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Issue 62 – The Day the Exorcism Sideshow Came to Town, Part 1 (Reporter X)

By Kirby Robinson


Friday, February 24th at 7 PM [PST]
USA Paranormal Radio with Debbie Perkins

Sunday, February 26th at 8 PM [EST]
Beyond the Edge Radio with Eric Altman


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When I was a youth, I can recall the excitement I felt when the news broke that a traveling circus or the local fair time was approaching. Anticipation began to grow. Time passed slowly until the day the circus came to town or the fair officially opened.

Now it seems that that the old time circus has been replaced by people who claim they chase demons. And they bring along their own sideshow of traveling clowns/exorcism troupe. It doesn't matter if one is needed, as this sideshow is happy to travel and perform to the paying public. When they've finished the performance they hurry on down the road to get to the next town and the next headline. This is done in order to serve their egos and the collective egos of the group. This is done in order to get into those paranormal conferences and get paid to make speeches. This is done to write that book or get a TV or film deal.

This madness must stop! I wish I was a fiery speaker but I am not. I wish I was a master word smith but I have more in common with the name of Smith. But try I will!

Demons, exorcisms and deliverance, evil spirits, curses and generational curses are not matters of the paranormal. Such things are theological. Such solutions to these issues are found in faith not paranormal. To offer anyone help it must come from a person who is called to do so by God. Preferably a person who has set aside things of man and embraced those things that are of God. Only through God's grace and wisdom can they be dealt with.

These matters are not for radio or TV or magazine presentation. For the information is vast and explanations are often not simple.

They aren't solved in visits of a few hours or email exchanges or filling a home full of equipment for a few days. The dark forces behind these things are far too cunning.

What has happened to turning to the churches and religious groups? Why have people come to the paranormal to address theological problems? From a traditional Christian view we receive caution after caution concerning diving too deeply into paranormal subjects.

Why do so called demonologists use such catchy phrases such as Demon Doctors, Demon Stalkers or Demon Chasers? Do we find such titles in the bible or for our Christian organizations (Catholic or Protestant)? Did we ever see Christ in a T-shirt and hat that read: GME (GOD'S MASTER EXORCIST)? Or what about the disciples sent out to perform the Great Commission; did their hats read CCO (Christ's Chosen Ones)?

To stand even further out we have so called demonologist groups who claim they do not have to come to your home. You don't have to go to them. You don't even need to go to church. These so called demonologist groups do a remote exorcism/deliverance. And you can just carry around your phone or laptop and they can recite verses and prayers. They can even send you an email and when you open it the demon is gone!

Now they fail to address what comes after the exorcism/deliverance. Do they stop and look for reasons why their client even has demons in the first place?

Some even forget to mention God! Or they go so far to say if you say God is your sole source of power to cast out demons you're out of tune with the times. They go so far as to call you a Christian zealot

Did you ever read of Christ teaching these techniques or find any of these used by the church?

Speaking of the church, why do non-Catholics suddenly feel they have to use the Catholic rituals to remove demons? Is it because so many of the movies and TV shows do this? So you want to imitate them because you don't know any better?

How did the church ever deal with such matters without the paranormal world?

Look at the great master exorcist Himself: Jesus Christ. Did his students have jobs? A family? A social life? Were they out sinning on Tuesday then hit the deliverance circuit the next day? You're not a demonologist on the weekend then head out to a sinning life over the week. It is a 24 hour a day life. It is and will always be a calling from God. And if you took the call from anyone other than God then you're fooling yourself and harming others.



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Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Looking forward to Saturday

Aanica said...

I believe that's called Touché...

eyeontheparanormal said...

and the days to come we will expose even more deceptions that SWAT has done

They even have a man who gets his kicks beating woman as part of there group and they do not inform anyone of this

And what they did to Jen Arnold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela Ashton said...

SWAT Response is on YOUR page Kirby! This is all becoming such a joke. I think it's obvious whose side you people work for. As I said you have your facts wrong. We have NEVER been involved in the Jennifer Arnold case...go ask the two teams that handled it AND the client herself. All I can do is shake my head at the ridiculous lies you people continue to post about people. Do you even know GOD? And we have a man who kicks and beats women?? LMAO! That one is hilarious..who might that be? Anyone that knows me knows I wouldn't have a man on my team like that. Are you serious? This is is becoming just too comical to even take serious anymore. Try posting some lies that people can't easily go and verify to be lies. You look stupid.

Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB said...

Mr. Robinson and Reporter X,

I do not appreciate your attacks on my name or group which is the ICAOE, your attacks make it puzzling for me on how you call yourselves Christians. I have set back and hoped this whole mess would go away and my associated groups have taken a beating, all this rambling about who said what and all the finger pointing. This nonsense is not going to solve anything and only hurt the people involved, you as a Christian man know this is not favorable behavior and that Jesus would not approve of all this fighting and judging that is going on (Mt 7:1-5)“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” We are all guilty of judging and let this be a firm reminder that all this is not in line with Sacred Scripture. In reference to the S.W.A.T. team having exorcists that can perform the solemn rite, there are 3 priests of the Catholic tradition that have the permission of the church to perform the rite! The priests have been trained and have real world experience in helping people that may have demonic issues. The priests of the ICAOE are all under their own church regulations regarding the solemn rite and before they join they have to prove that they are permitted by their jurisdiction to perform the rite. As most priests are ordained in the Old Catholic Movement they receive SEVEN holy orders and the third order is that of the Exorcist, however each diocese has one Exorcist Priest that has the discernment and calling to perform the sacred task. In reference to the Jennifer Arnold case that you were very much a part of, should know this case was handled by “Where Angel Dare Ministries”, and was not an official case assigned to the S.W.A.T. Team. I as a Christian man and a brother in Christ implore all this nonsense stops. The goal of this field should be assisting clients and not fighting each other. I am sure that there will be people that respond to this message and before you comment remember that God is watching and listening to all this which is going on and we are all answerable for our actions here on earth. I am not going to comment on all the past things as it does not pertain to me, however what has been said and been done is simply that DONE. Let us all go our separate ways helping people according to Gods plan for each of us. If you have further questions or would like to talk please feel free to contact me directly. I will pray for the parties involved and may the Holy Spirit aide in healing the people affected by this ordeal.

Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB

Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB said...

To all:

Just a word of caution… The ICAOE name and the names of Fr. David Biery, Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB and David Biery are all copyright and subject to fines, penalties and or imprisonment if they do not have the express consent of the copyright holder, which is Fr. David Biery. I am not one to threaten or pursue anything that is petty and these names were not copyright protected for monetary gain just to protect from use without consent. However I must caution you not to mention my name or the names listed above in your book or any future correspondence on a public site, or any medium! I am not challenging you and wish not to take this any further… I also expect no further communication referencing my name(s) and the name of my group. Thanks for your immediate assistance.

Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

I'm sorry David, but that is garbage and would never hold up in court. Your name is your name, and if someone refers to you by your name, or the organization, it is not a matter of copyright infringement and no court of law will even consider it.

eyeontheparanormal said...

The name was part of something posted on a public page on Facebook and proper reference was made

REPORTER X has informed me for the rest of his reports that they are not featured in any fashion

eyeontheparanormal said...

Will not post this on FB but this is the kind of person we are dealing with

We have screen shots of everything and more coming in

"Angela Ashton I know. I think he and Michael Frisbee are hidden Satanist and that Grimmett guy is a perv. Nov 20 at 12:40pm"

Bobnoxious said...

So Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB , You are you the official spokesman for Jesus and he would or would not approve?

I haven't read the rest yet but time permitting I'll pick some of this to shreds everyone's entertainment.

Bobnoxious said...

"SWAT Response"?

LMAO, is there no limit to the depth of depravity to which this community will sink?

Give it up para-TV wannabee dirtballs, we are reclaiming what was ours before you douchebags got basic cable.

eyeontheparanormal said...

you want more info these people will spread lies like fire

Leon Wilkes
oh and for Michael Frisbee when you research him he just got out of prison for satanic rapes while he was a satanic cult leader in Pennsylvania. and its funny when we removed him from Paranormal SWAT we all had a spiritual attack. Then his name was white wolf, the same name that he dropped from his facebook name about 4 months ago

eyeontheparanormal said...

Let me say this one last time I did not write this blog.REPORTER X did,if anyone wants to post on this blog they are welcome to even Chip Coffey could.This not a agree with everything Kirby says blog .If someone wants to respond to REPORTER XS blog am open to it .Will open a day for it

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Amazing - I guess since I proved I was not this Michael White Wolf Dean that they were accusing me of, whom was convicted of murder and is still sitting in a Federal Prison, they have changed the story.

Instead of being a murderer, now I am a serial rapist that I allegedly committed running a Satanic cult.

Leon, I used to have respect for you, but for you to have fallen for the lies that this group is putting out about me, shows me you are ill equipped to be helping anyone.

I'd like to see the "evidence" to prove any of these lies. So pathetic people.

John said...

You know whats comical about this entire charade? There is someone who has a very severe hatred toward you men - obsessive really and most know about it because this person has contacted all of us using many online identities. That person is using many various identities to give you false information as well if you believe the nonsense you are stating. My theory is thats what is taking place here and it is causing you to wrongfully attack those who are not even involved. You are buying into it like a charm. That persons goal is to take you down by using everyone else banned together against you. See how that works? You attack the wrong people and that person sits back and watches your ship sink and laughs at you. Frisbee you know who has this vendetta against you. Leave these other people alone. Your obsessive hater is going to much extreme to make you think something that isnt real. If you were smart you would make friends with these people and get to the bottom of who is really out to get you and put an end to it. Stop buying into the garbage like a puppet. Your criminal background was sent to many teams just like it was the rest of us but not by any of the people you are naming. You are not making any friends in the paranormal world or the church with this. So what is your goal really? The Priest and your victim have both responded to you and we have verified that this team was not involved in the case you printed - pretty easy to do - a ` minute phone call cleared that up. So as a man of God, wouldnt you let that go and find the "real" problem? Grown men should not behave this way - especially grown men standing behind God. Try talking to these people with God in your heart and ask them before you go publishing a load of childish slander that you have not even verified or given them an opportunity to respond to. You men keep saying you have screen shots and proof. Well in that case this other person who you have not mentioned has sent many of us in the field loads of screen shots of your background. Should we believe that? All Im saying is you cant believe everything you see and hear. If you had some friends in the field they would tell who your real problem is. The rest of in the para community know.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

John -

One - I did not write this article - I am not Reporter X.

Two - I am responding to the post by Leon Wilkes that Kirby shared, that he has a screenshot of. I don't know who provided it.

Three - I have only discussed that attacks publicly in my note on my personal profile, and an article on para-stalkers.

I know who the TWO people, both female, are that are doing most of the attacks against me.

As for your claim of a criminal background, I sure would be interested in seeing this fiction, since you claim your team and others received it.

I've proven I am not the person that I was being accused of. This new charge of satanic rapes and having run a Satanic cult in PA is a switch up to cover for their now blown story.

I have tried contacting Leon back when all this started, but he refused to respond by email, message, or take my calls.

Most of the damage was done weeks before I even knew it was happening.

As for the case - what case? The Jen Arnold case in the article? Again - I DIDN'T WRITE IT.

I post a Friday blog on here. I have no reason to hide anything. If I wanted to discuss it, I would simply post it, if not here, on my facebook.

So John, since you seem to know all the players at hand, wouldn't it seem to make some sense to actually help bring a close to all this and simply contact me and help "shine the light of truth" on things?

After I wrote my article on para-stalkers, I let it all go and I moved in. Yet it seems my stalkers continue. I know this because I recently joined on another website, and it wasn't 24 hours later and the admin of that website received a deluge of emails trying to get me removed from the site. All of it being the exact same charges.

I just want to continue with my ministry work and help people. I just want the lies to end and for all of us to move on.

eyeontheparanormal said...

