Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Issue 42 –Fake Para-Celebrities, Child Exploitation, & What the Bleep?

Every week I think I've heard it all, seen it all and reported it all when it comes to those fake para-celebs that are infesting the paranormal community. Yet every week we see things we shouldn't, hear things that should never had been said, and I have to report them because that’s what the Eye on the Paranormal does. We want to protect the public from all their misdeeds – especially when it concerns exploiting children.

Chris Fleming in Meltdown Mode

It seems that Mr. Chris Fleming can't stand up to the tough questions or the bright light of the truth. His reaction to the first of many exposés to come concerning him was not to debate the issues as a rational person would. Nope, he deleted me from his friends list [how can I live?]. Block me from seeing his posts [at least that can help save some of my remaining eyesight], and make nasty tweets like this: "Sick and tired of skeptics that don’t have a f***ing clue nor respect for anyone and make up statements or comments to blatantly hurt people."

What does this show about Mr. Fleming?

1 He has no concern about cursing. How many of Mr. Fleming's Twitter friends are under 18?

2 He's starting to show his nonexistent psychic abilities. Chris thinks I'm a skeptic. If Chris had any psychic abilities he could contact his psychic buddy, Chip Coffey, and would have known that I'm not at all skeptical. I have more faith in these gifts than anyone. What I am skeptical of is the false and outlandish claims you and others make, and then run and hide when others have the guts to say, "Wait a minute!"

3 You are invited to post here or on SciFake anything you wish. All we ask is that you don't later delete your comment/s when you realize you've been caught being less than honest.

Chris, I'll share with you the same advice that Oprah gave to Miss Cleo: write a book. Come clean on everything. You'll make millions and the world will forgive you. And, you might sleep better at night.

Chip Coffey NOT on Dancing with the Stars!

Again, Chip can't admit things as he tries to tango and quickstep around the issues to put him in a better light. This was posted on his Facebook page: "For those who asked: the future of the TV show, Psychic Kids, is uncertain. No new episodes are currently planned. BUT I do have a book coming out in May, 2012 that has much more info (& updates) about the kids from the show plus A LOT MORE!"

If he was being honest, his post would have been: "For those who ask about the future of Psychic Kids the thing was canceled due to bad ratings. The Walking Dead kicked our butts. Those people who kept sticking their noses into our show made A&E jumpy. But I do have a book coming out in May 2012. It will have much more info and updates about the kids and how we are using them to make money. We won't be sharing any of the profits from the book with them. As to Paranormal State -- well that’s a different matter."

Thanks for the lead! In the past 24 hours we've been contacted by a source close to the production of Paranormal State in which Chip's version of how he got the gig is challenged. He knew Ryan Buell, as has been shown, buried in a number of conflicting stories Mr. Coffey states he left the show for personal and professional reasons [that covers just about everything] but the source informs us the departure was not on the best of terms.

1 Since Mr. Coffey left the show there has been no mention of him by Ryan or any of his team. Any events that feature Ryan or anyone associated with the program never feature Mr. Coffey and vice versa.

2 When Ryan claims he left the program, he never brought up Mr. Coffey on any thank you list.

3 When Paranormal State: The New Class called, Mr. Coffey hurried to return to the show.

4 Mr. Coffey played a lesser role in season 3 of Psychic Kids and was replaced by Chris Fleming. Would he have returned for season 4?

By now Mr. Coffey must be blowing steam out of his ears. All we can say is that, just like your website states, "for entertainment purposes only".

Bob Larson's New TV Show Features Teenage Girls as Exorcists!

Yes, just when you could be breathing better thinking that Bob Larson had faded into the woodwork, he's back with the worst idea ever!

We all need to stop this show now!

Idiots Talk About Things They Shouldn't!

Rev. Pat Robertson and Republican presidential candidate, Michelle Bachmann, have spoken out this past week about two major events taking place on the east coast: the 5.8 earthquake and Hurricane Irene. They claim it's God's way of saying He is mad at this nation over gay marriage and other disagreeable social policies.

If these events had been the work of God stemming from His wrath, I can tell you that the quake would have been a 10.0. Buildings and whole cities would have been leveled. As for Hurricane Irene, it wouldn't have made landfall as a category one, but a 4 or a 5 that would have left a path of destruction unlike anything you've ever seen.

