Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sometime in the future...

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Ministry Central NY

Sometime in the future Jesus has returned and we now have 1000 years of peace, harmony, love and worshiping God like we never did before. Here in the future we still all sorts of talents; some of us build homes, roads, some teach, we have farmers, fishing, etc.  Me? I got quite the job assigned to me. I’m an archaeologist.

It’s truly amazing of the artifacts that we have found thus far and how could the human race live their lives as they did?  We have been doing digs for quite a few years, and only one Bible was ever found. There had been parts of some that were full of burned pages, but we did find one complete Bible fully intact, thanks to someone putting it in several layers of plastic and burying it deep down. Fortunately for us we all know God first hand and know of the Bible and his great wisdom from the daily preaching from Jesus. Aw, the sounds of his voice, the birds singing in the trees, the gentle wind blowing about, and all of us singing praises for all that we have.

We even found someone’s “bucket list” and they wanted to be able to sit next to a tiger. Wow, I can’t imagine not being able to do that. We have tigers, lions, dogs, cats, etc. all living together amongst us all. I am a bit fond of the tigers myself, I think they are so beautiful and smooth; they do have a bit of a breath problem when they yawn in your face though LOL. One thing that puzzles me with some of the items we have found so far. All these pieces of equipment they used for paranormal investigations? How could people back then be so ignorant wanting to identify and challenge ghosts (evil spirits) to communicate, and pretend to be psychics? That Bible we found was clear in its description of not to do these things. But back in those days I guess it was the normal for ignorant things to do, e.g. Middle East wars among themselves, Middle East warring with Europe, North American countries, that World War III that lasted over 100 years devastated this planet.

I got side tracked. We found a book of sayings and I guess this was probably the one everyone believed the most…”There’s a sucker born every minute” P.T. Barnum. These so called psychics (Leviticus 19:31) were being fed information from Satan’s minions. Why is it they could predict what your future job or health would be but not be able to win the lottery? Of course some of these people had ear pieces and were being fed info from people that worked for them that mingled out in the hallways before the show. That Bible (Matthew 7:15) spelled out clearly beware of false prophets! Why did people have to walk in the dark with flashlights?  Wouldn’t they be better off doing this during the day when you didn’t need a flashlight? Didn’t they know Satan and his minions are around 24/7? Heck they don’t sleep! LOL

We found out too that these investigative teams had Christians among them, and would go to Church on Sunday and sing, pray, and listen to God’s word, but as soon as they left the building would be honking their horn at someone and cursing because someone cut in front of them at the church parking lot. Why would they also go out at night and try to find ghosts? Didn’t they listen or learn from those Sunday morning messages? The most puzzling thing I don’t understand is why did they abandon the families they told that they found evidence of evil spirits (ghosts)? Why was there no follow up to provide a means to accept Jesus as their Savior if they weren’t Christians already? Why was there no cleansings to rid evil spirits? Didn’t they realize that when they packed up their equipment and left, the families still had to live there under demonic presence?

I know I feel sorry for those who lived back then and ignored receiving Jesus in their lives. Those that carried the sin of their ignorant ways and when they died bowed before Jesus to be judged of their actions. Life is great now, we have God in our lives daily, trust, respect, honor, humor, and can eat all the manna you want and not gain a pound LOL. If I could send a message back in time I would want everyone to know the greatest thing you can do for yourself is accepting Jesus as your Savior (John 3:16). Put away pride, and truly love one another and always be forgiving. As for those ghost hunts, always wear the Armor of God. Pray prior, during and after any visit. Cleanse yourself of sin and spend days with God prior to any visits.  Lastly, don’t leave the family without witnessing to them, and helping them set goals and actions to achieve those goals that would take place immediately. This way when you leave an investigation, you can sleep night in comfort knowing you have done all that you could to help someone.