Thursday, April 24, 2014

Save Your Money on Paranormal Conventions & Events

By Chris Baricko

As I am sure many of have noticed we have been getting flooded in the paranormal world with conventions and events. I will point out a few things. Firstly, the economy sucks, most of the people are either unemployed or underpaid. They are paycheck to paycheck yet the money they charge is outrageous. Here is why I do not think they are worth over $20.00. Now remember they say they are on TV and you're paying for there time. Really. Then should you not get what you pay for?

Let's start with Amy Bruni from Ghost Hunters. She stated in an interview that either Ghost Hunters or people in general started investigating the paranormal in 1848. (I am not sure what one she meant.) But either way she is wrong. TAPS started in 1990, (142 years later) or when the first people started in England in 1880's. 32 years later. In the nineteenth century. (Not the eighteenth century). Really? And you're paying to learn from her? I would save my money.  (Read below)

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Then we have Adam Berry from Ghost Hunters who (cough cough ) won the TAPS academy. I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact he was a performer in acting and theater before they chose him. Even though in my opinion Vera was way better. Remember when Adam suggested were they have base camp and Vera was the leader? Then when she did not say Adam suggested it he went to Jay and Grant and said was not fair was his Idea. So now remember he claimed to be a team player. But I guess that means throwing others under the bus to get ahead.  So tell me that show was not a set up for ratings and who they knew they were going to pick? The actor. (Read below)

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Events. They charge from $125.00 to $245.00 for 7 hours depending on the event. So at $125.00 that's about $18.00 an hour you're paying. At $245.00 you're paying $35.00 a hour are you kidding me? So what you're paying for is to walk in and say hi. Maybe get a photo and an autograph. Then investigate with 50 to 60 other people at the same location. Right at the bottom of the page it states in big letters NO REFUNDS. So I will offer my advice as someone who has been in the field for over 25 years. Ask questions before paying and make sure you get the answers in writing.

1 - How many people are going to be at the event?

2 - Ask how will the groups investigating be broken up?

3 - How many people will be in each group? If over 3-5 forget about doing any EVP's as they will be so contaminated you won't be able to tell what is and is not a person whispering. Photos. You can get some of the location but again forget convincing anyone it's paranormal when so many others there that can cause it.

I also wrote to a few of the paranormal celebrities to ask if they would be willing to donate their time or sign something for a little girl here in Connecticut who was in ICU because her school bus crashed into a tree. The only ones who showed any support and replied to me within a day are: John Zaffis, Brian Cano, Chris Fleming, and Shannon Sylvia. Of course Amy never answered but makes sure she lets you know she is selling her tee shirts. And a few others are just as bad. Their true colors showed. Now why support them when they don't support others? 

Now I do not want to hear the excuses they can't reply to every email or message they get. That's a load of crap. If they have the time to Tweet and post they have time to answer the fans. Remember--without the fans there are no shows. No shows mean they have to live in the real world. Maybe that would open their eyes and show the fans the respect they deserve. They make sure to post when they're going to be at an event to sell something. Tell them to answer your messages first. Again NO FANS MEANS NO MONEY.   

Don't let the event promoters strong arm you or tell you what you want to hear. Remember they are there to make money. Why do you think they put NO REFUNDS as part of the terms? That's basically saying if you have a emergency you can go pound sand.

I personally have never went to an event for the simple reason I've been around long enough to know I do not want to be cramped up with a large group of people trying to see if I can get any evidence or findings when I know full well it is just about impossible. And I also refuse to work my ass off to give my money to people who don't give a crap about us, only that we pay.

Are the events worth it? In my opinion not if it is anything over $20.00. Do the math. The event is say $245.00 now add in your travel and lodging and let's not forget food. You're around $500.00 for only 7 hours.

For that kind of money you can rent a cabin in the woods for a week, Go to a theme park for the day. Have a great family night out. For most people that is a week's pay. For them, I'm sure they are making much more than that for only 7 hours. Think about it…