Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Issue 76 – Convicted Sexual Paranormal Predators

 By Kirby Robinson

It's been a busy week within the paranormal field. What's been happening? More misdeeds, more deceptions, more dirty deeds-- and we've caught them all. Apparently, the rest of the paranormal press is either afraid to tell the truth, or they're lounging in bed with the fake para-celebs themselves. Remember, these are the same folks who worked alongside a known, convicted sexual predator -- and said nothing about his past. Does being a sexual predator get trumped by being a para-celeb? I don't think so. Would the public, if they were presented with the facts? Well, we're about to share them.

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Convicted Sex Offenders & the Paranormal Don't Mix

We've been receiving lots of emails over the past few weeks concerning the Wisconsin Paranormal Conference that was held earlier this year. It's come to light that a certain well known para-celeb was one of the main speakers. The hosts of the conference gave absolutely no indication that a sex offender would be there.

I have no tolerance for child molesters. It's one of the worst crimes that any adult, male or female, can commit. The young victim goes through pain and suffering that impacts them and all the loved ones around that child. And not just for a few days or weeks, sexual molestation can and will have a major influence on a person's psyche. I know because I myself was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a person [outside of my family]. When it comes to child molesters, there is a 99% recidivism rate. To date there is no cure, no pills, no shots, and no behavior modification. Checking ones thoughts is only at best slightly effective. Even chemical castration doesn't work, as they'll just turn to violence to satisfy their desires.

That's not to say the person we speak of has continued in this deviant behavior. He may have a clean record since his conviction, but in my mind, as well as the minds of many, this sort of crime should be a one-strike deal. Yes, convicted child predators have to make a living, but there are many ways to make a living outside of the paranormal field.

People who work in the paranormal are invited into homes and offices day and night. Children can be there. Opportunities can easily present themselves to the convicted child molesters. [That's why they can't be a teacher and have this on their records]. The same should be said about a person being a paranormal investigator.

Everyone had this story when it comes to the paranormal press yet no one is asking the questions we're asking--did those who organized the conference know about this prior to the event? If so, why did they allow the person to speak? Did the other speakers at the conference know about this person's past? If so, why did they share the stage with him?

We've been told that some of the participants and organizers have been approached about this matter and their response has been that it's just a bunch of nasty rumors spread by people who are jealous and have an ax to grind. [Those words are very familiar to us every time we release a story. That's the mantra that is used: rumors and jealous people talking behind peoples' backs]. It's not something I enjoy doing. It brings up personal demons I would prefer not to confront. But the public must be protected.

The Wisconsin paranormal conference was held a few weeks ago. If you click on links to the site, it's already gone. But if you click on the link here you'll see the speakers:

You'll notice the bio for ROBERT HUNNICUTT.

They list his activities, his many awards, and the names of para-celebs he has worked with in the past. However, they fail to inform the public that he was convicted of sexual assault against a child. The case was heard in the Superior Court of Jones County, Georgia. Criminal action #9799. The charge was aggravated child molestation for committing a sexual act on a child under the age of 14. The victim was his own [biological] daughter who was then 2 ½-years-old. If you want to read the lurid details, feel free to look up the court records and read them for yourself. This is a family-friendly blog and we feel it would be inappropriate to post them here.

But the story doesn't end with that conviction. Apparently, Robert Hunnicutt has had difficulty with adult woman within the paranormal field. I won't drag their names out into the public. If they choose to go public, that's up to them. In at least one case a restraining order was issued by a judge [the judge was informed and knew about his past record].

Prior to the conference taking place, Robert Hunnicutt opened up a Facebook page in which he heavily promoted the upcoming conference. Under Facebook's rules and regulations, a convicted sex offender is not allowed to have a page, for obvious reasons. Facebook management was informed of his conviction, the evidence was provided, and the page was quickly removed.

It's a sad case to report, but report it we must do. The paranormal community needs to say no to anyone that has a record when it comes to sex crimes, whether they are men or women, well known or unknown. There are far too many dangers that can lead to innocent children and adults being harmed. People shouldn't fear inviting convicted sex offenders into their home. Para-celebs should say no to any conference that features such individuals, and they should refuse to work alongside them on radio, TV, and film.

The above video is a message and a warning that we all can learn from. If we don't, then the paranormal realm will end up being a bigger circus of frauds, fakes, deceivers and soul stealers than it already is.

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