Sadly, this world is ruled by Satan due to the fall of man. These sorts of events are not of God but of the darkness. More than likely, it was all the prayers being said that blunted the impact of these events.

Mr. Robertson, just keep taking money out of people's pockets and spreading your brand of hate.  Ms. Bachmann should stay quiet and not contribute to noise pollution. Neither person really knows what they are talking about.

We will close this week with an appropriate blog posted by Jackie Tomlin of CVAPI. I've been vocal concerning her and the show Demon Exorcist but I will sing a person praises when it's due. In her recent blog, I agree almost 99% of what she writes. Take a look:

Next week I hope to get back to exposing fake demonologists. It depends on where God leads me and what those silly para-celebs are doing…

On September 7 Paranormal Teaching: The Best of Shedding Some Light will be released! It contains almost 200 newly updated and re-edited blogs. You'll learn more about: demons and angels, demonology, exorcisms, ouija boards, the power of prayer and Paranormal 101. We've included bonus blogs from the Eye on The Paranormal including "Demon Exorcist" and the updated version of the Casey Anthony case.

This book is for paranormal investigators, readers and writers of paranormal fiction, and anyone with an interest in the metaphysical.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Issue 41 – Shaking the Fake Para-Celebrities Hornet's Nest - Part 2

Bishop James Long, the host of Sacred Dimensions, has asked me to join his show on a weekly basis. Each Sunday night I'll take part in a segment called SAY WHAT? It will be an offbeat yet informative look at all things paranormal. We'll cover breaking news in the paranormal field, 2012 prophecies, near death experiences, Hollywood's effect on how we see the spirit world, and a lot more. Most importantly, you can ask questions and get answers.

SAY WHAT? won't be a rehash of topics covered in the Eye on the Paranormal. You can choose what paranormal questions you have--just email the Bishop and I. My segment will begin airing on Sunday, September 11. The show runs from 8 to 10 PM EST.

"Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light" Available September 7.

My follow up book to Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State is completed. It will be on Amazon [Kindle] and B&N [Nook] on September 7. Paranormal Teaching: The Best of Shedding Some Light contains almost 200 newly updated and re-edited blogs. You'll learn more about: demons and angels, demonology, exorcisms, ouija boards, the power of prayer and Paranormal 101. We've included bonus blogs from the Eye on The Paranormal including "Demon Exorcist" and the updated version of the Casey Anthony case.

This book is for paranormal investigators, readers and writers of paranormal fiction, and anyone with an interest in the metaphysical.


In the next few weeks we'll be releasing two of the most controversial issues to date. We can't share information at this time. Don't blink or turn away from the Eye on the Paranormal. You'll definitely want to be around when these are posted!

Send in the Clowns!

Remember Ol' Blue Eyes sang a song called Send in the Clowns? Well, looks like this week the paranormal world is being overrun by them…

ABC's "Beyond Belief" Blows Lid off "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"

For quite a while both SciFake and I have expressed concern with the now-canceled show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal for being abusive towards the kids featured on it.

Watch the following ABC program Beyond Belief. The segment's entitled Psychic Detectives: Doing More Harm Than Good. The interviewer raised issues and put one of the "Psychic Kids" [former] stars on a very hot seat. Note former star's reaction when questioned too closely…

2 Reasons Not to Trust Reality TV

This week it seems that maybe karma is starting to turn on reality TV. Here are two events that shook the TV industry.

Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of Taylor Armstrong, one of the wives featured on Bravo's hit series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, took his own life after their separation. There are claims that the way he was perceived on the show caused his life to spin out of control. A few weeks before his suicide, Russell said: "This show has literally pushed us to the limit."

Joseph Roisman was featured on NBC's To Catch a Predator back in 2006. This is the show that uses internet decoys to lure men seeking sex with underage girls and guys who are actually young adult decoys. But in this case it seems that the decoy went a little too far. Every time she brought up the topic of sex, Joseph tried to steer away from the topic. While Joseph didn't exhibit strong rational thinking skills when he agreed to visit the decoy in person, the judge tossed out all charges claiming there was insufficient evidence and it was entrapment.  
Maybe this will teach Mr. Roisman not to hang out in chat rooms with underage girls.

What do these shows have to do with the paranormal? Any reality TV show, whether paranormal or not, might not be what you think you're seeing. The price is going to be high for those involved when they face their karma for being featured and producing such deceptions.