John that message that I posted as from Leon it was part of the e mail back and forth we exchanged concerning the Jen Arnold case prior to him deciding that he would manage the case without me
I was not for the 2rd visit that was made in early Feb as she needs professional DELIVERANCE THERAPY something that me or Leon is trained to give I found her that hep but they [ Leon and jen] made a choice not to listen Why? well I have seen e mails that was exchanged after the visit and I now know why

eyeontheparanormal said...

not trained to give I should had said

Lee said...

Leon worked that case through his team, Angels Dare Ministries, after Richard Valdes from PC closed the case. Leon is not on paranormal swat although he was at one time part of the team. He has been busy with cases of his own through Angels Dare Ministries such as the case you mentioned. Jennifer Arnold is not nor has it ever been a SWAT case, so your information is incorrect. As you know, many demonologists in this field belong to most of the open groups out there. That is not uncommon, but the case file belongs to the group who takes the call and handles it.

I have verified with the client and the founder of swat that neither have ever contacted the other and SWAT never handled this case. This is what I'm trying to tell you people. Get your facts straight if you are going to post allegations against other teams. Every day you attack someone else in the paranormal field.

eyeontheparanormal said...


I WILL POST MY LAST BLOG 2/29 after that the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL will go on it has a good group of blogs

eyeontheparanormal said...


you may not care but I do they mishandled the case but then hay it is really not about helping people the paranormal has become a side show

John said...

Isn't this your blog - eye of the paranormal?

People who have no knowledge of a case can't comment on it. So no idea what you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

@Angela, look stupid? no you're scared and so is your buddy, Kirby called John Zaffis who said he never heard of you, thats just one lie.

Some self appointed bishop (oh don't forget "Ret." how convenient)with an unofficial Catholic exorcist league? WTF!

we are just getting started

Anonymous said...

Does S.W.A.T. need some tissues because the truth has been unfolded? It's not a lie when there is too many witnesses and it is not hard to hit the delete button. Would you get on your knees and lie before the Lord him self?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirby for this blog. People do not like the truth to be told. This is so sicking to see paranormal groups that are nothing but fakes. You need to weed out the fakes for all the world to see. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

For the record I am Leon Wilkes and my team and I, not Paranormal SWAT handled the Jennifer Arnold case. Reporter X, wow there are some claims here that are of a monstrosity. I wish for once that reporters would get some of the story straight. I was with Kirby when he went to Jennifer Arnold's house. Reporter X, you made the comment of why do non- Catholics perform catholic rituals? Well ask that to the founder of this blog Kirby Robinson. He did catholic rituals there. Oops man was I suppose to say that? Like I said my team and I did the Jennifer Arnold case NOT Paranormal SWAT. Let me make one thing clear we did a deliverance and not an exorcism. I see that you put in this blog that people say that Jennifer was perfectly possessed. I remember Kirby telling her that she was not perfectly possessed because she could hold the cross. Sorry no perfect possession there. Kirby I see that you said the we did not know what we were doing while cleansing the house and you said and I quote," what they did to Jen". Well let me ask this of you Do you know what you are doing. Apparently not because you were the one who bound this demon to her sons room. So we can well say what did Kirby do to Jen. I know, you left the demon in her home for it to eventually oppress her. Wow hmm you really are knowledgable aren't you. See Kirby the reason why we decided to go with the case without you is because lets face it YOU made it worse. Kirby you are always about Exposing people so lets expose you for a quick second. You want to claim that someone who is an ordained priest and Steve's as the exorcist is not a real exorcist. Lol aren't you the self proclaimed Exorcist and Demonologist. Wow are you ordained priest. So who is the fraud now! Now to Michael White Wolf Frisbee. I have never said anything that I wouldn't say to your face. So the next time you all want to play this boo hoo hoo game of " he hurt my feelings so I am just going to cry about it " well the. You know my number so I expect you to be a man and just call me. Now I have kept my mouth shut for far enough. All I can say is before you start bashing people remember the greatest commandment of all "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Leon - right after you unceremoniously cut me out of Where Angels Dare Ministries, without even an explanation or a discussion, I tried contacting you. I sent you Facebook messages and a couple emails, and I tried calling you.

Instead of responding, you ignored my facebook messages and then dropped me as a friend, never returned my emails, and would not answer my calls.

You claim when you have something to say to someone, you tell it their face.

Why then did you not contact me to have me answer the accusations against me?

You're a bit of a hypocrite Leon. And to be saying the things you said about me, with absolutely no proof to back them, just the word of a person you told me yourself had attachment issues, then again - you are being a hypocrite.

My number is everywhere, on my sites, one my facebook profile.

If you really want to hash this out - go ahead and give me a call. I threw out your number months ago when you chose to end all communications.

Anonymous said...

Great post Mr. Wilkes but you are male. They quite apparently only stand up to females. Thats what pussies do - They dont have the balls to deal with us real men. -J

Anonymous said...

So you mean to tell me that you, the one who claims to have me calling you on a bill and you do not have my number? Sounds like you have lied about something. The next time you respond to me just have the spine to call. If not your comments will be considered petty and childish. Oh by the way this is Leon Wilkes speaking just take note

Anonymous said...

So Kirby left a demon bound to a child’s room huh? Omg, wtf is wrong with you?

Did you even proof read what you wrote?

And as I read through your paranoia I see you pointing your finger accusing Kirby of making it worse?

You tiny insignificant literate nobody, A real demonologist or student of religion would know one blessing will not do much except cause an increase in activity IF it’s really there.

As I follow your rant to the end I just want to ask, did you sing na na na na boo boo while you wrote that 3rd grade retort?

My best advice to you Leon, is a saying my grandpa used to give out “It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

although it’s too late this time you might want to keep that in mind, that and spell check.

Don’t write when your emotional Leon, you don’t hold up well

btw the independent/orthodox Catholic church is totally rejected by the REAL Church, there is no affiliation what so ever and the Holy See does not recognize anyone following these "churches" and most of all, some joe blow self appointed bishop from the online Universal church of life does not count for squat!

idiots fighting over who gets the demon case LMMFAO!

Anonymous said...

what a bunch buffoons!


SpiritChanneller said...

Anyone who claims to be able to free humans from the attacks of spirits of the de ad who come back to seek vengance on humans I would like to invite to see if they can help me rid myself of four spirits who have been sitting inside my body doing terrible things to me since l986.
I have written about this on paranormal websites, in my blog and I have contacted priests some who prayed on me and said everything would be alright but it wasn't and I have since then tried to find an exorcist to see if they can help me but the Diocese and others have refused to help although one bishop did refer me to a priest in his parish who told me he wanted nothing to do with this situation and hung up on me so if there are people out there who are willing to try to help me I welcome them.
You say this is not paranormal but theological and I say its both since jesus claimed to drive demons out of people who were possessed and while he called them demons I believe demons are the spirits of the dead we haave known who come back to seek vengance against we humans that they feel they have a crow to pick with at least that is what I am dealing with in my own personal situation.
The ones I am dealing with are spirits I knew before they died and they say this is not personal against me they are out to prove nothing nor no one including priests or god can force them out of my body unless they choose to, and they say they don't care what if anything happens to them when they crawl out of my dead body, they are here to prove these things scientifically and nothing no no one inlcluding god can make them do anything.
Is that true?
Anyone care to help?

Bobnoxious said...

LMAO what a bunch of crap!

Bobnoxious said...

The most hilarious part of all this has to be the insertion of "bound demons" into the fray of juvenile insults and monotonous hectoring. Give up losers, it's over.

eyeontheparanormal said...

e mail me at freeallspirits

eyeontheparanormal said...

dear Leon get your facts in order I went and found her help from "pros" at this and to show the world this let me reprint a e mail I was sent

Hi Kirby,

Thanks for contacting Anothen Life Ministries. We don’t do house blessings/cleansings. If several have already been done, it sounds like the demons have been given permission to be there, and that permission has not been removed. The ‘permission’ could be anything from an object in the home that has a demonic presence or curse attached to it, to generational curses on the land or family, to unrepentant sin that continues to exist. 

I don’t know anyone that does house cleansings in Tampa, but the following ministries are in Tampa and offer deliverance.

I hope this information helps you and your client.

Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries & Linked4Ministry

WARFAREPLUS has a team of experts[ non paranormal but bible loving folks that would had went into her home and started her on long term care something you are not trained to do [ nor I]

and why is it that you did not fallow up and contact these people or get Jen to

but then turning over a case is not exciting

eyeontheparanormal said...

By the way I had a pastor who is trained to cast out demons[ he is not well known in the paranormal world but does that matter ] all Jen would had to have done was go to his church 45 mins away from her home

Here is a letter I sent Jen

Dear Jen

I am sending you this letter to try to explain to you that what you plan for this week will not hurt your case but will do very little good in the long term you might see a lessing of activity but that might be doubtful

It has been and will always be my policy if I can find individuals that are of the faith and are trained in these matters to and a case over to them due to the fact that they are the only ones who can give the client the care they need for life during and after the removal of those spirits/demons that arearound you due to the fact that in cases lik yours there are many things that must been done to bring freedom to you and yours

The demon[IT] is not attached to you per say if it was you could not be steping into church and handle holey water [ demons cannot be in the pressense of blessed religious objects]

Nor is it attached to your home [ now that is not to say that native american activity has taken place on the property that your home is on and the removal of that aspect is not hard at all but native american spirits are not demons

If the demon was tied to your house your son who has been wased in the water of god would be the focus of IT and he has not been

That would leave your husband if your husband had the Demon associated with him he would be the primay object of Its attention which is not the case

Which leaves only one soarce for the door to be open [ remember we closed on the doors during my visit] so those doors have to come from your family

Right you are not the focus of IT the person within the family who is in the hospital is and it moves freely from family member to family [ always keep in mind that a demonsactionsare not lways making sounds rattling doors etc the soarce of all pain an suffering comes from the demonic so more often then not they will use illness death sickness family issues drug use lies etc to harm the person[ family]

That is why delivence therapy is the only thing right now due to the fact that 1 what happened to you and your family you may have buried it so deep that it remains in your subconsues 2 the demon may be keeping you from recalling it forming a mental block around it 3 and it is very possible you might have had nothing to do with it but other family members in this genaration or past genarations maybe the root of the issue

Like I said what you plan to do will not hurt but IT does not fear
them and Its side kick is not even there right now because they know that door that has been open is still open and unless everyone in the family comes together that is impacted and closes it

In closing I heard you on Darkness Dave talking about a 2rd exorcism no one going has the spirituall authority to say the solen rite that van only be done by a priest [ and then only after gaining premission from the church [ catholic] to do so the church never[ nor could they ] give premission to preform it

If that eite is done by a non catholic priest there can be spiritual ratfications towards all invoed

The people named in that e mail are all good people and the pastor I refered you to is well known person [ maybe not in the paranormal] but he is well known [ and if you go to his church and he picks up nothing on you that reafirms my feelings it is in the blood

If I can be of more help just ask and will try to be

JD said...

Rosemary, wow do you ever quit? this is not about you

eyeontheparanormal said...

Leon someone pointed this out what I did in her sons room was not a binding at all

Anonymous said...

Again why do spiritualist think they can handle anyone's case? SWAT does not even know The scientific aspect. I am in that channel still and some one posted something about emf. There knowledge is so blank, that no one could answer The question posted. They do kick out who ever and they lack in their credentials. It's not a room to help people. It's a room to kiss Angela's ass, and what everyone talks about is garbage. They even fight over what a demon is and post pictures saying " DEMON". they do gossip about the people they kick out and I have seen it for my self and there is no need to lie... It's not hard to hack into a system and pull up old threads. You can hit the delete button all you want but fb still has the logs , once you hack into the system. You can even write fb and they can send them to you. I am removing my self from the group, no need to guess who this is. Just another dude, that can back up your lies.

eyeontheparanormal said...

This will be my last post as part of EYE ON THE PARANORMAL outside of a good by blog next week on the 29th

The blog will go on without me

I will be starting a new blg in a few weeks that will fallow the same rules as my new FB page THE BIBLE AND THE PARANORMAL no para celebs no para reality shows no paranormal groups just teaching on the word of GOD

SpiritChanneller said...

