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Issue 125 – Another Day in the Land of Paranormal Scams

Issue 125 – Another Day in the Land of Paranormal Scams
By Kirby Robinson

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Guess what? Paranormal fakes and bad psychics don't give birth to kids-- just more paranormal scams!

The First Real Look into the World of Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium

We hoped the eBook about the Long Island Medium would be published today but it's been delayed until July 16th.

Here's the official press release:

NEW eBook Questions the Long Island Medium's Abilities

Long Island Medium is the hit reality show starring Theresa Caputo as a brassy Hicksville, New York housewife, mother and medium. Each week the audience watches her deliver messages from the dearly departed who tell their loved ones they are safe and at peace.

But are they really?

In this groundbreaking new book, Is the Long Island Medium the Real Deal?, author and demonologist Kirby Robinson examines her claims of mediumship and what's on The Other Side. The author succeeds in raising many doubts as he asks:

- Who is Spirit?
- What are cold readings?
- Are mediums dangerous?
- What is the Christian view on mediums and communicating with the dead?
- Who taught Theresa to do readings and what are the teacher's qualifications?
- What is really on The Other Side?

Theresa joins the growing list of questionable mediums and psychics like John Edwards, Sylvia Browne, and James Van Praagh. These individuals charge hundreds of dollars for readings that are inaccurate and misleading. And none of them can withstand spiritual or scientific scrutiny.

By the time the reader finishes this book, they will never view the subject of mediumship and communication with dead in the same way.

Kirby Robinson is the author of Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State's "I Am Six" Case and other nonfiction paranormal titles. In 2008, he founded the highly successful and controversial Eye on the Paranormal blog. He hosts a hit radio program by the same name featured on the God Discussion Network. Using 25+ years of experience in the psychic/paranormal world, the author thoroughly investigates Theresa's claims concerning her ability to talk to the dead.

A Fake Book About a Possible Fake Psychic by a Fake Author! Can it get More Bizarre? Yes!

I was really surprised when we uncovered what might be the lamest one ever!

As you might know, we've been busy on the Theresa Caputo book. We can say that this will be the first critical book on her. There are a couple of pro-Long Island Medium cut and paste jobs for $1.99 on Amazon. Both covers have her picture on them and we wonder about copyright violations. However, there is nothing published on her that dares to question her abilities.

Anyway, we discovered this page last month:

[In case the website goes down we have several screen shots here:]

We were initially pleased to see that others were as concerned about the matter as us. Yet the closer we looked into the truth behind the claims of this page, the more problems we found.

Also, it became obvious that as we spent more time on the page, the more things changed. It was as if someone was trying to muddy up the water. They monitored the amount of time we spent on the page. We noticed that the New York Times became The Times. Psychology Today's distinctive blue font was changed to just Psychology.

What was taking place? And who is Dr. James L Pendergast? Well the lies are far more interesting the truth.

Let's fact check everything on this page [we have screen shots of all the changes].

~ Whether it's The Times [London] or The New York Times, there has been no such review ever given to that book. No one at either paper has ever heard of the book or of James L. Pendergast.

~ Notice the book award -- none ever given

~ The book cover has gone through 3 changes but no book seller has ever heard of the book nor is there any record of it coming out in October.

~ You see three glowing reviews for the book. None are real

~ Telegraph = The Telegraph

~ Psychology = Psychology Today

~ Christian Monitor = Christian Science Monitor

None of the above has heard of the book, reviewed it, or heard of a James L. Pendergast. No record of a Doctor Pendergast.

~ The quote attributed to the photo of the author just below it is not of a James L Pendergast. This is a photo of Sir Ken Robinson [not sure of any relation!]. He is a New York Times bestselling author and is well known in the field of education and psychology. However, he has nothing to do with a book about Theresa Caputo.

~ Every single claim in the next paragraph about his great deeds is a lie. Pendergast has no bestselling books, is not a leader in the field of psychology. Nor has he taught for 30 years at Harvard and Cambridge.

~ More lies can easily be uncovered about the alleged 5/23/13 Los Angeles Times interview. It simply doesn’t exist.

~ The next few paragraphs are full of lies and distortions about Theresa Caputo.

~ No James L. Pendergast ever attended Harvard nor has anyone by that name ever received two PhDs.

~ Claims of a PhD from Cambridge – not true.

~ He never had a show on the Discovery Channel UK. There was never a speaking tour.

~ There is a new LinkedIn link.

1 He claims to be the Chair. at the School of Psychiatry of Harvard since 1988. That’s news to Harvard! In fact, the Head of the Dept. of Psychiatry is Executive Committee Chairperson David A. Silbersweig, M.D.

2 He claims to be a professor at Cambridge. No such person works there and none are affiliated with Cambridge University Press.

~ He claims to have published 22 bestsellers yet no record of that exists. The title that shows up is a movie, not a book.

~ No one associated with NPR Books, Amazon or Barnes & Noble are aware of The Theresa Caputo Diaries. The book publisher Harvard Society Press must be a society of 1 as no information exists for the company or the book.

If you’re a reader you might have figured out where they dream up the name of James L Pendergast as he's a fictional character.

It's sad that innocent people and legitimate schools and organizations' names and images are dragged through the mud. Save your money and don't give it to Theresa Caputo. You can put your time to better use and not watch the Long Island Medium. Save your soul and don't listen to Theresa, and lastly, save $49.98 because you probably won't ever see that book.

Next week you can buy a legitimate eBook about the Long Island Medium that is well researched and written. And it'll cost you less than $3!

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