my belief and Theresa Caputo's belief is that mine is based on the concept of faith in what Jesus Christ is and what He did for everyone, including you and me.

Theresa's faith is based on one thing: deception. She has been deceived by her teacher, Pat Longo, and she seeks to deceive the general public so that she can make lots of money.


Anonymous said...

"Our ability to think, question, and engage in a scientific manner has been reduced. If anyone on TV says it is so, then it is so. If I read it on the Internet, it is so. If some "expert" appears for a few minutes on Oprah or Ellen and says it is so – then it must be so."
And if you read it in the Bible, it must be so? Really??? The Bible is fiction. You have any scientific proof that "God" wrote the Bible? Really? Jesus didn't do anything for you. Jesus died 2000 years ago, and he's still dead. He doesn't do anything for anyone any more than the "spirits" who communicate with Theresa Caputo do.

Queen Barb said...

Jesus is Lord. He rules over Heaven and earth. Energy does not die. Energy merely changes form. As a devout Christian Catholic, and a person who has experienced paranormal activity, it is my suggestion that many Christians are afraid of how big our God is. Whether or not Theresa C. is a fake is of no concern - does she give people hope and peace and understanding? WWJD?
THe God of our omniverse is far more powerful than our peon brains can imagine or perceive. Dead humans DO communicate to living ones - Jesus communicates with us - Saints appear to people - energy does not die. I believe Heaven is a vast vaporous entity in the omniverse - gathering in, sucking in, inviting in , welcoming in - ANY energy that flows toward it. As for hell, we are in it now here on this earth.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Queen Barb,

It is odd that you claim to be a devout Catholic yet the theories that both you and Theresa Caputo, who also claims to be a devout Catholic, spout are contrary to what both the Church and the Bible teaches.

- Very odd that you gloss over the fact that Theresa Caputo has become a millionaire off the backs of the hurt and suffering. She teaches a false concept that the dead know anything. However, the Church and Bible teach the dead know nothing. So you're implying that the Church endorses psychic readings while they don't. Not do they endorse talking to the dead, because those aren't your dead loved ones Caputo is "communicating" with, those are demons.

- You compare your dead loved ones with both Christ and the saints. I am pleased that such lofty people visit my blog. Christ healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons. Did your loved ones do the same while they were alive? My guess is no, they didn't.

You should return to God/Jesus and your Church. Leave fake cable psychic/mediums alone because it'll cost you your soul and the souls of those who buy into such demonic teachings.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious to me that all television is produced. It is by it's very nature a show. So when entertainment is taken to seriously than you might want to question it. The truth of the bible cannot be so easily dismissed. The work of Jesus was not for personal gain, nor was it to entertain people. So to anonymous; Quit comparing apples to apple jacks. Thank You. God Bless You All.

Mahdji said...

The fact is that the Catholic Church teaches that doing what Teresa Caputo does is wrong and not to be encouraged. No one who claims, as she does, to be a "devout" Catholic (why is it that people are always "devout?" How about simply "practicing?" I'll tell you why: PRACTICING Catholics will never do what Caputo does, as it flies in the face of the commandments) will have anything to do with psychic readings let alone take a single dime for "communicating" with the dead. So she's a fraud on several levels and I find her embarrassing and annoying.

Anonymous said...

I am Anonymous #2...I do believe in Jesus Christ and the bible. I also think that the fact spirits speak to people through what ever channel can not be proven or dis-proven unless you are God or Jesus. I don't think that my opinion is right or wrong, but I do know what I believe. I don't believe that God would send someone directly to hell because they weren't "saved" when they died. From what I understand God is very forgiving and how could he fault someone for sins on earth when those on earth don't have a chance to see what the afterlife is like until after they are dead? Regardless, nobody can prove or disprove paranormal activity, clairvoyance, psychics, etc., not event he Pope. It's just not possible.

Born Again Skeptic said...