This is about me and anyone else who may have problems with spirits of the dead who come back and seek vengance.
The demons as I see them from my experience are the spirits of the dead relatives and associates who are unhappy with their human back on earth and come back to haunt them and turn their lives upside down.
What I'm trying to find out is is there anyone on here or any other site who claims to have the power to rid a human of the evil spirit able to prove to me and the world that they can talk or force the spirits from my body?
I don't know if priests can do this as I have no proof that they canh.
And I would like to state it is not true that possessed people can't touch crucifixes and bibles and holy water, because i touch them all the time and these spirits just laugh and make fun of my and others stupidity for believing this.
so any takers, who can prove to me and the world beyond a doubt that you can drive these four out of my body, and if you can then you caj use the information in any way you want to promote your work because all I want to do is see if its possible to force these four out of a human body.

SpiritChanneller said...

If I were you I would not leave the blog, all sites that I have read have these kinds of issues because of peoples perception of the paranormal and their religious views which keep them from facing the issues of religion vs. the paranormal which are basically all the same, since jesus himself channeled for spirits and while we believe he spoke only to God i believe the bible has him speaking to others beyond the veil of death.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

SpiritChanneller - I recognize your work from BigOrb, as Rosemary.

You put out this same story over and over, and people have tried to help you, but you ignore them.

I have even offered to help, but you also ignored my offers.

John Holliday said...

I find it extremely sad that people having nothing better to do than point their finger at someone else. My Bible teaches me that as we judge others we also shall be judged. Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone. I see a lot of stones being thrown here. The problem with throwing stones is the person you're throwing them at has every right to pick those stones up and throw them back at you. You're accusing those in the paranormal field of being frauds, etc but I ask you what is your motivation? Lets see could it be MONEY? You're writing books, doing radio shows, etc. It's one thing to say there's fraud in the paranormal field but when you name names without naming the sources that are making the accusations this is kindergarten journalism at it's best. I can just as easily point out twice as many church frauds or scandals. The Catholic church has a long history of child abuse, sex abuse and then covering it up. I think everyone needs to take a reality check and realize there is good and bad in everything. But for those of you who want to hate, point fingers, please take a good look in the mirror at your own lives. I question your motivation it really Christian based (Christ Like) or one of the oldest motivations of all money and of course EGO.

John Holliday
February 24, 2012 10:33 AM

SpiritChanneller said...

I never tried to conceal that I am the same Person who posted as Rosemary on the Big orb.
What you mean is some people who claim to be able to solve these problems were unsuccessful in their efforts and I am still seeking someone who can prove they can solve this problelm.
This morning when someone posted about the other woman with the same kind of haunting problem i thought it might beneficial to let people know she is not alone, since I have found it very difficult to get people to believe these things happen.
And while most people believe in the big raging myth Demon I have found the so called Demons in most if not all cases are just the spirit of the dead who come back to seek vengance and in my opinion said demons can climb out of one body and into another if they so choose because the main objective to their behavior is to try to get humans to believe they are alive and foster further belief in life after death as Jesus taught, but they seem to want to tell me and the world that demons are just angry spirits of the dead who fed up with all the ignorant nonbelievers down here and they want to know what else they can do to you and or me or anyone to make you face the reality of life after death.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Well John let me lay it out

1 never charge for my services

2soon the books will be going away

3 As I stated on FB will no longer do paranormal radio shows [ outside of those I have already agreed to do [will back out of them all if hat would make you happy

4am no longer going to blog here

5 am starting a FB page called THE BIBLE AND THE PARANORMAL with no gossip no para celebs no para groups and no para reality shows will be talked about only the BIBLE AND THE PARANORMAL

6 am starting a new blog that will be teaching none with the same rules

7 are you not judging us when you say we are judging people

8 and again I AM NOT REPORTER X please check our disclaimer[ if you wanted to blog here as a guest or a regular blogger you would be welcome to

SpiritChanneller said...

Science needs more paranormal dabblers and investigators and now less.
In fact I believe more scientists should become interested in the fact that the spirits of the dead can speak to us, come to us in our homes and in our dreams and as far as I am concerned nightmares are nothing but mean spirits sending us scary messages for some reason or the other.
on the other hand th ey can be nice spirits called guides and when this happens they can help us look into the future and help us better our lives through their suggestions in thoughts and or dreams so don't let those bashers drive you away if you are really inerested in pursuing some of these things in an effort to further research i know I won't let naysayers take away all the wonderful and not so wonderful things I have learned from the spirit realm which can help all of us better understand what we are going to be dealing with after our own death as we travel to the next world.

Anonymous said...

Just so you all know Jen Arnold is back at it again.No one cast any demon out of her because she wants it. She just made a fool out of all of you. She is on her page as of now talking with another paranormal guy trying to sell her story. God bless you all.

SpiritChanneller said...

I am not sure anyone including a priest can cast an evil possessing spirit out unless it wants to go, but if I prove otherwise I'll be sure to write about it.
I have had four spirits sitting inside my body brutalizing me since the summer of l986 and nothing I or anyone else has done so far has given them the courage to leave my body because they fear what may await them in the way of punishment from a hiher power who has told them if they are inside my body when they die and have no where to hide they will be put to death and as a result they are t errified to come out and become more violent trying to convince the world they can do this and get away with it.
In the meantime I am encouraging them to come out and prove this and let me see where they go and what if anything happens to them so I can write about it to help to tell the world the provable truths about the after life.

Anonymous said...

SWAT is shit! That guy is right if you dont kiss Angela's fake ass they gang up on you, Angela is no demonologist she is in love with herself too deeply to help anyone, doesn't know what she is talking about unless its gossip. Also if you look at her page she posts so many pictures of her self in every pose you can imagine and then laps up any attention from dudes who post everything from "lets hang" invites to "oh u r soo hot" this girl is in serious need of her fathers attention and that is in no way professional.

I am going to leave the group too, also am removing all links to SWAT from our FB and home website.
grow up Angela

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...


There is every evidence of an afterlife, and very True! It's called the Bible, the inerrant Word of God.

What you speak of goes in every way contrary to scripture. I've seen you post using other names, other sites, this is your "thing", and when people disagree with you or try to help you, and begin your trolling.

I'll be praying for you, because I doubt you have the actual issues you claim. I will be praying for you to find peace of mind and a true resolution to your real issues.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of them! Fuck SWAT , everything they are posting is a lie and they have their alliance. If one does not agree , they gang up destroy and take down. They say this and that yet their actions alone gives real truths. Remember Angela you have the best demonologist on your team like you said" yet they do not know you? Why is it always the three wolfs talking , yet she does not explain her shit. On top of that , we have to kiss her ass. Watch her drunk on fb and posting boring you tube videos and degrading photos.True spiritualist there! Yay go Budda! if you read your Bible you would know that no idol worshiping is allowed and didn't you have a emergancy exorcisim done on your self? YEAH your wolves talk shit about you when your not around. Google search the secret sites that they bash on you. Mike has left the channel fuck SWAT and blocked Angela!

Anonymous said...

It's all about jealously and huge ego' s with them people. Self centered, big heads and little knowledge . Join the girl scouts amitures and leave the real cases to the professionals! SWAT is nothing but true frauds !

SpiritChanneller said...

Everything I have ever written about the spirit world are my true experiences, and I share it to help further research into the afterlife.
yes the bible does teach us about life after death, but on the otherhand thousands of years later I am communicating with the spirits of my dead relatives and others including former president John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and many other spirits who are as we know called guides, but in their case I was given the truth behind the assassinations, who did it and why.
And yes few people believe these things and that is very sad because they wanted to tell their story and hoped the world would care a little more than they do about the story I tell.
In my opinion if you are going to dabble in the paranormal you can keep the bible of course but in my case i want to have my own experiences as a channel for spirit just as jesus did.
He has his story and I have mine.
But you're right I don't think Preachers and Priests and the like should dabble in the paranormal because they have their heads in the sand and all the brainwashing they get in church, dulls their minds and makes them unfit for the job of a channel for spirit.

TKHJU said...

Damn good for Mike!

SWAT we are telling everyone what your doing, Our group is G-O-N-E as of today

do a count and watch and see

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Spirit Channeller,

No where in the Bible does Jesus channel spirits. Not once.

I've been involved in the paranormal over 22 years, been ordained over 17 years, helping people to come to know Christ if they did not know Him yet, and those who did, to be freed of demonic oppression.

Human spirits are not here to bother us nor do they come back to seek retribution. When we die, we immediately receive our judgment and go on to Heaven or Hell.

What you are experiencing, if you are truly experiencing it, is a demonic oppression and obsession. You are being terribly deceived, and with all you claim to have experienced, I imagine you probably need to seek some help from a mental health professional to help you through anxiety and stress issues.

Jesus is the answer to your problems, and the Bible is the proof of God's power and love.

I don't belong to any one denomination, Christ is my focus, the Bible my doctrine. I haven't been brainwashed by anything. The occult is deceiving and brainwashing those who are spiritually vulnerable.

Christ can set you free, if you are willing to open your heart and mind to God's truth and accept Christ as He truly is.

Anonymous said...

John Zaffis says he has never heard of Angela or her group.

What's that all about?

It seems Angela has been caught in a HUGE lie

Aanica said...

Look what I copied in full: Seems Angela is a chicken shit when called out, Guess what angie when you block someone you are the only person who cant read whats said, LMFAO your not too bright are you?

Posted at Kirby's FB Page a threat from Angela Aston

Angela Ashton
We understand & appreciate that you are leaving all of that behind you now. However, upon your exit, we want to go on public record with our last request. Since the team who actually worked the Jennifer Arnold case with you has publicly posted a response to you and "Reporter X" (which stated in it, that I nor Paranormal SWAT were involved with the Jennifer Arnold case at all), and also due to the fact that this can also be confirmed with the client as well, your Blog article is completely fraudulent & contains damaging slander against me and the Paranormal SWAT Team. This is illegal and immoral and any continuance of this behavior is also considered Cyber Stalking and Harassment & will be addressed accordingly. Legally, you are the Blog owner, regardless of who "Reporter X" is. That article & any other online publication or posting, can be traced easily via IP Address with subpoena records to cover any additional liability needed. On behalf of our team, I respectfully request that you, as owner of the blog when the article was posted yesterday, remove the fraudulent and slanderous blog article from your Eye of the Paranormal blog immediately. We expect said article to have been removed within 24 hours of this notice (7:23pm CST), & the slanderous allegations against our team to cease and desist immediately under your name and any other aliases being used. Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter on behalf of the Paranormal SWAT Team.

My answer to her childish threats:

I hope you have a tremendous amount of money,all this cyber stalking/harassment/subpoena blah blah blah is all bullshit .. lets see what would you tell the judge? Someone says I am not able to banish demons? Oh my! can I recommend a lawyer for you? I hear there's a good old boy who will talk to you for no less than 25,000 down (just to get it started with a C&D)

btw Angela whats your take on the FACT that John Zaffis says he has never heard of you? hmmm?

Aanica said...

@Angela's stupid post:

Let me tell you a little about IP's and subpoenas and threats and allegations of cyber stalking, harassment ect… and the way it really is

(btw..Which is hilarious because Angela has no clue what the definition of all those terms are or she would not be threatening it.)

Angela first it’s called liable NOT slander, slander is spoken word liable is text and you have to prove you have been harmed in some way, mostly monetarily.

Next is the cost, a beginning is no less than 25,000 that’s not court costs, discovery, investigation, evidence gathering, filing fees and the most precious of all resources.. Time..

Months and years will go by before you ever give a judge the pleasure of laughing in your face when you explain just why you’re wasting his time.

Go for it

Oh can you also answer why you lied about knowing John Zaffis?

Since he confirmed he had NEVER heard of you or your group.

Lon said...