Chris Fleming on Warpath A/K/A Chris Fleming Attempts to be a Paranormal Heavyweight

Apparently, Chris Fleming has given himself a new title: Paranormal Heavyweight. It's now up to him to decide who can say what about fake para-celebs and fake para-reality shows. Due to the ABC expose, this has really pushed some of his buttons. Chris says anyone [including me] better watch our step or a big bad lawyer will come knocking on our doors! [I've heard that one before!]. Read Chris's logic …

1 Paranormal State was fake but his show was real -- even though the same production company was involved.

2 We weren't there. He was, so if he says it is so then it is so!

3 Chris denies that poor ratings and bad press killed the show.  

4 He is silent on the fact that whenever he and Mr. Coffey did their walkthroughs they were right 100% of time in every case. Logistically, no one is that good.

5 When asked about the "Demon House" episode he had no comments.

 Folks, this is what happens every time you question any of the so-called movers and shakers [in more than one way] within the paranormal field or the New Age movement:

1 People who are psychic just don't understand so we will tell you what is right.

2 If you're psychic you are above others because you're gifted and they aren't. [I discuss this Us vs. Them mentality and what it stems from in my forthcoming book].

3 They have access to secret knowledge that you don't.

These are primary along with a few others. The Bible warns of psychics and if you want to get them really shaking start focusing on these issues:

1 They claim to have a gift yet for you to get that gift you must pay.

2 Ask them about all those "entertaining" disclaimers.

3 Why not offer a money back guarantee if they're so good?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Issue 40 – Paranormal Field Goes to the Dogs & Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 4

Dogs have now taken over the paranormal field! Here's a video of Captain, an alleged ghost hunting dog, who walks around an abandoned building at night.

This paranormal group is claiming the dog finds ghosts [maybe they really mean posts?] who knows? We know that the video shows nothing more than a dog being a dog. There's no footage of Captain jump up on a table and performing an exorcism or sitting up and channeling Lassie.

Folks, is this the level of idiocy that the paranormal field has sunk to? What next -- a gerbil chasing a demon? A cat who shepherds spirits over to the other side? A parrot operating a phone to the dead? Those behind this should be laughing at themselves just as the world is laughing at them.

Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 4

We return to the subject of exposing fake demonologists. And we'll lay a foundation as to just who and what are ghosts. To do so, we have to jump back to the Garden of Eden. In the beginning man and woman had no concerns they did not go without food or water and in this state they was going to live forever for "death" didn't exist.

Then Lucifer came along to tempt Adam and Eve with the lure of being like "Gods" along with the power to know good and evil. Lucifer is considered the father of lies. He promotes the idea of lying to ourselves and others. But the biggest lie is that man/woman can become a god. This is the lie that consumed his spirit. An angel can no more become a god than a man or woman. So this is a lie that was planted thousands of years ago and it took seed within the Garden of Eden. Those roots have been growing ever since.

Within the Christian community some pastors and televangelists try to teach this deception. The Mormons preach it, and the New Agers have built their entire philosophy around it. [Don't confuse this thinking with the teachings of the Buddha. In Mahayana Buddhism it's taught that a person can become a demi-god or a god. This state of being is temporary and lasts as long as one's karma allows it. When that karma runs out the demi-god or god goes to a lower realm.]

Being a god is a seductive lie. The forces of darkness use it repeatedly against us. In a future blog we'll focus on the Mormon Church and the offshoot of it "FLDS" which gives birth to men like Warren Jeffs. Warren was seduced by this lie into thinking he is a man here but in the past he was chosen to become a god. The only way to do that was to marry as many women as he could and to father as many children as possible. When he dies he'll be given a planet to rule over as god. His many wives here on earth will join him in death and they will give birth to spirit babies that will be the souls of the people that will populate the planet he rules over. Most people don't understand the core teaching of the Mormon Church which the above is the great reward that is offered the faithful and that you can be a god over your own planet. [They also teach that at some point GOD was just a man like us on some other planet -- or this planet -- they are never clear on this. GOD just happened to become a god, but we're getting ahead of the subject and will focus many blogs on this matter in the future.]

Back to our teachings from Matthew. We left off at chapter 9. Let's pick up in verse 18 in which a ruler whose child has died and asks Christ to raise her. [This is an act that will be repeated again in future chapters.] Christ does so and she returns to the land of the living. Note here that he says she is not dead but "sleeping".

