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Swimming in Sh*t – The Jennifer Arnold Case - Part 1

By Reporter X


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Swimming in Sh*t - The Jennifer Arnold Case – Part 1

It seems that my last report caused quite a stir in the paranormal community. That was not my intention at all. I hoped a provocative post would encourage a lively discussion of the topic. It sunk into a pit of name calling, sword rattling and shameful actions on the part of some of the people who posted comments.

The course of action taken by Mr. Robinson is a sad one and I hope he does find the peace that he seeks.

Now let’s get on with the story …

For those of you in the paranormal community you would have to be living under a rock not to know about the Jennifer Arnold case. There are many web sites, Face Book pages and radio shows about the subject. Even Dave Schrader has done more than one show on the matter.

I have viewed the blogs and took a close look at her book A DEMON WALKS ON SACRED GROUND. I have listened to a CD of the various EVPs that she has recorded. I have looked at the photos she has posted and even had some professionally studied. I have had the opportunity to view audio and video footage that was shot at Mrs. Arnold's home the night of Mr. Robinson's visit. I have talked to the paranormal groups that have visited the home and taken a look at their proof (audio, video, photographs). I have interviewed Mr. Robinson through many email exchanges. I have talked to some of the leading paranormal and demon experts. After all this, I feel that I have a good grasp of the case. 

In a nutshell (a very small one) as Mrs. Arnold's book is only 47 pages she writes her life story. We learn that Mrs. Arnold had a less than perfect childhood. There was a moderate level of dysfunction within her home as she grew up. She was close to a relative that was of Native American descent and she shared stories with Jennifer about her life and gifts and tales of her religion.

At the age of 17, Jennifer and a friend made a spirit board and began talking to spirits. The girls freely allowed them in. Over time things the spirits said would happen began taking place. Jennifer got married and had two sons. In the Arnold home, things started to happen. Cupboards and drawers opened and closed, the children saw spirits, and many more events frightened the family. So they decided they had to move into a new home that was built for the family. But the spirits followed them.

Jennifer started to ghost hunt and took photos. She also began recording them in order to engage the spirits in a conversation. Things only got worse. Mrs. Arnold was very vocal about events in her home and started to share them on MySpace and a web site dedicated to her book.

Many paranormal groups have been to her home and have tried to remove the demon/demons (depending upon whom you talk to). After a few weeks the demon/demons returns, often stronger than before.

There have been rumors that John Zaffis went to her home and fled, or that he could not get on a plane to fly to her Florida home. Some have said that Dwayne Claud was scared and also refused the case. From the information I have uncovered both stories are false.

So what can we say about those who have been to her home before August, 2011?

1. They had good intentions. I personally know most of them.

2. They might have been in over their heads.

3. They should never have gone there in the first place.

4. They did their job but something and or someone let the demon/demons back in.

Back in the summer of 2011 Mr. Robinson informed me that he had logged into his old MySpace account and received a message from Mrs. Arnold concerning her case. A few years before that he had exchanged emails with her. Mr. Robinson said that if he ever was in her area, he would take a look at her case. She began to publicize that he was coming and an exorcism was going to take place.

Due to this, Kirby was approached by Ryan Harshbarger, a young paranormal investigator with aspirations to do a TV series entitled PROJECT FEAR. Mr. Harshbarger wanted to know if Kirby had any cases that he could film for a pilot to be sold to network TV. Kirby informed him of the Jennifer Arnold case but it was up to her to allow filming. Mrs. Arnold immediately agreed.

The final element was set when Leon Wilkes was added since he had been in contact with Mrs. Arnold and she felt that he should be there.

Mr. Robinson and Mr. Wilkes arrived around 1 to 2 pm that Friday, August 26, 2011. Mr. Robinson stated that the demon/demons was ready for attack as soon as they stepped through the front door. What they did not know was that Mrs. Arnold had been asking around on the web about how to ramp things up when it comes to demons. This was solely for the purpose of needing a good show. Well, Mrs. Arnold got one.

I have viewed the footage that was shot the first night as it seems that would be the only night of filming. The cameraman left on Saturday for a swimsuit shoot on the beach. We only have stills from day two and some audio recorded on a digital recorder for the second day.

This footage may never be shown in public because nobody signed release forms! Why this was Mr. Robinson he did not know. He was asked to sign one page contract with a talent agency in Oregon called Irish Eyes Promotions. The agent/owner is Carolina Aitken. The contract was for the remainder of 2011 and made no mention about anything concerning the filming of the events. I have talked to some of Mr. Harshbarger's paranormal team members who stated to me that they will not sign any release form and Mr. Robinson stated he would not either. Let me share with you what I witnessed on the tapes as well as what others said after they viewed it.

1. Dogs barking and scratching on the walls. There were no dogs in the house at the time.

2. Doors slamming in the background.

3. Figures that appear to be silhouettes.

4. In a spare bedroom where prayers were being said, seen in the mirror is an image of a crucifix bathed in red light. This is not a photograph but the crucifix appears to be three dimensional.

5. Many subjective moments of hot spots, cold spots, being poked and pinched.

6. There is an interesting moment that no one reacts to. A shot of a dark hallway with at least two of the investigators standing there and many forms behind their heads are clearly visible.

At times the video focuses on Mr. Robinson reciting prayers. There is a ghost box and you hear the following:






Those are some of the phrases that you hear and they are all very audible.

But watch closely and observe that nothing comes close to Mrs. Arnold at all. She shows no reaction to things, which is odd. Because she is in the path of holy water being thrown. No reaction. She holds a cross. No reaction. She holds a prayer book – and no reaction.

Even the second day deliverance which we got to look at only photos. Mrs. Arnold shows no reaction to holy water, no reaction to the bible, no reaction to the cross, no reaction to the prayers, no reaction to laying on of hands. Why? (This will be explained in Part 2.)

After the publication of my previous blog the attacks leveled at Mr. Robinson concerning his actions at the home I feel were done unfairly. Let's focus on these events.

At least 8 to 10 demons were encountered in the home including some spirits of dead people - which will become very important in Part 2.

Some demons had been removed while others had not. Mr. Robinson informed Mrs. Arnold that she needed to do the following things to keep them from returning, and at some point the rest had to be removed.

1. Stop talking publicly about her case.

2. Take her web site down about her book which featured photos of her case.

3. Stop Tweeting about the case and close the Twitter account.

4. Close her MySpace account about her case. Close her Face Book page about her case.

5. Stop taking photos of the sprit activity in the home.

6. Begin deliverance therapy.

None of those things were ever done until February 2012. And even then not all steps have been completed.

An issue was brought up about what was done in her son's room during the investigation. An illegal substance was found. Use of such a substance can be a door for demons to enter people's lives and home. There is a photo of this substance taken by a member of Mr. Harshbarger's team.

Mr. Robinson was concerned about said substance and its potential to bring any and all demons back into the house. Anything less than removal of a demon is never the goal of anyone. I have heard the playback of the audio recording made by his phone. What he attempted to do was keep demons located in the son's room until a proper team could come back after she had taken the steps asked of her.

We close with a recent post about her book which is taken from Mrs. Arnold's Face Book page.

"there are a few typos I had to sign a voucher that I accept it the way it is....I had a book signing and two radio shows lined up...again I dont claim to be an author...just a normal housewife with a very evil abnormal life...just trying to make it just like everyone else in this dog eat fog world!!!!!"

Swimming in Sh*t – The Jennifer Arnold Case - Part 2 will be coming next week!