Not if she files a complaint with the FBI at as cyber harassment under See 47 U.S.C. 223(a)(1)(C). I've used it...and it's very effective. It's called illegal 'Use of a Telecommunications Device (the internet) with Intent to Annoy, Abuse, Threaten or Harass' and the Federal government and most state governments are very serious about it. Prosecutions have started to reach court dockets. This is no longer a joke...especially if a person accused had other extenuating circumstances involving a violation of Federal law.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Lonnie, why are you people all so damn dramatic?

why don't you ask Sandra sparks what the FBI told her? They straight out laughed in her face check for yourself, Angela is a liar and she will have to prove everything that was posted was a lie!

so do you think John Zaffis will appear in court and recant what he told Kirby about NOT knowing who she is or ever hearing of her?

John said...

Grow up people we can all see what was posted in this stupid blog and on Kirbys page. The only people mentioning John Zaffis are you people here so that is irrelevant to any court case. We've all seen the posts and we know what the legal action is involving. Stop flapping your lips and go catch some flies or something. Posting anonymous blogs and making accusations using fake profiles only makes you a coward and a trouble maker. We can all see that.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong Lon (again) nothing has been done to Angela and swat except telling the truth, she knows it too.

My feeling is she wont want too many people digging into her personal life for extensive public review over a paranormal internet dispute about demons and who can cast them out, call it a hunch or call me Super Psychic lol

John said...

Anonymous you can prove that girl and her team worked the Jennifer Arnold case which you've stated here? Would you like to get Jennifer Arnold's people on the line to confirm that? You know what you say is illegal which is why you hide behind fake profiles.

Let me remind you of this post for a second time since you dont seem to catch on real quick. Ride the short bus did we? We all got it when read it. Its pretty clear.

For the record I am Leon Wilkes and my team and I, not Paranormal SWAT handled the Jennifer Arnold case. Reporter X, wow there are some claims here that are of a monstrosity. I wish for once that reporters would get some of the story straight. I was with Kirby when he went to Jennifer Arnold's house. Reporter X, you made the comment of why do non- Catholics perform catholic rituals? Well ask that to the founder of this blog Kirby Robinson. He did catholic rituals there. Oops man was I suppose to say that? Like I said my team and I did the Jennifer Arnold case NOT Paranormal SWAT. Let me make one thing clear we did a deliverance and not an exorcism. I see that you put in this blog that people say that Jennifer was perfectly possessed. I remember Kirby telling her that she was not perfectly possessed because she could hold the cross. Sorry no perfect possession there. Kirby I see that you said the we did not know what we were doing while cleansing the house and you said and I quote," what they did to Jen". Well let me ask this of you Do you know what you are doing. Apparently not because you were the one who bound this demon to her sons room. So we can well say what did Kirby do to Jen. I know, you left the demon in her home for it to eventually oppress her. Wow hmm you really are knowledgable aren't you. See Kirby the reason why we decided to go with the case without you is because lets face it YOU made it worse. Kirby you are always about Exposing people so lets expose you for a quick second. You want to claim that someone who is an ordained priest and Steve's as the exorcist is not a real exorcist. Lol aren't you the self proclaimed Exorcist and Demonologist. Wow are you ordained priest. So who is the fraud now! Now to Michael White Wolf Frisbee. I have never said anything that I wouldn't say to your face. So the next time you all want to play this boo hoo hoo game of " he hurt my feelings so I am just going to cry about it " well the. You know my number so I expect you to be a man and just call me. Now I have kept my mouth shut for far enough. All I can say is before you start bashing people remember the greatest commandment of all "Love your neighbor as yourself."

February 23, 2012 10:14 PM


Anonymous said...

@J posting fake profiles? LIKE YOU? LMAO

and No her claiming to know John Zaffis and work with him is crucial!

he stated he never heard of her or her group and that has been confirmed as truth

so grow up already

Anonymous said...

Leon, the truth is coming for you too

John said...

John is my name but I'm not attacking anyone so it really doesnt matter. Go back and read my first comment again. You are slower than I thought so I'll let you take a few hours to read that paragraph over again and try to grasp it. Have a good evening Kirby.

Anonymous said...

Collectively known as defamation, libel and slander are civil wrongs that harm a reputation; decrease respect, regard, or confidence; or induce disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against an individual or entity. The injury to one's good name or reputation is affected through written or spoken words or visual images. The laws governing these torts are identical.

To recover in a libel or slander suit, the plaintiff must show evidence of four elements: that the defendant conveyed a defamatory message; that the material was published, meaning that it was conveyed to someone other than the plaintiff; that the plaintiff could be identified as the person referred to in the defamatory material; and that the plaintiff suffered some injury to his or her reputation as a result of the communication.

To prove that the material was defamatory, the plaintiff must show that at least one other person who saw or heard it understood it as having defamatory meaning. It is necessary to show not that all who heard or read the statement understood it to be defamatory, but only that one person other than the plaintiff did so. Therefore, even if the defendant contends that the communication was a joke, if one person other than the plaintiff took it seriously, the communication is considered defamatory.

Defamatory matter is published when it is communicated to someone other than the plaintiff. This can be done in several different ways. The defendant might loudly accuse the plaintiff of something in a public place where others are present, or make defamatory statements about the plaintiff in a newsletter or an on-line bulletin board. The defamation need not be printed or distributed. However, if the defendant does not intend it to be conveyed to anyone other than the plaintiff, and conveys it in a manner that ordinarily would prevent others from seeing or hearing it, the requirement of publication has not been satisfied even if a third party inadvertently overhears or witnesses the communication.

Liability for republication of a defamatory statement is the same as for original publication, provided that the defendant had knowledge of the contents of the statement. Thus, newspapers, magazines, and broadcasters are liable for republication of libel or slander because they have editorial control over their communications.

Anonymous said...

OMG what a drama-QUEEN, nice copy and paste loser but the FACTs remain there has to be solid proof of what you saying and you have to hire an attorney to help you prove your non-case, idiot.

you people never cease to amaze me with your street lawyer knowledge of nothing.

Im going to now stick my tongue out at you and use leon's na na na na boo boo song for you LMFAO

did anyone ever tell you that you are entertaining? You know,like the clowns that pile into a little car at the circus enteraining,

and your welcome :)

John said...

Who needs to hire anybody to prove anything when you can just pick up the phone and call the client named in the blog article and simply ask them who handled their case or if the team named were on the case? That's what we did. We are the Reputation Defense Investigative firm working for legal. This is what we do - stay online with the posters and gather the digital forensics evidence. So now you know. I want to thank you all for adding more defamation comments to our evidence file and for creating more parties to this lawsuit. You all will be hearing from us soon. Game over.
-John Savage

Online Defamation Laws said...

Advocating Illegal Behavior Isn't a Good Idea.

Although the internet is sometimes viewed as an anarchic, chaotic and lawless vacuum where freedom of speech reigns supreme, it is subject to the same protections – and limitations – of libel law as any other media platform.

There are certain aspects of web publication which pose a unique set of legal questions. The court can issue an order to get disclosure of the ownership information of websites and items published. Even where anonymity is not an issue, internet service providers (ISPs) and web administrators whose sites allow comments need to be constantly on guard. The Copyright office adds: "From a defendant's perspective the biggest issue, if you are hosting third party content, is having to take down third party content every time a complaint is received from a potential claimant. As soon as the host is put on notice of defamatory content they have to take it down or assume responsibility as if they published it themselves."

"The law makes it easier to sue for the written word than over the spoken word. But a lot that used to be spoken, but not written down, now gets into writing in blogs, tweets, Facebook postings and the like."

are relying less on traditional libel cases, but instead favouring the injunction method.

“The increased use of anonymity orders in privacy claims has enabled well-known individuals to prevent anything being published at all,” said Korieh Duodu, a barrister and co-author of the latest edition of Defamation: Law, Procedure and Practice. “This will in some cases prevent the need for the individual to even sue for libel after the event to recover damages.”

The singer Courtney Love does not seem to have learned the lesson of posting allegedly defamatory remarks on Twitter. She recently paid out $430,000 to settle a lawsuit brought against her after she called the designer Dawn Simonrangkir a “nasty lying hosebag thief” on Twitter during an ongoing dispute over money. She is now being sued for a second time after making allegedly libellous statements, again on Twitter, about the law firm that used to represent her.

Ms Love may find it more cost effective to shut her Twitter account down.

What if I change the person's name?

To state a defamation claim, the person claiming defamation need not be mentioned by name—the plaintiff only needs to be reasonably identifiable.

What if I republish another person's statement? (i.e. someone comments on your posts)

Generally, anyone who repeats someone else's statements is just as responsible for their defamatory content as the original speaker.

SpiritChanneller said...

I understand that you are quoting things you have been taught down through the ages, and you sound just like the preachers, priests and bishops who have said the same thing, but you have no more proof of what you say scientifically than I and ohers do.
I as a psychic channel am talking and working with good so called angelic guides who do healings and predict earthquakes, tidalwaves and even death from natural causes and sometimes accidents and or murders, and they show me when and where they will occur and why and if people would listen to me I could save more people in the future.
Some of this information have saved some of my relatives and believers from death when accidents were in their future or if I saw death from a medical condition in the future and so that is my good experience in my channelling for spirit since the summer of l986.
When this first began in l986 the first ones that appeared to me were three of my relatives and a Psychiatrist I knew who had died in 1985 who appeared to me at church and went home with me and of course I wanted to work with them and learn more about the spirit world, but then they decided to scare me and see how I would react and so they called themselves evil demons and scared me very badly so I prayed for Jesus to sa ve me and one morning he appeared to me in full robes and after that Elvis, John F. Kennedy, his Brother Robert and others appeared to give me moral support and keep me from being afraid but no one including Jesus has ev er been able to get these four out of my body because in the group was a man who told us he is god and if these four are inside my body when it dies they will eventually be put to death, still no real proof on that since I can't get them to come out and challenge the spirits hopefully forcing them to prove they really have the power to destroy them.
I am at this time trying to find an exorcist to prove they can actually take on this case and help me talk or force these four from my body, since I personally have tried everything I can to do it.
I'm at this time trying to talk them out telling them they can hang out and watch their favorite television shows which is what they do all the time, but so far they are too frightened to leave my body and to cover up their fear and keep me writing about them they attack me day and night and try to cause me to make mistakes about the house hoping to convince the world they will never be destroyed but scientifically speaking I have no idea what will happen to them but they say they have been doing these things to humans since they got to spirit and point out this proves they have not been stopped by anyone and they most assuredly have not found or been cast into the pits of hell and so of course you, I no anyone has ever proven there really is a hell.
Those who don't have an open mind enough to read my story as a paranormal researcher can just save their breath when they waive the good book in my face b ecause that is jesus story and experience as a paranormal dabbler and I have my own experiences and the scars to prove it.
When these four agree to come out of my body and stop hiding out for fear of the rath of God i'll let you know where they go and what if anything happens to them.

Bobnoxious said...

I wonder if a demon has ever been subpoenaed? LOL

BTW -I'm the founder of the North American League of Exorcists and I need to see your cards please!

What a JOKE!

Dr P. said...

Rosemary this is Dr P. from the Great Beyond...I'm not in your body with your 3 relatives, turn off the internet and get help!

Bobnoxious said...

Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB said:

"The ICAOE name and the names of Fr. David Biery, Rt. Revd David Biery, OSB and David Biery are all copyright and subject to fines, penalties and or imprisonment if they do not have the express consent of the copyright holder, which is Fr. David Biery."

I know someone that taped a football game without the expressed, written consent of the NFL and nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

all this copy and paste from the drama queen J/Lon =John

dude seriously why don't you go fill phantoms and monsters with you're stupid copy and paste? OH wait- YOU DO! LMFAO not an original thought in your head is there?...just what you rip off of others and post on your site and then soak add-sense money from the gullible.

You keep missing the mark with your copy and paste. First and foremost time and money are the main ingredients to get started, then you have to prove your case, let me guess "he said/she said" cases don't have a high priority unless there is a backwoods southern lawyer involved with his hand out and you better have some mighty deep pockets because your NOT going to win, but you can entertain the court and that is an expensive avenue.

