Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Issue 83 The Chip Coffey/Beatrice Marot Party is OVER!

By Kirby Robinson

Yes, folks, it's time to end the party concerning the whole Chip Coffey/Beatrice Marot fiasco.

August 15, 2012 is the final day of this whole sad affair here at the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL. If you haven't been around for the past 7 to 9 days, please ask others to fill you in about what happened over here. We're going to keep it short but not sweet as to the events that unfolded over the past week. It was just as I was shown it would.

We'd sincerely hoped that the two sides would have been willing to let bygones be bygones. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. A simple three-word statement "I AM SORRY" on all parties would have not only drawn it to an end, but win fans and respect for all those who have been part of it for many years. 

For those readers who asked why I did this, I gave kind off an evasive response. Now I admit it was meant to lay a basis for a next series of blogs, which will start next week. The series will be called THE PSYCHIC ROAD TO HELL. People who claim to have psychic gifts will tell the public that nowhere does the Bible say that psychic claims will lead one to hell. But it will. Our world is on the very edge of the end times. This time is talked about in the book of Jude the last book prior to the Book of Revelations. In Revelations, GOD shows us that the church will step away from His real word and embrace a fake gospel, and how man will explain away any sin.

This is what the new age has done. Even some bad teachings within the church have allowed this to spread.

We need to share Chip's response to the offer of posting here to help bring peace. It's unedited and just as it was sent to us:

It will be a cold day in Hell before I'd ever write a blog for Eye on the Paranormal! I have written my rebuttal to Beatrice Marot's malicious blog and comments. It can be viewed here:

Chip is an example of those numerous so-called psychic mediums that are already on the road to hell because of their personal beliefs, rejection of Christ's teachings and an embrace of new age antichrist beliefs. Like those who use their own personal beliefs to influence others, they only succeed in pulling people away from the Light of God and convince the confused and deluded to join them on the highway to hell. 

Both Chip Coffey and Beatrice Marot "claim" that they rely heavily on their "spirit guides" [which aren't spirits whatsoever but are either: 1 demonic, 2 psychological creations from a desperate psyche, or 3 mere fabrications as a tool to fool the public]. If both Chip and Beatrice were guided by such spirits of Light and Love, both would have been warned away from the situation from the beginning and neither would have been able to engage in such destructive behavior towards the other. Lastly, if these beings were so all-knowing and all-seeing they should have warned Chip and Beatrice to stay away from each other. They should have warned the pair that both parties' behaviors after the so-called falling out would have led to such pain and suffering. And they didn't.

As to Beatrice Marot, we wish her well. On Monday, after we said we couldn't help a person incapable of accepting help, the home we were in came under full demonic attack. Plates flew across the floor and items shot right up into the air.

Her blog post of August 8, 2012 will be unpublished and not brought up ever again.

What this scuffle showed by two so-called workers of love and light, that neither are willing or able to show that love and light they claim to possess. These are not people that walk with the Prince of Peace. These are people who follow a lord of darkness.

So remember that there were no winners in this battle -- there never could have been. Even though we took part in prayer asking for a different turnout the only thing left standing was God's Word, which gives us a warning not to turn our spirit over to such foolishness and that God's Word [which is the only truth] is just like one tin solder riding away.  

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