Saturday, March 10, 2012


By Reap Paden

When I started getting involved in the paranormal one of the things that struck me first was the bickering that always seemed to be going on between this group and that group.Fights over who had rights to some grainy out of focus picture that only showed a lack of ability to hold still while pushing a button.

It seemed people were constantly bad mouthing others for the sole reason of making themselves look better. NOTE: Whenever you find the best way to make yourself look good is to tear down the honest work of others there is a flaw in your thinking process, have it checked out.

Groups would argue over names, members, 'haunted' locations, drunk/drug using members, type of equipment being used, method, how good they looked on TV, who's story was the most real, who had the coolest t-shirts, who was an 'expert', and who knew the most 'famous' paranormal celebrities, (note: That list does not include chip coffey. He is a list all his own, see "moronic lunatics who use children for their own gain, lie about having super-powers, laugh at the medical conditions of others when they think no one is looking, and clearly have serious mental health issues which need addressing yet lack anyone who cares enough to get them the professional help they need " yes the title is long but the list is short. Chip Coffey's name is on it 3 x).

Between the infighting and drama sometimes it was hard to find much to like about the paranormal community. I can name 3 or maybe 4 people off the top of my head who never contributed to that feeling. Out of all the people I've met, helped, criticized, fought with, befriended, hated, pointed and laughed at, ther are just these few people who truly did stand out above the rest. One of them was Donn Shy. i can't tell you that I was her best friend or that I ever even had the chance to meet her in person. I can't tell you what song she would sing while she got dressed in the morning and I can't tell you who broke her heart the most times. I can't speak to every accomplishment in her life and there are a thousand other things that I will never get a chance to know about her. I can speak to some things I do know.

There have been times when I was not very well liked in the paranormal community, but Donn Shy never jumped on the hater bandwagon. She didn't judge and she didn't talk out of both sides of her mouth. She would talk to me about some new drama going on without ever being negative to either side just accepting people for what they were and there were a few times her demeanor helped me to temper my own anger so that I could see the story a bit more clearly. Donn helped support so many people including myself and her efforts made the paranormal community a more interesting endeavor. She helped make it possible that people got a chance to meet and listen to the personalities they found interesting. She brought people together and the dialog that resulted from her work made the world a more interesting place.

Donn Shy accepted people for what they were, people. I wasn't going to take a much deserved jab at chip coffey in this piece. I at first thought it would cheapen the words. Then I heard Donn Shy's voice "Reap, you troublemaker" followed by her laugh and realized there was no way for me to cheapen her memory she would have accepted anything I had written for exactly what it was, priceless memories of a friend taken too soon expressed in my own way.

The best way to respect someones actions in  life is to keep them alive and make sure others have a chance to know a person they will never meet for the wonderful person they were while here with us. Since nothing ever really goes away once it is on the internet I figured I would gather a bunch of those memories  from people who knew her well and some who only had a brief interaction and put them in one place to make it easier for people to recognize the type of person we lost when Donn Shy passed away. Thanks to everyone who provided these memories.

When I first started doing The SLAB, Donn was one of our biggest supporters. She used to hang out in the chat room and keep things rolling in there.She used to she was always giving us moral support. Not because we were paying her but because she was a genuinely nice person and loved doing things for others in the paranormal community. We really miss her.
-Randy Ivy

She has stayed with us and "just chilled." She has been with us at many events, and behind the scenes for fun. She has also, supported me from day one. Regardless of my changing, growing, learning and new views on life and the "un" known. She was a one of a kind, and a true kind individual in a world of division. She never "believed" nor was a "debunker." She was always a true Skeptic. Donn Shy was one of the very rare individuals that always promoted, supported and cared for anyone with a point of view that may help to contribute to an actual realization to facts. She was not only a dear friend, but a very open minded skeptic that sought only real answers to the questions that "haunt" us all. Rest In Peace" Donn. If there are answers to the questions that we all seek. You have spent a lifetime searching for them and found them. The rest is up to us to do the same. The one memory that I will always have of you, is the smile, hugs and fun that you always shared with me over the years.
-Ed and Lisa Craft

Donn Shy's passion for the paranormal, and always positive message set her apart from the "norm" of the field. Her kindness, generosity, and genuine qualities set the bar high for those with paranormal pursuits. Her friendship is unparalleled. It was an honor working with her on the show, and she is deeply missed.
-Kathy Barts, Host of ParaChallenged Radio

Donn was the one that brought the STU to live stages everywhere. One thing about her I always remember is Love everyone regardless how they feel about you. Miss her
- Scott Gruenwald

Donn was one of the most compassionate and caring people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. In this "paranormal arena" that all too often sees discord and infighting, I can honestly say I never heard Donn say an unkind word about anyone. Her heart was in the right place always, her laughter was infectious and she would often times sacrifice her own goals for the benefit of others. Now she's crossed to the other side and has all the answers she was seeking as an investigator - and I'm incredibly jealous of her for that!
-Patrick Burns

"Donn Shy was known as the 'Paranormal Publicist'... she worked tirelessly to promote people within the paranormal community she aligned herself with.... never herself. Her radio show, 'The Green Room" was one of my favorite broadcasts. Donn appeared on Encounters with us many times, and I appreciated her enthusiasm and dedication to furthering the cause of the paranormal. She will be missed by many - she never talked in a negative way about anyone... she blessed us all all with dignity and grace"
-Tim Yancey

Without Donn Shy's wonderful smile and light, there is a void in the paranormal community!
-Keith Age

Donn was an angel down on this earth as well as now above. She want a true friend and associate to Spooked Television. We miss her very much but know shes doing PR now for the big boss in heaven above. bless her and her family.
-The Booth Brothers

She was the first person to support you and offer a hand. That's what I remember about her. She was after me to write a book and she would promote it. She was a really great person. I knew she was terminal its just terrible. But, I'll bet she is back and forth to Queen Mary her ghost love.

Donn Shy was such a fixture in the paranormal community and if there was an event or a party you could be sure Donn would be there. I know every time I would go to an event I would immediately start looking for Donn’s funny hat that she had become famous for in the crowd. Without fail I would spot her and head over to give her a big hug.

I knew all was right when I saw Donn was on the scene. I will truly miss my little ritual and Sadly, I doubt Donn even knew that I always made sure to find her just to give her a hug and see how she was but it really had become a habit of mine. Things just wont be the same without her around but she left a big impact on the paranormal community while she was here. Her tireless efforts to advance the field will not be forgotten. She truly was loved and appreciated by all who knew her.
-Bob Davis, Planet Paranormal

Donn Shy - is a paranormal investigator and documentarian for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society.

Donn is also a photographer, videographer, and writer, and is the freelance publicist for Inner Light - Global Communications, working directly with Tim Beckley, Mr. UFO. Donn is also known as The Para-Publicist, with a growing list of clients of her own.

Donn’s fascination with the paranormal started at a very young age. Growing up hearing stories from friends, family, and neighbors about ghosts and hauntings only fueled the desire to learn more. Thus began 35 years of personal study and research.

Feeling the need to collect her own evidence, she began investigating in 2002. Proof was obtained as Donn saw her first shadow person on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California in March 2008, and a week later witnessed an actual ghost in Volcano, California.

Shy has collected quite a number of Class “A” EVPs from various locations such as The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA., Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville Kentucky, and The Wolfe Manor in Clovis, CA., along with some very interesting video files.

Shy has a few interesting experiences within the paranormal realm that also drives her curiosity.

Donn’s enthusiasm for all things paranormal is a driving force that keeps her fascinated and always looking for more.

Donn Shy is missed much by many........