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Paranormal State Keeps Milking the "I Am Six" Case Till It's Dry

By Kirby Robinson

Continued from the blog "I Am Six" The Golden Goose of Ryan Buell & PRS

We're back with part 2 of our report on the fakery and deceptions by PRS and the fake para-celebs who tagged along hoping to fatten their wallets, gain better name recognition within the paranormal entertainment industry, and spread more lies about demons and exorcisms.

But I'm scratching my head about a few things lately.

Someone sent me this link:  

We understand Amy Bruni is with child so she needs money for diapers, formula, baby things and maybe some smokes and a beer or two. But – what has she done?

1 Starred in a hit film - NO

2 Won the Indy 500 - NO

3 Cured cancer and/or AIDS - NO

4 Starred in a fake paranormal reality show and buddied up to members of the paranormal entertainment industry? YES!

In other words, her only claim to fame is this:

Silence is at times deafening and condemning … and sometimes it's outright shocking.

A few weeks ago, we exposed convicted child molester Robert Hunnicutt and his work with many of the leaders of the paranormal entertainment industry.

Here are a few: Keith Age, Andrew Calder, Patrick Burns, Patti Starr, Chip Coffey, Reese Christian and Sharon Johns.

To date, we've not heard word one from any of these people. We have to ask why is that? And what does that say about them?

One more thing that made me scratch my head the other day as I was looking at traffic sources for visitors to the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL. One of the more popular Google search terms for the blog is "Chip Coffey Fake" but this one was even more interesting: "Chip Coffey Butt Flap."

Not sure what the phrase really means.

- In the days of old, long johns had an opening that could accessed when the person needed to go that didn't require them to remove the clothing.

- It can mean to be very funny.

- That it means someone talking out of their backside and their butt flaps.

- A cut of steak.

- A cloth pinned to the pants of a punk rocker.

- One of our reporters states that it means someone talking out of their backside and their butt flaps

Whatever it means it did stop and make me grin as I scratched my head.

Now it's time for part two of the I Am Six case...

Episode 47 "The Possession: Return of Six"

Like every other show in the reality programming field you gotta give the viewers something big to get those ratings. PRS/Paranormal State and a whole slate of para-celebs are about to give it to them in this hour-long episode.

In season 2 there was the controversial episode, “I Am Six” that involves a young woman acting as if she is possessed by a demon named Six. You might want to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose and see how much of this case was stolen from this film. Keep in mind, the film is very loosely based on a real case. Much had been changed, including the location, which originally was in Germany.

In this episode, Ryan brings in Lorraine Warren and the latest go-to practitioner of exorcisms, Father Bob Bailey. It seems as if Andrew Calder hopefully got a sign from God that you get one, maybe two, passes on doing possibly fake exorcisms and then you're out of luck.

Voiceover by Ryan added later during post productions when he tells the team to be prepared.

When Ryan enters the master bedroom there is a dog on the bed. That's no big deal but it is if the same dog was being held as the home owner is showing the team the house. Looks like the scene was shot out of order.

The client is in the basement wearing a tan sweater, and then they are in the kitchen and she's wearing an olive green jacket.

When Chip arrives Ryan is suddenly in a different outfit and Chad has popped up out of nowhere. Notice how Chad and Chip are hanging out and Chad appears to have difficulty keeping a smile off his face as he asks Chip: "You feeling something?"

During Dead Time, Ryan's hoodie suddenly appears on him and the shot of him and Chad in the bedroom does not match one cut Chad is on one side of the bed with Ryan. In the next they stand on different sides of the bed.

During the evidence review session there are four noted errors. 1. Ryan has no hoodie on then suddenly there it is. 2. There is an unidentified person in the room. 3. When Chip is asked a question by Ryan it is added in post production and Chip is not even in the same room. The shots and lighting don't match. The couch that Chip is sitting on is not even in the same room they are in. 4. The review is supposed to be at night but it is clearly daytime.

