Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Issue 46 – Psychic Kids Mayhem Rules, How Honest is Chip Coffey? Can Chris Fleming Answer Tough Questions?

The Eye on the Paranormal, along with many others, brought to the attention to A&E legal department to possible presence of predators posting on their Facebook page. We're not only talking about sexual predators, that would be bad enough, but we're also talking about predators of a spiritual nature that passed themselves off as light workers. If you dug into their background you would find they practice the dark arts. Also, there were those profit predators, people who sought only the color green from those posting for help.

In addition, A&E was informed about a self-appointed monitor, Sandra Lynn Sparks. [Either she took this action on her own or by the request of para-celebs who made money off the page. We're trying to confirm which story is true]. She kept busy posting links on a daily basis to direct visitors to various sites to watch the show. She encouraged them to visit her own sites' message boards claiming they were safe places for parents and kids. But the purpose was to make Sandra lots of money, and get them to Chip Coffey's page to sign up for a phone reading and go to Chris Fleming's magazine site. All this was being done without A&E's approval or knowledge. Once they learned this and the fact that they about to be named in a lawsuit, they cleared the page of posts back to early 2010. No one can post such things any longer and that was what hoped to be the end of the story. But fake para-celebs and their back scratchers don't play fair nor do they know just when to shut up and go away.


Starting next month we'll be having guest bloggers who will post different takes on the issues facing the paranormal community. Next month we'll have blogs on Monday and Wednesday. We plan to have new blogs 7 days a week. If you would like to post a paranormal blog, we'll add you to the list. Contact me at and we will get you set up.

On Monday, October 3, 2011, Ryan Harshbarger joins us so keep your eye open for his posts!

This will be followed by Martha Hazzard Decker who will begin posting each and every Saturday beginning on Oct 8. We'll also be getting blogs from an insider who will be posting anonymously to protect their privacy.

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Bishop Long Moved to His Church's Network

Join Bishop Long on Sundays from 8 to 10 pm on for his show Sacred Division. My segment is called SAY WHAT?  I talk about things within the paranormal community that has caught my eye and raised my dander.

Sandra Lynn Sparks Casting Spells

Since she no longer has the Psychic Kids page to monitor Sandra now has lots of free time on her hands. We've learned that she hasn't been spending it too wisely as she's been casting spells on people! Yes, she has decided that she must punish those who shut down the page and she has been very busy with her spell casting! [We hope someone tells her that GOD is the ruler over all things]. Her first attempts at spell casting backfired. We just hope this time the results aren't even worse for her.

Due to her increased free time she has kept those sockpuppet Facebook accounts. It seems that she posts under at least 4 names on the Psychic Kids page. After all, she claims to be a playwright so handling different writing styles shouldn't be hard.

We learned that she had to rewrite the hate speech-filled blog she posted about me. Open Salon forced her to remove it after they received a letter from our legal team. Of course she can't admit this as more lies are spread in her new blog.

"This is about a liar.
He not only deserves no name, He deserves no mention. If you have followed a link he or one of his friends gave you. you will not find him. You've been deceived.
People spend too much time believing too much written on the Internet.
Go find something decent to do."

Still full of lies but at least the hate speech is gone.

Is Chip Coffey a Man of His Word?

We sent the following e mail to Mr. Coffey

Are you a man of your word Mr. Coffey?

You have gone to great effort to publicly state that you are against any type of bullying. You have also been out spoken about your condemnation of hate speech, yet you have a person working for you [either paid or unpaid], who has taking part in both activates, yet we have heard nothing from you condemning their acts nor distancing yourself from that person.

As you know, Sandra Lynn Sparks is a moderator on your message board and self-appointed monitor on the Facebook page that A&E has for your former show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. There are numerous links directing people to both your website and Chris Fleming’s website, directing people to buy services, magazines etc., and links to sites that she herself owns. She gets paid for the level of traffic those sites have. If anyone posted any questions or comments that might bring the show or the para-celebs featured on the show into question, she would both publicly and privately attack that person.

Last week she posted a blog on Open Salon directed at myself, a blog full of hate speech and bullying words. You claim to be against such actions, yet we nor the public have yet to hear or read of your condemnation of her acts. Nor have you removed her from the position of managing your board.

So we at the Eye on the Paranormal have to wonder if you  are a man of your word? Or is your stance just PR for your career and forthcoming book? If so, the world needs to know this. But if you are a man of your word and speak out and take action, the world needs to know this as well.

After she was forced to change the blog we sent him the text of the original blog posting. We'll keep track of the days and weeks that pass concerning his response … or lack of one.

Chris Fleming on the Hot Seat

It seems that Mr. Fleming has been busy posting on the net that he is a "man of the truth" well we will find out if this is correct or not we have a list of questions for him he can respond and we will repost them unedited.

We know Chris checks this blog regularly so we'll be waiting!

1 Firstly the claim you made in reference to the screening process of children featured on “Psychic Kids”. While I realize Facebook comments, cannot always be construed as an official statement, you have however contended that you can prove that the one of kids picked up on details related to the location where a missing child was last seen and only the police had this information. You further stated that other kids on the show have demonstrably exhibited an ability to psychically acquire details describing locations prior to visiting them without any foreknowledge of the site or it’s history. Tell us how you feel that you can satisfactorily “prove this”?

2 Is it true that kids on the show where brought to murder sites to pick up impressions?

3 Tell us about the medical and psychological screening...were second or even third opinions by independent medical professionals ever sought before, after or during the filming of the episodes?

4 Are you aware that some of the symptoms of schizophrenia closely mirror claims of seeing and hearing ghosts?

5 What about the growing concern surrounding individuals that seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on fan sites and discussion forum and most notably; the Psychic Kids Facebook fan page spamming and inviting kids to closed Yahoo Groups and private “psychic schools” under the implied auspice of the show, Chip Coffey or even you?

6 What about the accusations that this show exploited emotionally distraught, overly imaginative, attention seeking or even mentally ill children and the associated speculation that children deemed particularly susceptible to malleability by suggestion?

7 Are you receptive to the possibility that the parents of these kids were overzealous when came to their kids getting on the show?

8 Do you feel that the appearance of these children will only further stigmatize them in a society that is still not willing to accept the reality of psychic abilities?


1A: How do you feel about the K2 meter controversy associated with the Ghost Hunters/Manson murder mansion episode?

2A: I have noticed that you have a site that promotes the sale of ghost hunting equipment, how would you respond to the skeptics’ objections that this equipment never yielded any quantitative or qualitative evidence, it is marketed specifically targeting a misinformed or naive demographic.

Next week more Psychic Kids madness and we take a good the bad and what the bleep look at the new show on the Travel Channel "Dead Files" or as I'm calling it Paranormal State on Steroids.

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