I am amazed that psychics/mediums continue to be allowed to scam and defraud us. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 people in the United States that purport to have psychic ability and use that "ability" to enhance their income. Theresa Caputo began her career over ten years ago as a "street psychic" and gave readings on a small NYC radio station for free. She has since moved up the ladder and is now taking millions of dollars in from hundreds of thousands of "clients." Why we can't contain and control this fraud is a mystery? Ponzi schemes,
insider trading and other illegal activities are punishable in our legal system but this type of scam goes generally unpunished. Only until a "curse" is placed on someone do the courts get involved.
The "Long Island Medium" does not " to the dead." She is the most recent example of a long line of con-artists that goes back over two thousand years. She will eventually be exposed just like Sylvia Browne, John Edwards and James Van Praagh but not until she extorted millions of dollars. I don't blame people from believing in what she "sppears" to be doing. This "scam" is not easily detected nor understood. It involves the use of cold reading, internet research and an understanding of the Forer Effect. To be able to expose her: she needs to be given a lie detector test (as well as each member of her production team; she needs to have an expect in "cold reading" available to confront her during each of her readings; and she needs to have someone witness (from beginning to end and behind the scenes) her shows on TLC; her "private readings" and her "Road Shows." This includes an examination of the "editing" of all her readings. There is no such thing as communication with the dead and it is a shame that anyone would try to convince anyone else that it exists. If and when she is exposed, she will fade away like all the others but until that happens she will continue to reap in the millions of dollars. I know some will say that she helps people and I am sure she make people feel very "comfortable" but at what price? Unfortunately, that "comfort" is the result of deception and fraud.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia browne has not got a psychic bone in her body think sum people will believe in anything cuz anything is betta than nothin

Jessie said...

It's funny that you don't believe in Theresa because you believe in Jesus, because my reason for not believing in her is because she herself claims to believe in Jesus. There is NO WAY that in this whole entire world with all the different religions that have formed that Christianity got it right. I do believe there is a beyond, and that maybe there are spirits of people out there, but the second you start telling me Jesus is the whole truth and nothing but the truth just because you were raised that way and didn't get out of your western culture bubble your whole life and you can 'feel it' you are just as illegitimate as her saying that she can talk to all spirits. The reason people believe in her is the same reason you believe the bible is 100% true, because of a primal fear of not knowing what comes after death. Maybe there are people who can talk to spirits, I don't know. I don't pretend to know everything about this subject, but those who do *coughyouandtheresacough*, weather they know it or not, are the ones not telling the truth.

King Krimson said...

I find it fascinating that these morons equate belief in Theresa Caputo to belief in God/Christ.

Count Mallachi said...

Jesse do you actually think there is
the slightest possibility that the LIM has special powers that enable her to converse with the dead? (They're DEAD!)

At least the Christians I encounter don't claim to see apparitions of the Virgin Mary every 5 minutes, on every street corner, in every deli, in every nail salon...

Anonymous said...

THis is just as believable as what the government tells us. Sheesh

Anonymous said...