Lets see, Angela actually threatens Kirby in the post on his page (copy's have been made) so he actually has a better case then anyone IF someone chooses to try that out.

AND this little tidbit we are experiencing an avalanche of messages from people Ms Aston has pissed off coming forward.

Now this might be your way of offering Angela some monetary help? am I correct? is that what YOU are doing?

Lets not lose this in the flurry of posts OK said...

Look what I copied in full: Seems Angela is a chicken shit when called out, Guess what angie when you block someone you are the only person who cant read whats said, LMFAO your not too bright are you?

Posted at Kirby's FB Page a threat from Angela Aston

btw Angela whats your take on the FACT that John Zaffis says he has never heard of you? hmmm?

Angela Ashton
We understand & appreciate that you are leaving all of that behind you now. However, upon your exit, we want to go on public record with our last request. Since the team who actually worked the Jennifer Arnold case with you has publicly posted a response to you and "Reporter X" (which stated in it, that I nor Paranormal SWAT were involved with the Jennifer Arnold case at all), and also due to the fact that this can also be confirmed with the client as well, your Blog article is completely fraudulent & contains damaging slander against me and the Paranormal SWAT Team. This is illegal and immoral and any continuance of this behavior is also considered Cyber Stalking and Harassment & will be addressed accordingly. Legally, you are the Blog owner, regardless of who "Reporter X" is. That article & any other online publication or posting, can be traced easily via IP Address with subpoena records to cover any additional liability needed. On behalf of our team, I respectfully request that you, as owner of the blog when the article was posted yesterday, remove the fraudulent and slanderous blog article from your Eye of the Paranormal blog immediately. We expect said article to have been removed within 24 hours of this notice (7:23pm CST), & the slanderous allegations against our team to cease and desist immediately under your name and any other aliases being used. Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter on behalf of the Paranormal SWAT Team.

My answer to her childish threats:

I hope you have a tremendous amount of money,all this cyber stalking/harassment/subpoena blah blah blah is all bullshit .. lets see what would you tell the judge? Someone says I am not able to banish demons? Oh my! can I recommend a lawyer for you? I hear there's a good old boy who will talk to you for no less than 25,000 down (just to get it started with a C&D)

Bobnoxious said...

John said

"Reporter X, wow there are some claims here that are of a monstrosity."

"Of a monstrosity"

Not the most articulate fellow in the world are ya champ? LOL (add THAT to your forensic evidence file.)

adam said...

If youd do your homework youd know she has more than enough money. But then again as someone else said up there you arent the sharpest tool in the shed

Bobnoxious said...

John said
"We are the Reputation Defense Investigative firm working for legal. This is what we do - stay online with the posters and gather the digital forensics evidence."

And I suppose this process includes you adding inflammatory and insulting remarks to the offending blog to further exacerbate the problem?

Don't quit your day job LOL

Bobnoxious said...

adam said...

"If youd do your homework youd know she has more than enough money. But then again as someone else said up there you arent the sharpest tool in the shed"

Wow, in addition to being legal experts, you folks are quite the masters of metaphoric allusions I see.

adam said...

Im not a legal expert. Im a machine operator. Thanks for the compliment tho.

SpiritChanneller said...

You are just one of the no nothings who get on here and insult others who know more than you do.
If I can get these four to come out, perhaps they will pay you a visit and replace my body with yours and then you will become a believer, the only thing wrong with that suggestion is Dr. P. is nothing but a big coward hiding from death in my body pretending he has not died but he has and eventually he will have to accept that and go be happy in the hereafter.

Aanica said...

Oh I did my homework, thats my job! AND my guess is someone who has their home for sale in this economy is not so "loaded"

I am betting thats a very sore spot having to sell such a nice home but I did see where she posted she "MAY get to keep it, IF she can come up with a plan" lol

Anonymous said...

yea adam I think that post was to J/john/lon umm not you Einstein,

machine operator? NO WAY LOL

Dr. P said...

I am NOT a coward

Anonymous said...

Guess again

Dr P. said...

I'm dead Rosemary, Ive been dead for years and I don't inhabit your body. The good news is that G4 connectivity has extended into the afterlife.

Dr P.

SpiritChanneller said...

You are right he has passed from earth but he is just as alive as he was here and he is sitting inside my body with my tree relatives and if you let me know where you live I culd ask him and his three associates if they would like to come and visit you so you can verify their presence in your home, then you could have some investigators s ee if they could drive them out or show them t he door unless you are big talk and too chicken to do that.

Anonymous said...

@ old douchebag bitch-Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

We have soooo many who dislike this woman :)
Angela Ashton shared a link.
45 minutes ago
I have a public statement to make. Michael Frisbee is not a part of the attack against me and the SWAT team. He too has been pulled into a web of deceit by certain individuals...and much information has come to light. There are other peop...le involved in this chaos that will be revealed in time. For the record, Michael Frisbee was on the SWAT Team back last year but left in October for Personal Reasons. Just like the rest of us, he has been trying to continue his work in this field without all these unnecessary distractions. Pastor Frisbee will be commenting on his radio show tonight regarding some of these topics @ 7PM EST

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

I will be making a public statement tonight on my radio show regarding the para-stalking incidents I have been subject to for the last few months.

New info has come to my attention, discussions have taken place between me and Angela Ashton.

Please tune in tonight at 7 PM EST, for the full statement. I will follow the show with a post in it's fullness on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Thats nice. Thanx for sharing that post with us. Im glad to see Angela is staying true to herself and her heart. She and Mr. Frisbee will do great work in this world in spite of satan trying to tear them down. Good to see real people working for the Lord in this world. My hats off to Angela and the Pastor for what they are trying to do to help people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael Frisbee. Our team will be tuning in. We support her team and look forward to working with you in the field.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a lot of attention towards people's lives. Maybe they should focus on their own??

Anonymous said...

LOL sure you keep telling yourself that.. stay tuned more to come

Cactus Jack said...

@ Gas Channeller

It doesn't take courage to post your real identity in this rat circus,it takes extreme stupidity and I've challenged so many alleged wielders of black magic and psychic super powers to send the best they got my way I've lost count.

Load of crap!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rosemary is entertaining bring her on the show!!

Bobnoxious said...

The North American Alliance Of Exorcists will be tuning in to make sure no phoney non-Alliance demonologists mention us without our expressed written consent. I'm not concerned about silly para-TV wannabee douchebag "teams" with matching Tee-shirts because nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Who is Angela Ashton? Is there someplace we can review her qualifications and body of work so we know what everyone is babbling about?

links? anyone?

Anonymous said...

Angela is a para-TV wanna-be that cant even get off Facebook and her fake is stinking up the planet.

Father Buford Redbone said...

Father Buford Redbone is no longer part of the Angel Of Light Squad and has started the Demonic Daredevels of the Appalachians where he handles clients and wrestles demons under the auspices of the Pope himself! All these lies about Buford are slander and libelous and my lawyer is going to be contacting all of you!

BTW You people know nothing about EMF or K2 meters and just because I can't make up my mind if EMF is indicative of paranormal activity or causes hallucinations is no reason to make fun of us goobers that think there is actual science behind EMF and a correlation and paranormal activity when there is NO evidence whatsoever to base this and it is all a sham to market junk gizmos to goat pumpers!

Anonymous said...

I am sick of the lies all of them!

1. She clames she has the best on her team! John Zaffis , Dwayne Claude and the Booth Brothers.

2. Everyone knows she's a drunk and post up nasty pictures of her self.

3. She does not know how to organize or handle a client and she goes off about saying" some one in my team will get ahold of you." Which they never do.

4. She also stated she worked on the case for that new devil inside me movie. She was so proud of that and then changed it to people on her team did that case. So really which is it ?

5. As you can see her 3 dudes ,talk for her and she cannot.

6. Yes she ban's and boots people all the time and talks shit about every single one of them.

7. Yes , she lives for drama and gossip. That fits her to a lolly pop and go to face book report her and ask for the documents that , people delete they can go into the, system and pull up everything even if it has been deleted.

Anonymous said...

a drunk huh? ya don't say

do tell us more :)

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Angela Ashton and the group Paranormal SWAT has been cleared of any wrong doing or postings as attacks against me and my ministry. It has come to light that a small group of people, using multiple identities, took advantage of a communication issue between us, to foment and manufacture a feud. Angela had no part in the dissemination of materials accusing me of some pretty nasty and ridiculous charges; including murder and rape.

Angela and I have worked out our differences, and in sharing intel and communications, have begun to narrow down the people involved and responsible, and we will be dealing with them in the near future. I ask for Angela's forgiveness for my errant posts, I made an error by being allowed to be lead into believing the lies. For that I am sorry. I have given my forgiveness to Angela for anything she may have said or post due to misinformation supplied her about my actions as well.

We both seek to move forward in peace and understanding, to carry out our ministries as we have been called by God to do, to help people tormented and oppressed by the demonic. We have no plans to work directly with each other in this, but will welcome it if future circumstances and God's will leads us to do so on a case.

I wish Angela and her group Paranormal SWAT every respect, blessing, and good wishes and hope God will shine down on their work and bless the clients they help.

Anonymous said...

That's fine and dandy for you but there are others who have been hurt and not to mention lied to over and over so you'll forgive us if we don't get all giddy about you two skipping and holding hands again

Anonymous said...

Paula Vazquez give it up! Your smear campaign isn't working! If you are going to post continual lies online about people, you might want to try using something that even RESEMBLES the truth. Your first lies didn't work so now you are moving to something else totally off the wall. All this az you keep talking about needs some looking into. Possessed much? Give it up princess before the jealousy eats you alive. Your demons are winning.

Bobnoxious said...

So who's behind all these evil manufactured machinations "Pastor Frisbee"? I mean, they didn't just accuse of regular rape but "SATANIC RAPE" (gasp)and that must be the worst kind.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Angela and I are working through all the communications and such and narrowing down the suspects. Some of the identities are being thoroughly researched, some are coming back as fakes.

Once we have everything nailed down, we will reveal whom the culprits are, and many of you will, and a lot of you won't, be surprised as to whom is actually behind it, if the evidence bears out.

Until then, we are focusing on our individual ministries, and putting the feud behind us.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Frisbee

As much as I do find some of this entertaining, someone has really had it out for you and they have just harassed and stalked you relentlessly from what Ive seen from the sidelines...It may be the worst case of it I've ever seen in the para-community (and I've seen plenty)

These are some mighty deranged individuals(seriously)and do need to be identified but just make sure you have your facts straight this time around ;)

Anonymous said...

Paula Vazquez is not who you need to be looking at

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

That's why I am not saying anything at this time.

AnyTim said...

a quote from the last comments:

Anonymous said...

Paula Vazquez give it up! Your smear campaign isn't working! If you are going to post continual lies online about people, you might want to try using something that even RESEMBLES the truth. Your first lies didn't work so now you are moving to something else totally off the wall. All this az you keep talking about needs some looking into. Possessed much? Give it up princess before the jealousy eats you alive. Your demons are winning."
Angela you're so very transparent, you're scared

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing to always go to the source of problem and sort out the indifferences albeit any at all.


SpiritChanneller said...