If Ryan had driven up to the home he would had seen the river due to its close proximity. Why does he have to ask where the river is?

When Ryan is speaking to the nameless male "Occult Expert" on the phone, notice the cuts don't match and that Ryan looks as though he's pretending to take notes. Why not talk to fellow team member Eilfie—that's her title. Or Michelle Belanger? Or Lorraine Warren? Also, the information he receives from the mysterious Occult Expert is nothing more than discussing Book of Leviticus in the Bible. Finally, why are mental health issues attributed to the demonic?

When Ryan goes to the site of the suicide we learn that he gave out false information in the case briefing. Donna didn't throw herself off of a cliff but she walked out into the water. He's wearing Day 1 clothing and this is well into Day 2.

It is very difficult to see who is doing director's log as the hood of the jacket is pulled up over the person's head and their back is kept to the camera through the entire shot. The team sets up for the experiment from 7:42 to 8:50 PM. During this time, Ryan changes his shirts back to the one he wore on Day 1.

The Moundsville comment was plain silly compared to what Ryan says next. It is actually quite sad and ego-driven. Ryan states that this case came about to bring them close to Quincy, Illinois so they could respond to Lara's needs.

Let's examine his statement in more depth.

1. It's been at least six months since the team had visited Lara. From postings on Paranormal State's board, things didn't improve for Lara. At the end of "I Am Six" the audience is led to believe that her problems were solved. Why had the team not returned to Lara's home to help the family? Why had Ryan not used his influence with the Catholic Church to have a real exorcist come to the home and perform a full rite? If Ryan had ever been a part of a real one he would know it would take days or even weeks to complete a genuine exorcism.

2. On a deeper level, he implies that the family in Kent, Kentucky was put through a demonic haunting and a death of a family member, so Ryan would be called to that location at that time.

Notice two things about the team's arrival. 1. Barb, the mother, greets the team and is well dressed. She shows no signs of stress and no evidence that she had just battled a demon. 2. Observe Lara's "black eye." Freeze the DVD and take a close look. Do you see any swelling at all? Remember, this just had happened a few hours ago yet there's no major discoloring, no real bruising nothing that you would link to a black eye. It looks like shades of yellow, dark blue and black eye shadow. Also, if Lara was being choked, why aren't there any markings on her neck?

Ryan says to Lara, "You know why we're here, right?" He smiles.

Also, Lara's name is now spelled Lara in this episode.

8:58 PM Interview with Client's Parents. This is where they discuss the fight they had with the demon last night. The mother describes the scenario: "It had grabbed her and was starting to pull her up from the end of the bed and started to suspend her from her ankles upside down in the air." Imagine that! Where's the pictorial evidence? If Lara is being suspended in mid-air upside down, that would be headline news. Not just for Quincy, Illinois or Chicago, but nationally and internationally. She would be on CNN, BBC, you name it.

During the client interview notice that Chad is next to Ryan and then he disappears.

We then have Ryan taking Chad on a tour of the home, pointing out alleged sites of major demonic attacks on Lara. In the "I Am Six" episode are we presented with any real proof of these things happening?

1 The marks on her back don't happen while others are around. The marks are only on her back; none on the face or arms. They aren't deep enough to draw blood, nor will they cause permanent scarring.

2 They show the top of the laundry chute. Where is the proof that she ever fell down the laundry chute? We see no pictures.

3 Again, where is the proof that she was wedged inside the chute? There's a shot of the bottom of the laundry chute. Where is the pictorial evidence that she was ever crammed inside it?

Chad claims that something pushed him much like in the "Church of the Damned" episode when Ryan says he was pushed.

But Ryan is too busy changing into a hoodie again to give Chad a hand.

We need to take a close look at the odd business concerning the names of the demon[s] that are supposedly possessing the girl. It is a common practice during the deliverance ceremony to inquire directly to the demon the names of the demon/demons that possess the individual. They seem to be avoiding avoid performing the deliverance ceremony, because one is never done.