Death is a state that we all pass through just as being alive is a state. Depending on our spiritual path that state can take many forms. If we accept the teachings of the mainstream church, then at the point of death there are only three places in which we go: heaven, purgatory or hell. It can only be one of those three for once you draw your last breath it is all said and done.

Those on different spiritual paths: Buddhism, Hinduism etc., have their own concept of what their realm of death is like.

Verse 27 starts the teaching of the two blind men who sought out a healing from Christ. He asks them do they think [have faith] that He can heal them? For Christ to work His wonders it had to be a two-step process: His power and the recipient's faith in it.

The same thing applies to demonologists. It's not enough to have faith that God's powers will flow through you, but the client must have the same faith. If not, it can't work. Jesus warns the two men to tell no one. Do they? Nope. They tell everyone they meet. More often it is the person who is healed that tends to become more important than the power that healed the person.

Verse 32 tells the story of a man made dumb who was possessed by a devil. When Christ cast out the demon the dumbness departed as well. Demons can mimic an illness. It's one of the hardest aspects of our work to discern the difference between physical illness and emotional illness.

Chapter 10 starts out with Christ giving his disciples the power to cast out demons in His name. The followers of Christ [we are all His disciples] are given spiritual authority to remove a demon. Nowhere in the New Testament has there been an act of removing a demon except by Christ. Here the power and ability is unleashed to the faithful. One must be a follower of Christ.

Christ even puts the power to cast out demons above healing the sick and raising the dead. If you do this work, this verse warns you that you'll encounter haters, unbelievers and fakes. But God teaches us not to worry and be consumed by it. Because they will be the ones who are punished.

It also shares with us that if we do this work it is best done alone. It's better not to have our own families [spouse and children], a career, or even a home. You won't have time for them and in some ways having them can distract you from your work and can put them in danger.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

R.I.P. Elvis Presley

We're reposting this video in loving memory of Elvis Presley. He is missed and loved.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Issue 39 – Shaking the Fake Para-Celebrities Hornet's Nest

When you expose deceptions, distortions and outright lies made by fake para-celebs and their backscratchers, you might be messing with a hornet's nest as they'll try to sting you. But their stings are so weak they fail to be a deterrent. In fact, like most pests, they're easily pushed aside as we keep right on digging. Due to their frantic acts of deception, we experienced two feeble sting attempts this week. Both failed and have only served to show the motives behind their efforts.

The Devil was Never in Virginia A/K/A Psychics of Little Talent Make Lousy Mental Health Experts

Now that we've exposed the lies behind one of the cases seen in the pilot of a show that was going to be known as Demon Exorcist, those featured have become more desperate. They are apparently working on a book and a documentary about the subject so that they can also profit from the deceptions of the case. We've been told that they hope that Hollywood will call. Looks like they want their own para-reality TV show! Or, due to their "compelling" claims -- a feature film! They've been dogged at every turn by the work of both EYE ON THE PARANORMAL and SCIFAKE. Their desperation reached a new low this week when the team founder/leader, Jackie Tomlin, decided that being a so-called psychic wasn't enough. Nope, Ms. Tomlin is playing the role of a mental health expert. [Now if she really was a psychic she should have known that the effort would fail badly]. She posted this comment on her Facebook page:

"have recieved many emails of people that are "Concerned" about his "sick obsession". Authorities say it is one of a don't worry about him proving anything. Look up a sociapath...he fits the bill. In a nutshell, they are keeping an "eye on the paranormal" lol."

We're not sure what a "sociapath" is …perhaps you mean sociopath? Well, Jackie, let's do that!

We all should open up our DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] handbook produced by the American Psychiatric Association. The following link shows the characteristics of a sociopath.

Glibness and Superficial Charm - Not charming and tend to bore people very fast.
Manipulative and Conning - Failed again. I tend to take people at their word. More often I'm the one conned.
Grandiose Sense of Self - 0 for 3. I tend to believe: "Born a nobody, live the life of a nobody and will die a nobody"
Pathological Lying - 0 for 4. As one who exposes the lies of fake para-celebs and so-called psychic mediums …
Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt - 0 for 5. One of the great benefits of studying the path of the Buddha is to always look at what you do and harm no one with your actions .
Shallow Emotions - 0 for 6. Tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve.
Incapacity for Love - 0 for 7. Am taught to love all even those who might hate you.
Need for Stimulation - 0 for 8. Not a thrill-seeking type of person.
Callousness/Lack of Empathy - 0 for 9. Totally opposite. I have empathy for everyone I might encounter.

