Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Issue 73 – Paranormal Strippers, Babbling Paranormal Boobs & the Beginning of Our Fake Demonologist Expose

By Kirby Robinson

Our reporters are everywhere tracking down stories that no one can handle but the Eye on the Paranormal. We might but the lone holdout to the blanket of para-unity [or what we call para-sellout], but we'll keep digging, keep exposing and just keep spreading the truth.

Mid-South Paranormal Convention & Its Porn Industry Connections

You've probably seen the colorful poster for the Mid-South Paranormal Convention being held in Louisville, KY this August. Now, being an Indiana boy, I know firsthand how steamy it can be there in late summer. With such guests as Patrick Burns, Chris Fleming, Shannon Sylvia, the Booth Brothers, and many more, the halls should be packed. But what the event organizers don't tell you, and what a certain fake para-celeb doesn't want anyone to know, is that they own a strip club! It's located in a well known Midwestern city. We hear the action is hot there--but even hotter back at the para-celeb's home. Because it features--guess what--a stripper pole! [We have to ask is it for training purposes for the strippers already employed there, or do they put on private auditions for the owner]?

We wonder if said fake para-celeb will be putting on a talk like, "What can a stripper pole add to your paranormal investigations?" Or maybe: "Lap dances and EVP sessions -- a great way to talk to the dead and get your rocks off at the same time!"

We wonder why the para-celeb has worked so hard to keep this hush-hush? You'd think as bad as they want a reality TV show, they're missing out on a great concept.

The Jen Arnold Hacking Case Update

We're closing the books on this one, folks. As we reported, the FBI was hot on the heels of those behind it, yet to date, we've heard nothing further. An I.T. security specialist contacted us a week ago and asked to see the IP address of one of the emails that the hacker had sent out to people who had sent her emails to the hacked Yahoo email account. The results were a trail of blind alleys of proxy servers leading to fake sites or sites and emails that had been closed. He informed us that these kinds of internet thieves often work on U.S. soil and will go so far as to hack into a totally innocent email and use that PC to start the process of scamming people. We doubt that it's nothing more than Jen Arnold being a victim of a virus that affects thousands of internet users daily. This should serve as a reminder to have an updated antivirus, anti spyware and a good firewall installed on your PC/laptop.

Voices of the Unknown with Will Scoville – NOT Entertaining

Last week after exposing of the sexploitation and the denigration of women who have an interest in the paranormal, we expected some blow black. We got a little, but we wish people would tell the truth when they talk about us and get their facts straight.

Mr. Will Scoville went to Facebook, as is often the case these days when people get their hands caught in the cookie jar. They cry out that we didn't understand what was taking place. Not true, we understood very well what was happening. Only woman over 50 were upset, [kinda strange as I know some good-looking women over 50], and that when comments were posted on the blog that tried to explain their case, they were removed. Not true. Then he said we should all have para-unity and not talk about this. What in the world does this have to do with para-unity?

If you missed last week's blog, Mr. Scoville and Voices of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation [and a host of others who seek to raise their stock in the paranormal entertainment industry], have put together a 2013 calendar of the best looking woman in the paranormal field. All the finalists have connections that lead back to Mr. Scoville and Voices of the Unknown. They are often attendees as celebs and booth renters at paranormal entertainment conventions. They model, write books, and are even trying to get a paranormal reality show. What's not clear is this -- where is the money going? At one point in the radio show we heard it was going to battered woman shelters. Then it was battered kids. Then it was a battered women and kids facility. Then it was a website. Then it was all the money was going to the charity. Then it was that some was going to charity…

So let us ask these questions:

1 Who is the money going to? If it's a nonprofit, is it a licensed nonprofit?

2 Who has checked these nonprofits out to see if they are legitimate? How much money actually reaches the clients?

3 Will the public be told how much money was raised? How much went to charity? What were the expenses?

Last Saturday night, Mr. Scoville attempted to host a show and we can't really ask our readers to force themselves to sit through it as it was full of cussing and a lame attack against myself and this blog. He claimed I have a thing for Paranormal State. However, he fails to mention that I have a thing for fakers and deceivers that lie to the public and their clients. We were the first to expose the show as fake back in September 2008. If you forced yourself to listen, you'd hear the static that comes when he's talking about it. Guess that the spirits stood up for us.

Fake Demonologists Popping Up Like Dandelions

There are many different types of fake demonologists out there:

1 The New Age Demonologist. These are the types who avoid using the words: God, Jesus, demon, etc. They focus on so-called negative energy.

2 The New Age/Christian Demonologist. These are folks who combine new age teaching with a few Biblical terms. This is done to make sure the public buys their crap.

3 The Fame-Driven Chri$tian Demonologist. They seek fame, glory and sex [and/or booze/drugs]. They can talk the talk but have no idea what walking the walk means.

4 The Fame Seeking Pastor/Minster/Priest. They ignore their church or parish and move into the paranormal field. They want to be someone, sell books and get a reality TV show.

5 The Cult Demonologist. These folks set up a cult of personality but they don't have the smarts to do so. Since demonologists are supposed to be mystical, they get a band of followers that worship every word they say.

6 The Special Gift Demonologist. This type will claim that God has given them some kind of special gift that they are the only ones to have. Some even claim to have powers that Jesus Christ didn't have!

7 The Para-Celeb Demonologist. These are the ones that claim they aren't one, but when the money is flowing, the cameras are rolling, the knowledge really starts flowing. That is, until the cameras stop rolling, the money stops flowing, and they go home and forget everything.

Names will be named, lies will be exposed, deceptions revealed, false teachings will be cut down… what a way to start the summer. Join us next week as we clear out the chicken house and we start to stand up to fake demonologists.

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