The source of these names is Chip Coffey the same person that introduced the world to Ryan’s personal demon back in season 1's "The Name" episode.

We jump to the outside of the house where Chip and Ryan are discussing names. Chip holds a small note pad containing the list of six demonic names. These are not just any names, but some of the top-ranking demons. It's very interesting to note that one particular name is absent, and that is the name of Ryan's personal demon. In fact, this is one who's ranked right behind the leadership of the forces of darkness.

But what's even odder is the list itself. Freeze frame the shot and you will see six names. But watch when they do a close up – you'll see only five names on the list. So, are there five or six? Apparently, they aren't sure of one of the names, as on both pages one has a question mark next to it.

The captions claim it is 10:47 as they start bringing in the para-celebs and setting things up. Notice that Ryan walks by a clock that reads 8:47.

As the following scenes unfold it changes from light to dark outside as the shots are mismatched.

Notice how Lara's "black" eye is beginning to fade and in some shots it's almost gone.

Where is Chad when they're performing the exorcism on Lara? Chad is not in the room. Isn't Chad supposed to be helping film the actual exorcism? DVD TIMELINE 29:55 -- watch the right hand side of your screen and see the window. Who's there? Chad! He walks by, glances inside, sees the exorcism, and hurries back inside. Can we say gotcha? Especially in the next scene after Chad talks to Ryan about getting shots of Lara when he was outside, and not inside.

One wonders where did the Lorraine and Chip go? Lorraine disappears from the episode and Chip is only seen in the background in a few shots.

When Ryan gives his big battle speech and takes part in the experiment he wears a dark t-shirt but when there is a big ruckus upstairs he rushes up the stairs, now wearing a coat.

Did Lara's black eye appear to be a makeup job? DVD TIMELINE 30:32 there's no black eye. At various times in this episode, it's more prominent than others. Observe that she has a Band-Aid over her left eyebrow. All the makeup on Lara's face is gone leaving no black eye. This is very obvious in the final shot. DVD TIMELINE: 41:04 there is no black eye and the Band-Aid is gone.

UPDATE: While doing research on the book we came across this letter posted onto the PRS message boards reportedly written by Barb, Lara's mother. She addresses what has happened to Lara and her family since the second exorcism. If this letter is true, it's a heartbreaking story. It raises some very serious questions about the amount of responsibility that PRS shows to their clients.

PRS promises to help them. But should that help end as soon as the cameras stop rolling? As we have seen in the cases we've examined, some families do not find peace after the team leaves. Kelli Ryan, episode 27 "The Messenger" didn’t. Eric and Lisa, the family from episode 29 "The Glove", reported a chair sliding across the floor a week after the team left. 

You read about a family reporting being terrorized by demons and the team will battle with them only to have the demons return two weeks later. More than a year has passed and Lara remains haunted by demon/s. When did Ryan return or present her case to the Catholic Church to arrange for a full exorcism? Did he invite Chip, Lorraine Warren, or Father Bob Bailey to return? They were guests of the show but PRS clearly has a responsibility to bring these issues to a close. Has Ryan given up hope as he claimed Lara was a case of perfect possession? What is perfect possession? It would mean that Lara would have completely given herself over to the demons and want them to remain. Her behavior would be far worse than anything the actor Charlie Sheen had been engaging in with the drugs, alcohol and porn stars. Also, Lara wouldn't bathe, she would incessantly curse, and she would harm those around her, destroying their faith and demolishing religious objects. This kind of behavior is NOT evident in the episode you've just seen.

