Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Issue 40 – Paranormal Field Goes to the Dogs & Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 4

Dogs have now taken over the paranormal field! Here's a video of Captain, an alleged ghost hunting dog, who walks around an abandoned building at night.

This paranormal group is claiming the dog finds ghosts [maybe they really mean posts?] who knows? We know that the video shows nothing more than a dog being a dog. There's no footage of Captain jump up on a table and performing an exorcism or sitting up and channeling Lassie.

Folks, is this the level of idiocy that the paranormal field has sunk to? What next -- a gerbil chasing a demon? A cat who shepherds spirits over to the other side? A parrot operating a phone to the dead? Those behind this should be laughing at themselves just as the world is laughing at them.

Exposing Fake Demonologists – Part 4

We return to the subject of exposing fake demonologists. And we'll lay a foundation as to just who and what are ghosts. To do so, we have to jump back to the Garden of Eden. In the beginning man and woman had no concerns they did not go without food or water and in this state they was going to live forever for "death" didn't exist.

Then Lucifer came along to tempt Adam and Eve with the lure of being like "Gods" along with the power to know good and evil. Lucifer is considered the father of lies. He promotes the idea of lying to ourselves and others. But the biggest lie is that man/woman can become a god. This is the lie that consumed his spirit. An angel can no more become a god than a man or woman. So this is a lie that was planted thousands of years ago and it took seed within the Garden of Eden. Those roots have been growing ever since.

Within the Christian community some pastors and televangelists try to teach this deception. The Mormons preach it, and the New Agers have built their entire philosophy around it. [Don't confuse this thinking with the teachings of the Buddha. In Mahayana Buddhism it's taught that a person can become a demi-god or a god. This state of being is temporary and lasts as long as one's karma allows it. When that karma runs out the demi-god or god goes to a lower realm.]

Being a god is a seductive lie. The forces of darkness use it repeatedly against us. In a future blog we'll focus on the Mormon Church and the offshoot of it "FLDS" which gives birth to men like Warren Jeffs. Warren was seduced by this lie into thinking he is a man here but in the past he was chosen to become a god. The only way to do that was to marry as many women as he could and to father as many children as possible. When he dies he'll be given a planet to rule over as god. His many wives here on earth will join him in death and they will give birth to spirit babies that will be the souls of the people that will populate the planet he rules over. Most people don't understand the core teaching of the Mormon Church which the above is the great reward that is offered the faithful and that you can be a god over your own planet. [They also teach that at some point GOD was just a man like us on some other planet -- or this planet -- they are never clear on this. GOD just happened to become a god, but we're getting ahead of the subject and will focus many blogs on this matter in the future.]

Back to our teachings from Matthew. We left off at chapter 9. Let's pick up in verse 18 in which a ruler whose child has died and asks Christ to raise her. [This is an act that will be repeated again in future chapters.] Christ does so and she returns to the land of the living. Note here that he says she is not dead but "sleeping".

Death is a state that we all pass through just as being alive is a state. Depending on our spiritual path that state can take many forms. If we accept the teachings of the mainstream church, then at the point of death there are only three places in which we go: heaven, purgatory or hell. It can only be one of those three for once you draw your last breath it is all said and done.

Those on different spiritual paths: Buddhism, Hinduism etc., have their own concept of what their realm of death is like.

Verse 27 starts the teaching of the two blind men who sought out a healing from Christ. He asks them do they think [have faith] that He can heal them? For Christ to work His wonders it had to be a two-step process: His power and the recipient's faith in it.

The same thing applies to demonologists. It's not enough to have faith that God's powers will flow through you, but the client must have the same faith. If not, it can't work. Jesus warns the two men to tell no one. Do they? Nope. They tell everyone they meet. More often it is the person who is healed that tends to become more important than the power that healed the person.

Verse 32 tells the story of a man made dumb who was possessed by a devil. When Christ cast out the demon the dumbness departed as well. Demons can mimic an illness. It's one of the hardest aspects of our work to discern the difference between physical illness and emotional illness.

Chapter 10 starts out with Christ giving his disciples the power to cast out demons in His name. The followers of Christ [we are all His disciples] are given spiritual authority to remove a demon. Nowhere in the New Testament has there been an act of removing a demon except by Christ. Here the power and ability is unleashed to the faithful. One must be a follower of Christ.

Christ even puts the power to cast out demons above healing the sick and raising the dead. If you do this work, this verse warns you that you'll encounter haters, unbelievers and fakes. But God teaches us not to worry and be consumed by it. Because they will be the ones who are punished.

It also shares with us that if we do this work it is best done alone. It's better not to have our own families [spouse and children], a career, or even a home. You won't have time for them and in some ways having them can distract you from your work and can put them in danger.

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