Yesterday I went on the Big orb site and read about this woman who reportedly has a problem with a possession so I decided to post my story in hopes it would help her get her story across and also point out the problems I have had with getting people to believe me and my paranormal research knowledge I have hoping it might help seekers of the truth, and at least one has called me a troll and said I have posted under many names and that is true, but not because I am hiding its just that when we log onto various websites sometimes we just choose a long on name, but I have never tried to conceal my identity, because I doubt if there are many stories about the paranormal which compares to mine.
When Jesus walked the earth as a preacher, and healer who claimed to be channelling the word of god he had a few problems back then which as we know eventually led to his crucifixion.
Then along came Joan of Arc who claimed to be talking to God and they called her crazy and eventually burned her at the stake.
Then along came the psychics from Salem Mass whom they called Witches and burned them at the stake and hanged them because they claimed to have psyhic abilities and some claimed to be talking to God and again just as Jesus did when he walked the earth they were put to death by humans many claiming to be christians who were having nothing to do with witchcraft and or the devils work.
I don't belive jesus meant to bring all this violence and ignorance into the minds of humans through his ministery and I don't think he hoped that he would be crucified for his teachings.
And in l986 I Rosemary came along and on May 9, Jesus appeared to me in a vision and i tried to tell the world and all Hell broke loose in my life, and I have tried to tell my story all over the internet to teach others some of the pitfalls of communication with the after life and from what is being written here calling me all the names I have faced on the internet and in my life with my disbelieving christian relatives I am now asking myself is it all worth it?
Just the other day i was watching the news about seria and all the violence there and one particularly violent story showed was two entire families including children who were shot and killed, and I will ask you why do you think God and jesus lets those things happen if they really have any control over these things?
Do I think we should throw the biblke out?
No because its something that gives us hope and we like to think of a magical heaven we will go to when we pass over and of course the sinners are expecint to burn in Hell but I guess we will just have to wait until we get there to learn the real truth because no one wants to believe what the spirits of my dead realtives and others are telling me about their world.
And so all I can tell you if you are not open to the truth then don't dabble in the paranormal, but don't call me names and call me a troll because I know what I know from the spirits good and evil I work with hoping to educate some of you dabblers and trolls and unbelievers.

Anonymous said...

I was told to let people know what Angela Ashton does to people?? She lies. She told me she could help me with a matter of demonic opppression. Because I believed I had lost my objectivity, as it was happening to my b/f (now husband.) She not only had no help in helping me in whatsoever, but went on to disgracing me publicly (I am a religious demonologist in the Denver, CO area) on her FB page. Pastor Frisbess, I know she did this to you too!! I don't know have the exact quotes, but I do remember.

Aanica said...

To Pastor Frisbee, maybe this would not have gotten so blown up if you had not made such strong accusations that you KNEW this was Angela Aston and Paula Vasquez, we defended you and believed you without question.

Now you say you were all wrong? And you apologize to Angela and SWAT?

What I want to know is where is your apology to everyone who defended you vociferously and to Kirby for also believing all you said?

At Scifake you made these statements and in messages you said these things, you wrote about it for all to see and now you just make up and say sorry to them but not to everyone who backed you up? WTF?

A week ago,I called you a windbag and said not to trust you in a personal message that was shared with you without permission, when you sent it to me, the very first thing I did was own it and say yes Pastor Frisbee I did say that so now you see why I said it.

Now you also have another woman caught innocently who I feel had no involvement and has also been victim to Angela’s posse of brainless wonders, what about Paula? Where is her apology for months of harassment by these people, if you think it’s fine to do that someone you are not much of a Pastor IMO, you should be trying to heal this from every angle because you are not the only one affected by this crap!

Anonymous said...

Kerry I believe you will find the same person behind your situation. The person who started the smear campaign against Pastor Frisbee and then zoned in on Angela Ashton. Go back and look at your messages then tell us who told you that you were being trashed in public by her? We already know because we have the records. That same person was messaging others at the same time telling everyone that you were posting against Angela. This is bigger than you know. The objective is to take down the entire demonology field outside of their own by plotting everyone against each other. Don't let that person drag you into this. But you're smart - you'll figure it out.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

To Aanica,

There is no apology for Paula, because I have seen with my own eye's posts that she made about me and her accusations. She had blocked my demonology account, but was unaware of my main account, and I used that to see the posts she made after Leon had alerted me to them before he stopped contact between us.

Not only that, but she admitted to her friend Donna Crayne, whom you are familiar with, that she had post all of these things.

Additionally, YOU had provided me with posts by some of those I believed were involved.

I'm now seeing that there was a coordinated effort to put Angela and I at each other's throat. This comes from having much more information and being able to cross check communications with Angela.

Paula was definitely involved and an initiator in this.

Reporter Y said...

aanica that was a nice article you write featuring carl from the paranormal swat team. Good job. I'm confused though. is paranormal swat full of useless fake demonologists that dont know what they're doing or do they have as you stated in your article well respected demonologists such as carl johnson? this quote came straight from your eye on the paranormal blog article where you are seen calling one of paranormal swat's demonologists "one of the most distinguished Demonologists in the world". Interesting after all the bashing you have done against this team.

"Carl has led a trusted existence and this has obviously opened many doors for this visionary dreamer as he grew into one of the most distinguished Demonologists in the world. Immediately we searched every bit of collective work we could find on Carl and not one detractor or bad entry existed. One must admit, this is a rarity in this contentious field."

Aanica said...

Actually Y that was not my interview that belongs to Ms.Michael O'Brien, I am listed as "special contributor" because I help with the technical distribution and coding,design and such.

I will also inform you Y that I have removed all of Carl Johnson's interviews net wide from all of my sites for reasons pertaining to this event. I don't support fake demonologist's nor do I support elitists.

Angela is a bully and she is very childish, she uses people whom follow her blindly just to be part of what they perceive as "somebody" she is not.

Not in my world, education and hard work are impressive not a FB status update.

Aanica said...

Also the quote you used I did write, as fluff to sell this long winded boring interview.

Aanica said...

Ok Fair enough Pastor Frisbee but you had a lot of people convinced this was Angela Ashton working with Paula Vasquez including me. That's the reason I did not care to tell her exactly what I thought of her and still would. Unlike her chickenshit ass I don't run and hide nor do I USE others to do my dirty work.

I defended you and helped you tremendously and so did Kirby

Fred Brimstone said...

It would appear that they all are a JOKE Reporter Y and who is Carl Johnson? Another self-proclaimed Demonogist? (Who Cares?)

Seriously, do any of you rivaling demonology factions have any idea what a collection of ridiculous, ego maniacal, deluded, over inflated sense of self importance, proselytizing rubes you look like?

This pop culture, media generated demon hysteria has already spawned a most laughable collection of nonsense spewing heretics, paranoid fanatics and false prophets but now we are seeing a whole new breed of starry eyed hick-chicks that couldn't cut it on the stripper pole playing Demon Hunter thinking they too could be as sexy as Jessica Alba in “Blade 3”.

Congratulate yourselves… if there is a hell, they are definitely ROTFL down there and IMO the only thing any of you will ever accomplish is converting readers to Wicca or Atheism.

Aanica said...

btw.. you will find Ms.Michael here:
she will be glad to address anything you wish.

Aanica said...

@Fred Brimstone

AMEN brother Fred!!

SpiritChanneller said...

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, its your kind that disbleived jesus and led to his death.
I'm sure if your kind could get your hands on we who are investigating the paranormal and trying to prove life after death as Jesus did you would no doubt nail us to the cross, and or hang us and burn us at the stake the way Joan of Arc and the so called witches of Salem who were nothing more than psychics much like Jesus was.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

@Fred Brimstone

The fact remains is that there are real issues at stake here. The demonic realm is very real, and you only need to read the Gospels and Christ's ministry to see the reality of the demonic realm.

They do exist and they do seek to oppress and cause havoc for believers and the non believer.

Christians are compelled by Christ, that when we accept Him as our Savior and choose to follow Him, that we are to go out and d works in His name, which includes casting out of demons.

We along have not the authority, but through Christ, we do. He defeated Satan and all that follow him, but they will do all they can to deceive us, to make us blind to that fact.

This is where I see my work, helping to bring the truth of God's Word to those being oppressed by these creatures, lifting them up and empowering them by bringing them to Christ and arming them with the tools to fight off what is oppressing them.

Also, there is a great deal of occult deception of doctrine out there as well, leading people astray, and by shining the truth on these through scripture, I hope to wake some people up to that.

I'm not looking to do TV or movies, and the only book I have in the works is a collaboration with author Rev Mark Hunnemann (Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes) which will simply be an informational guide and teaching book to help Christians break free of the oppression.

Yes, I do have a radio show, but again, that is to help reach out and teach people the truth. I don't want fame, I'm not seeking fortune. I simply want to serve God the best way I can.

Bobnoxious said...

"Spirit Channeller" do think that perhaps channeling spirits has anything to do with the 4 entities you have contended are holed up inside you since the mid 80's?

Sometimes they come in the guise of friendly spirits offing Multi-grain bread recipes ;)

Fred Brimstone said...

@ Pastor Frisbee

And in your arrogance those aforementioned forces look to have pitted you all against each other.

That's how demons REALLY work kids, as Blatty wrote in his famous novel: "The attack is psychological"

I'm not singling you out, we are all guilty of this to a degree but I defy you to deny this.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

@Fred Brimstone

I don't deny that I allowed myself to be misled and that the demonic was definitely influencing things here.

That is why I chose to swallow some pride and allow the channels of communication to open up. In that, it became very clear what was at hand.

That is why I am publicly apologizing and admitting I made a mistake, and being very careful moving forward. Clergy are still human beings and we make mistakes. I am trying to own up to that now.

However, the deeper I dig into this, the more insidious this thing reveals itself to be.

Fred Brimstone said...

@ SpiritChanneller

Actually if I could "get my hands on you" I would buy you a cup of coffee, strongly encourage you to stop inviting these notions into your psyche by promoting yourself online like you have non-stop since you joined Unexplained-Mysteries in 2005 or 2006 and plead with you to get professional counseling.

Just because I am incredulous of certain claims I see made online does not mean I would have crucified Christ. Remember; Pilate didn't want to to execute Christ, his own peers picked the killer "Barabbas" over him ;)

Fred Brimstone said...

@ Pastor Michael Frisbee

Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

@Fred Brimstone - I do not know what to make of you. On some levels you come across as extremely knowledgeable etc. Then on others you come across as a complete and total asshole, I'm just sayin'...where you have the unmitigated audacity to call demonologists who, granted are working out our differences very publicly, but starry eyed...?? I beg your effin' pardon kind sir, but I am well-learned in this field for going on nearly 30 years. What has kept me from making a "name" for myself is a) that goes against who I am and why I have this calling b) I was in the Army for a very long time and I was busy actually defending the defenseless and living my ideals + raising a family; while NOT giving up my studies or my calling (practice) I am granted new at a lot of the new technology and extremely old school in my methods. But I don't know what to make of you. There is a saying in the Bible that if you are lukewarm water I will spit you out the same as if you are hot. Can't find the exact quote right now, I have a very serious case on which I am working and over 90% of my life is still in boxes. But the quote exists in the Catholic Bible.
~ Kerri Peeek

PS Dear Anonymous - my name is spelled K-E-R-R-I and Paula has remained my friend through all of this and logically it seems flawed that she would remain my friend while turning others against me. If you have the logs of messages, please do show them to me: you may also call at 303/946-8269 (I am awaiting a call from Fr. Alvaro on said important case so if I don't answer I am a. catching up on much needed rest. b. talking to the RCC on case.)

Anonymous said...

@Pastor Frisbee:

Fred Brimstone has a very good point with regards to you. If you are a pastor, then why are you not engaging in pastoral counseling with EVERYBODY involved and taking sides instead? That is what demons do Pastor Frisbee.

I am very close with a number of clergy and what you are doing is not in keeping with the clergy, in which I am very close (one I deign to call my "bestie") would do.

IMHO you are not being very pastoral. Like Fred Brimstone, I defy you to deny it.
~Kerri Peek

SpiritChanneller said...

If you were here you would find that I am a very calm person, who has learned how to deal with this terrible situation to the point that no one even kows what is happening to me behind the scenes at the hands of these viscious spirits.
I do not need counseling my problem is the dead Psychiatrist who sits inside my body with my three dead relatives hoping no one will ever believe me, and this is part of what they do.
You are right no one unexplained mysteries believed me even the priests who posted on there, and it was about then that I realized how sorely the humans need to be educated more about life after death, so you don't become bitter like these four did when they didn't find the promised land as they had been led to believe from the teachings they received in their respective churches.
The Doctor was a Greek orthodox when he walked the earth, and my three relatives were Baptist when they walked the Earth and the Kennedy boys who are two of my guides we re as we know Catholic when they walked the earth and none of them are happy with the betrayal their churche did to them from the teachings about paradise.
So wake up before you reach the promised land or you too may come back, raging mad as hell and then everyone will call you a demon as we do these four.