My mother became Jesus fanatic in the late 80's. From then on it was preach, preach, preach. She also became obsessed with sending bibles to ppl all over the world. She kept badgering me to go to church, a Pentacostal church. I refused for several years. She reeled in my sister. Ifinally went to church with her. The moment i walked in i just got a feeling that this was all wrong. Evertbody sat down to listen to the sermon from a "deacon" in the church. He never once looked at the bible. He began to get "passionate" about what he was saying, all the while getting "amens" and "halleujias". Evidently nobody saw him grab his crotch several times like Michael Jackson. He almost said the f-word on several occasions. The church also has so called mediums. They are called prophets. And they do cold readings too. They fall out, being "slayed in the spirit" . Back to the deacon. Something just wasnt right. He ended up getting my sister into bed. The pastor of the church was always very well dressed. He began to get nicer and nicer cars. They moved into a free-standing building. During this time, my boyfriend was very addicted to crack. I went to the church to talk to the pastor. All he said was i had to pray for him because he was possessed by a demon. No comfort. It got to where i just went to watch the show. Ppl being touched by the pastor, doing cold readings basically then falling on the floor. FAKE!!! I was struggling with Jeffs addiction. I confided in my mom and she said i had to longsuffer and God would bless me. My boyfriend became my husband after an 8 month separation. My mom said God was going to bless our marriage. Lies! I blssed myself and had the help of a friend to leave my marriage behind. I took my kids and moved 1600 miles away. Fout months later my husband followed me. Hes been clean ever since. The church didnt help me. I made that decision on my own. Church in itself is a farce. I left in the middle of the "offering" because they began to COUNT the money in front of the congregation. They practically bullied the ppl saying things like "we dont have enough" or., " just 20 more$" it was sickening. The shows stopped for me that day. After that, ppl started leaving the church including my mom. There was so much un-christian behavior. My sister was married to a man that brought his girlfriend to that church, and they allowed it. The church fell apart and everyone found out that the pastor was gay and only matrried for appearnce. Only a handful of times did i ever see the bible opened. Usually the "message"was interrupted by the music, then the show began. The church preaches that if you sin youre going to hell. Thats controlling ppl with fear. And according to the bible, fear is a demon. I can have church at home.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Your error was having faith in a church. A church can't save you as a church is of man. GOD is the thing you should have your only faith in and not some fake psychic who can't save you.

Metoyou618 said...

I like to watch Theresa. She's ditzy, funny, and gawdy. A very funny gal! However, putting down a person is a bit judgmental. Don't you all think? I do hear from my little ole book I call the bible- judging is a sin..... :)

Metoyou618 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Metoyou618,
Aren't you judging Theresa Caputo as being ditzy and funny?

The Bible states that we aren't supposed to judge a person as being either good or bad. What the Bible states, and what I've done, is that I've judged her ACTIONS AND BELIEFS as being detrimental to others.

Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Theresa Caputo is Catholic with a clear understanding of spirit. You my friend are completely clueless about what she actually stands for and your idea of a debunk is a complete failure.

Fred Brimstone said...

"Theresa Caputo is Catholic with a clear understanding of spirit."

What she does is incompletely incompatible, incongruous and in general; an affront to the Catholic faith. It is you that is "clueless" and she is a ridiculously laughable fraud that only the most naive of feebs believe in.

Fred Brimstone said...

@ Metoyou618

What does your "little ole book called the bible" say about consorting with necromancers?


dg said...

eyeontheparanormal , in response to many of your replies to people's comments. i do not think that Teresa Caputo is fake or real, as like in the majority of how i live my life, i believe it when i see it with my own 2 eyes. i just find it amusing how you continue to dismiss the idea of people talking to spirits or people feeling the presence of spirits but yet you not only believe in demons but have actually assisted in Exorcisms. arent demons and spirits essentially the same, just one is good and one is evil? how come for you just because the bible says that once someone dies and goes to heaven, that is it? but yet when someone bad dies and goes to hell it's normal for them to come back to "haunt" people? i don't get the logic there. jesus himself died and rose from the dead, yes he was jesus, but ultimately did he not start out as a human being that people could see, and hear and touch? you talk about the bible so much and how people should follow it pretty much word for word, then why do most people, christians included break almost every commandment? i have a feeling after reading your comments that you must be anti gay too, because it says in the bible that the homosexuals pretty much should not exist, let alone be able to be married. it might only be my opinion but i think that is the best thing that was not followed, that slowly but surely many more states are coming forward allowing same sex marriages, because while too many people are spewing hate against people like mediums or people who can see spirits, letting same sex marriages happen is showing how much they have suffered and have had to wait the longest to do the one thing that EVERYONE in the world should really be concerned with and that is LOVE.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear dg,
Thank you for your comment.
I will personally respond to your comment in a blog next Saturday, May 10, 2014.
Many blessings,
Kirby Robinson

Count Mallachi said...

Oh how the red herrings abound here..