Barb's letter from October 21, 2009 can be found here:

"Hello to everyone and God bless all of you. I'm just sending a brief note to explain Lara's upset, (she is ill with the flu right now and may not have handled this situation which has arisen as gracefully as possible). She received an e-mail where an individual made a rhetorical request for 'THE' Lara to answer the sender's questions, if she didn't mind. The sender only gave her about 14 hours to respond. She was 3 hours too late and the sender's questions were made public and were on the topic of providing proof, mainly medical in nature. Lara would have been willing to respond to the sender's email. Our family (Lara included) understands the topic of possession from the viewpoints of the skeptics, believers, and those who fall in between. There are some questions that we can answer and there are some that we legally can't because it may involve someone not in our family or a third party. We do feel that she, (and we), deserve some privacy. But, understand, all of our researchers do know her history and would not have investigated if she suffered from psychosis or dissociative disorder. She has had very thorough psychiatric evaluations, even from the Mayo Clinic, and does not have either - there is no medical explanation or disease that can explain what has happened.

"Also know that what was aired on Paranormal State was only forty or so minutes extracted from several days of investigation. The exorcism alone began in the afternoon and did not end until around midnight, or later. You have all seen only snippets of an ongoing serious situation. Most of what has happened here you know nothing of, and I can assure you, you don't want to know. But, as an example of one such well-documented incident was a rape that sent her to her gynecologist, (which he carefully noted in his files). She had second degree burns (and will always have the scars), on the inside of her thighs in the shape of fingerprints. She was cut and burned on the inside and smeared with ash, all of which her doctor was an eye-witness to. I saw this happen to her, so I solemnly give my word that it was not faked. She has been degraded and shamed every single way possible. She was scratched so many times on her back that her back dripped blood, as if she had been scourged. I also have scars from scratches that showed up on me whilst I was trying to help her. My son was sent to the emergency room afer experiencing a very agonizing and unexplainable pain in the region of the sternum, a pain that left us in fear that one of his arteries was dissecting. My husband, demanding of the demon to take him instead and leave Lara alone, immediately developed pneumonia that lasted for two months. When I say we all suffer and offer it for all of you, I am quite serious.

"I also would strongly advise, for your own safety, not to watch these episodes for hours nonstop. "They" are very cunning and have discovered how to use our own technology to their own advantage. The only proof that you will truly believe is when it happens to you. "Pure Evil, the Demonic, ot They" would be more that thrilled to oblige, but is that what you truly want? To live through what we are suffering? We are struggling very hard, all of us, to stay alive and sane through this mess. Is that what you want to feel? I personally care about all of you (Lara also cares, too) and do NOT want that for any of you. So, may God's angels surround and protect you, and may you never know what we have known.
Barb, (Lara's Mom)."

Paranormal Evidence Tally

1 Claims of Paranormal Activity: We have two cases here. The family in Kentucky claims that a demon caused a family member to commit suicide. The Illinois case is about Lara still being possessed by the demon that was haunting her in Season 2's "I Am Six" episode. 
2 Proof of Paranormal Activity: None in either case.
3 Accuracy of Psychic: Kentucky episode: 3. Chip reveals some general details. Illinois episode: 2. Chip makes an effort. However, his accuracy takes a big hit when he comes up with the claim that, just like in the original episode, six demons are haunting Lara once again. In reality, there was only one demon that went by the name of Six.
4 Ryan Buell's Producer Credit: Consulting Producer
5 Demon Count: 00

February 2011 UPDATE: An on-set source for both the "I Am Six" and "The Possession: Return of Six" episodes came forward days before this book was completed. We felt the information they provided was significant enough to be included. More importantly, we have been able to confirm much of what they shared.

It seems that Lara had a fascination with the film, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and had watched it many times. As Emily Rose had six demons inside of her, in "I Am Six" Lara claims that the demon inside of her is named Six. In "Possession: Return of Six", Chip Coffey lists six different demons, just as in the movie. During the filming of both episodes Lara and her family were experiencing some very difficult times emotionally. And Lara viewed the possibility of experiencing an exorcism as a form of alternative therapy to help her deal with her troubles. She was never sure if the demon was real or comprised of things she had kept buried in her subconscious that were trying to emerge.

Here is the book that reveals the truth about the "I Am Six" case:

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