SpiritChanneller said...

These are four seperate from the guides I work with who give me good information, like the multigrain formula and do predictions and looks into the past and the future.
These four are just mean spirits of my relatives and Dr. P. a psyhiatrist who don't want anyone to believe me.
if Dr. P. was doing his job he would go out into the world and try to help some of those misdognosed mental patients and teach the doctors some of them are simply being toremented by the spirits of the dead.
Glad you rememember the multigrain bread formula because it is what led to all the multigrain breads in the grocery store which we can all enjoy, after I sent this formula to many major bakeries back in the eighties and that was given to the world by one of my good guides who wants to help humans and make the world a better enlightened world.
By the way he multigrain Bread allows people to keep their hair naturally colored without dies if they eat this bread and take some good multivitamins like I do which allows me to have my naturally colored hair at the age of 75.
And yes these four climbed into my body when I was 49 years old and have been sitting there ever since then.
So you see if no one believes me then its high time someone educated these mindless sheep who hav e been following this ignorant path for far too many years.

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

@Kerri Peek

I'm not sure what "sides" you are talking about.

However, when it comes to the counselling I do to help people being afflicted, and being a Christian, I will help counsel anyone that needs help. However, if a person is not a Christian, or involved in non-Christian activities and practices, and unwilling to cease and rebuke such activities and bring themselves to Christ there is not much I can do to help them.

The only true authority and power over the demonic is Jesus Christ. It is through His authority and the anointing of His Blood and the Holy Spirit that Christians (born again believers of Christ) can effectively disrupt the oppression of the demonic.

If people are unwilling to come to Christ, I cannot help them remove the demonic issues. If someone is living in sin without repentance, then they leave themselves wide open to attacks.

This is not my opinion or assertion, it's all there in the Bible, in Christ's own words and teachings.

Fred Brimstone said...

I made it this far:

"but starry eyed...?? I beg your effin' pardon kind sir, but I am well-learned in this field for going on nearly 30 years."

Anonymous said...

@Aanica - I am digging your word wholeheartedly. Amen!!

@Michael Frisbee - you don't see the need for pastoral (not demonic) counseling here within this site? Instead you're being a drama queen you'd make 16 year old daughter jealous with your drama queen tendencies.

~Kerri Peek

Anonymous said...

"Pastor" Frisbee: What Church are you even with?? Where were you ordained?? Where die you take seminary?? I call upon your credentials.

~Kerri Peek

PS - I can take a title too!!! I am going to go as the Rev. Almighty Peek from now on.

Fred Brimstone said...

Kerri I never said his behavior was "demon-like", I reminded him that this concentrated negativity has lured them and they have thus amplified it.

Plus history has proven(to me at least)that those who spend an inordinate amount of time pontificating about how real Christians and real Clergy should act or what God/Christ would think of them or their behavior generally need to point that introspective finger inward .

Do let me know when you are able to track down that actual bible verse pertaining to Luke-warm/hot water spitting wont you?

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

@Kerri Peek

Interesting how now you are going on the personal attacks.

I have shared all this prior. We even discussed this a long time back when I tried to help you with the issues you and your then boyfriend were having. I even sent you blessed oil and soon after you went silent.

I think our discussion has come to an end. It is exactly this kind of conflict I no longer wish to have. More important things to do.

Bobnoxious said...

Kerri, the next time you are contemplating the perplexing question of why nobody takes you seriously, just read a few of your own posts LOL


Anonymous said...

Pastor Frisbee -
I thank you for your time. We never received the oil. We ended up catching more hell than not.

I don't rememember hearing from seminal ordination. But you're right you did try to help on that level I owe you an apology. I am sorry.

But surely you see the need for pastoral counseling in here right? Like right now???

I am not trying to be mean or judgemental and I am trying to be a pastoral counselor - I am not educated in it.

~ Kerri Peek

Anonymous said...

@Michael Brimstone;

New International Version (©1984)
So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Revelations 3:16


@Bobnoxious, I am a Christian but I am a woman and therefore fallible, so fuck off. I am sure I will add telling you to fuck off in my confession. I'm sorry, I AM SURE THAT I AM SORRY.

~Kerri Peek

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...


I'm sorry you never received the oil. In these days of Homeland Security, wouldn't surprise me it was confiscated as "Suspicious Fluid" and now I am on some watch list somewhere LOL.

I think the best course of action would be to have this whole article pulled. However, I have to say that it led me to be open to a line of communication with Angela.

I do agree that there is a need for pastoral counselling for many here, even for myself, and I am in contact with a clergy member in my community that I trust and talk with.

However, people must be able to see they have a need for it, willing to receive it. You can't force it on people.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Frisbee - it's my personal recommendation that you keep it up. I am open to pastoral counseling.

I am personally hoping that Anonymous sends me those logs of whom was sending what to whom and what and wherefore.

So clearly, I have an investment. Plus I really am open to pastoral counseling on the various demonologist factions (I am individual of whom heads up a small very family oriented paranormal group) opening fire on each other. Clearly there is something very wrong here. Something of which I was not aware when I came back from Europe and raised my little group up from the dead, literally from 1989.

~Kerri Peek

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

I'm not sure what you mean by demonologist factions, but here is what I feel it all comes down to. If you are called to this by God, and you can only know that by having a good prayer life and close walk with Him, then you should go out and do this.

Christ calls all Christians, all followers to go out and do works in His name. Not all will be called to do this, to be gifted by the Holy Spirit with His gift of discernment (1 Corinthians 12) to be effective in this field.

Spiritualist, Wiccans, pagans, etc will all disagree with this, but the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and everything we need as Christians to combat Satan and the demonic is there for us. Our best weapons and our best defenses come in the form of the Word of God and Prayer. Our authority is given by Jesus Christ.

I'm no longer worrying about other "groups" or "factions", I am only going to worry about keeping my walk in line with His teachings, helping those that come into my life by whatever means, and doing the works God calls me to do - all for His Glory.

If I personally witness a group that does damage to someone through means that are not Christian, I'll try to advise them of their error and attempt to get them on the right path, but that is all I can really do. If they refuse to correct their actions, I will advise anyone that asks my opinion the truth of what I seen and let them make up their own minds.

I will continue to point out the deceptions brought forth by occult doctrine that continuously misleads people.

Anonymous said...

BTW Michael Brimstone: Many Demonologists such as Former Jesuit Malachi Martin would say that almost all levels of a demonic attack is psychological. It's just that they attack psycho-physical realm as well, for example, "What is that God-awful stench?" "Water foes not drip up?" "Doors don't slam on their own?" or my now-husband's constant attacks when they became constant and then he became possessed and even afterward he had dreams non-stop of how much I hate him. I don't hate, never could. But that really messed with him. Not to mention what Martin would call "The Confusion." I call it "The mind-fuck." But I warn my "clients" that the Peek siblings are very unorthodox in our approach and we call it like we see it. But with someone who is a little older, we'll adjust of course. Peek-a-Boo Paranormal lives to serve.

Aanica said...

Y … I re-read your statement and I have to ask does Carl Johnson know Angela?

You did see the statement made by John Zaffis didn’t you?
In case you missed it let me show you because credibility went right out the window with this one..

Now with this statement of Mr. John Zaffis not knowing who Angela Ashton or her group SWAT is why would I or anyone else have an ounce of respect or belief in SWAT?

My feeling is this she is an outsider trying to get inside by association not by real work contributed.

After watching all that SWAT has done to those who don’t worship Angela I have zero tolerance for anyone involved with them, I am not impressed by TV wanna-be’s

I’m sickened and offended as a woman by such women as her who think shaking their ass automatically gets them a free ride and everyone should just believe what ever she says.. wrong

She stands for everything that makes women look like bimbos in any situation especially a male dominated spot like demonology.

She has zero experience in dealing with demonic haunts, it’s all show. Look at me look at me. What’s sad is if she had used any bit of brain she MIGHT have its overshadowed by her immature behavior and high school tactics.

Anonymous said...

^I am filled with typos up there. Sorry, I am multi-tasking. Taking notes on last night and current case. Researching. Unpacking. Wasting time in here...

Aanica said...

Hi Kerry, dont worry about typos lol, we all have them.

Brimstone and Frisbee are two separate people

Anonymous said...

No we have never seen a statement of such from Angela about Zaffis. We saw your statements. Theres a difference. And we all know that Carl knows Angela because he is on the Paranormal Swat team. Doesnt take a brain surgeon.

Anonymous said...

They should do a TV show of me and Peek-a-Boo Paranormal. They'd catch me and my brother being the most irreverent pair of Ghost Hunters/Demonologists in the country. I mean we'd hear an EVP of a known demon doing some heavy breathing and instead of a scared reverence you'd hear immediately afterwards, "Luke I am your Father!" "No, you're not you nob!" or it would say "GET OUT!!!!" and we'd say in the same tone "WE SAW THAT MOVIE IN 1978!" or "GET CREATIVE!" I think it would make for entertaining television. @Bobthepricknoxious would be an instant hit on the message boards.

People have got to figure out, by now, that I am completely 100% irreverent and I loathe note-taking and all the logging and after notes and after case crap right??

Aanica said...

@Kerri LMFAO! bobthepricknoxious!

omg I love it, and its so TRUE!

Aanica said...

Now here's a real brainless wonder

No we have never seen a statement of such from Angela about Zaffis. We saw your statements. Theres a difference. And we all know that Carl knows Angela because he is on the Paranormal Swat team. Doesnt take a brain surgeon.

a brain surgeon would be out of business if he had you for a client, I am going to go ahead and say that Carl Johnson doesn't know her either, call it a hunch.

Anonymous said...

Aanica - LOL I tend to agree. That would be one broke-ass brain surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Ok idiot. Carl is listed right there on their member page as a swat demonologist. Maybe its an eye surgeon you need.

Anonymous said...

Carl Johnson used to work with TAPS if I am not mistaken, did he not??

I was just referred to him on my ass-kicking case. By that I mean the case that is kicking my ass. Not the PABPara is kicking ass and taking names case that we are working on.


Anonymous said...

I've seen Paranormal SWAT around for years. I've never seen any of the things mentioned by you, Josh, only online bullying. You seem to be the one who gets the kicks from pushing around the girls from what I've seen even on facebook. The comments I've left you there, as I'm sure this one as well, was deleted after a while to cover your own butt. Having to lie about others to glorify yourself isn't healthy.
The others on there seemt o get along just fine, but you seem genuinely angry toward SWAT. Why is that? It's just a question. I wanna see VIDEO proof of all your allegations or else this is to stop immediately or myself and others will be forced to retaliate on others behalf. Either kiss and make up and leave each other alone or hold on for a very bumpy ride, my friend.

Aanica said...

Like I said douchebag she lied about Mr.John Zaffis and he was "listed" too

Lets face it and own it- Angela is an ass and a very poor reflection on women everywhere.

Carl said...

You talk a big talk for an "anonymous" post, lets just say this is not going away and you jump anytime you feel froggy boy

Anonymous said...

Why would you want my name? LOL You'd probably do a shit ton of online slander to me as well LOL
Go play with a Ouija board or something

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't know them then why go through all the trouble and name calling. You especially, Carl
Seem to be the real loser with this behavior

Anonymous said...

If anyone is feeling froggy, being in the Army for so long, I say JUMP! I will always say just that and stick with it. Thogh usually it's just to get my little rescue puppy to jump up...

In other news, this is very cool: I said, "Mother of God!" just as my one and only kidney (THANK YOU UNITED STATES ARMY!) acted up and pitched me forward. Jeremy sleeping next to me dreamt he got a call from a woman, not demanding, just stern that said, "Wake up!" in the nextt moment he was wide-awake and I pitched forward again crying, this time and I screamed, "OH GOD!!!" from the pain. Jeremy was awake to help me to the bathroom and then get my vicodin and tea for me.

