Saturday, September 12, 2015

What is Demonic Infestation?

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Last week I spoke about demonic possession and demonic oppression. I was asked this week by a few if I could give some insight to what exactly demonic infestation is. I know these titles can be very confusing but never doubt, they are ALL very dangerous and require immediate help from your Priest or local Minister. The longer someone lives with these kind of symptoms the more power these creatures continue gain from us. You will only become more weak and in bondage by these evil entities. It can't be ignored. It won't just go away by ignoring it.

What is demonic infestation?

It is believed this is a phenomenon in which a demon possesses a location or place, such as a house or building, or an object. A demon, by possessing a place, can move things at will and cause various noises and smells. Infestation never causes the possession of any of the people who live there. An infestation may occur in a particular place due to some esoteric or satanic rites being performed with frequency. Such infestation may result from a hex, spell, or curse, or from voodoo or witchcraft. To end the infestation of a place, the rite of exorcism lists several specific prayers that need to be prayed. Without the complete cooperation of the family the priests/ministers prayers will not work.

The following I found at

Home’s Secret History Led to a ‘Demonic Infestation’ That Terrorized them for Years — and share Some of Their Terrifying Photos

It’s an eerie story of a so-called “demonic infestation” that seems so terrifying that it is perfectly suited for the pages of a horror novel. But Bob Cranmer, a former commissioner in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, insists that it was a horrific and life-altering reality for him and his family.

From a mysterious, blood-like substance coating the walls of his home to crucifixes purportedly snapping in half on their own and scratches randomly appearing on his body, Cranmer told TheBlaze earlier this year that something profoundly evil was terrorizing his family.

He claims that the demonic force was eventually expelled, but only after the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Fr. Michael Salvagna, a local priest, Protestant pastors and Adam Blai, a self-described demonologist, spent two years fervently battling its presence by repeatedly holding Mass and blessing the home.

Cranmer, who has four children, said his kids also once saw the entity, describing the figure as “a really strange-looking person” wearing a black dress.

But that was the only overt apparition, as he said the demon would typically manifest itself as a shadowy figure moving about the home.

Blai, a demonology expert, has a degree in psychology and said he saw shadows with no origin and experienced phantom smells.

“I observed black shadows sliding along floors and walls that were not being cast by anything,” Blai told TheBlaze. “I also smelled a column of air with a horrific death-like stench that moved like a person walking. This column of air left no lingering scent behind it like natural odors would.”

The obsession society seems to have with the dark side and evil will probably turn into a obsession and become a addictive influence on said person. That's why in the past I have blogged about all of these movies and reality TV shows constantly coming out and being marketed can easily open doors and give these demonic entities legal right to be in your life. Chances are some of you know somebody who loves horror movies like just the ones that are about possession and the devil and things to that nature. Eventually the persons personality begins to change. The person in question can seem normal most of the time, but he'll have "dark moments" when his inner demons start injecting thoughts into the person's head and manipulating them to believe things that are just not true. basically that's the start of their work to manipulate in the beginning as most people think it is a spirit guide helping but it's these evil entities who are trying to take over. And the end goal is to get as many souls driven crazy make them homicidal, suicidal and a whole number of things.

Difficulty in diagnosing demonic influence is that these same symptoms may indicate substance abuse problems, mental illness, social maladjustment, emotional inadequacy, relationship problems or a complex web of such difficulties. Demonic influence will cause these symptoms, but these symptoms are not necessarily a sign of demonic activity. People really need to not jump the gun and assume everything is demonic as that just gives the devil attention and we suffer already from people being told we are the nuts if we believe in demons and we're the ones that need mental help when people make stuff up and it hurts us all honest ones called by God trying to do the right thing and help people.

In the first 2'stages of demonic attachment/ the inhuman entity (Demons!) is still outside the personality. Next these demons attempt to enter the whole person in a spiritual, mental and even physical dimension. This level of influence is called infestation when the person exhibits disturbing physical, mental, and spiritual signs of infestation. These evil creatures are very tricky they can mimic general valid depression but in reality it's oppression and then somebody maybe has a problem that goes deeper than that, which then happens to be a valid demonic attack and these people end up in a mental institute. And the ones that are not there permanently are just doped up on a bunch of different medication that just suppresses the voices through hearing or visions they're seeing that's all it does or they don't get to go home at all and all they need is an exorcism and or deliverance. From what I understand having the gift of discernment allows me to be able to help in the situations to decipher what is a true illness and what is a demon as well as the knowledge coming upon me what type of demon whether it be a demon of fear or a demon of anger and at that point I try to get the name but you don't have to have the demons name in order to get rid of it. It is important to break the strongholds. My. point is if you're not sure it's the Holy Spirit and it something in your own thoughts it doesn't hurt to follow through anyway and gather what you're being told to take to the property or to pray with the person afflicted.

The individual is "taken over" by the demonic spirit and will surely do some terrifying paranormal antics and when they start doing things that are paranormal it is only to distract you from completing what you done to them and at the same time they're trying to scare you and freak you out so over the years I've learned to ignore any and all attempts of supernatural event such as levitation, body contorting, spewing out intimate information no one else would know in order just to humiliate you, throwing this using the mind etc...

