Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tragic Paranormal TV Follies

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Recently a fine blog was written regarding the dangers of indiscriminate watching of paranormal television programs. I want to piggyback on that and point out a couple things I noticed recently that took paranormal folly to new and more dangerous depths. I don't say these things out of ridicule, but out of sincere concern for all involved in this thing we call "paranormal" (or I prefer supernatural).

I watch a lot of paranormal programs, but I do so to assist me in my calling to educate people regarding the spread of supernatural evil and how to avoid it.And I pray before and during each program for protection.

When critiquing people we need to stop and ask: am I loving this person as Christ would? With that in mind, my first concern is what Zak Bagans said in the most recent "Aftershock" program, where he interviews people from past investigations to see how they are doing. I think that is a noble and good thing for him to do.

During this episode Bagans interviewed an investigator whom they were convinced became temporarily possessed during an investigation. Footage was shown of him in this altered state and it appeared that something was wrong with this man.However, my focus is not on whether he was actually possessed but on what Mr Bagans said regarding it.

After the investigator stated that he did not suffer after the possession, Bagans stated that it appeared that some possessions may be therapeutic. How so? Since spirits are made of energy, then misfiring neurons in the brain may be "re-aligned" during the energy transfer of a possession. Hence, it may correct chronic problems for some people. 

Something along those lines....

Granted, Mr Bagans did not seem to be dogmatic on this point but he was strongly suggesting the possibility. I say this humbly but that is foolish in the extreme to postulate that being possessed might actually be a good thing for some people. We all have heard of instances of demonic "healing"--whether through Reiki or whatever--but it always comes with a high price tag. Is it woth it to have one's body healed temporarily but then be damned to hell?

However I do want to point out that Zak Bagans does seem to follow his unbiblical presuppositions to their logical conclusion, which is absurdity and foolishness.

Secondly, I have been watching for the first time episodes from "Ghost Asylum", with the guys from Tennessee Wraith Chasers. Again, I have to humble myself before the Lord before commenting because walking with the Lord is moment by moment and I want to reflect the heart of Christ.

In one sense this show is just like all the others, with all the attendant dangers. However, there is an additional or new folly that they have least it is new to me. Their stated mission is to not only investigate places and free spirits but to be the first team to CATCH a spirit--be it a ghost or demon. In one episode they were convinced the spirit was demonic (got that right anyway) but they were determined as ever to snare it in one of their contraptions. I ask you: how wise is it to attempt capturing a demon? We know that all the spirits present are demons, but even with their faulty beliefs, they still do not hesitate to try to imprison what they know to be a diabolical spirit. The devices they create each show are usually made of some kind of vacuuming mechanism along with some material like quartz to entrap the spirit.

This is not funny. It would make us weep, for them and the whole paranormal community. I have no idea how worse this makes the situation, but I have to believe that attempting to entrap a demon is going to open the floodgates even further. The more energy is put into communicating or interacting with the spirit realm, then the worse the consequences. There is no way in the world that a man-made machine will entrap a demon, UNLESS it allows itself to get "trapped" (to encourage more people to do the same perhaps). If/when that happens, God help them.

I am not surprised at this because of the law of diminishing returns. This introduces a whole new and exciting adventure and entertainment......with more people being drawn into the paranormal craze. But the Lord tells us that the wisdom of man is foolishness. These are two sad examples of the inevitable foolishness that comes from disregarding the holy law of God, which is intended to protect us. May the Lord have mercy. Amen.

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.