"If you don't believe in ridiculous charlatans like Theresa Caputo you must be anti-gay like the Westoboro
Baptist Church"


Anonymous said...

Don't talk about our Lord like that. And the Bible is not fiction. And if u keep writing things that r against our Lord Jesus u will find yourself in hell some day. Or maybe u want to be there.

Bradley Luoma said...

To those of you who think Theresa Cupato is real you're wrong. I am an Trained and Ordained Exorcist Minister registered with the A.A.E. - American Association of Exorcists. I have a case still ongoing that a PSYCHIC wishes she NEVER received this curse from Satan. She was called for O.J. Simpson as well as the Kaley case (Little Florida girl who was killed by her mother), and she has figured it out that it was an all out lie, as they did this to set her up for possession. For all of you to understand this - Hebrews 9:27 states Man is destined to die once and after that face judgement. Means when we die we cannot linger and hang around as "Ghosts" or "Spirits" for unfinished business. This Psychic I am working with thought these "spirits" were friendly in the beginning, getting her to trust them. Only after 2 years have they infected with over 7000 Demonic entities that I have removed. I am actively engaging Satan directly as Satan has stated she received the curse going back all the way from Adam and Eve, and Satan has told me and others who have helped on the case - she was born for me to be my wife. Yes, this woman gets raped by the Demons, and has happened in front of family members. James 2:19 states - You believe in one Triune God, you do, as the Demons believe and tremble in the name of God (i.e. Jesus Christ). There are NO such things as Ghosts or Familiar Spirits - (DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH ANGELS FROM HEAVEN) - Many people believe this because of tampered with religion - i.e. Catholicism teaches Purgatory - that flies in the face of what Jesus did over 2000 years ago. Nowhere at all does Christ ever speak of one having to atone for their sins by waiting to be deemed worthy. Upon the cross Christ stated 'It's Finished' referencing to his sacrifice is given for ALL. All the Demons use what ever plan of destruction they set have forth upon an individual. Know this, God said I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb, and the Demonic/Fallen Angels know all about you and what plan to use against you. The Demons will get anyone they can to use to by into their game - keep one away from the true living God - Jesus Christ..See next part

Bradley Luoma said...

Any twist, little lie, untruth, or act is how they do this against people. Just last night I engaged Satan in a person directly and Satan told me you follow that man from Nazareth - you FOOL. This confirms two things - One Jesus Existed (Demon said you follow that man from Nazareth), and two Satan and it's unholy kingdom knows/realizes that they are defeated in the name of Christ. I have another high ranking Wicca Witch that converted to Christianity, and that's when Hell on earth started. Baal Zebub came against her (along with the 30 plus other "familiar spirits" she trusted) and admitted she got the curse of medium-ship when she jumped the "Candle".
Witches do this as a pledge to Satan, and that is just one way how Satan infects people. God does NOT give the gifts as people claim them to be from God - NOPE sorry. Why then is this not a blessing? Here is why - Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy's written about him (44 of them he did documented which he would do), so therefore we as a people no longer need "prophets of old to tell us" as we have the Holy Bible, and the fact that Jesus died on a cross for all mankind. Choose to accept Christ and you receive Heaven for your repentance of ways and sins. Choose not to do this one receives Hell, eternal separation from God.
Think about this - why is then when one dies we ALL say (ok maybe a majority say) Rest in Peace? Then why is it then people go out to contact those Resting in Peace (this relates to Caputo)? They can't because they are Resting in Peace! So who is then that they are encountering? The DEMONS/FALLEN ANGELS - Folks so you understand common names such as Amy (DEMON), LUCY (DEMON), JACOB (DEMON), LEWIS (DEMON, MICHAEL (DEMON) not the Arch Angel whom I am referring to. So when these so called "Ghost Hunters" go out and get these names captured - these are DEMONS that are coming forth because they are committing NECROMANCY, same goes for these “Mediums and Psychics”, they are getting misled...see next part

Bradley Luoma said...