That should be enough to determine that I'm not a sociopath. Also, one can't accurately diagnose a person online; obviously a person they haven't met. We're left to wonder if Jackie's insufficient mental health professional skills are lacking, and they clearly are, what skills are left that we should also bring into question?

So, the devil wasn't in Virginia. But maybe he was in Massachusetts?!

Waking Up to the Devil A/K/A Waking Up to Another Fake Demon Case Aimed at Making $$$

My hat goes off to the folks over at SCIFAKE for doing a great job on this article:

I posted in the comments section of the "Waking Up to the Devil: A Haunting In Massachusetts" article that sometime in the past, when I was active over on MySpace, Kathy Krongard contacted me concerning her case. I passed, feeling that it wasn't a demonic case—which she had claimed. Shortly after commenting, this was posted on her Facebook page.

"This is for everyone on FB, These people are stalkers and I am suggesting your report them for the maniacs they are. One goes by the screen name "Aanica"  y, and she lives in SC or thats a lie too. Her so called boyfriend  ,and "Kirby Robinson" follows them. THE END"

"A man from California claims I called HIM to help me with my haunting. That is an outright lie, I never heard of him before. This man is KIRBY ROBINSON..Pls report him too.."

Kathy sent me this email:

"You call yourself a professional and then lie about my calling you? I am in the process of exposing you, and your little stalker friends."

Thank you for mentioning this, Kathy. So, let's bring up some facts:

1. I have had no contact with Kathy since 2008 on MySpace.

2. I didn't write the article on Scifake, I simply posted a few comments concerning it.

3. Does it bring into question a person's credibility when they toss around the term stalker? It seems the current fad in the paranormal world is if a faker is being exposed they claim you are stalking them.

4. I never said Kathy called me, I said she contacted me.

5. We are still waiting to be exposed.

We also find it interesting that the same week the book and case is exposed for being less than honest, said book is no longer on sale at Amazon or Lulu [a self-publishing firm or what in the past has been called a vanity publisher].

This was posted on Kathy's Facebook page:

"For those trying to order my book? It will be available on Amazon and LuLu in a week, as there was a change in publishing. Send me an email if you want one expedited as I have a few here at home. Sales were amazing!!!!!"

Amazing is not the term I'd use for a book that was ranked at 2,280,000.

We tried to locate a copy of the book but couldn't. Fear not, once the Eye on the Paranormal settles on something we don't give up the hunt.

Next week an update on our "Waking up to the Devil" investigation and a return to exposing fake demonologists.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Issue 38 – Chip Coffey's Tighty Whities in a Twist/Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 3

The world was exposed to more proof that Mr. Coffey is not as good of a psychic/medium as he claims. This week on his Facebook page he wrote:

"Just heard that another TV psychic/medium has been making some nasty comments about me. Waaaaaay uncool and unprofessional!"

Why did he have to hear this from others? It seems that all the big events in Mr. Coffey's life come to him as a surprise! Shouldn't his gift be telling him of this person's actions? And the reader is never told who said it and what were the nasty comments? How the heck is it unprofessional to point out if somebody is doing wrong?

Mr. Coffey left this as his top comment for nearly 24 hours so the world could see that he had about 658 of his paranormal back scratchers' shaking their fists in the air. Was this done to scare others to say stay quiet or you'll get the same treatment? What a sad commentary from one who says he is against bullying. Yet he's basically doing the same thing.

Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 3

It's important to note that Christ was not like any normal child. He was human of flesh and bone yet He had the wisdom and the spark of God inside His spirit and soul. He knew all about the powers of darkness and the wrath of the lesser gods toward our Lord the most high. For more about this, read the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

Note: I'm not putting it on the same level of the Holy Scripture, but it allows the seeker of the truth some insights to events that would later unfold in the life of Christ. We see that Christ understood from the moment of His birth that He was at war with the powers of darkness.

Matthew Chapter 4 focuses on Christ's time in the wilderness and His 40 days and nights of temptation that he had to overcome to move onto his next mission. These events are an important marker to any light worker as prior to your mission in this field and even during it [especially during a confrontation with demons] you'll be tempted by the demons. Your burdens and shortcomings from your sins will be exposed. Or they will make tempting offers of wealth and powers in this world and the worlds to come. You'll be faced by temptation just as Jesus was.

