Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ghost Hunting as a Hobby

By Lisa Grace

All the TV shows focusing on the paranormal are a mixed blessing. In one way they confirm to those having supernatural experiences that they are not crazy. On the other hand, it makes getting “help” that much harder as most who want to investigate are doing nothing more than playing with fire, and not interested in curing the problem at all.

Most demons and evil angels are bound to earth and condemned to wandering it. That means when you do drive them out, they go somewhere else. You can have little or no control where they can go.

Demons cannot be driven out by just anyone. Demons can and do possess people which is why “ghost hunting” is dangerous. They can and do attach to those who are curious. Curiosity interacting with them, shows you are “open”, which is basically giving them an invitation to attach for further and future interaction.

Many “pretend” to have been human. It makes them appear less threatening.

Once you know there is a demon present, what should be done?

Go to your local Holy Scripture believing church, and have them direct you to a professional non-publicity seeking pastor who can help rid you of these creatures. There is usually more than one.

If you are not a true believer in Jesus Christ, there is a possibility they will return and bring stronger ones back with them. Even the scriptures say, “The demons believe and tremble.”

Unless you have accepted Him as your personal Savior, you are not safe; and even if you have, you can still be attacked.

The paranormal should be recognized, but it is not something to play with. As the saying goes, “Those that play with fire tend to get burned.”