One even commits NECROMANCY by going to a graveside and saying words like "I miss you so much and I wish I could see you again." Strike against you - you just gave "LEGAL AUTHORITY" to the Demons to know you more and now pursue you with the ultimate goal of possession. One CANNOT come back from Death (until Christ himself returns) - words of Job 14:10-12 even discuss this, so do the words of Jesus Christ found in Luke 24: 37-39 that one cannot linger around as a "spirit" or a "ghost". All these people that buy into this fallacy are having or will have issues at some point in time come under attacks or possession. Yes, I even have had to work on former Ghost Hunters because of the acts of Necromancy they committed in the name of "research". Demons do NOT take or give one a pass in the name of doing this for research.
People choosing to see if life after death exists - of course it does. Heaven or Hell - the prophets of old found in the Bible discuss this, even the words of Christ himself when he was on the cross telling one of the "Thieves" that 'today you shall be with me in Paradise'. The Bible is written by man, inspired by God through the Holy Spirit that God wanted man to know (Old Testament) written in a manner, tone and language at that time for people to understand. The New Testament are writings of the disciples of Christ himself and then disciples of the disciples...see part two of my comment.
If any of you want to come on an Exorcism and see for yourself how truly EVIL is, I invite you to come at your own expense and see for yourself what the Demonic say about Christ, how they react to his name stated, and what happens when they MOCK God. Christ sets people free, but he gives all a choice - follow me and know life, deny me and know death (paraphrased here people). For those of you who fail to understand that God would not send someone to Hell - YES he does - why? God gave you FREE will to choose, and to know the truth. See next part...

Bradley Luoma said...

If one chooses not to do that, then there are penalties that one must pay. Sorry, read the story about the Rich Man and Lazarus. So some of you understand LUCIFER is NOT SATAN - Sorry that is a not true anymore. A more EVIL one took the rule of Hell away from and know holds the title SATAN - how do I know this - 6 different people who do NOT know each other, from different areas, who have never spoke to each other, have all told the same facts and presentation to me while in a state of POSSESSION. Yes, I know Demons lie - that is their Modus Operandi, but they are commanded to tell the truth in the name of Christ or suffer the wrath of God for lying.
These people did not have that happen. When they did tell a lie, they started screaming in horrific pain as they suffered the wrath of God for lying to him. So believe what you want - but what I’m stating is 100% FACT - I have the Demonic Possession battles on video for training other Ministers. The Fallen Angels use "whispers" or voices to enact their plans on "suspecting" people. As Satan stated to my face recently as follows - "My job is so much easier to destroy a piece of garbage named Man who God should have never created, when they know very little about that Jesus Christ Savior of the world". This is something to think about folks.....Makes one ponder now...Think about it why would Satan say that...??

eyeontheparanormal said...

thank you sir for all those great comments

Anonymous said...

You are right she is a total fraud. Just like John Edwards and the rest of the scammers. But please don't quote the bible. It's the oldest comic book going! To believe in one almighty that takes care of us ect then you have been taken just like the ticket buyers for these fraud psychics.

Anonymous said...

Who here knows someone called John?

Anonymous said...

In my own opinion, Theresa may be a fraud, or she may not be. But, I feel that what she does is bring peace to people who have lost the ones they love.
Even if what she says are indeed lies, what she does is help people move on and continue with their lives.

eyeontheparanormal said...

"Even if what she says are indeed lies, what she does is help people move on and continue with their lives."

The devil lies to people all the time and as long as we get on with our lives that's OK?

Anonymous said...

Dude, some catholic your are. You are grossly misinformed which is fine but trying to push of knowledge and your supposed facts is something else entirely. I spent two years in Vatican city and there are things that would shake, no scratch that, destroy the very foundation of your belief structure. When you realize that a lot of what you've been told is..., well that's just it, it isn't. Then you would realize how much you just don't know and a lot of what you thought you knew is false or misconstrued. The Church absolutely deals with the paranormal on a regular basis and does many things that the masses are unaware of. So please get off your soapbox and doing something productive for society.