Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remembering Elvis

We're reposting this video in loving memory of Elvis Presley. He is missed and loved.

Christians and Communicating With The Dead

By Lisa Grace

The Holy Scriptures make it clear that the dead sleep. Then, our next moment of awareness will be paradise or judgment.

Because the dead sleep, mediums and those who seek out the supernatural are communicating with something else. Fallen angels or demons (a variety of different types which present in different ways).

The reason the Holy Scriptures have warnings about communicating with the other world, is invariably when we seek them out, we are coming into to contact with evil angels/demons.

The good ones—the ones on God’s side—are about His business—not ours, and go where He sends them. The ones who respond, are those who are seeking whom they may devour (destroy). Attracting these creatures is foolish and dangerous.

The warnings to not try to communicate with the dead, are like a parent telling us not to walk out into traffic. It is not to “keep” some great secret from us, but to protect us.

Mediums often speak of sending “lost souls” or “ghosts” on their way (innocently not realizing they are communicating with fallen angels/demons), or “clearing” them out. While they may temporarily drive what they perceive as “ghosts” or “entities” away, they can and often do come back. If the ones asking for the evil forces to be driven away are not believers, or those driving the “ghosts” away do not believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ, or God the Father, then they are not equipped to drive the manifestation permanently away. They do roam. The Scriptures warn these demons will return with even more entities. This is why so many “haunted” houses are still inhabited by manifestations for hundreds of years in spite of many experts trying to drive them out. There is only one way to “clear” a house or a person, just as there is only one way to be saved. Christians and Communicating With The Dead - Part 2
Christians and Communicating With the Dead - Part 3