Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Hidden Dangers of False Teachers

By Paul Joao

"It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable."

In reality of what the speaker is saying holds truth for this next topic, that is false testimonies and ministries, anyone that does remember Mike Warnke, a former Satan worshiper that had a book called Satan Seller. That book had a great story line and when he mentioned that he opened a ministry to help people in the occults and various other fields, everything was great until facts of his real life personal life was not in the book and his story and everything about him folded in the end he became a comedian. In the same aspect, when people who pay a price for a credit  for approval but inter a ministry that suppose to help people that might not be trained in the field but people regard these people like heroes much like Mike Warnke was before his fall. In the modern times, we hear these types of people in the paranormal field and related field in, Demonology. The fact is there is an overwhelming of people in this field, that there is a person that falls under this category and what he has done to be there. His name will not be mention however, in attempts of speaking to him on several times and trying to have publicly understood what he has created is an overwhelming of concern that he himself should not help people anymore.  What has he done, for this paper to be discuses and more important by understanding the victims of his teachings and what form of demonology that been triggered a massive demonic influence across the country by one man.

A year ago, when a friend wanted to friends with me on face book, told me a happen to her in terms of Preternatural, it was at the same time a few more friends told me a similar story that was going on. They had a common friend in the field of demonology at that time he was suppose to be a Rev, in the Christian community. They were his clients for a period of time, these clients were mostly women, at the time nothing seemed wrong until they stopped talking to him and demonic activity began with children acting very unusually like possessed by a demon.  For these women they have often asked Paranormal teams to come out and aid them with their problem, at times they the paranormal teams would not help because either they did not believe that demons was more than a religious myth and at times something would come up and they couldn’t  provide help. As time passed, activity seemed to come and go at times out of nowhere it would come and affect the people in the home. These activities included burns on their kid’s arms or marks on their kids or times the kids have been reported to trying to kill animals in one report and another child was trying to jump from a second story window. Never the less, for these women and their kids were target by a demonic influence unknown to them. What was recorded was the false teacher having a sexual flirting with a few of the mothers and had sexual intercourse with one client as a result making her condition worst with pervious  problems in the past, she was the only person that suffered a possession and attachments from this man. While he had a relationship with his girlfriend that he was living with him. Someone would think that his girlfriend knew what was going on when all these women were talking to each other. Until a face book group was formed to bring all these women together and it was then that they were not talking to him, trying to understand why all these activity going on and how or what it would take to end this activity. It was until one night that the one of the women had a soul travel to his home and seen what he was doing when people were not watching and in the next day. The woman and her boyfriend told in the group and when the other females knew about this they were, unhappy with it so they left the group not believing what the woman had seen.  For the other females went back to him, and not spoken to the other females since then. For the women that did speak to each other three main goals was how to stop this demonic activity from happening again.

So one woman suggested a conference call with the remaining woman with help with a deliverance person, in that night the woman that had a sexual intercourse with him fell into a demonic attachment and the woman with the demonic attachments told the people under the influence that that the demon had from that man on that night. Later on that night, when the session was over what they did not know is  what they had found was a dark understand of how the demonic was working in their homes in several states in matter of minutes, as one attack was in one state it would go to the next victim in the same day. Often these women would seek help from others and the ones that could try to help often would get sick or something out of the normal would stop the clients from receiving help. It was sometime later, when one of the women and her now husband had asked help from a person on face book and later on that night deliverances would be held. In that session the nature of the demonic occurrences was coming from his home as it was the source of the problem. A method in question is what is considered as a interviewing a demon, of course there is a question about the topic at hand in respect people such as Charles Kraft to others and a recent person that utilized this method is Bob Larson in his practices. He often suggests that the demon under the guidance’s of the Holy Spirit can speak the truth and it cannot tell a lie.  If people agree with this method or not looking at what data collected on that night and reviewing the previous cases a common element emerges that when a client mentions his name activity rises more than usually as it was  traced to a not common element is a territory foothold.

As if it was, suggest as a territory foothold with the current demonic in each home as what the man was doing was making the location far worse than what was going on. Another thing was he himself might have used occult practices there is no indication for these but when researching on his material there may be mistakes and after speaking to him regarding on where he got his training. As he mentions that he learned from others through books or other forms of learning possibility learning from a actual or under a person directly, also hearing other teams in the field not one person have nothing to say positive about him. So why than is he allowed to help people in the first place, and what about the victims of these dilemma. Someone said to me, that he may regard himself with other respected members of the field that is actual references of those would does have knowledge with demonology and related fields. 
In the paranormal field people are trained review data and hopes to find an answer that is going on the client home, depending on what is being present itself and the nature of the problem if it is demonic. What to do with it, whatever you do talk to a trained person that has years of experiences in the field that has a good things from others who that person worked with or has well reviews. Just like Mike Warnke case, when his work ended, so should this man and the work in the field of demonology as well anything that is related. So they should remove a man that he may not do harm unto others like females and children. In the end, this case is one that people do not hear and often people hear that is a threat to clients when they do not know a teacher from right to wrong.