I had a case recently where the person completely contorted their body in a way that was just The freakiest in the most scariest thing that I have seen in a while . It all started when I walked in the room. And when that didn't work they tried saying things that nobody else would know just very mean and for that quick five seconds  I lost my train of thought it started speaking some very very personal and hurtful things to me. And I just simply asked if Jesus Christ the Son of God give it permission to speak to me that way and I wait for an answer yes or no if he did or did not have that permission. They don't like that at all. I then commanded it to shut it's mouth that it was under the authority of Jesus Christ through me for it to silence it's tongue. This person responded terribly to anointed oil literally it created a burn in smoke from the flesh of the vessel this demon managed to possess. I don't know what made me make sure to actually go out of my way to get anointed oil which on that particular day was going to be time-consuming and very challenging to put it lightly however, when you have a calling it's not a good idea to ignore doing something harmless even if by chance it was just a thought in your mind and not directed from God.

Demons do nothing but lie in general. I'm not a huge believer spending a lot of time talking to them just enough to make you wonder and all it does is take the focus off at what the situation at hand is to be exercised that they end up back in hell where they are tortured by Satan and they want to find another body on earth to take over because apparently Satan tortures his own demons their job is nothing except to kill and ruin lives and create mental disorders and drag all souls to hell. When the signs of preternatural strength are seen, horrible alien voices come from the person, vile blasphemies are heard and perverted and violent actions are witnessed, one can be fairly sure that a demonic infestation is happening. However, many of these symptoms may also be signs of a deep mental or spiritual illness which is not demonic in origin.

The difficulty in diagnosing demonic influence is that these same symptoms may indicate substance abuse problems, mental illness, social maladjustment, emotional inadequacy, relationship problems or a complex web of such difficulties. Demonic influence will cause these symptoms, but these symptoms are not necessarily a sign of demonic activity.

People also need to remember the Bible is very clear and stipulates a verse which I can't seem to remember which one to save my life at this point ( no sleep and a very ill mother ) however, it reads the following: " THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING, BEWARE OF THE FAMILIAR SPIRIT" I will paraphrase this so you understand what it means or what the Bible means is demons are known to mimic passed loved ones or a child or maybe the person who died in your home 50 years ago and he started to get attached to the spirit feeling bad for it so you continue to play with the EVP'S and spirit boards etc...

Just like in the very first Exorcist  was based on a true story and look what happened when the mother took the Ouija board away from the little girl? All hell broke loose so evidently he had not been speaking to his Aunt who recently passed who he loved dearly. But he did use the Ouija board by himself a lot! When she was alive he used to use that board with her daily. In real life it was a little boy and thank God he remembers nothing and he's a believer in Christ and he's doing great has grandkids and I'm just very glad that he doesn't remember any of that. A lot of it is sensationalized for movies but like I said they'll use supernatural antics to to mess with the mind of the person doing the exorcism or deliverance and the people who are helping and assisting. You cannot hesitate you cannot allow any room for it one bit that's why I choose to try not to have too much conversations with them and allow them The possibility to distract me even for a moment means they could easily jump me new and my body is their new vessel they've been known to jump to clients family anybody in the room is in danger that's why when these things take place it's really not good to have five or six family members and cousins coming over to be in there and watch I mean this isn't entertainment it is very dangerous you are dealing with something you can't see as I've said before this is this beer sure thing not physically you cannot see you got your fighting dangerous not to mention the more people the harder it is in my opinion because you've got more talking going on so that's more contamination on your audio which seems to be the best way that I can say hey listen to this and you tell me I've done it many times to a couple different people who were analysts of audio and screen spotting any manufacturing and 4 different ones all said the same thing " I can't say this is paranormal all I can say is I have no answer for why that voice came through" we will never have all the answers I have been at this 26 years my dad did it for 50 well it was part of what he did he also married people in the baptisms but there are just some things we won't know till we pass on however, while we're on the earth and do our best to avoid anything summoning demons is one of one of them.

ETA: I wanted to make it known you that I am in the Orlando area and if there's any Zaidi who got going on somebody jet who serious extra help feel free to contact address I will stay as an underwriter so there are a lot of things I can do at home during the day as well. I can provide credentials I was ordained through the church properly I also have references going back to 99 also I attended Trinity Bible college for four years just to take courses on biblical demonology and everything related to demonology as well and I received a certificate of completion. You can find my bio here on the website under special contributors. I also have a Google Plus account and Twitter. I have a website I pay for and its very basic my bio and there's a place where you can submit your name and email from just answering your questions to Skype talks helping somebody explain to a friend or a loved one the dangers of provoking  demons or possible help. I'm legit and I'm pretty much independent I have learned in the past and being a part of teams and being on Facebook unfortunately I ran into 90% of the folks in the paranormal looking to gain some kind of fame and notoriety that will complain 15 years 10 years whatever experience and they had no way nothing no phone number nothing of any sort that would be able to be verified or even indicate the truth. I'm certainly not saying because I've had 26 years and my father was a minister that that makes me better I'm simply saying heck somebody three years I could learn something from each other but there's just so many of you guys and that's what I'm trying to avoid that out there. With what I do is very difficult when the paranormal became popular there were ghost hunters popping up on every corner they were everywhere, and there's just a lot of drama and I want to avoid anything like that but I want to follow my calling as well. I also work with Reverend Bradley little Roma who's an Exorcist and he knows exactly what he's doing. I have had the pleasure to have his guidance at times. He is very dedicated to what he does and I just thought I would put it out there anybody closer to me knows I don't just build someone up. He gives Christ ALL the glory and a humble servant of God just like me. If your in his area he can help and he does travel and there is never any fees.

Written By Jennifer L Auld