Saturday, July 14, 2012

Biblical Authority By Whom?

By Paul D. Joao

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for
teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness
2 Tim 3:16

In the views of Paranormal and Christianity many people are unaware of the authority that is given that makes the verse above a reminder that people should be a grounded in a foundation of the Gospel but they are on aware of dangers of what is not told, in the world of the paranormal. In truth,  the world of Paranormal is a broad  and very optioned that when people discuses ideas and facts on cases and when it comes to help people, at times questions leaves people asking more questions in the first place. In additions are Christian ministries and groups that help people but at times, what Christian may say is not what the they want to hear. As a result, people debating with any aspects of truth but there is a question that people should ask, Should we have a Biblical Authority like a church father for questions in these modern days?

When we think of Church Fathers, what make them the authority figure in the first place, if we asked was it a combo of the Holy Spirit and people approved the person. Than we need to add that, that person would have understanding of the Bible in the original language, philosophy of Jesus Christ, and a person that loves the truth of the gospel. If we view that person as a Preacher that can get people to think of the topic and make a person to think of the topic among others, or the ideas of the topic that would make sense when people understand it. Does that person exit in these modern times, the answer is no. We spend time reading and hearing from so many people within the Paranormal and Christianity, more too often we hear the about the drama and how people who are helping others and what they are teaching goes against known real theology. Therefore, we must ask what is Real theology, it comes when a Church Father comes in handedly; think of the Reformation age when people had Martin Luther and John Calvin. Could we look at Walter Martin, Derek Prince, and Kurt E. Koch as a church father for the Demonology, or the preternatural aspect? In today’s Society people who want answers to the many questions that interring them to enter the fields of the paranormal as Christianity stands it’s an undeveloped level for a Church father stands, in regarding to what the level of a Church Father once stood for. For clarify on a matter, let us take a situation that may or not may have happen in real life?

As a precaution, this event did happen and names of people are not mention for their personal identification would not know for this paper. In addition, the story is not discussed the full details to protect the client’s claims of what happen.

As the story goes, a “Credited” demonologist male was helping several cases mostly woman and what the ladies said is “he” has helped  them on a phone or have visited their homes. Meanwhile, these women begin to talk to each other and form a friendship and they were trying to get help from this man, what they did not know is that the “man” has a history of problems with the paranormal creating a issue that where did he get his “credit” at. Due to the women who were trying to get help and often Paranormal teams have came to investigate the problem but it is a common problem is in each case a children has been injured, smells of odors be noticed. People behaviors been effected plus it appears that the demon has been traveling from each home to the next one. For a while, it would be quiet until someone mentions the demonologist's name it makes the matter worse for the family. If this is not common when a person who been helping would see that they the clients have a relief from what they been though. As for the demonologist, a reporter discovered that the man in questioned was a self-trained, and his “credit” that he received was a onetime fee and here you go type of fraud, leaving the women helpless.  If a person was wondering did  any one reported to a commission of a leadership sadly there is no police and “his” practice is still going on possibly more woman are being deceived by this man. Someone would think that people would stop him, but word is out there. What about the women, as a suggestion was made that several teams would investigate the locations and come together with the results and if necessity a priest would come to the locations for a house cleaning of some kind. Now let us say if the person is a demonologist is at fault what then, do people discredit to a point that people like clients want to harm that person/demonologist. Here is a story that happens to a man in real life and his “credits.”

In case with Mark Warnke story author of Satan Seller, it was his created Biography of his life, which he did not have. The created version was a great story as many people were following him for a number of years. The story goes he was intrigued with the Occult and learned from a man that taught him the secrets of a dark magic, as he raises from a member to leading a group to a higher levels then he seen God and learned about Jesus and traded all of his occult things for a bible. When he was in the Vietnam War, on one day thinking of all of the people being killing, for what? In his mind, he and Jesus was far away, Jesus never left him and he left to come back so he left the army and headed back to the States and formed his ministry. It was going great until the news brought out that he was lying and his ministry that was helping people did not trust him, with anything and he’s “credited” person was no more,  today he is known as a comedy preacher.    

How does these ties with a Church Father, it does because it’s a person who many can consider it as a judge as a person that oversees the ministries and helps people just like a bishop is a number of a churches. Someone that a person to watch the paranormal communities and its people from being deceive away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the misunderstood teachings of these people. The thing is what is “credit” means did not Apostles Paul went back to the Apostles in order to have the authority for his ministry. In the end, when it comes to the Christian Paranormal communities who watches “us” in reality because of the nature people are often to come up with their options and conclusions of what know and often using the Bible for guidance. If that is the case then people should have method or cannon of some sort to how to help the people from their Christianity Paranormal cases studies. Where people can format a plan on how they would achieve a great success in their “work” with helping people and create a similar style as a Church Father. Would that make a person a church father or a person that can teach people the Truths in the Christian Paranormal communities in the modern times?