In Matthew Chapter 8 we learn two important lessons:

1 Christ heals the leper and tells him not to brag about it and not tell anyone. Some might teach that Jesus didn't want others to know who He was and what powers He commanded even at this point in His life. Those with spiritual eyes knew who He was on both sides [the light and the darkness]. Far too often people celebrate being healed and being delivered from the powers of darkness. What happens is the focus shifts away from the healing and who did it and the focus ends up being oh, aren't I special because I've been healed.

2 Christ's encounter with the centurion who understood that Christ's words are commands that carry authority. Whether it is sickness, death and evil it had to respond to those words but this tricks up many of the fakers.

What makes a person certain? We know that Christ's power and position of authority came with His birth. But when a person becomes a leader that position is earned as you go through training. You start on the bottom and work your way up. You follow the rules. You have others above you that you must report to. Just by calling yourself a centurion does not make you one -- far from it.

When I read about people who claim that a demon or other evil presence can't be driven out that tells me that somebody is lying. There is no place that has a demon or other evil presence that can't be cleansed. There is no person possessed by a demon that can't be freed unless that person has given themselves over to the darkness. When you read stories about undefeatable demons there is something wrong. Either the place or person is not haunted or possessed or the person performing the work is not under the authority of our God most high.

In verse 16 we find the first recorded act of exorcism in Christ's public ministry. How did He cast them out? Through "HIS" word. No crystals, no gimmicks. Simply through the spoken word the "DEVILS" fled. It is also noted in this verse that He healed the sick marking a difference between the acts of exorcism and healing. Not all illness is caused by demonic influences.

We are then given the incident of Jesus sleeping on the boat and the disciples became fearful of the storm. Christ awakes, calms the sea, but tells them they had no reason to worry. In spiritual warfare we can have no fear of the enemy. We will defeat them through the power of God. He will protect us, never fear. If your human eyes see storms ahead for you have a spirit with you that is more mighty then anything that can be thrown in your way.

We encounter an act of exorcism. When two men who are again possessed by "DEVILS" know who Christ is and ask why has He come to torment them prior to the End Times? It shows us that demons know who Christ is, fear His power and He has knowledge of future events.

Will share more on this as we move through the other gospels. We can also come to understand here that more than one person can be possessed within a group. Often if you find one person possessed within a family, you can find a second one [many so-called experts never look for this].

Next week we will pick up on Chapter 9 and what it tells us about the state of death.

Educating the Uninformed

We came across an interesting post by Sarah, who participated on the now-debunked show, Demon Exorcist. This comment was posted on a thread in which she and Jackie discuss the book they are writing concerning her claims. She brings up a point that I would like to address.

"He believes that only Christians can have demons.. if so, how come the people in Africa have rituals for evil spirits? I'm sure their religious beliefs differ from ours.. but he needs to argue that with someone else."

So let me take each point at a time.

1 Never said that only Christians can have demons. Demons can and will go after Christians and non-Christians in order to appease the leaders they serve. Tormenting Christians brings them great joy but non-Christians are very easy targets for them.

2 If you mean that I say only Christians can cast out or drive away a Christian demon then that is the Bible's position. Only followers and Disciples of Christ have that authority. I will get into more detail later on in the series.

3 What you fail to understand, or are confusing with the aid of fake demonologists like Dwayne Claud and Carl Johnson, [NOT his brother Keith who is the real deal] is that all alleged demonic activity is demonic. There are evil spirits, lesser gods [demi-gods], shadow people and other negative entities that can impact a person's life. Only trained people have the ability to determine this.

4 Not all demons are Christian demons. There are Hindu demons, Muslim demons, and even demons found in the Buddhist faith. A Christian has no spiritual authority over them unless they invade the life of a Christian. To repel or drive away a demon of a particular faith, you must get a person that has that faith's spiritual authority.

5 You bring up a topic of people in Africa driving away spirits. A. Demonic forces can and will act as if they have been driven away to prove their spiritual powers. B. If they are driving them away then they are performing rites that have powers over that demon or spirit.

Sarah, when it comes to dealing with demons it is not just a matter of I see things this way and you see things that way. There is only ONE WAY.  That is the way of Christ and the spiritual authority He passes on to those who follow and serve Him.

Hope this information makes your book easier to write.

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