Is that not God working in my life?? Can He not also work in yours?? I see and notice that every day. I just wanted to point that out, so people would see we all belong to this wondorous variety that is His.

Now at the risk of sounding like a free-love Hippie...

~Kerri Peek (Which it's actually Mrs. Goodman now, but I publish and it's Peek-a-Boo Paranormal because it was originally founded by two siblings Kerri and Kevin Peek and we peek at boos, get it? Get it?? Ha ha?? Goodman and Peek-A-Boo Paranormal just doesn't have the same ring to it, frankly.)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Awww! Kerri = cute! :D

Aanica said...

Angela, I have your IP toots don't play hard ass your no good at it that would imply a useful brain and we all know you are lacking that, pussycat...
He names EVERY team he has been part of EXCEPT SWAT, you know why dip-shit because you lie, did you try to come on to him or something?

His girlfriend is a bad-ass she would kick your little hick-country ass pumpkin.. lol

lets take a look at Carl Johnson's FB bio shall we??

looks like another lie douchebag LMMFAO!

Is it me or is there no mention of ANY group called SWAT?

in fact this is Carl's website:


Facebook Page: Carl Johnson!/profile.php?id=100002164928704&sk=info

"Exploring unexplained phenomena since the age of 17. Specializes as a demonologist. Was a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society for eight years and appeared on the first two seasons of the popular SyFy Channel series "Ghost Hunters". Featured on Animal Planet series, "The Haunted" plus The Travel Channel's documentary, "Most Terrifying Places in America". Continues this research through Beyond The Veil Paranormal Research with founder, Director (and girlfriend) Dina Palazini, an efficient team and collaborations with colleagues. Founding member of the Order a Selohaar, dedicated to martial practice, researching history, chilvalric ideals and the Carcosan system. I organize the Ghost Tours at historic Slater Mill, and the H.P. Lovecraft Commemorative Activities Committee."

Anonymous said...

*buzzer* Nope, wrong guess. This isn't Angela. Care to try for double jeopardy where the scores can really change? :D
I'm gonna have a look-see at these pages. So far I don't see any pastors on here only premenstral people arguing their points and pointing fingers lol
Only good thing in this blog I've seen is the name Fred Brimstone (it tickled me a bit), Kerri/Peek Almighty seems more on track here and the X to close the page all together.

Aanica said...

"Aanica said...

Carl can you let these losers know that you don't know that bitch Angela Ashton and their paranormal swat team?"

Although I did not post this..

(Evereyone wants to be me ♚ )

I earned my way and not on my knees girly.. ;)

I will say Yes- Carl will you come and tell us you do know this loser Angela Ashton who NEEDS you now!!!! right now!! hey Angela stomp harder little girl no one is listening to you..

Anonymous said...

One more question.. is it god that tells you to use harsh and cruel words to one another and threaten to kick said pumpkin asses or your own character's judgement? Sounds like a great church I'd love to go to. What else goes on there, sing hymns or just cut right into prejudices and maybe racism?
Amen, asshole...amen

Anonymous said...

You are going to look like an idiot when he updates his page. Not everybody has nothing better to do than park a tent on a trash blog just to attack people and trash them. Some of us have real lives in the real world and stay busy. It takes awhile for us to update minor things like that. I saw him added to their team a month or so ago. His brother keith has been on the team since they put that page up there. Why do you continue to show your ignorance by stating things you dont know? You spent 2 days trashing angela and her swat team because of some jennifer arnold case and it turns out you were wrong. The story has now changed and leon from angels dare ministries handled that case with kirby. Stop trashing all these people. keith and carl are great demonologists as are angela and all the swat team. get over it.

Anonymous said...

^ Other anonymous guy/girl/puppy/small kitten, You're so on the money there!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Angela gets back on here and responds to you Aanica. Better yet I hope she takes a piece out of your ass! I think I will email her and tell her about the trash talk myself. Its wasy to talk trash on a blog. Ever contact her and say anything to her face? It seems she already said her peace in this when the article was posted. You people just keep wishing she would come back and argue with you. So who is really stomping their feet here. You keep calling us all Angela. haha Are you a lesbian Aanica you seem to be obsessed with this Angela girl and crying for her attention. I'm sure she will be flattered. Touche

Aanica said...

No one even trashed Carl or Keith so don't try pitting sides with more lies.. dumbass

No Angela is a JOKE LOL! she knows it too..

Angela, did you know this blog is crawled by Google 3 times a day or more? do you understand this is now cached and everyone who Google's Angela's name or SWAT to look for themselves will know what she did and how she TRIED to use para-celebs names to impress people and failed miserably.

Thats awesome don't you think so?

and guess what when it's true you can't sue, hahaha!

Aanica said...

Please do email her, she is a chickenshit- tell I said so will ya?

Aanica said...

Hey you twerp one of my best friends is a lesbian and she is beautiful and if I were a lesbian I would sure try top hook up with her!

so now what?

Brad said...

I agree with the last Anonymous guy. Clearly seem to be at least burned by her in the past. To have such a strong hatred over someone

Anonymous said...

Keith and Carl are swat members and this blog is about trashing paranormal swat. Does Carl know you offered up his girlfriend to kick Angelas ass? Just curious. As for google - good for Angela. More publicity. Good job on the promotions. Oh but you might check with google. They don't craw this blog 3 times a day. I hope you win that one though.

John said...

Brad it looks like a bunch of jealous girls to me. Lets face it Angela is a beautiful lady inside and out - and liked by all. Kirby just jumped on the coat tails of publicity -J

Lon said...

TONIGHT! Join Eric & Lon as we welcome self-proclaimed exorcist, spirit liberator and demonologist Kirby Robinson to 'Beyond the Edge' Radio. So...after the recent controversy over Kirby's attacks on the paranormal community and SRI, what can we expect to hear tonight? Tune in and find out! 8:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm CT at - See you in the chat room!

Anonymous said...

Aanica is the wrong person you all should be messing with. She is very good at what she does and is the real deal and that is more than i can say for the people on this blog. Just remember, the truth always comes out and that is what she is about, how she gets it is you problem. All will be revealed as we watch you all fall.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

real deal of what? shit?
who is aanica anyway? never heard of her.

Brad said...

John, yeah that could be. I just don't think it's necessary, all these attacks. Paranormal State seems to be staged as well, but who cares?! That's show biz..relax.
Anyone trash talking people to this extent is the one gonna fall. There's nothing but threats coming from this page LOL Somewhere a ghost or demon is just sitting back laughing at you all, I'm sure. I know I am

Brad said...

Whoa whoa whoa..wait..let me guess this..don't tell me.. aanica a reptillian

Anonymous said...

Aanica is a amazing woman! If Angela is such a amazing person"Then why is she lying" to the public? This is what we want to know and we want answers! Please can some one answer this?


Anonymous said...

Anonymouses: I cannot keep track of you. Can you please track yourselves please, by using a name such as John Doe I Jane Doe II or something?? Please for the love of Pete??

I am actually trying, maybe I shouldn't be, trying to read what you are writing. Maybe even give you credence as such. But it's hard when you're scared to give you're read name.

It's funny this came up in conversation with Fr. Steve (my "Bestie) I have an idea for the Council of Bishops. But it's a rather un-Catholic idea and it might get me in trouble and then the RCC might not work with me on a Demonology level and I could even piss them off to the extent that Jeremy and I are excommunicated. Who knows? It's a very touchy subject with a lot of Christians, not just the Catholics.

But I have this great idea. I thought I would write out my great idea and send it...anonymously. Fr. Steve said that any letter that comes to his Church anonymously goes into the trash, unread.

Good point.

So I think what the Anonymouses need to think about here, is that do they want their point to come across more than they value their anonymity?

Just a thought.

~Kerri Peek

PS - My Blog is up when you click my name and you will see my Army ideas and a disease with which I fight. I am not very anonymous here. Hell I just talked about my kidney and how I have only 1 and mentioned thanks to the US Army. That might give someone reading..."hmmmm maybe she was injured in combat..." I've been walking using my cane and my baseball bat all weekend. I've got nothing to hide. The only reason my FB page is on hidden is because of the likes of Angela Ashton(or according to some other anyonmouse not Angela [but where are the archives logs BTW??]} and my teenage dauthers online FB lives were being affected adversely. You'd understand if you had teenagers. Now I need a damn web designer for PABPara and I do all the work around here. Guess who out of the Peek Siblings is the older sister??

Brad said...

So...what you're saying is..jello wrestling for the solution, right? I'm game!!
They should do this with every theory especially with religion! :D At least pit fights! Hmmm...$50 on Ganish....or on Buddha..? Jeus..the fan favorite..Hmm..

Anonymous said...

BTW I am saying Anonymouse instead of that awful group of hackers and whatever the fuck they call themselves. I hate them.

Whoever said what church and said "Amen Asshole Amen" cracked me up!

Because, I curse like a sailor and I know I make my Catholic Priest Bestie blush. But I guarantee not as bad as he makes me blush when it's one of the very rare times he does it!!! LOL

Brad said...

Ugh..crying out loud, I was a few of the Anon's Kerri lol It's why I switched. Way too many anonymous folk

Brad said...

If y'all gotta know.. It was ME not Angela lol So there ya have it!! :D
I went as anonymous at first because I didn't think I'd stay on this site this long. Since I'm here..does it come with an instant messenger? No? Awww *sulks*

Anonymous said...

What baboons you are, you dance like unich puppets for Angela, do you think she would do that for you? apparently not because you are the only one here.. losers pffft..what a joke

Anonymous said...

John read your comment, you ass.

I am not jealous of anything of Angela's. I am and was hurt by what she did.

Of what should I be jealous?!/boo.a.peek

Besides being a looker at age 39, I have my wits about me. I am funny. I have begin educating myself on the paranormal at age 7, I shit you not age 7. I am surrounded by good friends, decent 14 year old daughter still likes me. My rwo dogs love me and my 24 year old husband thinks I am the bees knees. I served in several foereign operations including 5 deployments to Iraq and while I was injured, I suvived. I taught myself to walk again. I taught myself to do it John. I earned rank and honor.

Oh I started my first paranormal group: Peek-a-Boo Paranormal at age 16, motherfucker, in 1989. Granted it was just about the Denver Punk Scene; but what were you doing at age 16 besides not getting laid?

By 18 I was in the Army. 20 I was married. In 2007 I was out-of-the Army and attempted to ressurect PABPara but our mother was diagnosed terminally ill with breast cancer. That left the two founders a little busy. In 3010-2011 finished mourning I raised my head publicly and to my knowledge it was Angela Ashton who went about disparaging me. Yet I kept my research and privaate practice going through all these years and only sought to make it more public to help more people.

If you honestly think I have the money on a Disabled Vets pay with two teenagers and a huaband in college's pay to be doing this if it were not a calling you little prat, then JUMP frog JUMP. 303/946-8269

adam said...

Brad youre wasting your time. They continue to trash talk Angela calling her a liar when there has already been a corrected statement posted on Kirbys page stating that it was not Angela and the paranormal swat who handled the case - case closed. Time to move on and find drama somewhere else drama groupies. next

Anonymous said...

Brad - How the bloody hell do I make the Instant Messenger thingie work??

I am telling you, I was in the desert for too long. Technology is still very new to me. Yes I've been out since 3 February 2007 but I was in a drug induced coma for 3 months after that. I came back to Colorado August 2007.

Then I spent nearly all my free time acclimating and carding for a dying mother. Then mourning her loss. Acclimating and mourning: I still am. Yes, I am making excuses. Show me how to work the IM thingie.

Brad said...

Yeah I know what you mean. I don't care what she did or didn't do, I could care less to be honest. She never put me up to saying anything on here. If anyone else on here were a friend of mine or it was her trashing one of you guys to no end even if I didn't know you I'd still say the same thing. Just seems kinda..nutty, don't ya think? =/
Why doesn't everyone join the army and we can all get along...well you know except for the other countries we're murdering *shrugs*
Besides..I'm just killing time until Walking Dead

Anonymous said...

Lonnie said...

you can chime in here Kirby is telling all

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